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April 8th 1879
The Enchanted Pot of Gold:  a story of Brookfield, Mar 18th 1879, The highway known here as the Calif. Road is a very busy one, as on it are located a feed mill, 2 shingle mills, and a steam mill.  1849 when the area was mostly woods an old man by name of John D. Richardson moved into the neighborhood, he was a poor man, but built a mill, a dam to hold water for power and a business, but not satisfied he thought he would look for minerals in the hills.  In his search he claimed he found gold and showed to his neighbors and kept talking about his find until one night an old lady had a vision.  She dreamed that in a certain hill at a certain spot there was a pot of money.  The woman, her husband and 2 other men went out one morning to get the gold.  She told them as they dug they must not talk or utter a sound or the treasure would slip away.  After digging 3 days the man using the pick struck the pot that held the money, so great was their joy that one yelled, there we've found it and the kettle of gold moved away and altho they dug on they could not find it.  Since that time the road and brook have been known as the California road and creek.  Richardson moved away 1859 back to his early home in Springwater, NY.,
Wellsboro Agitator, September 29, 1885
Snakes in a Man's Stomach
The Remarkable Experience of Mr. John Longwell, of Charleston
    Mr. John Longwell, of Charleston, has experienced strange sensations in his stomach for two years past, and he says that sometimes he noticed singular motions and a cold feeling as if an icicle was rising in his throat. For many months he has been subject to spasms and terrible pains in his stomach.
    Mr. Longwell consulted Dr. C.W. Webb, of this borough, and after describing his symptoms declared that he believed his stomach was inhabited by some living thing. This was believed to be more imagination than reality, but at Mr. Longwell's earnest solicitation the doctor finally gave him a strong emetic. Mr. Longwell went home, took the dose, and after great suffering and retching vomited up two snakes, both alive. One was about fourteen inches long, and the other about a foot in length, one being pink and the other brown in color. There was a yellow stripe around the neck of one and two yellow spots on the neck of the other. They were about the size of an ordinary lead pencil.
    Mr. Longwell confined the stomachic monsters, and after feeding them some milk they increased in diameter considerably. He showed them to numerous persons in this borough last week.
    Mr. Longwell thinks that he swallowed the eggs which produced these snakes some years ago while carelessly drinking water from a spring.
    He is a man of veracity, and his recital of his symptoms, his violent illness, and the expulsion of the snakes from his mouth is confirmed by others who were about the house. Another fact which is confirmatory is the statement of Dr. Webb, who says that the eyes of the snakes seem to be film like and apparently sightless.
    The experience of Mr. Longwell should be a warning to those persons who are in the habit of drinking carelessly.

Sylvester Bailey - Super Man or Deranged Whacko??

Snakes in Man's Stomach - Yeah Right
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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