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Ella Stevens Autograph Book
Inside cover from Ella Stevens Autograph Book
Ella Stevens Autograph Book
Township: Pike Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1880 to 1885 
Images scanned by and Submitted by Bill Benson
Formatted by Bill Benson and Joyce M. Tice
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Ella Stevens' Autograph Book

All towns below are in Bradford County, PA unless noted otherwise.
Most people were classmates of Ella's in the early 1880's.
Allen, Mary - Stevensville
Amsby, Florence B. - Camptown
Avery, Carrie - Stevensville
Bennett, Ethna -Stevensville
Bosworth, Lorenzo A. - Spring Hill
Brown, Elvira R. - Stevensville
Burrows, M. O.  - Stevensville [Mary???]
Camp, Alice - Camptown
Camp, Charles - Camptown
Cox, Elmer - Camptown
Cox, Stella - [Camptown?]
Eastabrook, Frank Edward Potter - Stevensville (1860-1943) - Web book: "Frank and Eva"
Eastabrook, Martin Nucomb - Stevensville  (1862-1895)
Elliott, Emma - Merryall  (c1865-___)
Elliott, Mame - Camptown
Fowler, C. M. - Stevensville
Fuller, Alice - [Camptown]
Fuller, Hattie A. - Camptown
Gibbs, Mary - Waverly, [Lackawanna Co., PA]
Goodell, Mary S. - Wyalusing
Harris, Emma - Stevensville  (She married Harry S. Stevens below)
Harris, Mary - Stevensville
Hicks, Harriet - SEE Rockwell, Harriet below.
Ingham, E [?] - Camptown
Jennings, Laura A. - [Bradford Co.?] 
Kennedy, Will[iam?] - Merryall
Lafferty, W. S. - Camptown  (1868-___, William)
Mitten, Sam A. - Herrick
Peet, Anna J. - Cold Creek  (c1865-___, sister of John H. below)
Peet, John H.- Camptown  (c1863-___, brother of Anna J. above)
Rockwell, Bertha M. - Spring Hill  (1867-1944, Ella's 2nd cousin) 
Rockwell, Harriet E. (Hicks) - "Hattie" [Stevensville]  (Ella's aunt by marriage)
Snover, Cap - Camptown  [probably Capitola]
Snover, Mary - Camptown
Snyder, Ella W. - Stevensville
Stevens, Ella - Stevensville  (1864-1933) ~ More on Ella
Stevens, Elnora - Stevensville  (c1862-___, Ella's 1st cousin)
Stevens, Fenton D. - Stevensville  (c1864-___)
Stevens, Frank Joel - Stevensville  (c1862-___, Ella's 2nd cousin)
Stevens, Harry S. - Stevensville  (1866-1904, Ella's 2nd cousin.
     He married Emma Harris above)
Stevens, Mary - Stevensville
Stone, Lucy - Camptown  (1865-1920)
Van Gilder, Harry J. - Stevensville  (1865- 1927)
White, Emma - (Ella's "cousin" from ___) 
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