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Submittted by Tom Crane 
Date:  10/04/2003 8:23:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Thomas Crane)

Hi Joyce,  I just happened by your web site.  It is very impressive.  I have written a book that you may want to read.  It concerns Pennsylvania, but not exactly your area.  However, I recently discovered my great-grandfather working in Ulster County in the Kingston/Rondout area in 1870.  I surmise that he was there from 1870 to 1875 and then worked his way back West to Illinois.  He is listed in the 1870 NY Census, but with the misspelled name Grane.  He was found because Cuddy was listed with him as a "Blacksmith."
Now then, back to the book.  If you are interested in reading it, I have included the enclosed letter which I have also sent to others who may be interested.
"Dear Sirs and Madams,
I am pleased to inform you that my book that I have titled, "Green Is The Valley, Blue Are The Hills," is posted on the "Fethard At Home" web site.  The book is posted there for all to read "free of charge."
It should be noted that although my book is posted on an Irish web site, I am a citizen of the United States and live in a suburb south of Chicago, Illinois.
The book tells the "story" of my search for my Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch roots.  It consists of 283 pages and includes 17 photographs.  The URL is    The book is posted on Acrobat Reader and takes about 3 to 4 minutes to download, so please be patient.
I would be happy to receive any comments relating to my book and respondents can write to me at my e-mail address.
Best wishes,  Tom Crane"
I have to tell you that I appreciate your approach to genealogy.  You may find some agreement with yourself regarding the subject in my book.  Lastly, I must tell you that if those are your eyes looking out on the Pennsylvania countryside, they are very pretty and have a mystical quality about them.
I hope to hear back from you and especially your opinion regarding my book.
With all good wishes,  Tom Crane

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/31/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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