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Journal of Edna DYER "Mason"

by Jo Ellen Hertzler Mapel

March 1998

Information in italics was added 
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The following journal contains much information about the history of Alba in Canton Township and about the pioneer families of that area. Some of the original formatting was lost in conversion to HTML as it can not handle tabs, but if you have questions contact the sender, Jo Hertzler Mapel

Subj: Gram's Journal

Date: 3/11/99 11:00:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jo Mapel)

I am sending my transcription of Gram's journal. I know there is one error. In the letter from Margaret Jane Liddell the date is printed as New York City Nov 5, 1952--should be Nov 5, 1852.

Colonel Irad Wilson

Grandfather of Nellie Wilson Dyer

Great grandfather of Edna Dyer Mason

Colonel Irad Wilson

Born Jan. 20, 1798-Addison township, Addison Co. Vermont

Father Noah Wilson

emigrated to Alba, Bradford Co. Pa in 1803

Irad went to school taught by sister Martha. At age 13 he was employed as clerk in Gen. Samuel M=Keans= store in Burlington. After three years he left store and began work on father=s farm.

He began study of medicine under his uncle Dr. Ruben Rawley at age of 16. He enlisted in American army in 1815 in War of 1812 but peace being soon declared his company was not called into service.

He married Sally Maria Elliot June 7-1818-an estimable lady of excellent family connections. He cleared 275 acres of splendid land, upon which is located present borough of Alba. Col. Wilson was first postmaster of Alba. He discharged duties of this office for 15 years. His popularity, fine physical frame, etc. won for him the captaincy of 21st Penna. Militia Co. He was afterward chosen colonel in which capacity he served 7 years, acquitting himself with honor. Col. Wilson's ability and integrity soon became known through Bradford Co. In fall of 1839 he was elected one of commissioners for Bradford County. In 1843 he represented his county in State Legislature. He gave such excellent satisfaction that he was re-elected.

At expiration of his term of office he turned to farming and practice of medicine which he has followed for 30 years.

His wife died July 1, 1848 leaving him with 12 children.

For second wife, he married (Ann Smith) Merrick Crandall's widow.

Settlement of Alba

The first permanent settlement was made in Alba in May 29-1803 so says Col. Irad Wilson in his AEarly Recollections of Alba@ from which following is taken.

Noah Wilson, father of Irad Wilson left Addison Co* --Vermont, the birthplace of Dr. Irad Wilson some 16 years after close of Revolutionary War with a company of 16 men to settle on north bank of St. Lawrence but finding it belonged to England too, they returned to south side of river. The return of 200 miles was performed in 16 days on foot.

*Middleboro--same town as John Lilley ancestor at Eben Lilley

In April 1802, he set out on horseback to view the Conneticut grant in northern Pennsylvania and Ohio. He came to place where water was pure and there named the place Alba, after the pellucid [crystal clear] fluid--Alba--white. He spent first summer in the wilderness and raised first crop of corn grown in the settlement by setting fire to a windfall at base of Armenia Mountain (which he also named) burning it over, and planting corn among the logs with the peen-end of a shoe hammer, the only hoe to be found. He raised 40 bushels of corn. He also cleared 4 acres and sowed wheat.

His home was a cabin about size of a bed stead, open at one end. His bed was hemlock boughs covered with a horse blanket. His food was flour brought from Athens on horse back, trout venison and bear fat for grease. In fall of 1802 after harvesting his corn, wheat & pumpkins he returned to Vermont for his family, with whom on May 5-1803 he began pilgrimage for Alba. His family consisted of wife, 3 sons (Irad 5 years) and 3 daughters. They loaded up two wagons which were drawn by 5 horses-

Mr. Wilson had bought 3000 acres of Conneticut company and had surveyed the same.

1806 Martha Wilson taught first school. She was compelled to close school one portion of a day in 1806 because of eclipse of sun. First child born was daughter of Noah--wife of Chester Williams born July 17-1804

First marriage 1807

Robert McKean and Martha Wilson

David Soper and Polly Luther.

May be Hannah Crandall Wilson=s ancestor (?). Hannah Wilson is my [Edna Dyer Mason} mother=s mother. Her mother was Ann Smith Crandall second wife of Iran Wilson. Ann first married to Crandall--Ann was of Quaker Ancestry.

Elder John Crandall arrived in Boston in 1635. He settled the Providence Planttation where he was associated with Rogers Williams & became one of the leaders in affairs of Rhode Island Colony.

John Clark, John Crandall, Obadiah Holmes & Roger Williams went to England in 1663 and obtained from Chas. II a charter which secured the Colony of Rhode Island as a Free state, where there was a guarantee forever from King & all his successors that all the inhabitants of R. I. Colony should be given political freedom as well as religious, regardless of country from which they came.

The Colony of R. I. founded by Baptist and the Pennsylvania by Quakers were only two guaranteed absolute liberty. It is interesting to note that with growth of Democracy came struggle for liberty & independence in Revolutionary War & that the Colony of R.I. & men, who started it--Holmes Clark, Crandall & Williams should be looked upon as first pioneers of religion & political freedom in America.

From Tanner=s Lectures

The John Crandall Society

Pres John C. Crandall, New Woodstock, N.Y.

Sec Mary Elizabeth Crandall Three Lakes Wis

Executive Com. A. Julian Crandall Ashway R. I.

Mrs. Elma Burdick Rogers--Plainsfield, N. J.

Bruce Crandall--Three Lakes--Wis

History of Arthur Mason=s family

Mother--Margaret Jane Liddell

Father John Henry Mason

[Arthur Mason] married Lydia Manley born Jan 10-53 [1853] of E. Canton [Pa] May 19-1884 --[Lydia Manley] died May-19-1893

2nd wife Sara Carey

Arthur Mason died May 8-1912 Born Aug 7-1861

(1) Liston Liddell Mason--born May 30->85 [1885}

married Frieda Schwatzenback (born Apr 8-86 [1886])on June 10-=09 [1909]

Liston died Jan 23-60[1960]

Freida died 64

son Jack born dec 5.1991 married Irene Russow ([born] July 13-1909) in 1-6-42 [1942]

(2) Noble John Mason born Oct 15-1892

St. Ninians

Robert Mason (Great grandfather) (of Noble John Mason)

John Henry Mason (grandfather) age 10 left St. Ninians Apr. 16, 1828 Sailed from Greenok, Ireland Apr. 29, 1828 arrived at New York N.A. Sunday P.M. June 8, 1828

Margaret J. Liddell--Mch. 10, 1833- Mch. 29, 1863 wife of John Henry Mason

Extract from bible belonging to Margaret J. Liddell now owned by John Mason Upper Darby, Pa.

John Liddell

St. Ninians, 16th April 1828

Born Sept 22, 1807 to

Miss Jane Martin from her warmest friend. John a Liddell.

Copy of letter written by Jno. Henry Mason and his betrothed Margaret J. Liddell. Origional possessed by John Mason (cousin) [of Noble John Mason]

New York City Nov. 5, 1952

Dear mother and all the family. The time is now come for me to start for California so through this sheet I bid you all good by. I have written one line before this and shall write again as soon as I can. I sail from New York in the Prometheus and on the Pacific side I go aboard of the brother---Jonathan. Robert you keep my business up state if this should be the last time you hear from me, good by.

I shall write to father next. Margaret will finish this so goodby all, your affectionate John H. Mason. William and myself will most likely try our luck together when we get to California, so no more.

(The following was added by Margaret j. Liddell)

When the above was written John Henry was all ready to start for California but in this will reach you he will be many hundred miles from home. Mother, Sarah and I, with Thomas John, went down to the vessel and saw them off. The last we saw of them Mr. Roberts and John Henry stood side by side on deck. They sailed in the Prometheus at three o=clock Friday afternoon. We miss John & William very much. It was very trying for me to bid them farewell. We looked after the vessel until we could see them no longer, and then we began to think of getting home. Mother and I came to Bloomfield the same night. A lonely home we came to. John Henry has been so very kind to me and taken so much care of me this last summer, I felt I was losing a very near friend and true I was. They are now rocked in the cradle of the deep. I have not been very well since I came from the West. I have had the chills twice but John was here to take care of me. The day after we came home, the lady who owns the house we live in called on mother to see if she would be willing to rent her a part of this house until Spring as she would be obliged to move this winter. Mother thought rather than do that, she would move to Jersey City, as we have only rented the house till spring, and then we would have to move. We will likely leave in a week or two. I do not want to go to Jersey City. If you lived nearer, we might possibly come near you. If we are all well you need not be surprised to see me in Pennsylvania next Summer. Mother has said I can go if I wish to. I would like it much better if we could all come. I mean mother, Thomas, John and myself. Robert are you not coming down this winter? Let not our moving prevent your coming. I wish you would come. Thomas John has not been very well since we came home. Mother is as well as usual excepting the rheumatism.

With the hope of meeting you all again I remain your affectionate coz.

Margaret J. Liddell

Our love to all, write soon, you will easily find us in Jersey City. The house is in Warren Street very near the steel works and a few steps from the canal. You can find us by enquiring for Mr. Isaac Patterson in the Jersey City Pottery. He is engineer there and he will bring you to our house. When you hear from John Henry, I hope you will let me know and I will do the same as he has promised to write to me. I have him your mothers likeness. I will write to your mother soon.

I will send one envelope directed to me in case you make a mistake in directing it. Please direct to

Margaret J. Liddell

in the care of Mr. Isaac Patterson

Jersey City Pottery

Hudson Co. Orphans Court

March 31-1873

In matter of application of Thomas John Liddell for partition of Real Estate.

Estate value from sale of real estate $2871.35

John Mason 1827-1905 married Cousin Margaret Jane Liddell

John Henry Mason

2nd. Wife ------------





Blanche (Netzel or Metzel)

John Henry Mason left St. Ninans, Scotland April 18-1828 and sailed from Greenoch April 18-1828 arrived in New York Sabbath afternoon June 8-1828

John A. Liddell born Sept. 22-1807 married Jane Martin

Daughter--Margaret Jane Liddell (son John, Thomas?0

Born Mar. 10-1833

Married John Henry Mason

Died Mar. 29-1863 age 30 yr 19 da. Buried in Alba Cemetery next to Wilson graves

John Henry Mason born 1827 died 1905

Children of John and Margaret Jane Mason

1 (2) (3)

J. A. Liddell 1858 Arthur 1861-1912-twins------- Arlington 1861

Marion Thurston 1864 Lydia Manley Elizabeth Weaver

/ / /

--------------- ----------------------------------- ---------------------

/ / / /

Nellie Henry Flolunce(?) May 30-- Liston Liddell 85 Noble John >92 John Elsie April 8---Frieda Schwartzenbach Edna Dyer >86 3 daughters

/ Jean

Dec 5-11 John Christian1911 / Mary Ann Irene Russow / Betty M. Jan 1-1942 ---------------------------------------

/ /

Margaret Mary Ellen

Marlin Hertzler Robert Smith

----------- -----------

/ /

Judith Ann Randolph Mason

Jo Ellen Robert Barton

Janet Marlene Richart Noble

Linda Humple Hall


Noble Mason

Born Died

Arthur Mason Aug 7-1861 May 8-1912

Ludia Manley Mason Jan 10 May 19-1893

married mar 19-1884

2nd wife Sarah Carey

Copied from old Bible belonging to John A. Liddell--a minister great grandfather of Noble=s [Noble John Mason] on father=s side.

Notation in margin: Parents of John A--


Janet Martin Liddell died in St Minians-13 Sept 1845 after 9 days illness--aged 82 years. 8 mo.

John Liddell died at Auchinboure 2 miles from St. Niniams, Scotland Oct 8-1849 aged 80 & nearly 2 mo.


Rev. John A. Liddell born Sept 22-1807 died at Stone House--Plains, N. J. Oct 18-1850 after 12 days illness aged--43 yr. 26 days.

Margaret Jane Mason-dau. Of John A. Liddell died Mar. 29--63--12 days illness aged 29 yr. 11 mo 29 da.

Notation in margin: Children of John A & Janet Martin

John A. Liddell born June 29-1831

Margaret J. Liddell born Mar 10-1833

Thomas John Liddell b. Mar 8-1847

Margaret Jane Liddell married John Henry Mason



John Augustus Liddell Mason--May 22-1858

Arlingson M. Mason }

} Twins Born aug 9-1861

Arthur M. Mason } Died may 8-1912

Notation (see before opposite pate) Parents of John A. Liddell

John Liddell born Aug 20-1769 the same year as Napoleon Bonaparte & same month

Jane (Martin) Liddell born Jan 13-1763 at Torbex--St Ninians__Scotland.

The difference between ages of father & mother was 5 yrs 3mo. 22 da

Ellen Liddell born Sept 1798

Thomas Liddell A Oct 18-1800

Marion A. Liddell A Aug 20-1796

Janet Liddell ------------------

John A. Liddell A Sept 22-1807

Taylor Family

Moses Taylor Joel Stevens

m-Martha M. Lydia

/ /

Allen [Taylor] Olive Harrison Stevens

born 5-23-1792

/_________________married 1816_______________/




/ / / / / /

Joel Adesta Olive Lydia Almira Samuel Allen James Wilson Olive Amanda

10-12-1817 12-17-1818 B-11-18-1819 B 11-7-1821 B 7-19-23 B 3-18-28

D 4-27-1834 D 11-20-96

[Continuing children of Allen [Taylor] and Olive Harrison Stevens]


Lucy Miranda Cynthia Miranda Zerek Benjamin Eliza Ann Julia Bradford Adaline Augustus

B 2-7-1827 B 9-30-29 B 9-13-1831 B 11-18-35 B 2-28-1837 B 3-27-39

D 1904 D 2-22-1895


Thomas S. Manley

Lucy [Miranda] Taylor is grandmother [of Noble John Mason]

Wright family tree

Jerome Wright

m. Lydia Bosum



m. _______________


Charles 1761-1821

m. Betsy Barstow


Elias Charles Jerome George Betsy Achesah Sophia

m. Thomas S. Manley

Betsy is great grandmother of Noble John Mason

Lydia Manley Mason=s family

mother of Noble J. Mason

Manley Crest

The Manley Family is one of the most ancient of the landed gentry of England, the founder having been a companion of William the Conqueror and accompanied him from Normandy to the Conquest of England. His name appears on the ABattle Abbey Roll@ which is an official list of the Gentleman Knights, who attended William at the time.

On the Battle Abbey Roll, the name is spelled Jan-de Mandelie pronounced John Manley. He was also Knight Codor on the first Crusade to Palestine to recover the Holy Sepulcher from the infidels, which ended in 1699. In memory of this the family bear as a crest a Saracens head.

Roger Manley was established in co. Chester in time of Henry II in 1154, wher his descendents continued to live for many centuries. About year 1520 they moved to Erbistack Co Danbigh, Wales a property which still belongs to the family.

In reign of James I, Sir Richard Manley was Controller of household to Henry, Prince of Wales and member of the Board of Green Cloth. In reign of Chas. I, Sir Francis Manley of Erbistock was one of Judges of Wales. His son, Cornelius Manley, was Constable of Harleigh Castle by Chas II & his brother Roger Manley was a Captain in the King=s Regiment of Guards and Governor of Langword Fort. The second brother of Sir Francis Manley, John Manley, Esq. Was a Major in Cromwell=s Arms after a member of Parliament and Post Master General in reign of William III & his son, the eldest John Manley EsqII was a member of Parliament and surveyor General to Queen Anna. The estates are situated in Danbigh, Wales and Chester, Stafford and Oxford, England. From this old and powerful family the first to come to new world was John Manley, Esq. The 3rd son of the first house, in year 1755.

This information was copied by Manley Gillan of New York from a book in his possession.

John & Sir Robert De Lille came from Normandy with Wm. The Conqueror in 1066.

Descendents spread through England--Scotland & Ireland. John Lilley was born in Ireland of English Parents in Parish DeMammon Roscommon Co--Province of Conneaught--Ireland eventually landed in Middlebury Adison Co--Vermont where Wilson family who came to Alba were from--1802--came with wife & 3 children to near Troy.

Eben Lilley married Francis Ruth Sterle (Born Mar 8-=92 [1892] August 11, 1914

Notation in margin: Virginia Minn [Minnesota?]

John Summer born Sept 13-1915

Charles July 9-1919

Eben Jr Nov 25-=25 [1925] Turlock, Calif

Eben M. Manley Sr. born Aug 4-86 [1886] passed away Nov 23-48 [1948]

d. Frances Lilley--Nov 25-57 [1957]

(1) John D. Lilley born Sept 13-1915

Eben Lilley (scratched through) son of Sarah Manley and Summer Lilley (scratched through)

Aug 4-=86

John S. Lilley (Sept 13-14 [1914]) 3-45 [1945] married Joyce Anderson B June 18-1924

{Marsha Ann March 24-47 [1947]

{Susanne Dec 23-49 [1949]

{Thomas Owen Aug 24-51 [1951]

{Carolyn Kay July 8-53 [1953]

(2) Marjorie Beth [Lilley] married John Henry Cleary

Born Aug 17, 1917 in Virginia Minn Married Jan 29-37 to John born Feb 25-1911

{John Michael--Nov. 3-37[1937] in Reno Nev

{Judith Ann Dec 11-41 [1941] in Turlock Calif

{Mary Francis May 2-50 [1950] in Palo Alto [Calif.]

{Catherine Elizabeth Aug 3-54[1954] Merced [Calif]

Judith Ann [Cleary] married Michael Dawling 8-22-64 [1964]

John Michael [Cleary] married Patricia Jeanne Cahill St. Johns Cathedral June 19-65 [1965]

(3) Charles Owen [Lilley] --July 9-1919--Virginia Minn married Oeva Jo Exeudine Feb 14-48 Divorced

(4) Eben Manley [Lilley] Jr Born Nov 25-25 [1925} Turlock-Calif married Lois Payne (B1930) married June 51 [1951]

{Dana Owen Nov 8 -53

{Charlene July 17-56

{Brian Aug 60

First Manley to come to U. S.

John Manley Esq. In 1755 Settled in Connectuech [sp?] River Valley

1st son Sylvester b. 1780 married Ann Perkins lived in Hartford, Conn.

Sylvester had 7 sons 4 daughters.

Sylvester 2. Nancy


Darius 1. Mary maried a Lord of N.J.

Thomas (great grandfather[of Noble J. Mason] 3. Julia

Hubbal 4. Chloe m. A Tiffany of N.J.



Darius born July 21-1788 m. Abigal Phelps 1909

Darius Abel sylvester Abbie Ann

Randolph Charles Gilbert Almira

Abel Tredrick Gillson Sallie Maria

John m. to Wm Gillam

After death of Abigal Phelps Manley, Darius married Susanah Loomis of Conn.

One son Ebenezer loomis Manley

One dau. Susan Sophia Manley

1824 Setteled in Troy, Pa--Buried Alba-Pa with wives

Thomas Manley bought 150 A near East Canton about 1858--Build new house in 1868

Mildred Manley (George Warren Dec 30-94) March 24-80 married Mar 16-1916

Liston Manley=s son Tom died Mar 13-1918--all family (twins) buried Forest Hill Cemetery--Deluth

Uncle Rollin=s list

Children of Thomas Manley

Thomas S. Jane Mary

Sylvester Achaah Anne

Lavinia Matilda Lucenia

Clara Mersha

Three born in Conn. Rest in East Canton

Sylvester married Hadassah Hickik & moved to Missouri--children Alden & Adella

Rollin=s sons

James married Dorothy Lucke

Howard married Virginia Irick

John Manley Esq--born about 1711 setteled in America in 1755

Sylvester Manley 1760 Conneticut

Thomas Manley & Betsy Wright

Betsy Lovina Sylvester*

Maryetta Clarissa

Chloe Ann Sophia Jane

Lucinda Matilda

Thomas Mercia


*Sylvester Manley married Hadassah Hickik

5 children Sarah Adella--Charles Allen (Twins)

Julian--Julius (twins) died in infancy

Ann Blanche married Albert Wray

Born Married Where Died

Thomas Manley (in Conn) July 11-1790 Conneticut Feb 24-1866 East Canton

married Apr 15-1847

Betsy Wright Aug 11-1793 Nov 13-1844 A@

II Generation

Thomas Scott Manley Feb 5-1824 East Canton Apr 15-1847 Aug 19-1905 Killed by train

Lucy Miranda Taylor Feb 7-1827 Troy Apr 15-1905 A@A

married Apr 15-1847

III Generation

Lawrence Taylor Jan 29-1848 Dec 20-1872 Nov 3-1927 (Allie Taylor)

Ulysses Grant May 23-1849 Nov 5- 1873

Rollin Scott July 23-1853 Dec 1- 1880 Apr 24-1948

Lydia Olive Jan 10, 1858 Mar 19-1884 May 19-1893 East Canton

[Mrs. Arthur Manley]

Sarah Adelle Oct 17-1863 Mar 19-1884 May 17-1946

(Mrs. Summer Lilley)

Liston Bliss Aug 14-1859 Jan 30-18 Dec 19-1916

Jennie July 31-1865 Feb 24-87 June 2-1937

(Mrs. Eugene Chubbuck)

Joel Taylor May 9-1867 Feb 7 94 Oct 21-1935

Lucy Matilda May 20-1869 -------- Oct 21-1935

Clara Elizabeth Dec 6-1871 Oct 15-03April 23-1943

(Mrs. Darwin Lawrence)

Julia Dec 12-1874 died at 4 yrs Oct 22-1878

Lucy Miranda Taylor wife of Thomas S. Manley

daughter of Allen Taylor May 23-1792

Olive Stevens Taylor

Son of Olive and Allen Taylor

1. S. A. Taylor born Nov 7-1821 Troy Pa

2. Joel


Rollin Lawrence (son of Clara Manley) married Mary O=Connel--Easton, Pa June 26-43

Lydia Olive Manley (married May 19-=84 [1884] Arthur Mason

Liston Liddell May 30-85 [1885] d 1-23-60 [1960]

Liston married Frieda Schwartzenbach June 10-09 [1909] born Apr 8 >86 [1886] died >64 [1964]

Son John G. Mason Dec 5, 1911 married Irene Russow 1-1-=42. Irene=s born July 13-1909

Noble John Mason married Edna Dyer Olendorf 4-19-1917 [Edna 1st married to Frank Olendorf who was killed when kicked by a horse]

Margaret Elsie born Verona, Mich 4-18-1918

Mary Ellen born East Helena, Mont 6-20-1921

Margaret E. (Peggy) married Marlin L. Hertzler at Camp Hill, Pa Dec 26-1939. Marlin born Apr 29-1915

Judith Ann} Friday 5:59 am Oct 11-1946

Jo Ellen} A@A@A

Janet Marlene Sunday Dec 3-1950 *# 4 2 oz

Mary married Robert L. Smith (born Oct 16-1914) of Waterfall, Va at Phoenix Arizona Oct 4-1941

Randolph Mason Smith born Phoenix Ariz Oct 1-1942 (Thurs)

Robert Barton Smith born San Francisco Feb 7-1945 (Sat)

Richard Noble Smith--Phoenix Wed June 9-1948 7# 14 2 oz

Robert 8# 7 2 oz

From a loose piece of paper inside Gram=s journal

Courtland Schuyler Wilson


Hannah Crandall



/ / /

Sally Helen Grace Charlotte m. James Henry m. James Dyer m. Wm Burrell

/ / /

----------------- -------------------- --------------------

1Elizabeth m. Frank Smith Cora Carleton Harold

Lena Harry

Theo Edna


2 Lena

3 Nelle m. Carner



4 Paul m. Grace B




5 Don

Don Jr.


Elizabeth and Nelle are my [Edna Dyer Olendorf Mason] cousing but much older

Lena and Muriel are my second cousing

They are your [Margaret and Mary] third