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1783 - Hollenbeck's Store at Newtown
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Photo: Matthias Hollenbeck (painting/drawing)
Township: Newtown, (Now Elmira)
Year: 1783
Submitted by: J. Kelsey Jones
See also excerpts of Ledger of store at Tioga Point (Athens) 1787-1783
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Matthias Hollenback Store Account Book

The account book begins with an entry dated Wyoming 22 November 1783 and the next entry is dated 13 Dec 1783 Newtown at which time Matthias Hollenbeck evidently traveled from Wyoming, Pennsylvania up the Susquehanna River and opened a store at Newtown, somewhere at or near present Elmira, New York. On 18 June 1785 is a notation that the store was removed from Newtown to Tyoga (present area of Athens, Pennsylvania). The information below gives the names of those persons whom had accounts with Matthias Hollenbeck at the Newtown store location and does not continue with those in the Tyoga location. For that information consult File Box A125 at the Tioga Point Museum in Athens, Pennsylvania. Typical items listed for a person may have been rum, hides, calico, sundry goods, etc. Another book is entitled Inventory of Newtown and Tioga Stores begun Dec 4th 1788 & ended Jan 9th 1797, which indicates Matthias Hollenbeck returned to Newtown and again operated a store there. Besides a lengthy list of inventory for both stores there is also a list of persons with debts owed for both store locations for the latter book. The following only endeavors to establish when a person may have arrived in the area.

Newtown Dec 13, 1783  
  Aaron Vancampen
  John Jenkins, Jr.
  Nathaniel Landon
  David McCormick
Newtown Jan 25, 1784  
  Daniel Secord
  Stephen Parish
Newtown Feb 17, 1784  
  John Munture
  John Huff
Newtown Apr 17, 1784  
  Samuel Coe
  James Whitney
  Raswel Franklin
  Weiss & Hollenback
Newtown June 22, 1784  
  Caleb Forsyth
  John Spalding
Newtown July 3, 1784  
  John Armstrong
Newtown July 27, 1784  
  Benjamin Gardner
Newtown Aug 23, 1784  
  Samuel Smith
Newtown Oct 3, 1784  
  William McCluer
  Abel Yerrington
Newtown Oct 14, 1784  
  Simeon Hyde
  Nathaniel Walker
  Ezekiel Brown
  Simon Spalding
Newtown Oct 16, 1784  
  Giles Slocum
Newtown Oct 29, 1784  
  Jacob Cole
Newtown Nov 26, 1784  
  Daniel Cole
Newtown Dec 13, 1784  
  Ebenezer Allen
Newtown Dec 29, 1784  
  Hyde & Fuller
Newtown Jan 2, 1785  
  Joseph Kinney
  Abner Kelsey
  Thomas Baldwin
  Jonathan Forsyth
Newtown Jan 6, 1785  
  Obadiah Gore
  Reuben Herrington
Newtown Jan 25, 1785  
  John Stephens
  Stephen Fuller
  William Jennings
  Solomon Bennet
  Roger Connet
Newtown Feb 2, 1785  
  Nathan Cary
Newtown Feb 21, 1785  
  John Fuller
  John Bratl
Newtown Feb 27, 1785  
  William Pangburn
  Benjamin Patterson
Newtown Mar 30, 1785  
  John Hageman
  Uriah Stephens
  Phins Stephens
  John Sharer
  John Swift
  Moses Brown
Newtown Apr 21, 1785  
  Abraham Westbrook
  Allen & Vandevort
  John Shepard
  Daniel McDowel
  Casper Springsteen
Newtown May 12, 1785  
  Jacob Bowman
  Frederick Budd
Newtown May 31, 1785  
  Abraham Miller
  Richard Fitzgerald
Newtown June 3, 1785  
  John McCluer
  Stephen Wilcocks
  William Stuart
  David Shaw
  Samuel Gore
  Perigrine Gardner
Store removed from Newtown to Tyoga June 18th 1785  
Tyoga June 18, 1785  
  John Hollenback
  Joseph Tyler
  Isaac Richardson
  Charles Woodworth
entries continue through Feb 9, 1787 for the Tyoga store  
Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
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