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Nail Works at Towanda
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Photos: Nail Works at Towanda
Township: Towanda Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1890
Roster transcribed by Susan Miller
Photo with historical notes from Bob Baker
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Historical Notes from bottom of photo: Organized June 9, 1870. Ground broken Aug. 9, 1872. Opened for business Sept. 1872. Main building 150 feet by 75 feet. Two wings at 40 by 60 feet. Ruined by explosion of No. 1 boiler 2:30 PM Aug. 23, 1889. Apparently it was rebuilt as business was still operating in 1890 per the ledger that Susan Miller has transcribed for us. 
From Bradsby's History of Bradford County - Nail Works. - Proprietor, W. H. Godcharles; superintendent, Simon Kendall. Originally it was the Towanda Iron and Nail Works; founded in 1870 by a joint-stock company. Col. J. F. Meanspresi-dent; H. L. Scott, secretary and treasurer. First cost of plant, $100,000. These parties ran it three years; it was then idle until 1879, when it was leased to R. A. Bostley three y years, and at expiration of lease they purchased the property and ran it until February 1, 1888. These three companies, combined, came into the ownership, and at once they turned it over to R. A. Bostley and W. H. Godcharles, and, since the death of Mr. Bostley, it has been in possession of Mr. Godcharles. February 4, 1891, it was destroyed by fire, being a total loss, on which, however, was a large insurance. Immediate steps to rebuild were taken, and the work was pushed to completion in the early part of August following when it was enlarged and greatly improved and in full operation, with a capacity of about 10,000 kegs of nails per month; employs about one hundred and fifty men.
The Nailworks Store Ledger – 1890   w/Occupations  Ledger covers period February 1, 1890 through November 29, 1890  Submitted by Susan Miller on July 20 2003, email address
Name   Occupation
Ackley  Benj Works in Nail Factory
Ackley Berton  
Ackley  Edward  
Ackley Elias  
Ackley  Eugene Puddler
Ackley  Henry Nail Feeder
Ackley  James Employee
Ackley  John Employee
Ackley, Mrs Rich    
Ackley Richard Puddler
Ackley Rudolph Employee
Acla Orlando Employee
Ackley Will Nail Cutter
Acley, Uriah    
Adams, Geo    
Allen & Co.    
Allen, Fred    
Allen, Theo    
Allen, William H.   Nailer
Anderson, Robert    
Andrews, Blair   Works in Nail Factory
Armstrong, A.    
Austin, Nicholas & Co.    
Ayers, E.J.    
Babcock   Employee
Baker Thomas S. Cooper
Branford Issac Helper
Barker Leonard Nail Feeder
Barrett, Richard    
Barton & Wheaton    
Beard, Samuel S. & Co.    
Benjamin  Andrew 10/20/1890 to Bunk Employee
Benjamin, Bunk     
Benjamin, Clark 
11/7/1890 to Benjamin Tacks
Benjamin, Elmer 
9/8/1890 to Bunk
Benjamin, Ezra    
Benjamin Seldon Employee
Bennett, Frank    
Bennett, Geo    
Bennett Oliver E. Candy Maker
Bennett, Warren    
Bergstresser Kertz C. Nailer
Besse Bart Nailer
Besse Charles Nailer
Besse George M. Nailer
Biles, G.M.    
Biles George R. Employee
Biles Minor Nail Cutter/Nailer
Biles William Nail Packer
Boskel John R. Employee
Bostley Augustus H. Nailer
Bostley, Mary M.   Wife of Richard A.
Bostley Richard A. Nail Manufacturer
Bostwick, Mrs John    
Bostwick John Roller
Bostwick Reuben Employee
Bowman, Fred    
Boyles, John    
Brantigam, Jas    
Brantigam William Nailer
Brill, Dorsey    
Brill, Geo    
Brock, G.M. & Co.    
Brown, Rockwell & Co.    
Bryant, Jas   Carriage Manuf.
Buffalo Fish Co.    
Burdick, W.C. & Co.    
Burgess, Charles   Nail Feeder
Burnham, E.K.    
Burns Robert Employee
Butler , Clapp & Co.    
Camp William Employee
Chase, Hibbard & Co.    
Chilson C.B.    
Chilson, Chas    
Chilson, Joseph    
Chilson, U.B.    
Citizens National Bank    
Clark, D.A.   Puddler
Clark Gilbert M. Shoes & Boots
Clark, Wm. & Sons    
Coates Barney Employee
Cole, Rev. J.S.    
Cole Walter Employee
Conneen Patrick Employee
Constanline  Dennis Employee
Constanline, Dr.    
Constanline  John J. Nailer
Constanline Patrick Employee
Coon, Robert    
Corsen, J.F.    
Crane Fred Works in Nail Factory
Crutty, Martin    
Darwin & Co.    
Davendorf, D.A.    
Dettrich, E.F. & Co.   Groceries
Devine David Employee
Dickerson, Bert    
Dickerson, Frank    
Dickerson John Employee
Dickerson, Theo    
Dill, Chas    
Dill, Frank    
Dill, Lew    
Dillon, Dan    
Dodge Stone Puddler
Dold, Jacob Packing Co.    
Douglass & Co.    
Dunn, Chas    
Durez, Mrs.    
Dyer, A.L.    
Dyer, O.D.    
Eddy William Employee
Edson John M. Nailer
Elliott, John    
Elmira Oil Co.    
English, Almon    
Enz & Miller    
Epley, John    
Essenwine, Gottlob   Blacksmith
Essenwine, Wm   Blacksmith
Evans & Hildretly    
Fairchild Asahel C. Butter & Eggs
Fansey  Calvin Employee
Fansy  John Works in Nail Factory
Fitch Clinton S Confectioner
Fleming, Jas    
Fleming, Timothy    
Foote & Knowles    
Foust, Thos    
Fox, Geo    
Fox, Geo. H.    
Fox, John    
Frankhiser, Wm    
Frederick(s) Howard G. Employee
Frisbie, Wm    
Fryer Samuel E. Nailer
Fuller Bros. & Co. 
Fuller, H.W.    
Garrihan William Employee
Gibson, Joseph    
Godcharles, Harry   Bookkeeper
Godcharles William H. Dry Goods Store/Nail Manufacturer
Goff, O.D.    
Gowans & Stover    
Griffith, Frank    
Griffith, Geo    
Gross, Sam    
Grove Henry Employee
Haaze, H.W.    
Hafner   Employee
Hagerman & Armstrong    
Hagerman, F.H.    
Hagerman, F.H. Jr.    
Halbst, Daniel   Puddler
Hale, E.W.    
Haley, Patrick    
Hanley, Frank    
Harbst, Abe    
Harbst, Geo    
Hart Edward Nail Cutter/Nail Feeder
Harte Brothers    
Harte, Wm    
Hatton George F. Puddler
Hatton George L. Employee
Hatton Ross Employee
Hawthorne, Alex, Jr.   Nailer
Hawthorne, Alex, Sr.   Stoker
Hawthorne, Robert    
Hawthorne, Tom    
Hay Scales    
Hayes Edward W. Nail Feeder/Nailer
Hayes Henry J. Nailer
Hayes Josiah Nailer
Heath, Frank    
Heeman, Arnold    
Heeman, D. & Co.    
Heeman, Dan’l    
Heeman, Franc    
Heeman, Francis    
Heeman Guy Employee
Heeman, Henry    
Heeman, Jonas    
Heeman Lorenzo Employee
Heeman Reuben Employee
Heffner, John    
Heskell Noble C. Employee & Puddler
Heskell Charles Employee & Puddler
Heskell William H. Puddler
Hess, S.F. & Co.    
Hesser Tom Puddler
Hinkle, Sam    
Historical Publishing Co.    
Hogan, Mrs. Jas    
Hogan William Employee
Hollon, Guy 
on execution for N.C. Heskell
Holmes & Thompson    
Horton & Rockwell    
Hovey, Franklin S.    
Humphrey Bros & Tracy   Boot & Shoe
Huntington & Dorn    
Hurlburt, Perry    
Ireland Bros.    
Jennings, John    
Johnson, Andrew    
Johnson, Burley    
Johnson Fred Employee
Johnson, Hiram    
Johnson Joseph Puddler
Johnson, Martin    
Johnson Morton Employee
Johnson, Otis    
Johnson, Uriah    
Johnson, William   Nail Feeder
Keeton, F.A.    
Kimball, Wm. S. & Co.    
Kinsley, Pat    
Kipp, Dr.    
Kirby Clarence T. Druggist
Knowles, Otis    
Knowles, Wm    
Kohler, Ehrsam    
Kuykendall Benjamin Attorney
Ladies Benevolent Society    
Laney, S.H.    
Lantz Bros. & Co.    
Larkin, Bloom & Manley    
Lelijedal John Employee/Nightwatchman
Lent, W.J.    
Lewis, c.J.    
Lewis, E.D.    
Lockabee, Jas    
Long William Superintendant
Longdyke. Luke   Nailer
Magee, Fred    
Maxfield William Nailer
Mayo, E    
McCarthy, D & Sons    
McCracken, Mrs. John    
McGovern John Employee
McIntosh, Mrs.    
McMahon John Roller
McMahon William Employee
McMullen, Wm    
McFay Charles  
Meehan, M    
Meehan, Pat    
Meredith John Produce
Meredith, Thos    
Merritt, Burr    
Merritt, Matt    
Metzger, S.X & Son    
Miller, C.C.    
Miner & Vargason    
Miner, Thos    
Miner, Thos & Sons    
Mingos, L.M. Dr.    
Moore, Geo. H.   Grocer
Moore George W. Puddler
Murphy, W.F. & Sons    
Newell, J.K.    
Niagara Baking Co.    
Nicks, John I.    
OBrien, John    
ODonnell, John    
Palmer, H.H. & Co.    
Palmer, Lorin    
Parton, John    
Pennal, Geo    
Phillips & Curtis    
Pierce, Reubun    
Pool, Chip    
Pool, Delbert    
Pool, Edw, 2nd    
Pool, Ezra    
Pool, Geo, 1st    
Pool, Geo, 2nd    
Pool, Gill    
Pool, Gum    
Pool, Henry    
Pool, Jas    
Pool, Joey    
Pool, Joseph, 1st    
Pool, Joseph, 2nd    
Pool, Lemuel    
Pool, Levi    
Pool, Luman    
Pool, Mr. & Mrs. Henry    
Pool, Pete    
Pool, Peter    
Pool Wallace Employee
Pool, Wilson    
Pool, Wm, (Fly)    
Porter Clark B. Druggist
Ragan, John    
Ranneys, Dr. L.W. & Sons    
Reeves, Parvin & Co.    
Regan, Dan’l    
Rendall Simon Business Manager
Robinson, Jas    
Rogers, Chas Dr.   Dentist
Rolling Mill    
Rosa Nelson Employee
Rosenfield Morris E. Hats, Caps, Trunks
Ruhe Brothers    
Ryder James Puddler
S.T. Willets & Co.    
Sayre Button Packing Co.    
Scoville, John    
Scoville, Means    
Scribbins, Edw    
Searles, I.W.    
Seascholtz, Chas    
Seascholtz, Henry    
Seebick Charles Hook-up
Seibeck, Lew    
Siller William Employee
Selover Milling Co.    
Shannon, John J.    
Sheldon, William   Nailer
Shiner, Andrew    
Shiner James W. Harness Manuf.
Shinehouse, John   Nailer
Shipe, Harry    
Shoemaker, Jesse    
Shores, Correy    
Shores, Jas    
Sickler, Will    
Sickler, William    
Simons, Wm    
Slavin Martin Puddler
Smith & Bennett    
Smith Gabriel S. Bottleworks
Smith, G.S. & Son    
Smith, Kinney & Co.    
Smith, Sanford Mrs.    
Smith Sanford B. Puddler
Smith, Walker    
Snell Alexander Puddler
Snell, William   Nailer
Snider Lewis Employee
Spaulding & Smith   Grocers
Spaulding, Mrs.    
Spaulding, Mrs. E.A.    
Splan, Mac    
State Line & Sul. R.R. Co.   Coal
Stevens, Joel    
Stewart, D.B. & Co.    
Stone, D.E.    
Stone, Dorsey    
Strine, Thaddeus   Works In Nail Factory
Stroud, Chas    
Stroud, John    
Swartz, M.D.    
Taylor G.W. Employee
The Scranton Packing Co.    
Thomas Fred Puddler
Thomas Ray Employee
Thompson, Eugene    
Thompson, Mrs    
Tompkins, C.M. & R.    
Towanda Water Co. 6/8/1890    
Trout, James   Nailer
Turner & Gordon    
Utica Clothing Co.    
Valley City Milling Co.    
Vanauken, S.    
Vanauken, Sam   Meat Market
Vanderpool, Henry    
Vincent, Mike    
Vincent Oliver Puddler
Vosburg, C.P.    
Walburn, John    
Warner   Employee
Watson Alex J. Puddler
Watson Scott S. Night Watchman
Watson, Scott    
Weaver, C.    
Welles Bros.   Dealer in Agri.
Wenck, S.M.G. & Son    
Westbrook, L.S.    
Wheaton, Chas    
Wheeler, Chauncey    
Wheeler, Issac    
Wheeler, Peter    
White, Geo    
White, Tom    
Whitmiller Orin Puddler
Witheral Aareil Engineer
Wolfe Frederick Employee
Wolfe, Harry    
Woodburn Charles Puddler
Youtz, John    
Zerns, Chas    

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