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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
26 JUN 1999

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NAME OF CEMETERY:    Bardwell Cemetery
READ BY:    Norma Maryott
DATE: June 24. 1999
TYPED BY:   Pat Raymond
LOCATION:   Simcoe Road, Springfield Township
LAST NAME FIRST NAME Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments/ Notes
Bardwell Solomon   Nov.21.1865 43-4-10  
(Wics)ten Wm   ??20    
Leonard Adelaide   Feb.21.1816 2y1m0d Date ?1846/1816 - d/o Clement & Orpha
Clark Johny   Feb.23.1860 2y5m10d s/o Joseph & Orpah
Jaynes Harriet   Jan. 1.1860 38-10-25 w/o Charles - (I lost first line) Our Lord of heaven has set me here/ Children remember by last request/ To meet your Mother in endles rest
          FREEBORN Lot is fenced in - Brother stone in front reads:Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of his saints
          Father stone to the right side beside the large monument reads:Because I live Ye shall live also
          Mother stone to the left of the large monument reads:Blessed are the poor in heart For they shall see God
Freeborn Thomas   Feb.6.1891 41-10-5 s/o J. & M.A. Freeborn
Freeborn Mary A.   July 1. 1889 73-4-22 w/o J. Freeborn - 
Freeborn J.   Aug.31.1889 76 yrs  
Freeborn James F.   May 1.1861 4y8m25d s/o John & Mary Ann Freeborn And Jesus calls Little children unto him And set him in the Midst of them
Freeborn Wm. F.   Oct. 8.1851 4y8m20d s/o John & Mary Freeborn Suffer little children to come Unto me and forbid them not For such is the kingdom of heaven
          End of FREEBORN Lot
Hanley Eliza   Sep. 7.1856   w/o James - E D F small stone to the right
Leonard Betsey E.   Nov. 2.1859 22 yr w/o John D. Companion thou wort mild & lovely/ Gentle as the summer breeze/ Gentle as the summer breeze/ When it floats among the trees/ Companion dearest thou hast left us/ More thy loss we deeply feel/But tis God that doth bereft us/ I LOST LAST LINE
Fuller Phebe A.   May 2.1869 62 yr w/o Gurdon
Fuller Gurdon   Aug.11.1871 73 yr  
Vallentine James S.   Feb.10.1863 19 yr died At Washington
Vallentine Our Little Jimmie   Feb.10. 1843 2y6m0d  
Wright Augustus   Sep. 4.1866 83 yr  
Wright Margaret F.   Jan. 1.1870 72 yr. w/o Augustus
Fuller Moses   Apr.23.1872 32 yr Day may be 25 instead of 23
Gates Watterman B.   May 2.1852    
McAfee Benjamin Apr.15.1841 Apr. 8.1923    
Secor Rachel C.   Jun. 4.1897 61-4-22 w/o James V., In my Father's house are many mansions
Secor James V.   Feb.25.1874 41-6-0  
Bennett Lucius R.   Apr.21.1842 22-10-4  
McAfee Sally   May 15.1817 ???  
McAfee Mary A.   June l.1870   w/o Joel =Last # 0 ?)
McAfee Joel P.   June 14.1890 90 yrs (P & P says July)
Fuller Alda Josephine   Aug.21.1865 7y3m16d d/o J.P. & A (V.)
Clark Alexander   Dec.25.1870 35 yr M.C. On footstone behind broken marker like Alexander's -All info missing
Jaynes Polly   Nov.1?.1850 49-2-11  
Thompson Mary    Mar.25.1851 33-0-8 w/o John
Hill Margaret    Aug.11.1856 30-1-27 d/o Mathew & Alice
Joyner Sarah A.   July 3. 1853 1y8m20d d/o H.B. & Elizabeth
          NOTE: Stone engulfed by a tree on its left side: -----beth d/o ----a/on B. & Deborah ----man ----17.1842 aged 6 mo.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/03/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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