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Coryland Cemetery

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Wells  Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photo by Joyce M. Tice  October 1997

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Copied 1982 - with additions by Jeff Warner

Version 2

Nathan Alvord Jr 1799-1846

John Ayers 1798-1881

John A Ayers 18__-1855

Catherine wife of John Ayers 1808-1889

JehiAl son of J A & C Ayers 1842-1849

Isadore dau of J A & C Ayers 1846-185_

John J Ayers 1842-1919

Elsy wife of J Ayers died 1888

Flora L wife of J Ayers died 1893 (age 33)

Britton Ayers 1846-1916

Peter V Ayers 1821-1853

Maria Ayers dau of D E & M Ayers 1851-1863

Caroline Ayers dau of D E & M Ayers 1854-1863

Helen S dau of Isaac & Susan Baker 1849-1872

Elizabeth wife of Wade Bardslee 183_-1862 (dau of Jehiel & Emily Ayers)

Wade Bardslee 9 months old

Katherine wife of Henry Beers died 1849

Cora M dau of A J & Emily Beers 1864 11 months old

Benjamin S son of A J & Emily Beers 1862 8 weeks old

William Beers 1842

Mary A wife of William Beers 1792-1864

Charles Bolton 1822-1847

A P Bowman 1798-1877

Ann wife of A P Bowman 1806-1871

Ella Bowman 1866-1878

Walter son of E F & Margaret Bowman 11 months old 1863

James Brasted 1856

Mary Brasted wife of James 1828

William Brasted 1874

Jay son of G W & Susan Brink 1860-1879

Susan Ann wife of G W Brink 1826-1870

Sarah wife of A P Brink 1829-1871

Abbie B dau of H C & H A Brown 4 months old 1875

Abram Buchanan 1828-1902

Margaret wife of Abram Buchanan 1835-1895

Francis son of A & M Buchanon 1860-1863

Joseph P Burnham 1818-1851

Roger H Bellows 1956-1976

Catherine Card wife of Daniel Card 1839

Jane Case 1812-1861

Almira Colony wife of Charles Colony 1841

David Cory 1825-1890

Mary Jane wife of David Cory 1833-1876

Frank W son of David & Mary Jane Cory 1871-1878

David C son of David & Mary Jane Cory 1873-1914

Elizabeth Cory 1800-1872

George R Cory 1823-1891

William R Cory 1866-1913

Cecil Cory son of William & Cora Cory 1896

William M Cory 1794-1881

William H Cory 1849

James Courtwright 1891

Charles I Dewitt 1849-1903

Mary J wife of C I Dewitt 1847-1896

Harry Dewitt 1880-1906

Hannah P Doland dau of Samuel & S A Doland 1845-1865

Ebin Dunning 1809-1879

Eliza Jane wife of Ebin Dunning 1810-1889

Frank Davis (no stone)

Jennie Davis (no stone)

Samuel Edsall 1807-1884

Sarah wife of Samuel Edsall1773-1853

Barton son of Samuel & Sarah Edsall 1795-1830

Siely son of Samuel & Sarah Edsall 1813-1843

Lois R Eick 1925-1981

Jamies Fries 1851

Margaret wife of James Fries 1853

David B Fries 1827-1897

Sophia Fries 1833-1917

Hattie dau of David B & Sophia Fries 1856-1866

James Gordon 1861

Esther wife of James Gordon 1790-1864

Infant son of James & Esther Gordon 1829 4 months old

Charles E son of Joseph O & Sarah Ann Gordon 1851-1871

Schuyler Grandhall son of John & Betsy 1843

Benjamin G Grandhall son of John & Betsy Grandhall 1828-1843

Anna E Gustin 1855-1942

Infant son of S & H Gustin 1836

Samuel A son of S & H Gustin 1863

Margaret R wife of John Gustin 1822-1881

Thomas O son of John & Margaret 1853

Margaret wife of Alfred Hammond 1854

Anthony Haswell 1811-1883

Martha wife of Anthony Haswell 1811-1884

James Haswell 1843

Sarah Haswell 1846

David R son of Anthony & Martha Haswell (a member of the 16th Reg Pa Cav) 1837-1864

David Haswell 1806-1834

Lucinda wife of David Haswell

Adaline dau of David & Lucinda Haswell 1814-1842

Emeline Haswell 1898

Edwin M Ingersall 1865

Rebecca Ann wife of Nicholas Ingersall 1855

George Kelly 1801-1855

Edson R Knapp

Hattie Knapp

Edith dau of E R & H Knapp 1885

Owen W son of E R & H Knapp 1877-1914

Lewis E son of E R & H Knapp 1889-1908

George H Knapp 1844-1886

Eva dau of G H & F E Knapp 1871-1879

Peter R Knapp 1811-1875

Mary A wife of Peter R Knapp 1816-1893

Amy Knapp 1850-1886

James G son of P R & M A Knapp

Infant son of P R & M A Knapp 1842 19 days old

Zephaniah Knapp

James W son of Zephaniah & Amy Knapp 1822-1844

Amy Knapp 1852

Dunning Kilgor 1833-1913

Helen M VanKirk wife of Dunning Kilgore 1842-1915

Harriett M Kilgore 1884-1915

R G Kilgore 1841-1900

Mary J wife of R G Kilgore 1845-1893

William Kenneth son of Enoch & Louise Kilgore 1906

Robert Kilgore 1848

Rachel H wife of Robert Kilgore 1729-1811

William C Kilgore 1804-1885

Catherine wife of William C Kilgore 1807-1887

Eliza Jane Kilgore 1834-1852

W Clinton Kilgore 1841-1885

Lydia A wife of W Clinton Kilgore 1837-1905

W F Kilgore 1868-1884

Enoch Kilgore 1862-1944

Louise Kilgore 1868-1961

Curtis H Leonard 1798-1869

Electra wife of Curtis H Leonard 1798-1852

Dolla Armelia dau of C H & E Leonard 1845

Gettie dau of J K & Eliza A Leonard 1867-1869

Hulda Leonard 1769-1842

Richard Lewis 1869-1946

Wealthy dau of Cornelius & Rachel Lundley 1826-1848

Fred R Lisk 1867-1942

Ida May Lisk 1876-1919

James F Lisk 1897-1973

Lisk sisters: Gladys L Thomas 1906-1965

Helen L Taylor 1902-1965

James McClure 1798-1886

Clarissa McClure wife of James McClure 1799-1841

Peter Odell 1762-1833

William H Odell

Thomas Owen 1791-1869

Ruth Owen 1797-1875

Bradford C son of John & Sarah A Pellet 1836-1860

Charles W son of John W & Sarah A Pellet 1861-1863

Robert Queal 1800-1889

Sarah J Queal wife of Robert Queal 1808-1894

Elvira dau of Robert & Sarah A Queal 1834-1847

Rozilla 1849-1862

Hiram M Ranney 1801-1847

William Ranney 1756-1838

Margaret Reed 1798-1833

Laura Relyea wife of David Relyea 1764-1857

Infant so of R H & D A Richey 1865

David son of Robert & A Rothwell 1863-1864

Mary Ann dau of Robert & A Rothwell 1855-1860

Mariah Jane 1857-1860

George Rowlee son of John & Hariett Rowlee 1841-1843

Infant son of G W & Margaret Roy 1894

Zachariah Roy 187_-1944

Catherine Roy his wife 1875-1946

Merl 1910

Albert D Roy son of Z & C Roy 1904-1954

Alice L Roy his wife 1905-1979

George W Roy son of A D & A L Roy 1931-1967

Harold Z Roy son of Z & C Roy 1900-1950

Ruth A Lewis Roy his wife 1902-1996

James A Roy son of H Z & R A L Roy 1926-1949

David F Roy son of L & V Roy 1952-1964

Dawn M Roy Infant dau of L & V Roy 1959

Israel Seely 1831

Lewis Seeley 1849

Nathan Shepard 1774-1855

Nathan Shepard 1839-1865

Nathan Shepard 1811-1862

George K son of Nathan & Jane Shepard 1836-1856

Morris Shepard son of Nathan & Tempa Shepard

Eleanor Ann wife of Morris Shepard 1837

Sarahe dau of Albert & Harriet Shorter 1860

Hannah Shuart wife of William Shuart 1861

Mrs Lois wife of Sylvanus Southworth 1829

Hiram Swayze 1821-1899

Eliza Swayze 1798-1848

Henry F Swayze son of H F & P C Swayze 1878 7 weeks old

B S Sweet 1805-1864

Arista L Spotts 1894-1970

C Fay Kurtz Spotts his wife 1900-

Gwendolyn Marie Slocum wife of Eugene 1930-1978

Eugene Slocum 1926-1991

Joel B Tickner 1801-1873

James Totten 1817-1880

Susan A Totten 1820-1881

Angaline VanKirk wife of J L VanKirk 1843-1882

Sarah E Ward dau of William & Ellen Ward 1869

Monroe Warner son of James & Mohola Warner 1844-1853

Thomas Warner 1768-1840

Mable Ann Warner wife of T B Warner 1809-1842

Fannie Watkins 1821-1893

Ira W Webber 1809-1868

William Russell Webber son of Ira & E Webber 1839

Jane Westbrook wife of Abraham Westbrook 1839

Maria Wickham dau of Selah Wickham 1853

George Wilson 1779-1856

Jane Wilson wife of George Wilson 1862

John Wilson 1832-1857

Nelson Wolfe 1813-1897

Cecila Wolfe wife of Nelson Wolfe 1828-1880

Phebe Wolfe 1828-1898

Helen M dau of Nelson & C Wolfe 1846-1849

Alonza her brother son of N & C Wolfe 1850

Renselar Wolfe 1811-1893

Margaret Fries Wolfe wife of R Wolfe 1808-1869

Wylie son of C N & Helen Wood 1861-1870

Abram Wortendyke 1851

Rachel Wortendyke his wife 1830

Augustin E Wright son of Samuel & Rozilla Wright 1860

George Wright 1768-1849

Anna wife of George Wright 1785-1873

Laura S Wright 1821-1842

Owen Wright 1816-1880

Amanda wife of Owen Wright 1823-1891

Sarah F dau of Owen & Amanda Wright 1865-1866

Thomas Wright 1773-1841

Sarah wife of Thomas Wright 1782-1866

+ added later

+ Tommy G Noble 1935-1988

+ Hannah dau of Wayne & Dolores Anthony 198_

+ Lewis Roy Aug-Sept 1996

Veterans buried in The Coryland Presbyterian Cemetery

John J Ayres

David Haswell

George Knapp

James Lisk WW I & WW II

Nathan Shepard 1812

Nelson Shepard 1855

Arista Spotts WW I

Thomas Warner