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East Troy Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Read by Bill Klauk, Louise JOHNS Neu, 
Pat Raymond, Ken Chapman, Jr., and Kevin Chapman, August 1999

Photo of Cemetery Readers  by Joyce M. Tice August 28, 1999.

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Name of Cemetery:    East Troy Cemetery
Read By:  Bill Klauk, Louise Johns Neu, Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   August 28. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Troy Township, south side of US Rte. 6, in East Troy, beside the church
Other comments: Many stones nearly unreadable - Many footstones, probably many unmarked graves
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Allen Nathaniel Esq.   Feb.10.1839 78 yr Rev. War Marker & Flag
Allen Nathaniel I       Mass. Minute Man Rev.War (Govt. Stone)
Allen Lydia   Feb.27.1842 78 yr w/o Nathaniel Allen
Allen Samuel Esq. Sep.6.1793 Aug.7.1855   "Our father's Grave"
Allen Miranda Sep.20.1797 Aug.12.1876   "Our Mother's Grave" (Miranda Sheffield)
Allen *       w/o Samuel Allen Esq.
Allen Darwin N. 1824 1895   Same stone as M.Elizabeth & Laura B.
Allen M. Elizabeth 1838 1921   w/o Darwin N. Allen
Allen Laura B. 1866 1898   Sm.Stones say: "Father" "Mother" "Laura"
Aumick H.H. Nov.30.1834 Jun.22.1911    
Aumick Sylvia I. Apr.21.1846 Jul.10.1916   w/o H.H. Aumick
Aumick Esther M. 1912 1932    
Ayers D.W.C.   Aug.14.1890 59-8-0  
Ayers Luvera C.   Mar.6.1890 56-9-0 w/o D.W.C. Ayres
Ayers Lafaette W.   Mar.26.1883 13-4-20  
Ayers Myron C.   Jul.12.1870 11 yr  
Ayers Infant son   Feb.10.1861 0-1-23  
Ayers Robert P. Jun.10.1870 Feb.10.1871    
Barrett Thomas A. 1869 1925    
Barrett Charles S. 1874 1947    
Barrett Thomas B. Mar.14.1847 Aug.31.1901   Co. G 207 Regt. Pa Vols
Barrett Caroline Oct.3.1850 Aug.23.1922   On same stone as Thomas B. Barrett
Bixby Emma L. 1867 1935   (Between Thomas & Charles Barrett)
Brown Obadiah   Feb.19.1854 76-3-12  
Brown Amanda   Feb.11.1854 56-7-1 w/o Obadiah Brown
Campbell Jessie Dexter Oct.2.1870 Sep.11.1903   w/o G.A. Campbell (Jessie Dexter)
Cole George A. Jun.15.1851 Apr.21.1928    
Cole Ida B. Nov.9.1853 Mar.20.1932    
Cole Harold R. 1893     No death date
Cole Evaleen G. 1891 1953    
Congdon Hattie L.   Feb.10.1881 2-11-0 d/o James R. & Hattie P. Congdon
Congdon Porter 1852 1935    
Congdon Simon   Jul.6.1905 91yr  
Congdon Diantha   Jan.3.1891 73yr "Fare well to all boath friends & foes
Congdon *       We are going where the incheris goes
Congdon *       and where that is God only knows"
Congdon Nettie   Oct.18.1908 42-7-0 w/o C.E. Congdon
Congdon C.F.   Oct.25.1892 81-0-9  
Dexter John H.   May 29.1906 72-8-15 Same marker - Sarah M. & George H.
Dexter Sarah M.   Sep.18.1886 49-3-13 w/o John H. Dexter
Dexter George H.   Dec.6.1882 16yr s/o John H. & Sarah M. Dexter
Dunbar Alfred L. 1923 1923    
Dunbar Anna Belle 1910 1911    
Dunbar Finley T. 1904 1905    
Dunbar Lester 1859 1935    
Dunbar Russell 1850 1936    
Dunbar Henriette 1854 1885   w/o Russell Dunbar
Dunbar Elvira   Apr.9.1900 74-0-29 w/o Linus Dunbar
Dunbar Linus   Aug.24.1877 71-10-0  
Dunbar William H.   Aug.10.1877 15-1-24 s/o Linus & Elvira Dunbar
Dunbar Cynthia May 26.1815 Jan.29.1871   w/o Dana Dunbar
Dunbar Dana Sep.21.1810 May 20.1889    
Dunbar Thomas 1846 1905   (Mortician's Marker)
Dunbar Jane 1846 1935   (Mortician's Marker)
Dunbar George T. 1874 1949    
Dunbar Alice Peters 1876 1943   (Alice Peters)
Dunbar Amasa 1848 1916    
Dunbar Lucy A. 1847 1928   Same marker as Amasa Dunbar
Dunbar Clarence A. 1875 1919   "Father"
Dunbar Bertha Luther 1877 1955   "Mother"
Dunbar Amasa J. 1916 1924    
Dunbar Arthur Aug.22.1878 Dec.13.1909   Same marker as Ida Dunbar
Dunbar Ida Apr.2.1862 Apr.9.1916    
Ellis Howard M.   May 8.1896 39-3-20  
Everett Jacob E.   Mar.14.1906 79 yr Co. A 16 Reg't. NY II A (Stone chipped)
Farmer George Aug.16.1862 Aug.22.1900    
Farmer Harriet Sep.1.1865 May 20.1899    
Farmer Leonard L. Aug.25.1824 Sep.13.1886    
Farmer Eliza C. Sep.25.1836 Oct.11.1898   w/o Leonard L. Farmer
Freelove S.L. 1850 1916    
Freelove Nellie 1848 1916    
Greeno John Leo   Oct.6.1894 2-8-0 (Next to Greenough's)
Greenough William J. 1852 1929    
Greenough Sarah J. 1854 1918    
Henson Lucelia   Mar.16.1886 32 yr w/o A.C. Henson
Hoose Lester H. 1862 1911    
Hoose Cora M. 1865 1915   Same stone as Lester H. Hoose
Hoose Infant 1902 1902    
Hoose Lester 1898 1898    
Hoose Myron 1896 1897    
Horton Ellie Ellis 1862 1925    
Johnson Alice L.   Aug.19.1893 33-11-12 w/o R. M. Johnson
Jones Moreau W. Mar.26.1826 May 10.1905    
Jones Lydia M. Jun.23.1828 Dec.5.1901   (Lydia M. Allen)
Lament J.W.   Jan.14.18?? 31-7-17 Stone broken
Lamont H.P. 1830 1914   Same marker as Alma
Lamont Alma E. 1836 1907   w/o H.P. Lamont
Leonard Huldah   Jul.22.1860 68-4-12 w/o Ezekiel Leonard / Back of stone-"Our Mothers Grave" / Front: "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord" Note: Ezekiel Leonard is supposed to buried in this cemetery. There is a large pine tree next to Huldah's grave. If his stone was here, the tree has probably destroyed it.
Lucas Lydia Ann 1829 1917   On marker with C.F. & Nettie Congdon
Montgomery D.  Dec.31.1806 Aug.2.1894    
Montgomery Fred Jan.14.1874 Dec.14.1894    
Montgomery Gordon H. Jan.12.1854 Jun.1.1879    
Montgomery Caroline Jan.27.1830 Apr.13.1911   w/o D. Montgomery
Overrein Susan R. Oct.4.1965 Oct.5.1965    
Packard George C. 1907 1908   c/o Ardell & Alice C. Packard
Packard Edwin A. 1909 1910   c/o Ardell & Alice C. Packard
Packard Ardell 1874 1944    
Packard Alice C. 1875 1936    
Parke Willis T.   Jul.1.1849 1-3-20 s/o John T. & Betsy P. Parke
Peters O. P. Apr.28.1848 Jun.12.1928    
Peters Hattie Ameila May 4.1850 Dec.12.1885   w/o O.P. Peters
Peters Frank       Co. B 101st Pa Inf (GAR Marker)
Peters Raym'd   Oct.31.1893 15-1-18 "Gone but not forgotten"
Peters Lyman D. 1854 1921    
Peters Eva Morse 1857 1909   (Eva Morse)
Purple Edwin A.   Oct.6.1874 24-1-13  
Rathbun John Raymond 1882 1913    
Rathbun A. Louise Nov.29.1898 May 16.1931    
Rockwell Clarence 1865 1930    
Rockwell Helen E. 1869 1940   Same stone as Clarence Rockwell
Ruggles Leonard   Mar.18.1871 72-7-12  
Ruggles Lydia Shattuck   Feb.19.1881 69-10-10 w/o Leonard Ruggles (Lydia Shattuck)
Ruggles Fred   Sep.8.1893 33-3-28  
Ruggles Ida M.   Sep.4.1889 30-3-0 w/o Fred Ruggles (same stone as Fred)
Ruggles Henry   Feb.5.1890 62-5-15  
Ruggles Elizabeth   Apr.29.1902 71-3-22 w/o Henry Ruggles (same stone as Henry)
Ruggles Kate Welch 1877 1950   Stone next to John H. Ruggles
Ruggles John H. 1856 1937    
Ruggles Hattie E.   Feb.6.1882 23-11-0  
Ruggles Hattie E. Jan.9.1882 May 9.1897   d/o John H. & Hattie Ruggles
Russell Charles   Aug.16.1885 86-4-11  
Russell Delia Smith   Feb.25.1882 82-6-0 w/o Charles Russel (Delia Smith)
Schmidt Rebecka   Jun.6.1907 73 yr  
Smith Harold Raglan   May 17.1890 1-8-2 s/o Rev. & Mrs. J.E. Smith
Stiles Lizzie Cato   1890    
Stiles John L.   Dec.10.1902 23yr  
Stiles Ida A. 1859     No death date
Stiles Rob't 1856 1924    
Wheeler Irena   Mar.19.1840 20-4-0 d/o Seth & Roxana Wheeler
Wheeler Orrigen Dec.23.1829 Sep.9.1899    
Wheeler Ellen May 22.1834 Nov.4.1900   w/o Orrigen Wheeler
Wheeler Alma May 23.1866 Aug.26.1877   d/o Orrigen & Ellen Wheeler
Wheeler Alta Jan.4.1870 Sep.6.1878   d/o Orrigen & Ellen Wheeler
Whiting John N.   Sep.16.1869 15-8-9 s/o Nathan & Almira Whiting
Note from Janet PETERS Ordway. Tombstones (Fieldstone Markers)  for the following people were removed and thrown in the hedgerow.
Alphues PETERS 4 Dec 1822 - 14 Sep 1896 Farmer
Jane M. SWEENEY Peters, 1834 NY 13 Jan 1896 , Armenia PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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