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Name of Cemetery:    East Herrick Cemetery
Read By:  Joan Edsell
Date Read:   Summer 2003
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  East Herrick  -On SR 1012 right on the Pike Township line
Other comments: Many missing & broken stones & many are impossible to read because of weathering & age. Phil Herman did a partial audit on this. He intends to work his magic and try to get information from the more difficult stones when the weather improves.
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July 2006 update from Joan - An addition below to East Herrick obits .Katherine Hurd "Houghtaling" (See obit on obit page) is listed on or next to Leon Houghtaling.  I know also that Margorie Hitchcock passed away in about Sept of 2005, but I didn't think to look for an obit at that time and did not find a listing today. She is listed on a stone with her husband Clifford.  Also -An infant baby girl , Sarah Elizabeth Sutton ,in Jan of 2005,   daughter of James and Andrea Sutton was cremated and an urn was placed between Milton&Adeline Coles stone and Wayne& Janice Suttons stone. There has been a stone placed for Wade Warner. I have not been to see it, but you do have his obituary on your site.  Most likely there have been other additions , but these are some I am certain of.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Aeppli Louis A. Dec.6.1921      
Aeppli Eulah R. Jan.10.1893 Apr.14.1984   On stone w/Louis A.
Aeppli Marion E. Nov.20.1933     On stone w/Louis A.
Aeppli Robert S. Aug.6.1927 Jan.5.1978   On stone w/Louis A.
Aeppli Robert S. 1927 1978   PFC US Army WWII (Has two stones)
Aeppli         Bench says: Louis, Robert, Marion & Grace
Cole Milton Frank 1910 1985    
Cole Adeline Starr 1917 1979   On stone w/Milton
Sutton Wayne A. 1938 1998    
Sutton Janice Cole 1942     On stone w/Wayne A.
Edsell Clair A. Aug.29.1944 Apr.12.1994    
Fields Walter H. 1894 1968    
Fields Elizabeth A. 1898 1985   On stone w/Walter H.
Fields Josephine 1909 1978    
Powell Wilma J. 1921 1994    
Belcher James E. 1941 1989    
Belcher Rose M. 1946     On stone w/James E.
Benjamin Leon 1922 1989    
Benjamin Olive 1922     On stone w/Leon
Hawley Jessica Marie Oct.14.1988     Birth or Death date?
Hawley Robert D. Aug.22.1965 Dec.4.1980   Of leukemia
Lutz William John Aug.13.1913 Jun.1.1996    
Lutz Lillie Magnus Sep.15.1917     On stone w/William John
Belcher Dennis M. 1905 1980    
Belcher Ometa E. 1913 1998   On stone w/Dennis M.
Aeppli Julius A. 1892 1977    
Coleman Carl Edman Oct.23.1907 Aug.27.1992    
Coleman Iona Stanton Dec.7.1911 Nov.6.1989   On stone w/Carl Edman
Steffen Frank V. Jun.15.1922 Apr.22.1989    
Steffen Elia M. May.12.1928 Oct.5.1981   On stone w/Frank V.
Warner Wayne W. 1960 1963    
Hicks Charles N. 1900 1965    
Hicks Mildred C. 1902 1985   On stone w/Charles
Coleman George N. 1870 1945    
Coleman Edith E. 185? 1951   On stone w/George N.
Forker Harry B. May.4.1923 Aug.26.1986   "Son"
Strope Julia C. Aug.3.1921 May.2.1986   "Daughter"
Forker Violet M. Sep.25.1902     "Mother"
Forker Ray B. May.15.1900 Apr.9.1982   "Father"
Hawley Marion H. 1913 1994    
Hawley James A. 1913 1976   On stone w/Marion H.
Hitchcock Glen H. 1913 1997    
Hitchcock Ward 1912 1974    
Hitchcock Hazel 1911 1995   On stone w/Ward
Hitchcock Alfred R. 1934 1970    
Danielski Vincent J. 1897 1961    
Danielski Rose M. 1902 1935   On stone w/Vincent J.
Clarke Myron W. 1881 1967    
Clarke Nila Wells 1887 1980   On stone w/Myron
Forker Lee E. 1897 1976    
Forker Eva M. 1918 1994   On stone w/Lee E.
Wells Irene M. 1913 1982    
Wells James, Sr. 1914 1995   On stone w/Irene M.
Jennings Richard Lyle 1940 2002    
          Unmarked grave
Wells John H. 1870 1946    
Wells Katie C. 1867     On stone w/John H.
Wells Charles S. 1858 1932    
Wells Josephine W. 1856 1937    
Parrish Grace 1890 1967    
Parrish Henry 1891      
Wetmore N. Austin 1888 1964    
Wetmore Ola 1896 1956    
Wetmore Vernon A. 1908 1942   "Father"
Reeve Ruth Jan.30.1917      
Flanigan     2-5-29???   Written w/marker on Wooden Cross
Brown Daniel W. 1911 1991    
Brown Ella M. 1916     On stone w/Daniel W.
Rawlings Sally J. Aug.20.1947 May.26.1982   "In memory of our daughter"--Plaque In front of above stone
Brown Wanda K. Mar.10.1944 Apr.27.1944    
Tucker Clarence N. 1903 1980    
Tucker Marion G. 1902 1990   On stone w/Clarence N.
Tucker Howard F. Sep.30.1923 Mar.1.2001    
Canfield         Large Stone-Next 3 smaller stones in front
Canfield George W. 1903 1957    
Canfield Alice Brown 1905 1995    
Canfield Charles R. 1937 1944    
McManus Thomas J. 1897 1961    
McManus Lucy D. 1901 1980   On stone w/Thomas J.
Rogers Paul C. 1889 1971    
Taylor Richard G. 1920 2001    
Taylor Gertrude R. 1920 1997   On stone w/Richard
Hitchcock Marjorie L. 1939 (Living)   Back: Our Children: Michael C. 1960, Andrew G. 1964, Susan L. 1969 (should read 1966)
Hitchcock Clifford N. 1928 1993   On stone w/Marjorie L.
Hitchcock Floyd Sr. 1926 1992   Back-Our Children: Rose Marie 1946, Theron 1948, Floyd Jr. 1951, Ronald 1958, Cindy 1960, Donald 1962, David 1965
Hitchcock Gertrude  1927 (Living)    
Casselbury Ralph 1931 1973   PFC US Army
Kithcart Elizabeth Joyce Sep.15.1924 Dec.14.1972    
Kithcart Roy H. Sr. Aug.3.1915 Mar.12.1981   On stone w/Elizabeth
Edsell Floyd K. 1918 1969    
Edsell Thelma B. 1920 (Living)   On stone w/Floyd K.
Burton Janet S. Aug.20.1900 Sep.14.1944    
Burton Spence B. Jan.2.1899 Feb.5.1966   Pennsylvania S2 US Navy World War I
Edsell Joan C. Jul.28.1937 (Living)   Married - April 26.1956
Edsell Floyd C., Jr. Feb.20.1938 Oct.18.1996   On stone w/Joan C 
Dickinson Leland O. Oct.19.1928 May.16.1989   Pvt. US Army Korea
Brewster Robert Earl 1891 1974    
Brewster Maurie A. 1898 1962   On stone w/Robert Earl
Nesbit Ezra B. 1874 1948    
Nesbit Agnes L. 1876 1962   On stone w/Ezra B.
Gay Clarence M. 1895 1953    
Gay Effie L. 1908 1985   On stone w/Clarence M.
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By Joyce M. Tice

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