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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
12 MAY  2001

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Introduction and Table of Contents

Glenwood Cemetery in Troy is both one of the largest and one of the most beautiful of our Tri-County cemeteries. It contains the remains and commemorations of the earliest settlers of the area and its most recently deceased present day residents.

Summer 2001 our group of dedicated Tri-County Volunteers have read and recorded the very large Glenwood Cemetery of Troy PA. Shown above on the first day of the project - not deterred by rain - are Kevin Chapman who has literally grown up (several inches) reading cemeteries for Tri-Counties, Connie SIMS Petris, Pat MOTT Gobea, and Ken Chapman. Many others joined this starter crew as the work progressed. Ken's goal was to have the cemetery on site by July 4, 2001, and if I know Ken, he'd have been out there with a flashlight reading stones in the dark if that is what it took. Many thanks to Glenwood's caretakers - the Loseys - who have been as cooperative and helpful as it is possible to be.

This is one of the most meticulously prepared and checked cemetery listings we have ever been gifted with. Following is the method used as explained by Pat Raymond: We have read Glenwood in sections.  All sections have been numbered and a map made of the sections.  Anyone typing a section sent that typed list to Pat Raymond.  When all the sections were read and typed, lists were distributed by sections to a different person than the one who originally read it, and that person went back to the cemetery to check the typed copy to make sure that it checked with the stone.   Any changes were made on the typed copy and it  changed on the copy that sent in to Joyce.  There are a Total of 10 sections, each is bordered on all sides by a road. Section 1 begins at the main entrance off Rt. 6 on the care taker house side. Maintaining a right hand travel mode, section numbers progress upon encountering them.

The listing remains sorted by the order of the tombstones rather than alphabetically (Except for the Old Section which is alphabetical). Who the person is buried next to is part of the information we get when we visit a cemetery, and alphabetization loses that for us. The Search engine on the main page of the site will help you locate a particular name if that is the way you want to approach it. You can also use the Edit - Find in Page Command from your Windows Tools at the top of the page. Then you can open each page and let it search for the name you are seeking. That way you'll get to look at every page, each of which has a unique Glenwood Photo.

I (JMT) want to say how very proud I am of this reading and of the people who made it happen for the many thousands of you who are not in the area and who benefit from this site. I want to give particular commendation to Ken Chapman and Pat Raymond who led and coordinated this massive effort and who also did the greatest part of the work. Without their determination and discipline this could never have happened. I know they both spent EVERY Saturday at the cemetery for weeks and weeks, and Pat wore her fingers off to at least the second knuckle working on the typing and correcting, as did some of the other volunteers. Many others helped both with the reading and the typing and the checking, and we are grateful to them as well for making this available to us. They are all super people, and we are very fortunate to have them among our friends and fellow historians. 

At Left, Connie SIMS Petris, Pat SMITH Raymond and Ken CHAPMAN at the cemetery on June 9, still plugging away on the final stages of the project. These folks are real troopers. 

History of the Cemetery 1922 1970s Article
Old Section (1148 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six
Page Seven Page Eight Page Missing
Sp - Wa
Page Nine
Section One A & B (668 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six
Section Two (537 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five
Section Three (498 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five
Section Four (88 Names) Page One
Section Five (90 Names) Page One
Section Six (534 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six
Section Seven (280 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three
Section Eight (537 Names) Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six
Section Nine (116 Names) Page One
Section Ten (174 Names) Page One Page Two
Lot Purchases 1880-1980 Glenwood Obituaries
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Date:  12/31/2003 6:00:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
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In Rev. Craft's Troy notebook at the Tioga Point Museum is the following - In 1812 Old Elder Rich first adult buried Glenwood - three small children had been buried there before.


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By Joyce M. Tice
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