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Hatch Hill Cemetery, Albany Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Read byPat Raymond, Kenneth & Kevin Chapman  August 1999

Typed by Pat Raymond

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July  1999

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Name of Cemetery:    Hatch Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Jr. And Kevin Chapman
Date Read:   August 22. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Near Hatch Hill, in field off County Road 08121, Albany Twp, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: Question mark means reading is questionable & hard to read
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Knapp Bertie G.   Oct.28.1881   s/o Rosell & J.M. (?) Knapp
Davidson Edgar D.   1906   Pvt. Co. A 1st Mich. Vol. (GAR Marker)
Davidson John W.   Sep.12.1869 2 yr s/o E.D. & J. Davidson
Davidson Daughter   Apr.1.1870 ?? d/o E.D. & J. Davidson
Davidson Mary A.   Oct.15.1881 10y5m7d d/o E.D. & J. Davidson (Same marker all 3)
Grimes Friendie Apr.14.1899 Apr.15.1899   Friendie William - s/o Jacob & Meda Grimes
Hatch Media A. Nov.22.1888 Jul.9.1911   w/o Chas. Rodney
Hatch Anne  Sep.17.1850 Sep.17.1903   w/o John W. Hatch (Anne Andres)
Hatch Wesley W. 1900 1900    
Hatch Floyd J. 1902 1902    
Hatch Bertha A. 1874 1940    
Hatch Andrew D. 1876 1965    
Campbell Bryce E. Feb.14.1915 Jun.25.1976   U.S. Army WW II
Campbell Margaret K. Oct.2.1923 Dec.6.1984    
Decker Lloyd M. 1924 1960    
Decker Infant son   1953   s/o L. & Z Decker 
Sanders Mary Lynn 1957 1982    
Hatch John Wesley Aug.1.1836 Sep.28.1912    
Underwood Fanny C. May 28.1874 51-7-23 w/o Calvin Underwood
Underwood Nettie 1864 1932    
Underwood Ettie 1864 1926   Same stone as Nettie
Ely James Jan.8.1838 Nov.13.1894   Co. K 58th Pa. Vol.
Hatch Robert 1843 1916   Pvt. Co. B 141 Inf. (GAR Marker & flag)
Hatch Walter   Sep.8.1875 1yr 15 d s/o R. & L. Hatch
Wilhelm Frederick C. 1914 1998    
Bendt Herman F. 1883 1967    
Bendt Marie F. 1884 1975    
Pradke John V. 1882 1958   "Husband"
Pradke Hedwig M. 1888 1972   "Wife"
Pradke   1921 1989    
Kunzman Gladys Hart 1902 1962    
Kunzman Howard C. 1903 1965    
Bendt William H. May 28.1911 Mar.11.1998    
Bendt Katharine C. Jan.18.1929     Married June 25. 1966 (Talked to her)
Albro Levi D.   Feb.21.1874 26-5-10 "Killed by the Fall of a Tree" (GAR Marker)
Hartman Charles 1887 1943   B'TYC C 104 Reg. WW I
Chilson George M. May 31.1866 Mar.25.1895    
Chilson Mary A. Feb.26.1839 Oct.21.1883   w/o Charles Chilson
Detrick George M.   Aug.26.1886 39 yr Co. B 3d Reg. N.Y. Vols (GAR Marker)
Chilson Cora A. 1872 1952    
Chilson Almond D. 1868 1939    
Hakes Maud C. 1877 1951    
Chilson John W. 1873 1954    
Rogers Adolphus   Feb.18.1890 61 yr Co. A 82nd Reg.Pa.Vol. Enl. 1861/Dis.1865
Eddy James M.   Jan.22.1905 66 yr Co. A 82nd Pa Inf. (GAR Marker)
Gowin Daraus   Apr.8.1897 69 yr Co. D. 61st Pa. Vol. (GAR Marker)
Gowin Lulu B. Apr.11.1881 Jan.14.1882    
Gowin Blanche Jun.4.1874 Mar.2.1876   d/o Darious & Martha Gowin
Gowin Infant son   Nov.17.1876   s/o Darious & Martha Gowin
Benjamin M. M.   Dec.19.1887 39-2-12 GAR Marker
Benjamin Cora A. 1884 1904   Same stone as M. M.
Vargson Charles Jun.19.1820 Sep.9.1851   Charles, Adeline, Mary on same stone
Vargson Adeline A. Feb.14.1848 Aug.28.1851   d/o Charles Vargson
Vargson Mary A. Feb.29.1851 Dec.29.1853   d/o Charles Vargson
Scott Mahlon   Apr.22.1885 74y 2 mo  
Finney (?) Harry W.   Dec.3.1890 6 yrs ? "Darling Harry W." s/o L.M. (Finney?)
Ladd Claude   Aug.9.1888 2m 2d s/o L.B. & S.M. Ladd
Ladd Stella M.   Jul.16.1888 22y 7m. w/o L.B. Ladd
English Wm.   Nov.21.1861 72 yr  
English Mary   Aug.5.1862 73 yr  
English Sarah   Jan.26.1891 66y 4m w/o Alex English
English Louisa J.   Nov.13.1875 52 yr w/o Alex English
English Alex   May 24.1904 80-11-11 GAR Marker
English Mary E.   Nov.25.1862 14 yr d/o A. & L.J. English
Mott Josie 1883 1955   Stone says Cowan
Gonia Getty 1884 1964   Same stone as Josie Mott (says Cowan)
Ramsey Billie Jean Jul.18.1936 Oct.28.1992    
Ramsey Laura A. 1965 1965   d/o Billie Jean Ramsey
Ramsey Kathleen R. 1964 1968   d/o Billie Jean Ramsey
Wayman Eliza 1872 1954    
English Charlie O   Nov.10.1873   s/o A. & L.P. English
Hatch Anna E.   Feb.20.1873 23y 18d w/o John F. Hatch
Nichols Bosce (?)   Mar.22.1879 4y 5d s/o ?? Nichols
Carr Moses   Dec.20.1862   Pvt. Co D 141st Pa. Inf. (GAR Marker)
Carr Mary E.   Aug.23.1871 8yr 28d d/o Moses & Clarinda Carr
Smith Mary E. Jan.28.1867 Apr.26.1883    
Douglass Hester   Aug.11.1864 1y1m11d d/o Melvin & Ivegince (?) Douglass
Wayman David Mar.2.1831 Nov.18.1914    
Wayman Fanny M. Nov.3.1832 Nov.30.1903   w/o David Wayman (Fanny M. Ellis)
Hamm Clyde 1902 1949    
Hamm Geraldine 1911      
Hatch Baby Boy Dec.16.1916 Feb.1.1917   Baby boy Maynard Frank Hatch
Garringer Margaret K. 1817 1936   d/o M.F. & M.G. Hatch
Fitzpatrick John W. 1850 1917    
Fitzpatrick Josephine 1855 1929   Same stone as John W.
Fitzpatrick Willie Max Jun.4.1880 May 19.1899   s/o John & Josephine Fitzpatrick
Carr John M.   Dec.20.1867 26 yr  
Carr Absalom (?)   Aug.6.1865?    
Hatch Sarah A.   Sep.25.1851 1y7m13d d/o S.W. & Rebecca Hatch
Hatch S. W.   Jun.24.1886 59-4-24 GAR Marker
Hatch Rebecca 1830 1903   Same stone as S.W. Hatch
Little Lyman D.   May 31.1840 9-25-0 s/o D.P. & E. Little
Davidson John M.   May 31.1852 36-1-22  
Little Elizabeth   Oct.25.1881 67-6-10 w/o D.P. Little
Hatch Alzina   Oct.11.1876 63-11-22 w/o James Hatch
Hatch Ruth Albro 1849 1929   "Mother"
Hatch Gordis 1847 1932   "Father"
Hatch Tacky 1849 1932    
Hatch Frank 1849 1913    
Hatch Rachel R. 1855 1935    
Hatch John F. 1845 1921    
Hatch Corda H. 1882 1959    
Hatch Aiva C. 1884 1969    
Hatch Amelia K. Apr.18.1924     Married Aug.29.1941
Hatch Ivan L. Aug.31.1913 Oct.21.1983   Married Aug.29.1941
Hungerford David C. Sep.6.1892 Sep.19.1960   N.Y. Pvt. Btry F 79th Field Arty WW I
Hungerford Mary C. 1885 1938    
Chilson John B. 1888 1924   Pvt. 314 Reg. Inf. NA WW I 
Chilson Ulysses B. 1860 1923    
Chilson Frank M. 1875 1940    
Chilson Eliza E. 1876 1948    
Chilson Freddie 1905 1905   s/o Frank & Eliza Chilson
Jackson George  Dec.15.1842 Jul.5.1902 59-8-20  
Jackson Marion Jul.20.1806 Aug.27.1850   w/o Andrew Jackson
Hatch Maltiah 1776 Dec.21.1844    
Hatch Martha       w/o Maltiah Hatch (Martha Potter)
Hatch John   Sep.24.1854 52-10-26  
Hatch Douglas   Mar.21.1868? 69 yr  
Hatch Lydia       w/o Douglas Hatch
Hatch J. M.   Jan.19.1911 68 yr  
Hatch Dorqus Albro   May 9.1893 52 yr  
Hatch Dexter D. 1848 1917
Hatch Lois M. 1838 1912    
Hatch Levi D. Dec.12.1837 Aug.1.1909   Co. D 171 Pa Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Hatch Emma J. Oct.1.1838 Aug.16.1908   w/o Levi D Hatch (Emma J. Wood)
Hatch Willie    May 8.1878   s/o D.D. & Lois Hatch
Hatch Willard Dec.22.1884 Jul.24.1866    
Bartlow Arthur L. 1897 1984    
Bartlow Evelyn 1908 1986    
Bartlow A. John Jun.12.1931 Oct.15.1988   FC3 US Navy Korea (Marker & Flag)
Mayo Herbert D. 1930 1975   "Beloved Father"
Mayo Charles 1896 1976    
Mayo Lulu J. 1899 1950    
Mayo Sarah 1839 1919    
Wayman Isaac 1869 1900    
Wayman Constanza 1850 1933   "Mother"
Wayman Orlando Apr.27.1889 Jun.3.1900   Co. B 7th Pa Cav. Enl. Oct.11.1861 Dis.Nov.27.1863
Kellogg Myron       Only top of stone
Kellogg Lydia       Only top of stone
Kellogg Bertha M.       d/o Myron & Lydia
Kellogg Henry       s/o Myron & Lydia
VanDyke Benjamin 1826 1916    
VanDyke Jane E. 1832 1922   w/o Benjamin VanDyke
VanDyke Lyman D.   Jul.7.1852 25-10-7 s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth VanDyke
VanDyke Henry   Aug.5.1854 20-3-20 s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth VanDyke
Santee Annie M.   Oct.1.1889   d/o Geo. & Lottie Santee
Santee Evelyn J.   Jul.18.1888   d/o Geo. & Lottie Santee
Underwood Adelbert C. 1858 1929    
Underwood Mary S. 1861 1928   Same stone as Adelbert Underwood
Babcock Eliza Dec.5.1846 Jun.12.1893   w/o Isaac Babcock (Member W.R.C.)
Babcock Willard Aug.31.1856 May 1.1890    
Wayman James 1890 1890    
Wayman Udean 1894 1895    
Wayman Seth 1892 1894    
Hover Karl A. Oct.9.1894 Dec.29.1895    
Hover Lavera C Jul.3.1892 Apr.28.1896    
English Charley H. Jun.17.1892 Sep.6.1894    
English Elmer J. Aug.24.1894 May 29.1898    
English Cameron 1832 1911   Co. C 12 N.Y. Cav.
English Clarinda 1842     Clarinda VanDyke (Same stone as Cameron)
English Curtis W. 1839 1919   Co. K 50th Pa Vol. Inf (GAR Marker & flag)
Campbell William 1816 1864   Co. K 50th Pa Reg.Vol (GAR Marker & flag)
Campbell Mary J. 1829 1904   w/o William Campbell
Eddy H.J. 1864      
Eddy Emma M. 1865     Emma M. Milheim w/o H.J. Eddy
Christian Chas. J. Apr.2.1829 Apr.21.1893   Co. K 137 PaVol. (GAR Marker & flag)
Ayer Hattie A. Nov.27.1860 Dec.5.1862   d/o Warren & Ann Eliza Ayer
Ayer Mary E. Oct.6.1850 Mar.24.1874   d/o Warren & Ann Eliza Ayer
Ayer Mabel L. Oct.6.1864 Sep.6.1876   d/o Warren & Ann Eliza Ayer
Ayer Warren Aug.4.1828 Feb.1.1908   Co. A 92d Pa Vol.
Benjamin Alonzo E. May 5.1836 Jun.25.1904   GAR Marker & flag
Benjamin Eliza J. Jul.4.1842 Jun.9.1903    
Benjamin Almon H. 1870 1944    
Benjamin Anna V. 1873 1951    
Benjamin Leona M. 1901 1986    
Royal Kent T."M.D" 1891 1960   WW I Marker & Flag
Royal Lila B. 1896 1994   Same stone as Kent T. Royal, M.D.
Robinson Harold B. 1904 1981    
Robinson Mildred F. 1909 1999   Same stone as Harold B. Robinson
Robinson Harold, Jr. May 19.1925 Jun.14.1925    
Smith Fannie B. 1886 1959   "Mother"
Teeter Joseph H. Aug.31.1891 Dec.4.1963 Pa Pvt. Co M 162 Inf. WW I 
Teeter Fannie  1887 1940    
Dickinson David M.   Jul.26.1991    
Cooper Nettie 1863 1939   Nettie Teeter Cooper
Teeter Joseph I Dec.19.1853 May 26.1905    
Weaver Christian M. 1858 1956    
Weaver Lydia J. 1860 1900   Same stone as Christian M. Weaver
English Dora May Sep.11.1887 May 4.1894   d/o G.W. & Ida English
English G.W. 1852     Death date blank
English Ida Jones 1852     w/o G.W. English (Death date blank)
English Pearl 1880 1901   Same stone-G.W., Ida English
English Shirley 1897 1915   Same stone-G.W., Ida English
English Dora May 1887 1893   Same stone-G.W., Ida English
Slocum H. Lester 1909 1979   Married Nov.25.1937
Slocum Doris M. 1914 1985   Married Nov.25.1937
In a message dated 4/12/2007 9:11:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Joyce, I just read about the Hatch Hill Cemetery and thought I'd like to give you some corrected information.
      I am Marie Bendt Retter, daughter of William and Margaret Bendt.
      My Mother Margaret was Wm. Bendt's first wife, she was born on Jan.12th, 1903 and passed away on July 24, 1965. Her maiden name was spelled Frohnmaier.
      It may help you to update the information. It was very interesting to read about all the folks resting in the HH cemetary.
     I thank you for your time in doing all the work put into this venture. Marie B. Retter

Name of Cemetery:    Hatch Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Information provided to Ken Chapman by Katherine Bendt, 2nd w/o Wm. Bendt
Date Read:   August 22. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  On top of Hatch Hill, Albany Township
Other comments: Not accessible
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bendt Margaret Abt. 1899 1966   1st w/o William Herman Bendt b. Germany - Margaret Fromier Bendt
Proctor Vincent Lee 1952 1992 40 yrs b. N. Carolina
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/30/1999 
By Joyce M. Tice
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