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Name of Cemetery:    LeRaysville Cemetery
Submitted by: Marjorie A. Templeton
Date Read and Reader:   Not specified
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  LeRaysville, Bradford County, PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments
Grippen Ted D. 1873 1938    
Grippen Lydia S. 1867 1947    
Groover Ernest E. 1898 1927   Co D 30 PA Inf
Hadell Stephen E.   1850 4y7m  
Hager P. Julia   Jun.22.1856 37y26d w/o Phineas
Haigh John F. Mar.21.1852 Aug.10.1907    
Haigh Joseph Dec.16.1874 Jun.22.1890    
Haigh Harriet J. Dec.12.1820 May.11.1890   w/o Joseph
Hammerly Fred A. 1864 1933    
Hammerly Myrtle 1865 1963   w/o Fred
Harbst Alice M. 1891 1970    
Harbst James A. 1887 1950    
Harris John F. 1870      
Harris Eva 1871 1939   w/o John Harris
Herman John A. Nov.12.1887 Dec.20.1918    
Herman Alvira E. Snow Nov.14.1889     w/o John A. Herman
Herman Ralph 1909 1944    
Herman Roy J. Jan.11.1913 May.1.1926    
Hick Harold G. 1906 1980    
Hicks Clarence J. 1903 1921    
Hicks Annie H.   Apr.30.1891 29y6m24d w/o J. L.
Hill Owen E. 1857 1947    
Hill Annie A. 1858 1935   w/o Owen E.
Hill Ella J. May.8.1874 Jul.31.1906    
Hill Margaret Jul.25.1851 Oct.14.1917    
Holmes Josiah   Dec.7.1850 43 yr  
Holmes George E.   Jun.26.1843    
Holmes Charles   Apr.22.1843    
Horton Libby A.   Jan.19.1851 1y3m28d  
Humphrey George H. Mar.26.1843 Jul.4.1876   Co. B 141 PA Vol
Humphrey Clara A. Feb.20.1842 Dec.17.1876   w/o G. H.
Humphrey Seymour A. Dec.18.1838 Aug.31.1851    
Humphrey Seymour J.   Jul.19.1892 24 yr s/o George
Humphrey Mary H. Oct.31.1840 Apr.15.1896    
Humphrey Gertrude E. Mar.31.1852 Jan.26.1938    
Humphrey W. S.   Jan.21.1883 66 yr  
Humphrey Abi S. Feb.19.1818 Jul.11.1866   w/o W. S.
Humphrey William   Feb.13.1875 80 yr  
Humphrey Salome   Oct.8.1867 71 yr  
Humphrey Amna (Anna?)   Nov.6.1846 18y2m8d  
Humphrey Almena Gorham   Jul.5.1861 37y26d  
Hutchinson Samuel B. Nov.23.1877 May.20.1880    
Hutchinson Frank L. Mar.30.1881 Jul.25.1884    
Hutchinson Walter D. Sep.14.1887 Aug.4.1894    
Hutchinson David B.   May.22.1875 61 yr  
Hutchinson George A.   Sep.20.1871 13 yr  
Hutchinson Isaac N.   Apr.25.1890 80y4m26d  
Hutchinson William   Nov.1.1869 12 yr  
Hutchinson John I. 1849 1923    
Hutchinson Mary 1853 1894   w/o John I.
Hutchinson William Dec.10.1805 Jul.4.1801   Suspect death date should be 1901???
Hutchinson Electa S. Apr.16.1812 Apr.7.1885   w/o William
Hutchinson W. J. Apr.6.1833 Mar.26.1900    
Hutchinson Abbie Carey Nov.12.1837 Mar.10.1920   w/o W. J.
Hutchinson Charles H. Mar.18.1871 May.16.1901   s/o W. J. & Abbie
Hutchinson Edna L. Aug. 6.1861      
Hutchinson Mary G. Feb.25.1873 May.6.1874    
Hutchinson Howard A. 1876 1947    
Hutchinson Stella S. 1878 1968   w/o Howard A.
Hutchinson Emily M. Ingham   Sep.20.1884 67 yr w/o I. N. Hutchinson
Inslee Fayette Lane 1871 1946    
Inslee Nettie Miller 1878 1946    
Johnson Fredrick B.   Oct.11.1937   Corp. 311 Inf 79 Div W.
Johnson Carrie B. 1874 1934    
Johnson Will        
Johnson James H. May.5.1831 Nov.12.1922    
Johnson Mary D. Sep.20.1843 Jan.10.1922   w/o James
Johnson William D. Dec.13.1866 Aug.8.1908   s/o J. H. & M. D.
Johnson Fred B. Nov.19.1869 Sep.18.1892   s/o J. H. & M. D.
Johnson Sadie A. Mar.8.1863 Aug.10.1892   w/o S. W.
Johnson G. N. Sep.14.1838 Nov.29.1907   GAR Star
Johnson Alice E. Chaffee Jul.2.1838 May.20.1923   w/o G.N. Johnson
Johnson Wallace May.25.1810 Aug.1.1859 ?  
Johnson Belson May.25.1819 Aug.1.1859 ?  
Johnson William   Sep.6.1853 81 yr  
Johnson Abigail   Aug.22.1837 84 yr w/o William Johnson
Johnson Mary Cole 1864 1956    
Johnson Alba L. 1856 1916    
Johnson Dorothy Powell 1888 1945    
Jones David John 1872 1922   b. Wales d. PA
Jones Nellie D. 1868 1947   w/o David John Jones
Karpouitz Joseph L. 1903      
Karpouitz Ruie Grippen 1905 1973    
Karpouitz Russell   1954    
Kavalioushas Michael 1885 1949    
Kenney Amy T.   Aug.7.1874 59y3m w/o Clinton
Kenney George   Nov.19.1852 2y3m12d  
Kowalski Joseph 1886 1963    
Lewis Levi   Sep.9.1868 63y4m4d  
Lewis Eunice   Jan.12.1892 82 yr w/o Levi
Lewis Bella A.   Jul.27.1856 2 yr  
Lewis G. W.   Oct.11.1854 30 yr  
Light Levi 1816 1883    
Light Salome Edsell 1821 1886   w/o Levi Light
Lines William Wallace   Nov.23.1851 1 yr s/o Isaac & Eunice
Lines Helen M.   Oct.7.1850 1 yr d/o Isaac & Eunice
Little Harriet N.Woodward   Apr.22.1812 23y 25d w/o George Little
Lyon Hillary C. Feb.27.1837 Aug.25.1910    
Lyon Anna Green 1844 1950    
Lyon George Arthur 1883 1965    
Lyon Angeline Riley Apr.29.1830 Apr.17.1881   w/o Galeb
Lyon Galeb Jan.28.1818 Jun.1.1856    
Lyon Mary M. Hutchinson Oct.10.1843 Jun.4.1921    
McCreay Elvira   Apr.15.1897 85 yr  
McCreay Ruel   Mar.14.1860 30 yr  
McGee Nettie Miller 1869 1944    
Mackinson Noah   Dec.2.1854 82y10m  
Mackinson Alice   Feb.22.1835 55y7m11d w/o Noah
Mackinson Ann Nov.16.1804 Dec.17.1873    
Marion Dorothy Gage Apr.21.1895 Nov.12.1946    
Marsh Duane H. 1925 1939    
Marsh W. D. Nov.20.1848 Jan.18.1927    
Marsh Flora Wells Nov.2.1852 Jun.10.1919   w/o W. D.
Marsh Burton L. Sep.21.1874 Jun.2.1881    
Mesevery Charles C. Sep.23.1831 Oct.18.1888   Col. 1st Wis Heavy Arty
Miller Elizabeth   Aug.14.1896 86 yr  
Miller Edith 1859 1917    
Miller Charles 1863 1932    
Montgomery Iva 1898 1931    
Moore Agnes 1866 1948    
Moore Charles F. 1856 1931    
Moore John   Aug.21.1854 73 yr  
Moore P.C. Jul.7.1816 Dec.26.1891    
Moore Elizabeth Newton Feb.6.1828 Dec.3.1900   w/o P.C. Moore
Morris Sarah Beecher   Oct.19.1887 34 yr  
Mosley Mary B. Ellsworth        
Mulno Jean E. 1922 1975    
Myrick Emily E.   Aug.12.1855 28y1m w/o Joshua
Northrup Amos W. 1901 1965    
Northrup Olive F. 1877 1922    
Northrup Hazel H. 1907      
Olmstead Mary   Oct.4.1821 23y1m24d w/o Adolphn
Palmer Olro W. Apr.23.1836 Oct.2.1916   Co. E. 9 Reg PV Cav.
Palmer Lucy C. Stone Mar.20.1848 Mar.2.1924   w/o Olro
Payne Mariam   Mar.20.1833 34 yr w/o Sheldon
Payne Walter D.   Jan.1.1861   s/o William
Payson Asa B.   Apr.13.1821    
Payson Fannie Breadley Oct.23.1820 Jan.10.1921   (Maybe Beardsley?)
Payson Fanny A. Sep.26.1856 Jan.10.1920    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 2/12/2003
By Joyce M. Tice