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Name of Cemetery:    LeRaysville Cemetery
Submitted by: Marjorie A. Templeton
Date Read and Reader:   Not specified
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  LeRaysville, Bradford County, PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/Comments
Upham Charles Wesley   Apr.12.1851 5m10d s/o W.S. & Lydia
VanCorder Eleanor Starr 1840 1917    
VanGelder Harry     1yr 10m  
VanNess Lemuel F. Oct.14.1868 Dec.16.1946    
VanNess Grace M. Hill Apr.14.1877 1931   w/o Lemuel
VanNess Clyde W. Nov.13.1899 Mar.18.1916   s/o L.F. & G.M.
VanWoert Alice Gorham 1861 1898    
VanWoert Frankie B.        
VonRenteln Heidi 1903 1972    
VonRenteln Wolfgang 1905      
Warner Dr. C. H.   Sep.29.1901 65 yr Co. D Reg. PA Inf GAR
Watson Percival   May.11.1886 67yr 7m  
Watson Sarah Nov.20.1816 Dec.4.1893   w/o P.
Watson William H. Feb.16.1852 Aug.1.1879   s/o Sarah & Percival
Watson Mary Mar.25.1849 Jun.1.1901    
Watson Walter 1897 1946    
Watson   1859 1938    
Watson   1866 1938    
Watson George Jr. 1889 1920    
Weed John H.   Nov.14.1887 87yr 9m  
Weed William A.   Dec.7.1871 19y 2m  
Weed Lugretia T.Canfield   Dec.15.1873 47 yr  
Weed James   Feb.24.1878 28 yr  
Weed Louisa   April   d/o
Weed June A.   Apr.10.1857 30 yr  
Weed Mason N.   Oct.7.1841 34yr 11m  
Weiner F.B.       Co. G 2nd NY Vet Calv.
Wells Homer Jun.12.1820 Oct.30.1888    
Wells Mary Ayer Feb.18.1822 Jun.12.1881   w/o Homer Wells
Wells Burton L. Apr.19.1849 Sep.21.1851    
Wells Hannah       w/o Charles Wells
Wells Major Anderson   May.31.1838 78 yr  
Wells Sarah   Nov.3.1828 55 yr  
Wells Lomis   Jul.22.1867 79y3m10d  
Wells Oracello   Apr.24.1821 83 yr w/o Lomis
Wells Lewis   May.3.1867 41 yr  
Wells Arthur E. Jul.22.1869      
Wells Ella U. Jacques Aug.1.1854 Jun.15.1916   w/o Andrew
White Henry L. Nov.25.1820 Jun.5.1907    
White Catherine Johnson Oct.3.1824 Oct.5.1890   w/o H.L. White
White Luman Nov.30.1799 Mar.13.1878    
White Horace B. Sep.11.1857 Feb.20.1939    
White Nellie E. Gorham May.21.1863 Mar.4.1925   w/o H.B. White
White Armillo Dykeman Mar.7.1828 Mar.18.1891    
Wildrick John B. Jul.29.1886 Apr.23.1970   WW I
Wildrick Nina M.   Jan.30.1973   w/o John B.
Wilhemind Lizzie   Feb.1.1881 6 yr d/o Carl & Hattie
Williams Samuel Davis 1846 1936    
Williams   May.1882 1882    
Williams Harry James 1874      
Williams Alice RoseAnna 1849 1922    
Williams Robert Earl 1884 1934    
Williams Henry A. 1841 1912   Co. F 2nd Reg. PA Vol. GAR
Williams Laura Hutchinson 1884   w/o Henry A. (Think this is a death date)
Willson Julia D. Jun.14.1882 Apr.28.1885    
Willson Herbert A. Mar.16.1864 Nov.17.1898    
Willson Minnie May.3.1867 Mar.28.1914    
Willson Seymour Jan.25.1829 Jan.11.1896    
Willson Malvina Sep.14.1828 May.11.1917    
Wilson Thomas Apr.5.1847 Feb.20.1914   b. Manchester England
Wilson Alice Young Oct.4.1848 Jan.25.1920   w/o Thomas
Wilson Melvin Bud Aug.21.1862 Mar.16.1932    
Wilson Lucy Wilson ? Mar.18.1866 Oct.14.1936   w/o M. B.
Wilson Glenwood Sep.20.1892 Feb.11.1898   s/o Lucy & M.B.
Wilson William P. Oct.20.1871 Dec.29.1953    
Wilson Frank 1876 1934   2nd Reg. Arty Spanish War
Wilson Alvira 1889 1943   w/o Frank
Wolf Charles D. Jr.   Oct.2.1823 50 yr  
Wood Platt   Jan.23.1879 23y 3m GAR Star
Wood J. J. 1872 1934    
Wood Carrie M. 1882 1962   w/o J. Jay Wood
Wood Mary Ann   Apr.18.1872   Infant d/o Lorinda
Wood Lorinda M.   Aug.8.1872 23 yr  
Wood Consider 1758 1822   Rev. Soldier 1777-1780
Wood Mary Adam 1759 1812   w/o Consider Wood
Woodruff Robert M. 1842 1921    
Woodruff Thankful Marbacker 1853 1938   w/o R.M.
Woods Orvil   ??16.1842 2y 9m  
Woods Miner B.   Mar.21.1819 1y 2m  
Woods Amasa   July 20 yr Co. B Gettysburg
Worden Ward 1961
No Surname Harriet N. 1868      
No Surname Olan J. 1862 1942    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 2/12/2003
By Joyce M. Tice