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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Summer 2000

NAME OF CEMETERY:   McGovern Cemetery
Also called St. Patricks
READ BY: Elaine Frey
DATE: July 2001
TYPED BY: Elaine Frey
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. Subj:  McGovern Cemetery - Overton Twp
Date: 7/8/2001 9:58:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Elaine Frey)

Hi Joyce,
    I went to this cemetery to get some information for some friends from Sullivan County Web Site and it was so small, I read the whole thing.  It is another case where stones have been broken, removed or just lost.  So sad. I am going to send you the information that I got.  Use it on the site if you want to.  I was very careful and checked and re-checked myself both in reading and typing.


This cemetery is another sad story in the way stones have disappeared and been let go to the point that they are almost unreadable. There were four tall monuments (I think) and just a few stones.  I tried to get everything that was readable and had to work hard at a couple.  I will not list this  as I normally would a cemetery.

O'Neill, Daniel born 1801 - died 1881 on the same stone
 , Bridget born 1816 - died 1858 on the back of the stone
 , new stone erected by great great grandson, John F. O'neill - 1977
Right beside it is the old stone for Bridget

Harden Monument
Harden, Bridget - died August 24, 1877 - Aged 49 years.  Daughter of Edward
 Margarett McGovern - Wife of Thomas Harden
 , Thomas March 17, 1822             Oct. 15, 1844    (Ireland)
 , Margarett R. - Died March 14, 1844 - Aged 22 years.  Daughter of Thomas  and Bridget Harden.
 , Mary - died Aug. 27, 1867 - Aged 6 weeks

McGovern Monument
McGovern, Edward - Born in the County Gavin Ireland 1799
 Emigrated to the United States 1833.  Was among the first Catholic  Pioneers of the Region - 1842.  Died in the Lord April 1, 1876.  A Loving  Husband, A fond father, A kind neighbor and A Devout Catholic.  Requiescat in Page.
 , Francis - Son of Edward & Margaret McGovern.  Died March 17, 1844  in the 6th year of his age.  (There was a second stone for Francis leaning  against the monument.)
 , Anne - Daughter of Edward and Margaret McGovern.  Died in Lancaster  Pa. Dec. 29, 1912.  Aged 71 years.
 , Patrick - Son of the Late Edward and Margaret McGovern.  Died May 8th  1893. Aged 67 years.
 , Margaret - Consort of Edward McGovern.  Born in County Fermanagh  Ireland. 1799.  Died April 5th 1888.  She was a lady of strong Faith and  sterling virtues, a kind neighbor, a devoted wife and mother.  She left  her children a legacy of a bright example.

Coggins, Bridget - died Dec. 1, 1862 -Aged 19 yrs 6 mo (?)  Daughter of  Thomas  and Mary.

Cogans, Mary - Died Oct. 9, 1855 - Aged 40 years.  Wife of Thomas Cogans -
 A native of the parish of Killglass Co. of Sligo Ireland.  Requiescent in  Page.

Coggins, Cathar-----   Died Dec. 4, 1862 - Age 23yrs 3 mo (?)  Daughter of  Thomas and Mary Coggins.

There was a stone face down in the ground, my guess is that it was Thomas

Broken Stone - No Name - Aged 10 mo, 11 days - May her soul rest in peace.  Amen

Nagle (?), Mary - wife of Patrick Nagle (?).  and Daughter of Thomas Coggin.
 Age 25 years 9 months 20 days.  July 20, 1860.

Andrews, John M.  died August 12, 1850

O'Brien Monument
O'Brien, Jennie A.  - Died Jan. 4, 1883 - Aged 3 yr 8 mo 14 da
 , Alice L. - Died Jan. 20, 1883 - Aged 2 yr 4 mo 24 da
 , John J. - Died Jan. 16, 1883 - Aged 10 yr 8 mo
 , Daniel T. - Died Jan 18, 1883 - Aged 6 yr 2 mo 13 da
 Children of D. F. and Kate O'Brien

Conmey Monument
Conmey, John - Died Feb. 26, 1889 - Aged 82 years
 A native of Castle Connor Co. Sligo, Ireland
 Jane - Died Oct. 5, 1894 - Aged 78 years - wife of John
 A native of Droheda, Ireland

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07 JUL 2001
By Joyce M. Tice

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