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Merryall Cemetery, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, PA
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Bradford County PA
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Merryall Cemetery

Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Merryall  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 16, 1999

NAME OF CEMETERY:   Merryall Cemetery
READ BY: - How about YOU!!!
DATE: - The sooner the better
LOCATION: Route 706 in Merryall
GPS - Merryall Cemetery Lat N41 deg 42.80'  Long W76 deg 13.94'  Elev 810'

See Merryall Cemetery Obituary Page and Merryall Cemetery Record Book
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Subj:  Re: some names for merryall cemetery
Date: 11/18/99 9:49:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (robin59)

            Here is the name and information for the woman in Camptown.

                                         Maxine Camp
                                         RR 3 Box 56
                                         Wyalusing, Pa.  18853
                    phone -        570 - 746 - 3707

Please do go ahead and flag Merryall for me.  I have family in Towanda that
I visit all the time. So when I go again I will get that list for you. Do
you know if anyone is going to do Bradford Memorial Cemetery? If not I can
have that one done by this summer also. I look forward to hearing from you

                                        Robin Pettit

Subj:  partial listing Merryall
Date:  2/8/2003 4:33:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Robin Bushnell)

Joyce, here is a partial listing of Merryall Cemetery, Bradford County Pa.

William Camp       April 7, 1788  to May 25, 1871

Walter S. Camp    October 26, 1865  age 28y 4m

Jedida Camp         September 23, 1786   to October 4, 1845

Job Camp              January 11, 1822   Rev. War Marker and flag next to stone.

Next to Job is an unreadable stone.

Horace W. Camp     January 23, 1844     age 25y 2m

On Tall Stone;

Isreal Camp Jr.          July 1, 1812     age 70y

Lieut. W.J. Camp       August 4, 1864         age 30y         Son of Isreal

Isreal Camp               December 27, 1866

Mercy                        April 16, 1880        His wife.

Catherine Camp         January 31, 1849         age 31y 2m 11d

On Same Stone;

Mary A. Hillard Cmap      1823 - 1868     wife of William Camp Sr.

William Camp Sr.            1809 - 1893

Mary Ann                         Unreadable

D. Dwight Chaffee            October 21, 1819     to January 3, 1889

Eliza D. Camp                 July 30, 1826           to   September 17, 1913
                                       wife of D.Dwight Chaffee
                                       2 small stones behind them one says mother the other father.

Main stone         CAMP

Wayne D.                           1874 - 1903
Mary R.                              1866 - 1907
Mary E.                              1903 - 1904

in the front of the main stone are 2 small stones reading    Wayne D. and the other reads Mary E.

Back side of this same stone;

Loomis Beebe Camp           October 27, 1826   to   May 5, 1895
Marinda Stevens                  August 18, 1838   to  September 2, 1890
                                           wife of L. B. Camp
Edward Charles Camp         May 18, 1872   to   August 8, 1892
                                           son of L.B. and M.S. Camp

4 small stones in front reading;
Mary R.

All Together In Same Area With Separate Stones;

Amanda Camp Fuller            1849  -  1903

Edgar S. Fuller                     1845  -  1927

Emilie Stone Fuller                1888  -  1973

Baby LuLu

Almon H. Fuller                     1871  -  1961

Mary Cook Fuller                   1879  -  1944

John Allen Fuller                    1918  -  1938

Elijah Camp                           December 12, 1873
Sally      his wife                     July 27, 1849

Adelia Camp                           October 25, 1821   to   March 31, 1905
                                              wife of Almon Fuller

Almon Fuller                            November 10, 1816   to   May 21, 1881
                                               behind this stone are 2 small ones reading
                                               Mother and Father

Read By;
Robin Bushnell Pettit

Dear Joyce (January 2005)

I made an extra photo copy of the Merryall Cemetery Burial records; which I will get to you this coming spring.  We are Florida snow-birds; so it will have to wait until we get back home in April or May.  These records are fairly complete.  Although; some in the very beginning may have used the cemetery and they may not have been recorded.  I have also found where ashes have been buried by families and monuments later erected that were never recorded.

Merryall Cemetery is seldom used today.  Most of the families that did use the cemetery now use the Camptown Cemetery.  The Merryall Cemetery Assn. has not met in 20 years or so and outside of me the directors are all dead.  I take care of its business which is mainly getting someone to mow it.

The Ballibay Cemetery that is near the middle of our farm does not have burial records.  All that remains are a list of plot owners and a map.  I also have the original association minutes and deed.  The last meeting of the association was held in the early 1950s.  All of the board members are long dead.  The Township of Herrick takes excellent care of the cemetery.  The association ran out of money years ago.  The last burial was in 1953.  Many of the families that used the Ballibay Cemetery now use the Camptown Cemetery.  I believe that I have a copy of the map which I shall also send to you  I might add that the Township also takes care of a small cemetery in the center of Herrickville and another in what they call South Herrick.  There was a church, long gone, at the South Herrick site.

There are four other cemeteries that I am aware of in Herrick Twp.  They are the Durand Cemetery, private, Overpeck Cemetery, private, The Catholic Cemetery in Mercur, and the East Herrick Cemetery, still being used.

Bob Hay
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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