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North Orwell Cemetery 2008
Orwell  Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania


Photo of North Orwell Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice August 31, 1999

North Orwell Cemetery Obituaries

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Name of Cemetery:     North Orwell Cemetery
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   10/28/2008
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 06 November 2008
Location:  Rte. 187 on south side of North Orwell, Bradford Co., PA
Other comments: Cemetery was read starting on the south end section, then middle, then north section last. I have digital pictures of all tombstones.
Contact Lyle at if you want me to send to you. Key: "on stone" & (my comments)
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Smits Eleanor 1845 1928   "His wife" - Same stone as Abel Boardman
Boardman Smith A. 1879 1941   Single stone
Wilbur Perry 1851 1931   Single stone
Hill Owen E.   Jan 13 1890 40Y1M2D Single stone
Feer William R.       (No dates) (Red color stone)
Feer Ann L. 1839 1918   Same stone as William R. Feer
Feer William R.   Jun 12 1882 66Y (White Granite stone)
Fox Adelbert T.   Nov 11 1863 20Y "Of Co. 9 114 Regt." 
Fox Silas A.   Aug 30 1875 53Y Co. G 50th Regt. Pa. Vol. 
Boardman Dighton D.   Dec 27 1857 13Y17D Son of Ephraim & Lare Boardman
Boardman Leafe   Sep 7 1871 71Y10M Daughter of Daniel Seaver - Wife of 
Boardman Ephraim   Oct 18 1856 49Y
Boardman Elizabeth   Jan 7 1860 82Y1M2D "Wife of Levi Boardman"
Bourdman Levi   Mar 16 1862 86Y11D (Note different spelling of last name)
Boardman Edward Y. 1842 1906   (Veteran of 12th Reserve Band)
Boardman Rubie H. 1843 1905   "His wife" 
Bushnell Elizabeth   Sep 13 1896 61Y9M1D "Sister" - (on top) 
Boardman Frisbie O.   Aug 12 1893 23Y7M12D Son of E.Y. & R.H. Boardman
Boardman William   Jul 4 1891   Stone broken & patched together, covering the age partially
Boardman Hannah   Mar 8 1876 60Y11M9D "Wife of William Boardman" 
Boardman Edward Apr 10 1822 Jun 11 1901   (On side) Father & Mother of Cynthia, Alpheus P., Elmer Y., & Ida C. Boardman
Boardman Maryette May 4 1826 Jul 23 1908   "His wife" - Same stone as Edward Boardman
Boardman Elmer Y.   Oct 20 1851 1Y11M4D (On side three of Edward & Maryette Boardman stone)
Boardman Cynthia   Feb 11 1863 20Y1M4D (On side three of Edward & Maryette Boardman stone)
Cass D. Orville   Aug 30 1870 3Y
Cass Samuel   Oct 28 1868 66Y3M24D
Cass Lois   Sep 22 1884 84Y5M9D "Our mother" "Wife of Samuel Cass"
Cass Ellen D.   Mar 6 1852   Daughter of Samuel & Lois (Stone is broken & patched together)
  Mary E.       Weathered & hard to read -Same size & style as Ellen D. Cass
Taylor Archa N.   Sep 7 1863 5Y6M2D Weathered bad but loks like parents name under hers with mother's name Elizabeth
Taylor Jotham A.       Weathered bad but parents written under name with mother's name Elizabeth
Brown James R. 1838 1884   (Veteran of Civil War Co E 109th Regt. NY Vol & Co K 51st Regt NY Vol)
Brown Lydia A. 1845 1907   Same stone as James R. Brown
Taylor Sally   Jan 12 1877 69Y4M6D "Wife of William L. Taylor" 
Taylor William L.   Jan 6 1864   Weathered bad so age is not readable
Cass Phebe L.   Feb 12 1870 27Y20D "Wife of Bryon Cass"
  E.O.C.       Single stone with only Initals
  Levi B.       Weathered bad so age is not readable
Wilbur Bryon & Myron   May 10 1858 6D "Sons of Jacob H. & Augusta Wilbur"
Sherman Selim 1850 1923    
Sherman R. Ophelia 1853 1878   Same stone as Selim Sherman
Sherman Jacob 1877 1934   "Their Son" - Same stone as Selim & R. Ophelia Sherman
Boardman Elmer Y.   Oct 20 1851 1Y11M "Son of Edward & Maryette" 
Boardman Julia C. 1843 1919   Single stone (Wife of Alpheus P. Boardman)
Boardman A.P. 1845 1905   Single stone (First name is Alpheus)
  Valmina       Daughter of (The remainder is nreadable)
Cass Samuel B. 1862 1947    
Cass Cynthia L. 1866 1920   "His wife" - Same stone as Samuel B. Cass
Cass Philetus  1823 1909    
Cass Ruth M. 1826 1914   "His wife" - Same stone as Philetus Cass
Russell Otis L. Feb 15 1825 Feb 22 1915    
Russell Martha S. Jan 4 1828 Mar 19 1908   "His wife" - Same stone as Otis L. Russell
Russell Frances S. 1-Jun 1861   "Children of Otis & Martha Russell
Russell Frederick H.   Jul 14 1861   "Children of Otis & Martha Russell
Dimmick Harvey E. Jan 10 1828 Jan 22 1890    
Dimmick Susan Jane   Feb 14 1865 31Y2M19D "Wife of H.E. Dimmick" (1st wife of Harvey E. Dimmick) 
Dimmick William H.   Apr 22 1904 20Y2M "At rest"
Ackley Dora P. 1851 1919   (2nd wife of Harvey E. Dimmick)
  Herman D. 1873 1912   (No last name, but right next to Dora P. Ackley)
Wilbur George J.   Feb 9 1874 2Y9M2D (Tall pointed stone)
Wilbur Charlie L.   Sep 24 1825 6M20D (Tall pointed stone)
Bates Wolitta   Jun 30 1891 82Y "His Wife"
Reynolds John   May 16 1869 66Y9M "Father- Mother" on front of stone
Reynolds John J.   Mar 30 1862 30Y "Son of John"
Hill Ruth   Dec 10 1858   "Wife of John H. Hill (Death date & age is badly weathered)
Hill John H.   Apr 6 1864 78Y3M18D (Separate stone next to Ruth Hill stone)
Smith Sarah O.   Mar 24 1880   Daughter of Maylon K. & Emeline Smith"
Smith Emeline May 14 1824 Sep 13 1901   "Wife of M.K. Smith" 
Darrow Harriet W. Dec 25 1820 Jan 5 1890   "Wife of Ira P. Darrow" (On opposite side of stone with Emeline Smith)
Gleason Daniel A.   Oct 28 1862 23Y8D
Jackway Thomas Nov 28 1832 Nov 29 1903    
Jackway Rachel Nov 11 1840 Nov 5 1903   "His Wife" 

End of Middle section - Start of left section from back to front

Hettich Richard G. 1934   Same stone as LoRita W. Hettich (No death dates for either one)
Hettich LoRita W. 1943   "Married Mar 24 1963" - (Maiden name Wood)
Wood Lyle A. 1915 2002 "Together Forever"
Wood Avis W. 1920 2005 Same stone as Lyle A. Wood
Barnhart John E. 1913 1986  
Barnhart Margaret L. 1923 1997 Same stone as John E. Barnhart
Bowen Arthur M. 1934   (No death date)
Bowen Betty J. 1940   Same stone as Arthur M. Bowen (No death date)
Bowen Robert Wayne Oct 8 1957 May 4 1998 On back side_ "Our children: LeRae Ann, Mark Wayne, Kati Lynne, & Kami Lynne"
Sullivan Terri Lynne Nov 28 1958   Same stone as Robert Wayne Bowen
Richardson John Graham Dennis Nov 1 1931 Jul 31 2005 "God knew we did not want to be alone, and we are not. Our love transcends death."
Fardelmann Janet Carol Apr 21 1947   Same stone as John Graham Richardson
Conrad Lynn V. 1931 2001 (Square granite flat stone with engraving of children & grandchildren plus Lynch Funeral Home bronze small marker for Lynn 
Conrad Eleanor L.     "Parents of Chuck, Sharry, and Lindy, Grandparents of Scott, Heather, Tim, Jenny, & Betsy
Tyrrell Vernon M. Apr 2 1932 Oct 11 1999 On back side - "Our daughter Rebecca Lynne Private Pilot" - For Vernon: "Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument rated, Single Engine, Land & Sea plane" Then on right side - "Private pilot" (which I think is for Sarah)
Tyrrell Sarah R. Jan 5 1931   Same stone as Vernon M. Tyrrell (No death date)
Nemeth George      Small bronze funeral home marker
Jewett Thomas William Jul 31 1968 Nov 30 1993 "Loving husband and father of" "His wife Lynda and their only son Skylar Thomas"
Pavese Arlene C. Aug 2 1941 Jun 11 1994 Married Feb 15 1969 (Husband's name is not engraved on other side of stone)
Milner John C. Jul 3 1922 Oct 2 1985 Military bronze plate on back of granite marker - SGT US Marine Corps World War II
Milner Norma E. Nov 18 1920 Dec 9 2007 Same stone as John C. Milner (John's name & dates on front side too)
Boardman Deville E. Sep 18 1953 Feb 17 2008 Married Dec 23 1972 (On back side "Our children Casey, Emily, Jay, Daniel")
Boardman Susan D. Oct 22 1953   Same stone as Deville E. Boardman (No death date)
End of Cemetery listing        
The following people are recorded as buried in North Orwell Cemetery, (from Bradford County Death records on but not found in cemetery
Moon Jas.   Sep 15 1897 79Y (Died from fall off of wagon)
Russell Polly A.   Feb 15 1904 82Y  
Reynolds Infant Son   May 1 1894 0Y (Died "still-born")(Infant son of Lena L. & Julia V. Reynolds)
Nichols David   May 24 1899 85Y  
Gordon John Clifford 1909 May 22 1959   WWII

Last Updated on 11/6/2008
By Joyce M. Tice