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Rutty Cemetery 

Union Township, Tioga Co., PA
Corrected to Canton, Bradford County, PA

From Volume 1 of Tioga County Cemeteries
See Rutty Cemetery 2008 Listing

Joyce, I notice you have the Rutty Cemetery in Canton Twp., Bradford County, but no names in it and you also have the Rutty Cemetery in Union Twp., Tioga County, with the names in it. The correct spot for it is Canton Twp. B. C. It's really hard to tell where it is located because Tioga, Bradford, and Lycoming counties all meet right there but I have seen the deed to the cemetery and the deed places it in Canton Township.

On July 10, 1869, quitclaim, L. N. Rutty (Lord Nelson Rutty) of Union Twp., Tioga County, to Samuel McNett, George Bennett, and L. N. Rutty, Trustees, all of Union Twp. and their successors forever a certain lot piece or parcel of land to be used for burial purposes situated in Canton Township Bradford County. Recorded August 20, 1873, Towanda, Bradford County.  Barb Conrad

GPS North 41.35.985, West 76.52.437

Barnum Abram 1838 1886 wife Julia E.
Barnum Julia E. 1847 1908
Barnum G. Merton 1872 1881 Son
Bennett Enos 1875 52
Bennett Thos. 1843 48 wife Eliz.
Bennett Eliz. 1878 82
Bennett  Maria 1849 29 w/o Reuben
Bennett Harriett 2/6/1818 1893 w/o George
Bennett George 5/27/1824 1892
Brown Albert 1903 73 149th. Reg. C. W.
Camp Ranford 1895 35
Camp A. Eugene 1872 5 s/o S. & S.C.
Campbell James  1852 1923 wife Anne
Campbell Anne 1856 1921
DeCoursey Matthias B. 1859 1906 wife Alice J.
DeCoursey Alice J. 1856 1941
Graham W. Lorenzo 1849 1937 w. Emma
Graham Emma 1856 1944
Wilcox Elaine 1920 1935
Henderson Wm. E. 1909 43
Henderson Alexander 1/6/1840 1911 w. Catherine Benson
Henderson Catherine Benson 9/29/1839 1928
Henderson Mary 1863 1880 d/o A. & C.
McNett Eli 1870 93 wife Perthenia
McNett Perthenia 1852 60
McNett Electa Jane 1840 21 d/o Eli & Perth.
McNett John 1883 73 wife Eunice
McNett Eunice 1858 37
McNett Andrew 9/17/1805 1874
McNett Marcella 7/16/1806 w/o Andrew
McNett Roswell 12/14/1809 1884 wife Charlotte
McNett Charlotte 12/7/1825 1902
McNett Eli L. 1842 1928
McNett Crissie Parsons 3/16/1850 1886 w/o Eli
McNett Andrew 1847 1910 wife Ann Eliz.
McNett Ann Eliz. 1858 1941
McNett Samuel 1899 73 wife Eliza
McNett Eliza 1857 47
McNett Mark 1882 1907 husband of Bertha
McNett Elma H. 1857 1883 w/o. S.E.
? ? 1871 59 wife Olive Newell
McNett Olive Newell 1893 73
McNett John M. 12/16/1848 1896
Menneger Max 59
Newell John 4/28/1745 1836 b. Dudley, Mass d. Grover, Pa. John was in Mass. Reg. Rev. War
Newell John 1757 1824
Newell Oliver 1840 60
Newell Harry S. 3/18/1816 1895
Parker Roby Newell 1864 w/o Jere. Parker
Newell Jane
Parsons Jerome B. June 1827 1892 w. Ann J.
Parsons Ann J. 4/23/1834 1916
Parsons Mary E. 1870 11 d/o J.B. & Ann
Parsons John C. 2/4/1820 1900 his wife-
Parsons Julia A. 9/4/1819 1902
Parsons W.H. 1845 1918 wife Mary Dudley
Parsons Mary Dudley 1845 1926
Parsons J.B. 1853 1906 53
Rutty Warren S. 1854 1912 w. Anna Palmer
Rutty Anna Palmer 1859 1912
Rutty Verne 1880 1888 s/o Warren and Anna
Rutty Richard 1851 1853 s/o Harrison and Margt.
Rutty James S. wife Anna Griswold
Rutty Anna Griswold
Rutty Lucy 1835 1910
Rutty F. Willard
Rutty Sybal 1859 1877
Rutty Willard 1792 1810
Rutty Elmira 1838 1867
Rutty Ezra Wright 1804 1891 w. Maneveria.
Rutty Maneveria 1808 1886
Rutty A.J. (Uncle Jack) 2/25/1819 1891
Rutty Samuel 1847 77 wife Polly
Rutty  Polly 1861 90
Rutty Rachel d/o Sam and Polly
Rutty Clara 1855 1924
Rutty Martha 1848 1930
Rutty L. Nelson 10/9/1812 1897
Rumsey Wm. F. 1877 46
Rumsey Willie L. 1873 infant s/o Wm. and Hattie L.
Wesley Salinda 1859 70 w/o John
 Subj:  Rutty Cemetery
Date:  04/13/2004 9:07:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (debbie daley)

Hello Joyce,

I have visited Rutty Cem. this past Thursday 4/8/04.  It is located just south of Grover, Canton Township, Bradford Co., PA on Route 14.  There was no name on the road.  It is about a 1/2 mile from McArdles Restaurant, which is on the left hand side of 14.  The cemetery is on the first dirt road to the right.  It is on an angle and goes up and past a stone house.  The cemetery is immediately after the house.  If you pass the road you can still see the cemetery on the hill above Route 14.  I have taken pictures and will send you attachments  when I have them.  I received  help from the Pepper Funeral Home in Canton, PA . They called around and got the directions for me to follow.

My name is Deborah Daley,
 I am a GGGGGG Grand Daughter of John Newell, rev. war soldier, buried there.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 22 NOV 1997
By Joyce M. Tice
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