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Stevens Cemetery

Universalist Church Cemetery

Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read and Typed by Dick McCracken

Photo by Dick McCracken

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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Church; Stevens
Read By:  Dick McCracken
Date Read:   8-Jun-2000
Typed By:   Dick McCracken
Location:  Standing Stone, Standing Stone Twp, Bradford Co, PA.  TR 610 (River Rd), 0.2 miles South of intersection with TR 580 (Tracy Rd).
Other comments: Fully exposed, no shade.  Church no longer there; known locally as Stevens Cem.  Very well maintained by next door neighbor, Robert and Maggie Czajkowski, RR2, Box 29; Wysox, PA 18854
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Taylor John        
Taylor Sarah GORDON        
Taylor Charles        
Ennis George W. 1847 1912   f/s Father.
Ennis Olive L. 1849 1924   his wife. Same stone as George W. Ennis
Stevens Charles Simon 1869 1958    
Stevens Minnie DONLEY 1876 1942    
Allen Ethel T. 1885 1939    
Turner Phebe STEVENS 27 Sep 1863 30-Apr-1966   d/o Nelson & Ann Stevens. f/h, Lt. Asa Stevens Chapter, DAR
Turner Charles E. 1856 1934    
Turner Hannah E. 1856 1908   Same stone as Charles E. Turner
Corson Eva E. 1851 1929    
Ennes John 19 Jul 1821      
Ennes Jane 7 Nov 1822 14-Nov-1901   w/o John Ennes
Espy James 11 Oct 1811 16 Jun 1872    
Espy Edward I. 30 Oct 1825 13 Jan 1864    
Espy John   2 Jul 1861 31y, 15d s/o John & Lovina Espy. Was killed July 2, 1861
Stevens Nelson, 1st 1 Sep 1830 24 Aug 1836   s/o Asa Stevens
Stevens Eleonor, 1st 24 Feb 1815 3 Mar 1815   d/o Asa Stevens
Stevens Edwin   1 Jul 1811 2y s/o Albegence Stevens. Drowned 1 Jul 1811.
          f/s R.H. - Missing headstone
Stevens Jonathan 16 Jul 1761 13 Jun 1850   born Cantaberry, Ct. f/s Govt upright stone, 3 CT MIL. Rev War. Rev War f/h.
Stevens Elenor 1 Feb 1761 11 Oct 1834   born Brooklyn, Ct. Same stone as Jonathan Stevens, above.
  R.T.       footstone
Stevens Angaline 5 Aug 1811 9 Nov 1886   f/s A.S.
Stevens Jonathan J. 24 Apr 1824 3-Dec-1901   f/s Father.
Stevens S. Elizabeth 23 Oct 1833 4 Jan 1899   w/o Jonathan J. Stevens. F/s Mother
  Jennie N. 1874 1946    
  J.G.S.       Large footstone
Terwilliger Rachel   23 Jul 1839 8y, 5m, ?2d  d/o John & Rebecca Terwilliger
  J.E.       f/s
  E.I.E.       f/s
  J.E.       f/s
Stevens Nelson 4 May 1840 17-May-1935   youngest son of Asa & Phoebe VOUGHT Stevens
Stevens Ann S. 18 Nov 1833 12-Oct-1922   his wife. Eldest dau of Alfred & Melissa SUMNER Stevens. H/w. Same stone as Nelson Stevens above.
Stevens Phebe STEVENS   23 Mar 182? 80y, 8m, 23d w/o Asa Stevens. Stacked, leaning against above stone.
  P.S.     f/s. Stacked, leaning against above stone. Probably Phebe Stevens
  A.S.       f/s. Stacked, leaning against above stone. Probably Asa Stevens
Overton Justus 18 Sep 1781 20 Jan 1837    
Overton Mary 20 Jan 1787 12 Sep 1857   his wife. Same stone as Justus Overton above.
Stevens Jonathan 6 Jul 1801 23 Dec 1879    
Stevens Sally   1 Jun 1865 59y, 4m, 26d w/o Jonathan Stevens.
Stevens Sarah GORDON 2 May 1826 5-Apr-1906   f/s Sarah
Stevens Lucy 1 Mar 1825 11 May 1898   f/s Lucy. W/o Robert Smalley. Same stone as Sarah Stevens, above.
Stevens John M. 9 Sep 1841 6-Feb-1905   f/s. J.M.S. GAR f/h.
Stevens Urania STALFORD 24 May 1845     his wife. Same stone as John M. Stevens.
Huyck Richard   3 Mar 1829 34y, 1m, 6d This stone has been removed and wedged between two other stones.
Huyck     24 Oct 1824 21y, 7m his wife.(top of stone missing). F/s S.H. These stones have been removed and wedged between two other stones.
Stevens Smith 9 May 1838 30-Dec-1907   f/s S.S.
Denison Hattie   3 Aug 1871 1y, 2m, 23d d/o Mary Denison
Stevens Henry Tracy 5 Jun 1831 2 Oct 1899   f/s Father.
Stevens Mary A. 28 Jan 1831 27-Jan-1903   f/s Mother. Same stone as Henry Tracy Stevens above.
Ennis Alexander 24 Nov 1816 10 May 1879   born Sussex Co, N.J.
Ennis Eleanor STEVENS 14 Jan 1818 11 Apr 1881   w/o Alexander Ennes
Ennis Levi V. 10 Feb 1878 11 Sep 1890   s/o Asa S. & Zilphia V. Ennis
Ennis Asa Stevens 1856 1923    
Vaughn Zilphia 1855 1935   w/o Asa Stevens Ennis
Ennis Arthur S. 1893 1967    
Ennis Flora M. 1895 1983   Same stone as Arthur S. Ennis, above.
  D.G.S.       f/s
  H. Sue       f/s
  P.S.F.       f/s
          Storrs Lot
Culver Roswell 6 Mar 1808 14 Aug 1888   born Guilford, Vt; died Asylum
Storrs Maria 5 Dec 1820 29 Jan 1810   w/o Roswell Culver
Storrs Sally 14 Feb 1783 1 Mar 1868   born New London, Ct.; w/o Cyrenus W. Storrs
Thomas Alonzo Lilley 7 Mar 1847 6-Aug-1923    
Storrs Harriet 2 Nov 1850 2 Feb 1895   w/o A.L. Thomas
Storrs Bigler 20 Aug 1856 19 Nov 1886 30y, 2m, 29d s/o Wm. R. & Ellen Storrs
Storrs William R. 1 Jan 1828 17 Jan 1893    
Stevens Ellen 10 May 1830 25-Aug-1903   w/o Wm R. Storrs
Storrs Marion E. 1858 1941   Same stone as William R. Storrs, above
Storrs Lillian C. 1864 1950   d/o Wm R. & Ellen S. Storrs. Same stone as William R. Storrs; same side as Marion E. above
Stevens Lot. All on same stone.          
Stevens Achatius 10 Jan 1822 31-Mar-1903    
Stevens Sarah 9 Jul 1822 10 Jul 1894   w/o Achatius Stevens. Same side as Achatius Stevens above.
Stevens James 8 Dec 1853 18 May 1854    
Stevens Jabez H. 1863 1964   Same side as James above
Stevens Asa S. 1859 1936    
Stevens Ellen 1859 1936   his wife. Same side as Asa S. Stevens
Stevens Lucy E. 5 Sep 1858 1-Sep-1916    
Long Harriet T.   6 Sep 1859 24y, 4m, 6d w/o M.J. Long. F/s H.T.L.
Long Harriet S.   9-Oct-1959 2m, 27d d/o M.J. & Harriet T. Long. F/s H.S.L. Same stone as Harriet T. above
Long Mary S.   25 Dec 1871 30y, 1m f/s M.S.L. Same stone as Harriet T. above
          Stevens Lot. All on same stone.
Stevens Simon 22 Apr 1797 16 Nov 1880    
Homet Harriet 2 Mar 1801 8 Oct 1847   his wife. Same side as Simon Stevens.
Overton Mary 1830 1895   2nd wife of Simon Stevens.
Stevens Harriet M. 6 Dec 1865 4 Jul 1897   w/o Clark L. Stephens, d/o Simon & Mary Stevens. Same side as Mary Overton
Stevens Ralph L. 21-Jul-1912 13-Aug-1990   f/s R.L.S. Masonic Emblem; B.P.O.E. emblem. Bronze placque
Stevens Winifred L. 22-May-1914     f/s W.L.S. O.E.S. emblem. Bronze placque, same side as Ralph L. Stevens.
Stevens Charles 8 Dec 1823 3 Dec 1895    
Decker Martha J. 20 Nov 1831 7-Dec-1914   w/o Charles Stevens
Stevens Mary Eleanor 28 Aug 1895 18 Dec 1895   d/o Clark L. & Harriet S. Stevens
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