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Austin Hill Cemetery, Town of Erin, Chemung County, NY
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Erin Township, Chemung County, New York
Located on Austin Hill Rd. Austin Hill Rd. is found 2.3 miles from the Erin Fire Dept in Erin, NY on Rt. 223 on the left hand side just past Drake Rd. Go up Austin Hill Rd. .8 mile and cemetery is on your left.

These stones were read in Oct. 1998 by Sharon Nichols and Stacy Nichols.

*These stones were not found but were on the record done by the Staver's in the 1930's
See Austin Hill Cemetery Obituary Page

Last First Date of Birth Date of Death Age Comments Relationship
Austin Nancy   May 15, 1865 72 yr 3 mo Ardon Austin is Buried  wf of Ardon Austin
          in New Jersey  
  Abigail   May 7, 1835 15 yr   dau of Ardon and Nancy
Bogart Daniel   Nov. 22, 1869 75 yr 10 mo 24 days    
  Jane   Apr. 12, 1876 72 yr    wf of Daniel Bogart
Brockway Charles Oct. 30, 1828 Jun. 20, 1911      
  Lucinda Park Aug. 20, 1830 Jan. 8, 1883     wf of Charles
Brockway Fletcher W. 1852 1902      
  S. Frances   Mar. 21, 1880 25 yr 1 mo 8 days   wf of Fletcher W.
  Charles H.   Oct. 3, 1878 1 yr 9 mo 12 days   son of Fletcher and S.F
Davenport Almira   June 24, 1856 1 yr 5 mo 27 days   dau of Samuel and Ann
Drake Hannah Nov. 18, 1824 Oct. 10, 1908      
Drake Marshall F.  1855 1930      
  Effie M. 1863 1923     wf of Marshall F.
Drum Jane   Feb. 5, 1848 43 yr    wf of John Drum
  *Stephen*   Sept. 25, 1839 9 yr   son of John and Jane
Fredenburg James   Mar. 3, 1839 2 yr 2 mo 13 days   son of L. B and Sally Ann
  William    Mar. 25, 1859 5 yr 3 mo 4 days   son of L. B and Sally Ann
Hollenbeck Charles   Oct. 13, 1864 16 yr 2 mo 23 days Co I. 50th Regt. Ny Vol son of R. M & Mary
Horton William L. 1846 1928      
  Sarah 1844 1923     wf of William L.
  Bell Newell 1872       dau of William & Sarah
Houck *Amanda* Oct. 17, 1807 1887      
Houck Isaac L. Apr. 26, 1808 April 21, 1884      
  Sally July 23, 1814       wf of Isaac L. Houck
Houck J. Wesley 1831 1916      
  Mary A. 1837 1916     wf of J. Wesley
Houck *Jessie*   Mar. 28, 1862      
Houck *John*   Dec. 23, 1849 75 yr     
  Sarah    Nov. 5, 1859 82 yr 1 mo   wf of John Houck
Howe Almira   1853?     wf of William H. Howe
Howe Samuel   Feb. 8, 1867 72 yr 2 mo 4 days    
  Rachel   Apr. 29, 1869 73 yr 18 days   wf of Samuel Howe
Hummer Elizabeth   Oct. 6, 1871 50 yr 1 mo 3 days   wf of George W.
  Helen K.         dau of George & Eliza.
  Johnson R.         son of George and Eliza.
Hummer Minnie   Jan. 21, 1873 1 yr 5 mo 25 days   dau of Alexander & Caroline
Hummer Johnson   May 15, 1860 72 yr     
  Rebecca   May 10, 1884 84 yr   wf of Johnson Hummer
Kirkoff Dora Belle   Jan. 23, 1873 7 mo 2 days   dau of Edward and Sarah A.
Linaberry John R. 1808 1848?      
Ogden John   Oct. 20, 1846 53 yr     
  Amy   May 6, 1872 77 yr   wf of John Ogden
  Henriette   June 26, 1849 30 yr   dau of John and Amy
  Ludema   June 26, 1861 25 yr    son of John and Amy
  Sylvester M.   May 29, 1859 21 yr   son of John and Amy
Park Alexander   Feb. 21, 1828 62 yr 11 mo 14 days    
  Theodosia   Feb. 14, 1828 57 yr 4 mo   wf of Alexander Park
Park Clark W.   Dec. 26, 1841 25 yr 8 mo 7 days   son of Mark and Mary Ann
  Infant   July 8, 1841     son of Mark and Mary Ann
Park David J.   Dec. 21, 1871 73 yr 1 mo 16 days    
  *Susan E.*        "Broken Stone" wf of David J. Park
  Infant     11 days   dau of David and Susan E.
Park Genevieve L. 1910 1911     dau of Lean and Anna Park
Park Johnson R. 1851 1864     son of Dauida? and Cornelia
  Linda A. 1860 1860     dau of Dauida? and Cornelia
Park Marilla Nov. 28, 1827 Apr. 10, 1908      
  Polly    Feb. 22, 1856 53 yr  Same Stone  
  Rachel   Sept. 16, 1886 78 yr  Same Stone  
  Susan Apr. 5, 1807 Nov. 11, 1896   Same Stone  
Park Robert   June 6, 1850 78 yr 9 mo 26 days soldier of the Rev. War  
Rautio Pekka 1868 1924      
Rick George 1844 1906      
  Frederica 1820 1899   Maiden Name "Kraus"
  Ottellia 1848 5913     wf of George Rick
Searles John   May 30, 1849 57 yr 8 mo 13 days    
  Abigail   Mar. 23, 1863 72 yr 8 mo 13 days   wf of John Searles
Stilwell George V.   Mar. 20, 1873 54 yr?    
Swayze Daniel   Aug. 2, 1871 48 yr?    
  Miriam May   Apr. 2, 1870     wf of Daniel Swayze
  Ransom A.   Nov. 12, 1861 5 yr 9 mo 27 days   son of Daniel and Miriam 
Swayze James F.   Sept. 24, 1869 37 yr 10 mo 26 days    
Swayze James S.   Aug. 14, 1862 66 yr 2 mo 17 days    
  Susannah   Dec. 13, 1852 60 yr   wf of James S. Swayze
Swezay Daniel H.   Feb. 3, 1851 23 yr 19 days   son of James and S. S
Vanauken Jacob   July 30, 1856      
Vaughn Betsey   May 4, 1837  52 yr 4 mo 15 days   wf of Daniel Vaughn
Vaughn Samuel   May 14, 1860 68 yr 2 mo 22 days    
  Mary    Mar. 26, 1859 66 yr 2 mo 16 days   wf of Samuel Vaughn
  Arthur   May 9, 1878 1 yr 1 mo 10 days   son of Samuel and Mary
Vosburgh *Betsy Ann*   Aug. 11, 1861     wf of Isaac S. Vosburgh
  Lucy   July 7, 1862 23 yr 8 mo 20 days   dau of Isaac and Betsy Ann
White Charles   Feb. 26, 1816 82 yr  soldier of the Rev. War  
  Jemima       Stone Badly Broken wf of Charles
White David    Mar. 18, 1862 54 yr    
Joyce, [February 2008]
    I have recently come into possession of the death certificate of my great-great-grandmother, Rachel Van Auken White.  It lists her resting
place as Austin Hill even I dont see her stone listed.
    At your convenience, could you add her?
    Rachel White, wife of David, daughter of Jacob Van Auken, 11 June 1818 to 9 August 1897.
    Thank you very much, Joyce,
    Mary Hillman

Subj:  Austin Hill Cemetery, Erin, NY
Date:  5/18/2003 9:40:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Becky Jones)

I don't know who decided that Miriam Swayze was wife of Daniel Swayze, that is how misinformation is posted on the internet and family trees. People that are collecting Swayze names and not concerned that info is correct than submit to sights like LDS and family tree maker.

I'm sure it does not list on the grave stone. And to assume that Ramson was a child of Daniel and Miriam is preposterous. I would suggest that you have the correct info before posting.  Becky

Note from Joyce, Yes, Becky is unfortunately correct that people do indeed steal information from our sites and post it to public databases even thoughh warnings on the site prohibit it. They also publish our work as their own without source citations. Rules of scholarship are poorly followed in this genelaogy hobby. 
Subj:  RE: Austin Hill Cemetey 
Date:  03/14/2004 10:07:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: (Rob)

    I have been looking over my notes about the Robert Park buried at Austin Hill Cemetery near Erin, NY.  On your website he is listed as Robert Park, died 1850 "A Soldier of the Revolution." He is my ancestor.  He was about 78 years old at his death, born, 1772.  A little young for the Revolutionary war.  There are actually TWO Robert Park's buried there.  The other Robert Park, 1754-1833, aged 79 years has the headstone with a soldier of the Revolutionary war on it.  At present, I do not know if he is any relation to my Park's or not.  Probably is, but don't know.  The notes I have for the "other" Robert Park were taken about 35 or so years ago.  This past September, 2003 when I was at the cemetery (Austin Hill) I could not find the "other" Robert Park headstone.  I did find two headstones lying face down, but I could not lift them to see who they were.  I feel sure that one of these is the other Robert Park, a soldier of the revolution.  I thought you might like to correct this on your cemetery listing for Austin Hill. 
    I STILL enjoy your site.  It brings back a lot of memories. Rob Stamm

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