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Barnes Cemetery

Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York

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Read by Joseph Boyd 

Typed by Ruth BRYAN

Photo by Joyce M. Tice May 6, 2000

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This cemetery is located in a cow pasture, on the north side of State Route 224, three miles northwest of Van Etten.  This listing is a compilation made July 10, 1960 (LDS microfilm) 1930-31 by Mrs. Hugh Staver (DAR records) and Joseph Boyd (Chemung County Historical Society files).  Bracketed material is not on the stones.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
BARNES         Infant son of BENJ. & HANNAH BARNES. (No name.)
BARNES CATHARINE 02/13/1810 05/09/1888 76y 2m 26d (Daughter of THOMAS & CATHARINE BAKER of Newfield, NY. Tombstone face up on the ground.)
BARNES CHARLES W. 02/25/1848 01/14/1850 2y 10m 20d Son of OLIVER & HANNAH BARNES.
BARNES JESSE 1797 11/20/1858 61y 3m (Son of ABRAHAM & RUTH BARNS. Tombstone is face up, on the ground and is badly eroded. His surname is as it appears on the stone.
BARNES MINNIE 05/30/1849 09/23/1882 33y 3m 23d Wife of A.J. BARNES.
BARNES GRACE M. 07/14/1882 09/30/1882 2m 16d Their Daughter. (A shaft type monument.)
BARNES MOSES 1795 03/25/1869 73y 7m 23d Son of ABRAHAM & RUTH BARNES. (Death date could be May or March.)
BARNES SALLY 01/18/1802 12/21/1878 76y 11m 3d (The above two stones read by Mrs. Staver, not found in 1979.)
BARNES REUBEN 1804 11/23/1850 46y 10m Son of ABRAHAM BARNES.
BARNES RACHEL 07/07/1804 03/30/1888 83y 8m 23d His Wife. (She was a farmer with 154 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
BARNES MARY   02/01/1854 17y 10m Daughter of REUBEN & RACHEL BARNES (Death date may be 12/1/1851.)
BARNES O.T. 03/11/1834 06/20/1898 17y 10m Son of ABRAHAM & RUTH BARNES. (His first name was Oliver.) 
          Four above on a shaft type monument.
BARNS ABRAM   01/17/1884 71y 5m 15d Son of ABRAHAM & RUTH BARNS. (This is a shaft type monument, which is badly eroded, thus the data may be in error.)
BARNES ABRAHAM 02/09/1765 03/31/1847 82y 1m 22d The surname is spelled as it appears on the stone, which is face up on the ground and eroded.
BARNS RUTH 1864 92y Wife of ABRAHAM BARNES. (She was the daughter of MOSES THOMAS. Stone is face up, on the ground. Date could be Jan. 17 or 27, 1884.)
BARNS JESSE       See entry for JESSE BARNES.
BARNS CHARLES D. 04/16/1825 02/01/1845 29y 9m 16d  Son of JESSE & RACHEL BARNS.
          Next to the above is a field stone with its face scaled off. No data.
BARNS HALA 10/09/1842 06/11/1897   (He was the son of ABRAM & ELIZABETH BAKER BARNS and a lawyer in the village of Van Etten.)
BARNS SARAH C. 10/04/1882 36y Daughter of C.S. & S.C. BOOTH, and wife of HALA BARNS. (Her parents were CHAUNCY S. & CAROLINE ENGLISH BOOTH.)
BOOTH SARAH C.       See entry for SARAH C. BARNS.
NOBLES LIZZIE G.   03/15/1865 6 weeks Daughter of E.S. & P.A. NOBLES.
NORRIS MARY   11/29/1882 37y 7m 8d Wife of ORIN T. NORRIS.
SWARTWOOD JACOB G.   05/20/1864 72y 10m 4d (Stone read by Mrs. Staver in 1931, but not found by Joseph Boyd in 1979.)
SWARTWOOD SANDERS   09/04/1875 34y Co. E., 53rd Inf. Vol. (On the side of the shaft is: "Infant Son Willie", with no other data. A shaft type monument, with the shaft on the ground.)
THOMAS RUTH       See entry for RUTH BARNS.

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