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Cemeteries in Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York
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Prepared by Mark Claypool, Catlin Town Historian, on 4/11/2012

Atwood Cemetery ( ) P

Parcel ID: 27.00-1-44 exempt

Size: 33’W x 33’D

Description: Abandoned, no markers. A single iron post marks the location of what appears to be up to 6 burial sites, judging by depressions in the earth and size of the plot.

Location: This cemetery is surrounded by private property belonging to Charlie Austin (who rediscovered the site), residing at 724 Chambers Road. It is about 100 yards east of Chambers Road along north edge of a creek.

GPS: N42° 13’ 19.26", W76° 53’ 57.26".

Barber Cemetery (5) PG

Parcel ID: 3.00-1-12 private

Size: 32’W x 40’D

Description: Abandoned with visible markers. The markers are very deteriorated with little left to read. Most of the larger stones have been propped against trees with their faces pointing downward to prevent any further erosion. There are many footstones along either side of a central path, indicating there may be about two dozen graves here. This cemetery includes the grave of Dr. Reuben Barber, "physician to the Indians", who died in 1845 at the age of 99. Dr. Barber served in both the Revolutionary War & the War of 1812. This is one of only two cemeteries in the town known to include a Revolutionary War soldier. The other is the McFail Road Cemetery.

Location: This cemetery is difficult to access. It is surrounded by private property belonging to Jack Smith, 477 Vanderhoef Road in deep woods north of Buck Mountain. Take King Road from Johnson Hollow Road. Proceed two miles up King Road to the opening of the driveway at 372 King Road belonging to Les Reimsnyder III. Drive another .22 miles north on King Road & park where the pipeline crosses the road. Then walk in due southeast (Reimsnyder property) along the pipeline 3183 feet to a slight kink in the pipeline. There will be a trail heading northeast from this kink. Follow this trail 500 feet to the cemetery.

GPS: N42° 17’ 07.81", W76° 51’ 53.52".

Carr Cemetery (19) LPG

Parcel ID: 38.00-1-62 private

Size: 15’W x 25’D

Description: Abandoned, markers still visible. This cemetery has been incorrectly listed in many records as being in the Town of Big Flats (parcel ID 48.00-1-6), but it is in fact in Catlin about ¼ mile north of the Big Flats town line, on land owned by Holland McDonald Sr.

Location: Located along the south side of Barnes Hill Road, ¼ mile from its intersection with Prospect Hill Road, between mailboxes #375 and #391.

GPS: N42° 12’ 09.59", W76° 51’ 52.20.

Carter’s Hill Cemetery (20) – Location unknown. This may be the Carr Cemetery, since the Carr site sits atop what some maps refer to as "Carr Hill".

Catlin Center Cemetery ( ) LP

Parcel ID: 8.00-1-45.112 private

Size: 10’W x 10’D approximate

Description: Abandoned. There is a single stone marker which says "Charles, son of George H. & Laney Marikle, died May 29, 1843, aged 1 mos 25 days".

Location: Located just northeast of the intersections of Chambers Road, Murphy Hill Road & Backer Road (area known as Catlin Center) in a tree line along the north edge of a ravine, 152 yards east from mailbox #1303 on Chambers Road. Property is owned by Scot Butler.

GPS: N42° 15’ 36.49", W76° 54’ 21.30".

Coryell Cemetery (25)

Parcel ID: 3.00-1-1.1 private

Size: Unknown

Description: Abandoned, destroyed.

Location: This cemetery is actually in the Town of Veteran. It is a couple hundred feet over the town line from Catlin. It is on the west side of NYS Route 14, directly across the road from a house at 4674 Route 14, just south of the Chemung County/Schuyler County line. It is in a farm field, owned by Rex Frost. This site was rediscovered on 8/26/2011 by farmer Frost while he was tilling his field. He had just purchased a new tractor capable of tilling deeper than any used there before, and unearthed the skeletal remains of one person. This site has the remains of Michael Coryell, who died in 1819 at the age of 19. There are said to be remains of about 16 persons at this site, but Coryell is the only one known.

GPS: N42° 17’ 32.22", W76° 50’ 41.10".

Hofsommer Cemetery (67) LP

Parcel ID: 27.00-1-18 exempt

Size: 100’W x 261’D

Description: Abandoned, markers still visible, but in poor shape. This cemetery is also known as Mathews and/or Yeomans Cemetery.

Location: On a small wooded knoll just behind the house owned by Brian Cunningham at 35 Stitts Hill Road. This is on the north side of Stitts Hill Road, just east of its intersection with Murphy Hill Road.

GPS: N42° 13’ 21.41", W76° 52’ 48.60".

Maple Grove Cemetery (63) LP

Parcel ID: 8.00-1-27 exempt

Size: 274.5’W x 96.36’D

Description: Maintained, but in poor condition. Also known as Johnson Hollow Cemetery. Named for the 24 maple trees planted around the cemetery on 4/6/1886.

Location: Located on the north side of Johnson Hollow Road between King Road & Hill Road.

GPS: N42° 16’ 16.38, W76° 53’ 13.86".

Martin’s Hill Cemetery ( )

Parcel ID: 26.00-1-40 private

Size: Unknown

Description: Abandoned, destroyed.

Location: Exact location unknown. Located approximately west off the Hibbard Road, north of the intersection with Townley Hill Road (Martin’s Hill), on property at 1331 Hibbard Road owned by David Webb. This was the first cemetery in the town and was the burial place of Horace Tupper in 1827. Tupper resided on this plot and was the first supervisor of the Town of Catlin from 1823 to 1826. This cemetery name is sometimes incorrectly applied to the South School Cemetery.

GPS: N42° 13’ 38.03", W76° 56’ 00.30" (approximate).

McFail Road Cemetery (124)

Parcel ID: 38.00-1-2 private

Size: Unknown

Description: Abandoned, destroyed. This cemetery was known to include a Revolutionary War soldier and is most likely the cemetery also referred to as Tompkins Corners Cemetery and Wilcox Cemetery. Records for a Tompkins Corner Cemetery lists a Revolutionary War soldier named Daniel Middaugh, b.3/15/1735 & d.1/27/1837. This is only one of two cemeteries in the town known to include a soldier from the Revolutionary War. The other is the Barber Cemetery.

Location: Located southwest of the original intersection of the original Cowan Road (now Mary Road) with McFail Road in a farm field owned by Jonathan Jones. Mr. Jones says that previous owner, Roscoe McFail petitioned the town to let him bury the grave stones so he could farm atop the site. Roscoe meticulously excavated and buried each stone over its proper grave, about 3’ down. The exact location is now hard to determine since the Cowan Road has since been moved from its original location. Roscoe wanted Cowan Road moved perpendicular to McFail Road to square off his fields for easier plowing. The town refused to do it. Roscoe discovered a regulation that said a road had to be more than a specified distance from a water source. He proceeded to dig a well just east along the edge of the road. The town then had to move the road to its current perpendicular position. It is believed that the cemetery is most likely now on the east side of Mary Road. The stones for this cemetery have never been recorded. That well is still there in the brush line along the east edge of the field.

GPS: N42° 12’ 58.13", W76° 52’ 08.02" (approximate).

Miles Cemetery ( ) LP

Parcel ID: 9.00-1-15 private

Size: Unknown

Description: Abandoned. There is a single stone deep in the woods behind the remains of a stone foundation. The stone reads "Emaline Miles 1808-1888 Adam Miles 1803-1853".

Location: The site is 1650 feet due north of the parking spot at the end of Buck Mountain Road off Johnson Hollow Road, along the old town road right of way on property owned by Les Reimsynder III.

GPS: N42° 16’ 6", W76° 51’ 44".

Moreland Cemetery ( ) L

Parcel ID: 95.00-1-86 exempt

Size: 1.3 acres

Description: Maintained. This cemetery is in the Town of Dix in Schuyler County, but is included here since many of Catlin’s early settlers are buried there.

Location: This cemetery is about 1/2 mile north of the Catlin/Dix town line on Catlin Hill Road. The entrance is just north of Pearl Street along the west side of the road.

GPS: N42° 18’ 06.09", W76° 54’ 32.28".

Narsh Cemetery (15) P

Parcel ID: 27.00-1-25 exempt

Size: 12’W x12’D

Description: Abandoned, last traces destroyed by logging operations contracted by NYS DEC in 2010. Also known as Briar Hill Cemetery.

Location: Located on NYS Forest land, on the east side of the right of way that continues after Briar Hill Road ends. The exact location is now unknown.

GPS: N42° 13’ 27.66", W76° 53’ 29.32" (approximate).

Old Indian Cemetery ( )

Parcel ID: 27.00-1-15 private

Size: Unknown

Description: Unknown

Location: Location unknown. Shown on one map to be east of Murphy Hill Road between Stitts Hill Road & Pine Valley Road on the former Benesh Farm at 363 Murphy Hill Road. This property is now owned by Paul Stern.

GPS: Unknown

Pine Valley Cemetery (86) L

Parcel ID: 28.00-1-47 exempt

Size: 2.64 acres

Description: Well maintained, still being used for new burials.

Location: Located at the west end of Cemetery Street in Pine Valley.

GPS: N42° 13’ 34.80", W76° 50’ 57.08".

Post Creek Cemetery (88) L

Parcel ID: 26.00-1-19 & 26.00-1-20 exempt

Size: 22.86’W x66’D & 264’W x132’D, respectively

Description: Well maintained. There are many unmarked sites in this cemetery. Last burial was James Carpenter on 10/14/2003.

Location: Located at the south east corner of the intersection with NYS Route 414 and Post Creek Road in Post Creek. This is immediately next to the site of the #6 Post Creek School, which was on the corner.

GPS: N42° 14’ 05.03", W76° 57’ 31.90"

Quigley Cemetery (92) L

Parcel ID: 7.00-1-64 exempt

Size: 52’W x 44’D

Description: Abandoned, markers still standing. This is a small churchyard cemetery next to the former Methodist Church in Chambers.

Location: Located on west side of NYS 414 just north of Campground Road in Chambers, by mailbox #566.

GPS: N42° 15’ 50.39", W76° 57’ 24.98".

Savory Cemetery (107) L

Parcel ID: 16.05-1-2 exempt

Size: 93’W x 132’D

Description: Well maintained.

Location: Located on the south side of Campground Road near NYS Route 414 in Chambers.

GPS: N42° 15’ 42.31", W76° 57’ 33.68".

South School Cemetery (66) L

Parcel ID: 37.00-1-85 exempt

Size: 150’W x 215’D

Description: Well maintained. Next to the site of the #8 South School

Location: Located at the end of South Cemetery Road off Brown Road near Hibbard Road.

GPS: N42° 12’ 15.53", W76° 54’ 52.00"

Wilcox Cemetery (137) – Location unknown. This cemetery is believed to be east of Tompkins Corners and is very likely the McFail Road Cemetery (see above).

Wildey Cemetery (139) LP

Parcel ID: 3.00-1-6 private

Size: 100’W x 150’D estimated.

Description: Recently cleaned up and restored, but grave stones are still in rough shape. Also known incorrectly as the Widley or Wilday Cemetery.

Location: Located on the east side of the road about 300’ north of the junction of the Vanderhoff Road & New Road, 300’ south of the Schuyler County Town of Dix line. The primary owner for this parcel is listed as Cotton.

GPS: N42° 17’ 29.85", W76° 51’ 23.46"


1. All GPS locations are taken at the center of the cemetery wherever possible.

2. Numbers in parentheses are from the index for cemeteries shown on the Chemung County Highways Map, 1990.

3. "L" indicates that gravestone information has been recorded and is available for these cemeteries.

4. "P" indicates photos are available for some of the grave markers.

5. "G" indicates that some genealogical information is available for key persons buried at that site.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 31 DEC 2012
By Joyce M. Tice