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 Submitted by Martha Magill
formatted for the web by Joyce M. Tice 

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Maple Grove Cemetery (Johnson Hollow Cemetery)

Located in Catlin Township on the Johnson Hollow road, west of Midway from the Watkins Glen Highway.

Atwood, Abram d. Feb. 10, 1866 44y 4m 14d

Barbour, Anna d. Jan. 12, 1882 60y 10m 24d wife of Calvin J. Barbour

Bailey, Minor 1835 - 1913

Bailey, Susan 1834 - 1920

Hopeman, Lillian Irene 1859 - 1898

Horning, Abraham D. b. Aug. 18, 1832 d. Feb. 15, 1886

Horning, Almina b. April 27, 1851 d. Jan. 13, 1920 his wife

Johnson, Dewitt G. d. Washington, DC April 11, 1864 35y 11mo 3d Co. G. 50

NY Engineers, G.A.R.

Johnson, Harrison 1840 - 1922 Co. G. 50 NY Engineers, G.A.R.

Johnson, Eveline Barbour 1844 - 1913 his wife

Johnson, Louis b. Aug. 28, 1811 d. Sept. 20, 1864

Johnson, Evilla b. Mar. 25, 1820 d. May 19, 1905 his wife and daugher of

Joshua Hiounel

Kent, A____ E. 1856 - 1922 wife of Jonathan Kent

Livingston, John d. Jan. 21, 1861 77y

Livingston, Oliver P. d. Oct. 6, 1893 76y

Elahan Livingston d. Oct. 30, 1879 93y 2m 18d

Perry, Jacob 1819 - 1884 Co. G. 50 NY Engineers

Perry, Julia (Personius) d. Mar. 4, 1852 his wife

Personius, Lucius b. Jan. 12, 1833 d. Sept. 23, 1886 One of our nation's


Personius, Ann b. Oct. 30, 1832 d. Sept. 5, 1897 his wife

Personius, Richard b. July 17, 1832 d. Sept. 5, 1897 G.A.R.

Personius, Mary Jane b. Nov. 28, 1826 his wife

Personius, Annett 1853 - 1864 daughter of R. and M.J. Personius

Personius, Ephrain d. Nov. 1, 1873 53y 7m 9d

Personius, Dorcas 1826 - 1884

Personius, Everet b. 1788 d. 1877 A soldier of the War of 1812

Personius, Mary C. d. April 2, 1875 70y his wife

Tompkins, Theodore G. d. Mar. 8, 1873

Tompkins, Mary A. b. June 23, 1840 d. June 16, 1893 his wife

Tompkins, Alexander d. April 8, 1852 47y 6m

Tompkins, William M. b. Aug. 7, 1834 d. 1916 Co. E Regt. 50 NY Vol.

Tompkins, Elizabeth b. Aug. 9, 1825 d. 1910 his wife

Sloughter, John d. Jan. 5, 1861 50y


Notes: Evert W. Personius was the gggg-grandfather of the digital transcriber of this cemetery. He was born in Ulster County, son of Revolutionary War veteran Jacobus and Rachel (Keyser) Personius, and served in the War of 1812 at Brooklyn Heights. Evert moved from Marbletown to Caroline, Tompkins County with his father Jacobus and brothers by 1818.

Prior to 1840 several of the Personius brothers moved to Catlin and settled along Johnson Hollow Road. Also buried with Evert, but not noted by this reader, is his first wife Catherine Sloughter/Sluyter, who died in July 23, 1857, aged 62 years. I have recent photographs of the headstones.

Several of Evert and Catherine's children are buried in this cemetery. Julia Ann Personius was my ggg-grandmother and the first wife of Jacob H.Perry, of the Caroline, Tompkins County Perrys. Son Ephraim Personius may have been Julia's twin. Richard Personius was Evert's youngest son, and married to Mary Jane Johnson, daughter of neighbor Ezekiel Johnson. Also buried nearby is Richard's daughter, whose stone reads "In memory of Elnetta", died Oct. 7, 1864, aged 4 yrs. 9 mo. 21 days. I have a recent photograph of this large stone.

Lucius Personius was the grandson of Evert's brother Isaiah Robeson Personius and Helena Sluyter, and son of John Personius and Cassandra Greenman. Lucius' wife was Ann H. Rosekrans, daughter of James and Huldah (Winton) Rosekrans.

Oliver P. Livingston was brother to Louisa, who became the second wife of my ggg-grandfather Jacob H. Perry on January 1, 1854, Theodore V. Wellar, j.p. presiding. Elahan Livingston's stone should be corrected to Elanah,wife of John and mother of Louisa, Oliver and Roana Livingston Rosekrans.

John Sloughter is the eldest son of Thomas and Mary Personius Sloughter,younger sister of Evert Personius.

Typed by Martha S. Magill.

Hi Joyce,
    I noticed that both pages for the Maple Grove Cemetery in Catlin Township, Chemung County, have an omission.  The HORNING tombstone for Almina and Abraham Horning has a third name on it. The front of the stone has my Great - Great Uncle Frederick Brown on it.  The information is: Frederick Brown Born Oct. 31, 1849  Died Jan. 17, 1871.  The right side of the marker has Almina Horning's name, birth and death dates and "wife of Abraham D. Horning".  The back of the marker has Abraham D. Horning and his birth and death dates.  Behind the large tombstone are several small markers with Fred, Abraham and Almina's name on them.
    I suspect, but have not been able to verify, that Frederick and Almina may have been married a short while, until his death.  Later, Abraham married Almina.  My guess is that Almina wanted her name between her two husbands, and that is why she is on the side, between them.
    Fredericks name is very prominent on the stone, so I have no idea how both cemetery readers could have missed it.  I am attaching a photo of the stone.
    Thanks for a GREAT site!    jim brown
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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