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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Comfort or Carr] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bensley James Thomas   Nov.16.1974   Infant - 1 day
Bensley Arthur John   Jul.24.1978    
Bills Henry   Sep.17.1927    
Bills Frank R.   Aug.23.1934   Died in Albion
Bentley Mary A.   Aug.10.1909    
Bentley Wm. Mortimer   Feb.25.1914    
Bills Eva L.   Feb.24.1927    
Bills Frank   Aug.23.1934    
Bentley Henry J.   Nov.1.1896    
Bentley Harriet Sayre   Jul.10.1909    
Westlake Helen   Apr.24.1978    
Westlake Alfred John M.D.   Nov.14.1960    
Bentley Harriet   May 9.1898    
Bentley J. Fred   May 4.1919    
Bentley Melissa Bennett   Jan.1.1929    
Bentley Frank S.   Feb.26.1941    
Bentley Mary H.   Apr.21.1956    
Bentley Harriet Sayre   Jul.14.1909    
Doane Josephine B.   Aug.9.1928    
Bentley William G.   Dec.1.1931    
Bentley Lawrence   Feb.23.1937    
Bentley Emma Hult   Dec.1.1939    
Bentley Helen Elizabeth   Jul.23.1961    
Lawrence Otis Daniel   Mar.30.1962   Bentley plot
Lawrence Kathleen Mary   Aug.10.1974   Bentley plot
Bentley Robert Hotchkiss   Aug.7.1953    
Bentley Irene R.   Jan.12.1983    
Bentley Pauline B.   Aug.6.1989    
Hartman Ella Trumble   Jan.27.1933   Bentley plot
Brown Charles Augustus   Aug.1.1938   Bentley plot
Patterson-Smythe Charles   Dec.31.1940   Bentley plot
Brown Alman B.   Mar.1.1964   Bentley plot
Bentley Mary H.   Feb.20.1890    
Bentley Mary J.   Mar.25.1918    
Mulford Kate   Dec.9.1919   Bentley plot
Mulford Ami (?) F.   Aug.4.1890   Bentley plot
Mulford Mary Bentley   Nov.12.1949   Bentley plot
Mulford Lindsley   Sep.17.1969   Bentley plot
Berry Lois Elaine   Oct.27.1938    
Berry Demarest L.   Jun.7.1982    
Besley Ira J.   Apr.24.1946    
Besley Stephen B.   Oct.25.1970    
Besley Augusta R.   Mar.27.1974    
Slocum Lynn Edward   Jan.3.1977    
Besley Edwin Oliver   Nov.23.1955    
Besley Lucy B.   May 18.1962    
Billings Julia B.   Feb.16.1912    
Billings Herbert R.   Jun.16.1940    
Billings Bert E.   Jun.17.1958    
Bulow (or Bilo) August Henry   Jun.5.1937    
Bulow (or Bilo) Anna R.   Jan.30.1943    
Bulow (or Bilo) Henry 1831 1897    
Bishop Infant   Dec.14.1894    
Bishop Infant   Feb.7.1898    
Bishop Claire A.   Nov.29.1917    
Bishop George W.   Jan.27.1927    
Bishop Harry M.   Nov.24.1952   (May be 1953)
Bishop Ralph W.   Jul.19.1962    
Stone Clare E.   Dec.28.1905    
Gornee Jennie M.   May 14.1958    
Bishop Caroline B.   Oct.22.1916    
Blake Lena Minnie   Jun.26.1886    
Blake William   Jan.2.1899    
Blake John S.   May 20.1900    
Blanchard Candace   Aug.5.1927    
Blanchard Frank   Dec.7.1934    
Bloomer Mrs. Harriet   Mar.8.1899    
Bloomer Franklin C.   Mar.28.1900    
Prentice Jennie Bloomer   Jan.23.1905    
Bloom  Eva Mary   Nov.5.1918    
Bloom Alden D.   Dec.12.1926    
Bloom Fred L.   Sep.27.1967    
Bloom Lunetta M. (Nettie)   Nov.2.1974    
Bloom Ann Lucille   Oct.5.1994    
Boeitker Chester E.   Nov.11.1882    
Boeitker Robert M.   Feb.26.1913    
Boeitker Luther   Jun.5.1928    
Boeitker Caroline B.   Jul.2.1928    
Boeitker Luther   Aug.13.1957    
Boeitker Minnie L.   Nov.17.1964    
Bogardus Jennie L.   Dec.16.1887    
Bogardus Allie   Jun.29.1933    
Scopes Pearl B.   May 21.1918    
Bogardus Frank L.   Apr.27.1939    
Bogardus Mott L.   Jun.19.1964    
Bogardus Bertha C.   Dec.7.1973    
Bogardus Nellie   Nov.29.1888    
Bogardus John D.   Oct.15.1896    
Bogardus Joseph   Mar.3.1904    
Bogardus Eleanor   Jan.2.1905    
Bogardus Catherine   Oct.21.1853   May be 1953
Bogardus Lena    Mar.3.1952    
Boncer John W.   Aug.19.1950    
Boncer Infant girl   Jun.10.1960    
Bonitz Paul G.   Sep.27.1965    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/26/2002
By Joyce M. Tice