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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Comfort or Carr] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Davis Harriett Bush   Feb.6.1977    
Bush Nettie Elizabeth   Jun.1.1938    
Bush Charles LeRoy   Feb.23.1939    
Kilgore Ray Dunning   Nov.16.1952    
Kilgore Bertha   Jan.24.1963    
Bush Claud   Aug.26.1945    
Bush Maude L.   Jan.12.1956    
Bush Lyman Henry   Mar.3.1941    
Bush Nancy E.   Jan.18.1961   (Buried)
Bush Rho L.   Jun.19.1950    
Bush Dr. R. P.   Jan.8.1923    
Bush Laretta A.   Oct.6.1925    
Bush Laretta    Dec.1.1957    
Bush Robbie 1888   (Buried)
Bush Margaret Carol   May 18.1953    
Butler Maude    Mar.3.1956    
Butler Basil H.   May 28.1958    
Houser Dorothy Butler   Feb.4.1944    
Cornell helen Irene   May 14.1946    
Butler Eleanor P.   Oct.30.1935    
Butler LeRoy Ronald   Jul.20.1940    
Butler Harlan Glen   Aug.28.1942    
Butler Hiram W.   Nov.14.1944    
Butler Isabelle H.   Mar.22.1976    
Hutcheson John   May 21.1948    
Butler Emmett   Sep.14.1925    
Butler Isabelle F.   Jun.15.1950    
Ward Clarence H.   Jun.9.1930    
Owens William    May 22.1970    
Owens Beatrice   Aug.19.1973    
Butters Charles H.   Mar.16.1949    
Barber Merrill F.   Jan.24.1983    
Butters Ida Jane   Dec.10.1936    
Butters Sally Ann   Nov.2.1941    
Butters Leona   Apr.26.1943    
Butters Isaac   Jan.28.1954    
Weigel Charles Eugene   Jan.24.1942    
Coyle Alice May Thompson   Nov.25.1954    
Personius Vincent Lewis   Feb.13.1963    
Personius Susie   Jul.3.1969    
Button  Velma Louise   Oct.7.1932    
Button  Pearl   Feb.12.1950    
Button  Walter   Dec.25.1973    
Cady Libbie   Jul.11.1943    
Cady Herbert   Jul.16.1957    
Sample(s) Russell   Aug.18.1925    
Sample(s) George   Aug.12.1926    
Cady Edward W.   Apr.11.1957    
Cady Grace B.   Nov.26.1966    
Cady Agnes E.   Jun.2.1967    
Cady Simeon    May 30.1966    
Caldwell Pvt. Robert A.   Apr.13.1949   (Buried)
Caldwell Luther   Aug.28.1951    
Caldwell Mary C.   Jul.29.1982    
Caldwell Donald L.   Feb.2.1970    
Campbell Ada Jane   Jun.20.1898    
Campbell Anna   Mar.20.1947    
Campbell Frank L.   Mar.28.1961    
Lindsey Mrs. Emma G.   Feb.23.1931    
Campbell Hattie   Mar.21.1932    
Lindsey Zachoriah   Nov.29.1946    
Cooper Ida Jane   Apr.1.1953    
Cooper Don.   Dec.29.1953    
Campbell Clifford   Jul.4.1905    
Campbell Marion   Apr.15.1937    
Campbell Judith   Mar.15.1942    
Campbell Mary B.   Feb.24.1983    
Campbell Willis   Mar.20.1908    
Campbell Willis   Feb.13.1940    
Campbell Charles E. Jr.   Mar.26.1945    
Campbell Harry    Sep.15.1961    
Cannon Edwin W.   Aug.13.1948    
Cannon Ida Mae   Dec.21.1972    
Cantliffe Horace   Dec.25.1951    
Cantliffe Horace M.   Dec.2.1974    
Sayre Stella Cantliffe   Jun.13.1964    
Baumgartner Nellie   Feb.24.1960    
Pinelli (?) Luella Mae   Feb.12.1982    
Carpenter Deliah M.   Dec.5.1898    
Carpenter Andrew J.   Nov.19.1903    
Carpenter Burt C.   Jul.12.1898    
Carpenter Ernest S.   Feb.26.1906    
Carpenter Frances    Aug.13.1932    
Carpenter Ambrose   May 3.1933    
Greenly Elinor   Jan.26.1888    
Carpenter Caroline A.   Oct.22.1910    
Carpenter Emma F.   Jul.12.1920    
Carpenter Lewis   Dec.20.1895    
Purdy Francis Mary   Nov.15.1904    
Carpenter Clifford A.   Dec.25.1968    
Carpenter Pearl   Oct.28.1968    
Carpenter Hannah   Aug.13.1905    
Carpenter Myron L.   Sep.3.1908    
Carpenter Porter Briggs   Mar.21.1929    
Carpenter Elijah W.   May 8.1941    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/26/2002
By Joyce M. Tice