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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Comfort or Carr] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Carpenter Clara B.   Dec.9.1947    
Carpenter E. Ruth   Jan.14.1988    
Carpenter Edith M.   Oct.1.1991    
Carpenter Edward P.   Apr.17.1927    
Carpenter Golda   Jul.20.1936    
Carpenter Uhant (?)   Oct.22.1910    
Carpenter Jennie   Jan.26.1954    
Carpenter Augusta Shaul   Jul.17.1993    
Carpenter Walter J.G.   Nov.27.1997    
Payne Sarah B.   Mar.5.1904    
Magee Phillip W.   Jul.22.1922    
Carpenter Ida Mae   Mar.12.1925    
Carpenter John M.   Dec.7.1929    
Magee Edward   Jul.2.1931    
Carpenter Charles   May 16.1882    
Carpenter Joseph   Oct.20.1903    
Carpenter Theodore   Jan.23.1913    
Carpenter Louise E.   Dec.31.1936    
Carpenter Jerome Manley   Jul.14.1891    
Carpenter Eva M.   May 27.1918    
Carpenter C. E.   Jun.5.1905    
Carpenter Emma L.   Oct.4.1922    
Carpenter Harriett   Jun.29.1911    
Carpenter Rodney   May 28.1953    
Campbell Louise    Oct.25.1974    
Carpenter Infant   Nov.22.1901    
Carpenter Prissila   Apr.2.1908    
Dundas Martha E.   Nov.3.1909    
Morris Minnie B.   Jan.16.1917    
Carpenter Sadie Bell   Jun.24.1882    
Carpenter Infant   Mar.7.1888    
Northrup Fenwick 1874 1953    
Houser Charles K. 1875 1937    
Mannix Laura 1913 1978    
Kaufman Mary A. 1871 1936   "Mother"
Northrup Edward 1866 1936    
Northrup Harriet L. 1865 1960    
Heiffner Annie E. 1860 1934    
Heiffner David J. 1857 1942   Same stone as Annie E.
Huffner Joseph 1897      
Huffner Josephine 1902     Same stone as Joseph
Huffner Minnie K. 1907 1967    
Fisher Melville E. 1907 1970    
Hungerford Robert P. B. 1912 1933   "Our Son"
Hungerford Clarence T. 1879 1966    
Hungerford Carlena 1875 1966   Same stone as Clarence
Hollenbeck William John 1918 1986    
Hollenbeck Leona May 1918 1984   Same stone as William John
Rodbourn Anna Belle Taylor 1879 1933   w/o C. Rodbourn
Rodbourn Charles 1877 1949   Pvt. 3 NY INF Sp.Am War
Taylor John Lloyd 1885 1932    
Taylor Helen G. Rodbourn 1889 1932   w/o J. L. Taylor
Mulford Jennie S. 1866 1947    
Mulford George L. 1868 1929   Same stone as Jennie S.
Treat Bernice L. 1898 1935    
Treat Hebe H. 1874 1961    
Treat Thomas B. 1870 1946    
Alexander Lottie D. 1870 1958   "Mother"
Alexander Phineas W. 1867 1932   "Father"
Foote Nina A. Boaz 1895 1991   "Daughter"
Bost Harriet A. 1900 1970    
Bost David L. 1907 1968   Same stone as Harriet A.
Pruden Avery S. 1867 1942    
Pruden Ruby E. 1882 1936   Same stone as Avery S.
Ghant Mattison Mar.13.1871 Jul.2.1937   Stone aged/hard to read
Green  Forrest M. 1878 1961    
Green Daniel 1867 1936   Same stone as Forrest M.
May Doris Jean 1936      
May Marian 1900 1978    
May Harold 1897 1965   Same stone as Marian
May Stanley H. 1928 1952    
May Frank P. 1872 1950    
Gregory Mary 1900 1936    
Gregory Floyd 1887 1970   Same stone as Mary
Gregory Kaye D. 1953 1975    
Wilbur William S. 1862 1942    
Wilbur Millie L. 1874 1962   Same stone as William S.
Sherman H. Fay 1884 1956    
Evth Benjamin 1867      
Evth Nina  1864 1944   Same stone as Benjamin
Hawkins Shirleyann 1942 1946    
Wilson Linda Lee Oct.31.1942 Nov.14.1942    
Grover Ivan Jr.   Nov. 1942    
Hubbard Donald Neal   Oct.3.1939   (Baby)
Murray Cora L. 1878 1942   w/o James Edward Willis
Murray Lena 1874 1940    
Gregory Floyd G. Mar.17.1887 Aug.1.1970   NY PVT COM 34th INF WW1
Gigee Ethel I. 1882 1947    
May M/Sgt. Stanley H. 1928 1952   Original Member CO. F NYNG 108th INF Elmira, NY
Brink Doris Jean 1934 1948    
Brink Clayton H. Sr. 1891 1986   Same stone w/Doris Jean
Brink Lois 1936 1937   Same stone w/Doris Jean
Brink Margretta D. 1907 1957   Same stone w/Doris Jean
Coyle Alice May 1886 1954    
Butters Isaac 1865 1954    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/26/2002
By Joyce M. Tice