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McCumber Cemetery #1, Town of Baldwin, Chemung County, NY
Macumber Cemetery # 1 Obituaries
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McCumber Cemetery#1

Town of Baldwin , Chemung County, New York 
The McCumber Cemetery is located in the southern part of the town of Baldwin, Chemung County, New York, on the west side of County Highway #1, one-tenth of a mile north of the intersection of the Hugg Road. Situated on a rise of ground, it is hidden from view of passer-bys by trees, brush and high grass and weeds, and is reached by a little used grass covered dug-road.

Laid out on a knoll, the cemetery extends down the north slope with the lower section over-grown with waist high bramble bushes. Because of numerous small trees the grounds receive very little sunlight. Except for the cutting of the grass and brush about once a year, the site has been neglected. Grave stones lay on the ground. Many are broken and some are hidden in the weeds and brush and were found only by searching.

There are about 80 marked graves, one being a rusted funeral director's plaque from which no data was obtained. There is evidence of another 35 to 40 graves, i.e., broken stubs of aged stones, fieldstone markers with no data, deep depressions in the surface, foot-stones, and rusted tin-cans which once contained flowers. It is safe to assume that there are at least 120 to 130 individuals interred in the cemetery. The latest death date found was 1938 and there was no indication of any burials after that date.

The following data was copied from the existing tombstones by Miss Isabel Ridal and Joseph and Doris Boyd on July 9, 1973. Information enclosed in brackets does not appear on the markers, but has been added for interest. In some cases the surname has also been added for a wife, son and/or daughter for the sake of clarity.

Canfield Emeline (1808 or 1809) May 17, 1872 63y Wife of Philemon Canfield (Tombstone is off its base and wedged between two trees whose trunks have grown around the edges of the marker)
Carrabrant William May 27, 1808 Mar. 2, 1882
Carrabrant Louisa M. May 2, 1815 Jan. 17, 1882
Carrabrant Burr 3m
Carrabrant Merritt Apr. 12, 1852 Oct. 16, 1899
Carrabrant Charlotte E. Jan. 17, 1850 Feb. 28, 1867
Carrabrant Charlew S. Nov. 16, 1838 Mar. 13, 1865
Cooper Mason H. (Jan. 16, 1834) Aug. 12, 1905 71y6m27d
Cooper Samuel Jul. 15, 1809 Sep. 25, 1866 57y2m10d
Cooper Matilda (Aug. 11, 1808) Mar 11, 1865 56y6m28d Wife of Samuel Cooper
Cooper Matilda (Dec. 24, 1854 Jan. 16, 1859 4y22d Daughter of Samuel and Matilda Cooper
Cooper Squire Jun. 9, 1817 Jul. 17, 1881
Dailey William (Feb or Mar. 1788) Aug. 19, 1860 72y5m
Dailey Elizabeth (1789 or 1790) Jun. 19, 1865 75y Wife of William Dailey
Dary Mary Ann Aug. 13, 5816 Dec. 3, 1888
Delill Peter Jul. 25, 1802 Feb. 13, 1882
Derry Isaac (1827 or 1828) 43y
Derry Maryett (1844 or 1845) Apr. 25, 1894 49y
Dery Mary Ann (1843) Jan. 19, 1862 18y Daughter of Peter and Mary Ann Dery
Devore Arthur (Dec. 31, 1796) Jan. 27, 1862 65y27d
Devore Abigail (Feb. 16, 1803) Nov. 1, 1865 61y8m16d Wife of Arthur Devore (Tombstone lays on the ground with death date for wife partly eroded)
Dewit James (Aug. 27, 1792) Mar. 21, 1870 77y6m22d
Dewitt Alny (Sep. 12, 1799) Aug. 1, 1869 69y10m20d
Drake James H. Feb. 5, 1799 Aug. 14, 1882 (He was a farmer near North Chemung in the town of Baldwin with 50 acres in 1868)
Drake Mary Jul. 11, 1799 Apr. 8, 1865 His wife
Drake Frankie (Jun. 6, 1881) Nov. 24, 1885 4y5m18d Son of J .I. and H. O. Drake
Frost Electa (Dec. 30, 1841) May 21, 1846 4y4m21d Daughter of Otis and Huldah Frost (A small brown shale tombstone)
Harrington Marsh B. (1824 or 1825) Mar. 7, 1888 63y
Harrington Schuyler (Jan. 20, 1849) Mar. 16, 1857 8y1m24d
Harrington William (Sep. 14, 1846) Feb. 4, 1931 84y4m18d (Grave marked only by a rusted funeral director's plaque with card that cannot be read. Data from Staver's list of 1932)
Harrington William Abner (1855or1956) Oct. 6, 1932 76y (No tombstone)
Harris Ebenezer (Sep. 5, 1792) Jan. 31, 1867 74y4m26d
Harris Abigail (May 4, 1790) Jun. 20, 1876 86y1m16d Wife of Ebenezer Harris
Hejzl Joseph (Jun. 6, 1856) Mar. 15, 1938 81y9m9d Grandfather (Burial permit states that he was born in Patek, Austria, and hung himself from a tree near his home on Mar. 15, 1938. The tombstone is a low flat marker with a stainless steel plaque attached to the top surface)
Herrington Robert Deforest Jan. 3, 1903 "Buck" (tombstone lays on the ground in two pieces)
Herrington Eddie, Curtie, Willie, Burtie "Children" (These children are apparently buried in graves which have become lost and perhaps this marker was set up in later years. Only data on tombstone)
Hilliger Edna L. McIntyre Nov. 10, 1879 Apr. 21, 1901 Wife of Walter C. Hilliger
Jenkins Jason E. (Aug. 11, 1852) Oct. 2, 1866 14y2m10d Son of Lewis and Sally A. Jenkins
Jenkins Lewie (May 17, 1869) Sep. 25, 1875 6y4m8d Son of William A. and Olive Jenkins
Johnson John (Mar. or Apr. , 1800) Oct. 18, 1884 84y6m
Keator Sarah Apr. 15, 1841 Sep. 4, 1874 (This epitaph appears on the Rumsey monument)
Killmer Mary (Oct. 24, 1840) Jul. 11, 1858 17y8m17d Daughter of Peter and Eliza Killmer
Killmore Peter (Apr. 30, 1766) Dec. 15, 1860 94y7m15d
Leak Elsie (1782 or 1783) Aug. 18, 1868 85y Wife of John Leak
Lindsey Mathew Oct. 3, 1895 ?y2m28d Co. B 107th Reg't. N. Y. Vols
McCumber Peter (Aug. 27, 1758) Jul. 10, 1842 83y10m13d (Towner's "History of Chemung County" states that he came to Tioga (now Chemung) County from Providence, Rhode Island in 1816 and settled on Baldwin Creek about two miles south of the present North Chemung Village, or about where he is buried.)
McCumber Rhoda (Feb. 22, 1766) Feb. 16, 1846 79y11m25d Wife of Peter McCumber
McCumber William (Mar. 11, 1806) Sep. 6, 1865 49y5m26d (Top of tombstone is broken off and leans against a tree trunk)
McIntyre Charles Z. 1836 1918 Co. C. 161st Reg't. N. Y. Vol's.
McIntyre Julia Etta Morse 1846 1913 His wife
McIntyre Martin Jul. 6, 1809 Jun. 24, 1878 (He was a farmer with 50 acres in the Town of Baldwin in 1868)
McIntyre Sally Ann Apr. 22, 1809 Oct. 19, 1879 His wife
McKee William J. (1848 or 1849) Jan. 31, 1895 46y Co. G 6th Reg't. N. Y. Vol's.
Newell Lucinda (Apr. 5, 1830) Aug. 8, 1864 34y4m3d Wife of William Newell
Ontl Frank 1868 1933 (Burial permit states he died on Apr. 30, 1933, age 64y)
Raymond Sarah M Jan. 7, 1831 Feb. 6, 1907 Wife of Abram Raymond
Rumsey Leonard R. Feb. 28, 1821 Nov. 8, 1888
Rumsey Susan R. Jun. 13, 1820 Jan. 22, 1898 Wife of Leonard R. Rumsey
Rumsey Bell Jan. 30, 1843 Dec. 3, 1873
Rumsey Hattie R. Dec. 3, 1856 Oct. 1, 1888 (Sarah Keator also on this tombstone.)
Savey John 1827 1911 (He was a sawyer and farmer with 20 acres in the town of Chemung in 1868)
Savey Catherine Dec. 9, 1844 Jun. 27, 1903
Savey Fred Mar. 13, 1871 Mar. 9, 1892 Son of John and Catherine Savey
Savey Elmer Jun. 6, 1885 Aug. 10, 1905 Son of John and Catherine Savey
Sharp Simeon (Mar. or Apr., 1807) Nov. 13, 1883 76y7m (He was a farmer with 20 acres in the town of Baldwin in 1868)
Smith Schuyler (1823or1824) Aug. 20, 1894 70y Co. C 141st. Reg't. N. Y. Vol's (He was a sawmill owner and a farmer with 18 acres in the town of Baldwin in 1868, also the tax collector and constable in the town. Data from Towner's "History of Chemung County."
Smith Harriet Chapman (Mar. 31, 1829) Aug. 27, 1880 51y4m27 Wife of S. Smith
Smith Frank B. (Jul. 21, 1854) Apr. 4, 1883 28y8m14d Son of Schuyler and Harriet Smith
Stone Matilda 1822 1901 Epitaph appears on a monument which also contains the name "Oliver Wood".)
Storch Minnie F. A.  Aug. 5, 1887 Feb. 3, 1889 Daughter of Frederick and Ottile Storch
Travis Willie E. (Jun. or July, 1870) Dec. 28, 1870 5m?d Son of Eugene and Eunice Travis
Vastbinder Jacob (Sep. 11, 1812) May 12, 1858 45y8m1d
Vastbinder John W. (Mar. 4, 1856) Mar. 25, 1859 3y21d Son of Jacob and Hannah Vastbinder
Vastbinder Phebe (1841 or 1842) Feb. 19, 1863 21y
Wheat David B. (Jan or Feb., 1818) May 17, 1853 35y3m
Wheat ? May 15, 1846 1m Infant son of David B. and Electa Wheat
Wood Oliver (May or Jun., 1817) Nov. 27, 1878 61y5m (He was a farmer with 265 acres in the town of Baldwin in 1868. The name "Matilda Stone" appears on the monument.)
Woodhouse Arba (1798 or 1799) Feb. 7, 1876 77y (He was a shoemaker and farmer with 2 acres in the Town of Baldwin in 1868)
Zimer Ira Sep. 23, 1808 Nov. 22, 1881

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