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Located on West Hill Road A, Town of Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY, on the Mills Farm. The following is a compilation of a reading made by Mrs. Hugh Staver in 1931/32 and a later list (date not known). The last list was given by Robert Boardman, whose mother was Mrs. Harold Boardman, a sister of Harry Mills. Mrs. Hilda Rhodes gave this list to me (Isabel Ridall) in 1979. It is not know what data was on the stones or what added for interest or clarity.  (Note to Joyce:  Mrs. Harold Boardman was Mary E.  Mills, Dau.of Frank H and Hattie B Evertts Mills.  Mary is buried in Forest Lawn Mem. Pk . on E. Hill.  Other Info. available at Woodlawn, Mills – Thanks for all your work on these as well as others. I often obtain information from your site.  It has proven very accurate. Just a note; It is my Mills family that owned the W. Hill cemetery and I have the original list, farm map and Genealogy information at my Email or home address. Duane “Skip” Mills - 168 Monkey Run Road Elmira, NY 14901)
Apologies. Most of the women who authored this listing were identified by their husbands' names and not their own. If you can tell us their own names we'd like to show respect by recording them here. Their efforts provided us this information and they deserve recognition in their own name.
Brown Sally Ann Dec 1809 Jan. 7, 1840 30yr.8mo. Wife of Amos
Brown Elizabeth Ann July 25, 1833 May 12, 1838 4yr,9mo,17da. Dau. of Amos Brown
Buckbee Daniel July 26, 1882 Nov. 4, 1957 85yr,3mo,9da.
Buckbee Eunice Nov. 5, 1780 Mar. 26, 1849 68yr,4mo,21da. Wife of Daniel
Buckbee Susan Dec. 22, 1831 May 2, 1843 11yr,4mo,10da. Dau. of Samuel & Phebe
Buckbee Phebe Mar. 19, 1821 Apr. 19, 1845 24yr,1mo,2da. Wife of Samuel
Chapman Elia ---- about 1862 3yr Twin of Ida. Dau. of George & Philanda ROCKWELL Chapman
Chapman Ida ---- about 1862 3yr Twin of Elia. Dau. of George & Philanda ROCKWELL Chapman
Chapman Judson ---- June 21, 1854 Son of Samuel & Mary HOWELL Chapman. He was buried in the Mills Cemetery but his stone is now in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.
Chapman Orrin Sep. 4, 1882 Mar. 15, 1894 1yr,6mo,11da. Son of Orrin Sr. & Melinda CRAPO Chapman
Chapman Rueben M. Feb. 24, 1843 Sep. 10, 1849 6yr,6mo,17da. Son of Orrin Chapman
Foot Phebe 1771 Feb. 1843 73yr,9mo. Former wife of Zachariah Mills Sr. Mother of Zachariah Jr. and Silas Mills
Fell infant ---- Sep. 27, 1858 Son of William & Anna. Brother of Elizabeth Fell-the wife of David Lamott Vaughan.
Fell Phebe A. May 13, 1850 Sep. 19, 1853 3yr, 4mo,6da. Dau. of William and Anna
Kingsley Elizabeth Mar. 15, 1832 May 20, 1839 7yr,2mo,5da.
Kingsley Hannah Nov. 1807 Aug. 9, 1849 41yr,9mo. Wife of John
Lockwood Hannah M. Aug. 1819 Feb. 26, 1855 35yr,6mo. Wife of A.B.
Mathews Aaron K. Oct. 1808 Mar. 17, 1859 70yr,5mo.
Mathews Amasa 1803 Apr. 1, 1859 56yr.
Mathews Caty July 29, 1859 Jan. 12, 1863 5yr,5mo,14da.
Mathews Charles May 27, 1806 Dec. 12, 1881
Mathews Susan July 6, 1817 May 7, 1874
Mathews David/Daniel? Aug. 27, 1837 Aug. 16, 1855 17yr,11mo,20da. Son of Aaron & Lucy
Mathews Hannah June 1, 1833 Nov. 4, 1858 25yr,5mo,3da. Dau. of Aaron & Lucy
Mathews Hiram L. Dec. 28, 1852 Feb. 20, 1875 23yr,1mo,3da. Mathews
Mathews Simon K. June 15, 1839 Feb. 27, 1865 25yr,8mo,12da. Son of Aaron & Lucy Mathews. One reading gives a date of Feb. 27, 1869 which would make his birthday June 15, 1843.
Mills Lucinda HENRIES Oct. 17, 1818 Sep. 13, 1890 Wife of Zachariah
Mills Zachariah May 16, 1810 June 18, 1845 35yr,1mo,2da.
Mills Silas Dec. 13, 1781 Apr. 20, 1856 Brother of Zachariah
Mills Phebe CHANDLER Dec. 17, 1797 Mar. 15, 1849
Mills Sophia E. May 10, 1822 June 30, 1856 Dau. of Silas & Phebe
Pierce Albert A. Aug. 28, 1820 Nov. 20, 1843 23yr,2mo,23da.
Pierce Andrew J. Sep. 9, 1829 Jan. 18, 1846 16yr,9mo,9da.
Whipple Henry May 15, 1783 Jan. 24, 1843 59yr,8mo,9da.
Whipple Mahala July 5, 1810 Sep. 10, 1883 Wife of Henry
Wilcox Ruben Nov. 28, 1844 Aug. 27, 1846 Son of J.J. & Sally
Wood Darias Jr. ---- ---- Son of Darias Sr.
Wood Lizzie 1908 1909 Dau. of Frank & Jane 
Woper Mary Ann May 13, 1830 Feb. 23, 1853 22yr,9mo,10da. Wife of Frederick

The following people have no stones but are believed buried here:

Buckbee Charles Frederick Jr. ---- Dec. 21, 1907 Son of Charles & Irene VAUGHN Buckbee.
Chandler Joseph 1769 May 10, 1844 From Orange County, NY. Father of Phoebe Chandler who married Silas Mills
Chapman Orrin ---- Jan. 23, 1895 Son of Elihu & Susas SLOCUM Chapman
Drewitt John ---- ---- about 16yr. Son of William & Mary DRUCILLA Drewitt. Killed by a falling tree. Brother of Will Drewitt.
Vaughan Elizabeth ---- Aug. 25, 1841 1yr,4mo,16da. Dau. of Michael & Eliza TOMPKINS Vaughan
Vaughan Mary M. ---- Aug. 25, 1841 1yr,4mo,16da. Dau. of Michael & Eliza TOMPKINS Vaughan
Wood David ---- ---- Died during WWI. Son of Darius & Phebe
Wood Frank ---- Mar. 3, 1944 Brother of Darius
Wood Howard ---- ---- Son of Frank & Jenny CHAPMAN Wood
Habeck Crazy(nickname?) ---- about 1889(suicide) Former inmate of Elmira Reformatory. Lived with 

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