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Read by Mark Esty of Boy Scout Troop 88
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Name of Cemetery:    Mount Savior Monastery Cemetery - Good Shepard Cemetery
Read By:  BSA Troop 88
Date Read:   27-Apr-00
Typed By:   BSA Troop 88
Location:  Located on Monastery Road, going north off NYS Route 225 (Hendy Creek Road) at the Monastery, Big Flats, Chemung County, NY
Other comments: There are actually two cemeteries, The Good Shepard Cemetery, and a smaller Monks' Cemetery
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Last Name First & Middle Names Birth Date Death Date Age at Death Inscription
Boler Geni Vievi 1893 1973    
Boler Thomas Daniel 1886 1972   SR. M. D.
Botsford Carolina Romani 1896 1995   Native of Italy
Brown Bridget Daly 1900 1994   Native of Bantry Ireland
Brown William M. 1898 1990   Native of Howth, Ireland
Cassidy Jacqueline Ida 1956 1991   Flower of our Family Beloved Daughter, Sister, Friend Walk lightly with the Angels 
Crimmins Ethel Chance 1901 1967   Native of Ireland
Cronen George L. 1898 1973   Vivas in Aeternum
Cronen Olive G. 1897 1979   In Pace Gaudet
Drohan Elisabeth G 1921 1989    
Elkes Anthony M. 1916 1964    
Elkes Matthew 1885 1970    
Elkes Rosa Mohnar 1891 1987    
Fisher Harold W. 1908 1993    
Fisher Sara Kelly 1910 1989    
Fisher  Lu C. 1888 1973    
Gilbride John James 23-Aug-95      
Gottfried Francis John 1873 1950    
Gottfried Katherine C.  1886 1980    
Hayes  Joseph 1951 1955    
Hofbauer John 1907 1987    
Hofbauer Josep M. 1874 1955    
Hofbauer Katherine 1876 1902    
Houck Lucille R. 1902 1998    
Jerome Etta 1906 1999    
Joyce Peter G. 1909 1976    
Kelly Chester T.  1896 1973    
Kelly Marion L. 1911 1964    
King Edith L. 1883 1975    
Lee Charles Henry 1909 1982    
Lester  Rene Jane Clare   July 2,1994    
Levinger Ursula H. 1920 1968    
Martin Ellen Agnes 1887 1910    
Martin Mary Bernadette 1907 1995    
McDonald Robert T. 1954 1987    
Medina Francis G. 1917 1961    
Pastorok George N. 1906 1980    
Patterson  David W. 1902 1967    
Prast  Johannes 1917 1975    
Rast Elisa Beth 1907 1986    
Reinhold Hans Anscar 1897 1968   Priest
Reyburn Albert 1906 1979    
Reyburn  Elsie 1908 1977    
Richardson Arthur L. 1912 1998    
Richardson Marjorie Bush 1914 1991    
Roarke Jo-Ann Madeleva 1936 1999    
Rohde Francis L.  1906 1987    
Rohde Rose L. 1908 1976    
San Fratello John 1930 1996    
Sweenex Margaret M. 1963 1965    
Vietor Anneliese 1914 1998   Native of Mannheim, Germany
Von Rast Elise 1879 1964    
Williams Marjorie Philip 1891 1969    

The following names are from a nearby, smaller Cemetery for the Monks.
Borgstedt Father Gregory Erik 01-Aug-08 09-Dec-75   Co-Founder of Mount Saviour
Claas Brother Christopher 1920 1960    
Cormey Father Placid John  30 Sept. 1903 12-Jun-95   Co-Founder of Mount Saviour
Duffy  Laurence Edward 1933 1968   Monk
Kristensen AnsGar Leif 1941 1992   Monk-Priest; Native of Denmark
Main Father John 1926 1982   OSB
Winzen Reverend Father Damasus 01-Apr-01 26-Jun-71   Founder of Mount Saviour

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05/27/2000
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On  05/27/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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