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Pioneer Cemetery

a.k.a. Kahler Road Cemetery, Sing Sing Cemetery

Townof Big Flats, Chemung County, New York


Name of Cemetery:   Pioneer Cemetery
Read By: Joseph and Doris Boyd
Date Read:  April 21, 1974  Rechecked July 14, 1976
Typed By:  Janet Loftus
Location: Town of Big Flats
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 The Pioneer Cemetery is located in the Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, New York, on the blacktopped Kalher Road, designated as County Highway #63.  Whether the old burial ground was know originally by this name is not know with any certainty, but is was referred to by this name about 100 years ago.  It has been called the “Sing Sing Cemetery” from time to time, but there is no sound basis for this title.  In recent years it has been called the “Kalher Cemetery” which is a misnomer, the name being taken from the highway upon which it is located.  This road’s northern segment begins at the 4-lane Route 17 and ends on the Sing Sing Road, County Highway #17.

 The old cemetery, measuring about  200’ x 175’ in size is situated on the west side of the Kalher Road about 3/10 of a mile north of New York State Route #17, and is marked by half a dozen tall evergreen trees.  Maintained by the Town of Big Flats, the ground is flat, clear of brush and weeds, and mowed more-or-less regularly.  In mid-April, 1974, a severe and destructive windstorm toppled three of the trees, damaging several tombstones, but it was possible to read the data on them for this record. They have since been repaired and reset.

 The markers are arranged in even rows and it is apparent that the burial site has received one or more major facelifts over the past years and there is no doubt but that the ground was, at one time, in a bad condition.  This is indicated by the fact that many of the tombstones for certain families are widely scattered among the rows apparently they were reset without any regard to their original positions.  At least 50% of the markers suffer some degree of erosion and applications of white chalk were necessary before the data could be read and recorded correctly.  Without a doubt there are many additional graves minus marker stones.  A few sunken sports indicate “forgotten” resting-places.  Other gravesites have been erased over the years by grading, filling and seeding.

 The following record was made on April 21, 1974, by Joseph and Doris Boyd and rechecked on July 14, 1976.  All tombstones found were read and studied.  In some cases the surnames of wives, sons and/or daughters have been added for the sake of clarity, while data in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for historical interest.

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
ACKERMAN MARY   5/10/1841 3y 4m 13d daughter of Garret & Charlotte Ackerman (b. 12/27/1837)
ACKERMAN MINERVA   8/28/1841 3m & 5d daughter of Garret & Charlotte Ackerman (b. 5/23/1841) (This is a narrow, eroded tombstone)
AUSTIN MINERVA   3/13/1851 in the 19th year of her age sister of Charllotte Austin (b. 1832 or 1833) (The spelling of "Charllotte" is correct as it appears ont eh tombstone which is turning black)
BEARD SALMON   8/25/1829 60y 8m 7d (b. 12/18/1768)
BENNETT ABRAHAM   3/7/1854 75y & 7m (7 or 8/1778)
BENNETT PEGGY   4/10/1839 57y 5m 20d wife of Abraham Bennet (b. 10/20/1781)
BENNETT JOHN   2/8/1837 51y (b. 4/4/1786 in Orange County, New York)
BENNITT ELIZABETH   11/18/1844 28y 11m 15d wife of Daniel Bennitt (b. 12/3/1815)
BENNITT CHESTER   1/31/1833 8y & 8m son of Comfort & Abagail Bennitt (b. 4 or 5/ 1824)
BENNITT MARY   2/22/1841 6y 1m 2d daughter of Comfort & Abagail Bennitt (b. 1/20/1835) (note unusual spelling of mother's first name.)
BENNITT COMFORT   8/7/1844 34y 7m 20d (son of John Bennitt) (b. 12/18/1809)
BENNITT ABRAM JOSEPH   11/2/1839 1y & 2m son of Nelson H. & Harriet D. Bennitt (b. 8 or 9/1838) (A small marker stone set deep in the ground.)
BROWN JOHN   11/22/1866 75y  (b. 1790 or 1791) (Tombsonte broken into four pieces and piled at its base in 1974)
BROWN MARY   7/30/1853 57y 9m 6d wife of John Brown (b. 10/24/1795)
BROWN ERMINDA   3/1/1844 28y 7m 8d daughter of John & Mary Brown (b. 7/21/1815)
CHAPIN SILAS, MR   died December 30, 1828  in the 36th year of his age (b. 1793) (This is a shale stone with excellent lettering and design)
CLARK ROZANA   8/9/1848 15y 5m 26d daughter of C.K.& Elizabeth Clark (b. 2/15/1833)
COFFIN PHEBE H.   1/10/1852 7y 2m 24d daughter of Rev. J.L. & Hannah Coffin (b. 10/17/1844)
CROSSON FREDDIE E   5/22/1867 1y 1y 11d son of J.K. & Sarah Crosson (b. 4/11/1866) (A very small tombstone, badly eroded, and most difficult to read)
CROSSON JAMES   8/25/1866 74y 3m 10d (b. 5/15/1792)
CROSSON JAMES B.   5/3/1856 27y & 4m son of James & Sarah Crosson (b. 12/1828 or 1/1829)
CROSSON SARAH C. 3/17/1791 10/15/1863 wife of James Crosson
DECAY SALLY M.   2/20/1865 40y 7m 26d wife of John G. Decay (b. 6/25/1824)
DECAY ABIGAIL   7/15/1862 2y 6m 26d daughter of John G. & Sally M. Decay (b. 12/19/1859) (A very small tombstone)
DECAY JAMES W. 4/9/1799 1/12/1882    
DECAY ABIGAIL   7/19/1873 72y 1m 10d wife of James W. Decay (b. 6/9/1801)
DELANY ELIJAH   6/13/1857 42y (b. 1814 or 1815)
DELANY HANNAH   6/26/1857 41y wife of E. Delany (b. 1815 or 1816)
DELANY JAMES   10/13/1850 1y 9m 3d son of Simon & Rebecca Delany (b. 1/10/1849)
DELANY JOHN F.   3/11/1858 71y 1m (b. 1 or 2/1787) (This tombstone broken by falling tree during 1974 windstorm. Since reparied and reset)
DELANY LORINDA   7/6/1845 15m 21d daughter of H. M. & Hannah Delany (b. 3/15/1844) (This is a very small marker stone and was laying on the ground in 1974. Since reset beside the mother's tombstone)
DELANY DRUSILLA   2/24/1853 6y 1m 2d daughter of H. M.. & Hannah Delany (b. 1 or 2/1847)
FARRINGTON MARGARET   6/11/1851 27y 3m 6d wife of Peter J. Farrington (b. 3/5/1824)
FOSTER CALEB   2/21/1876 78y (b. 1797 or 1798) (Tombstone is cracked from top to bottom with the crack passing directly through the "I" in the death day.)
FOSTER ELIZABETH   5/26/1875 71y 6m 10d (b. 11/16/1803)
GARDNER EMMA   9/16/1861 4y & 6m daughter of Conrad & Abagail L. Gardner (b. 2 or 3/1857)
GOBLE UZEL   7/7/1834 66y 9m 3d (b. 10/4/1767) (He was an early settler in the Town of Big Flats)
GOBLE SARAH    4/11/1835 63y 1m 5d wife of Uzel Goble (b. 3/6/1772)
GOFF ROSWELL   4/30/1833 34y 10m 22d (b. 6/8/1798)
GOFF MARY   2/18/1841 19y & 6m daughter of John & Pamela Goff. (b. 7 or 8/1821)
HAMMOND HARRIET   5/29/1853 27y 8m 27d wife of Robert R. Hammond (b. 9/2/1825)
HEATH JUSTUS R.   7/3/1866 59y 3m 8d "My Husband" (b. 3/25/1807)
HEATH JUSTUS        (No data. See next entry below.)
HEATH SARAH H.   3/26/1862 23y 7m 23d (b. 8/3/1838) (This is a stark white tombstone with a part of the top missing. It may contain datta for JUSTUS HEATH as the rear of the stone contains a four line poem which extolls "his" loyalty to and "his" love for "his" country. It is the opinion of the copies that the tombstone markes the resting place of both SARAH H. and JUSTUS HEATH. There is enough engraving at the very top of the marker where it is borken off to make out the name JUSTUS.
HOWARD EUNICE   5/31/1861 57y 9m 22d (b. 8/9/1803)
HUBBARD G. W.   10/16/1862 35y (b. 1826 or 1827)
KING ANSEL S.   8/25/1851 36y 10m 12d (b. 10/13/1814)
KNIGHT BENNET M.   12/16/1862 2m & 18d son of John & Sarah Knight (b. 10/8/1862) (This tombstone is badly eroded. Mother's given name may be erroneous)
KNIGHT DEWITT M.   3/26/1862 8m 18d son of John J. & Clarissa Knight. (b. 7/8/1861) (A very small tombstone, badly eroded, and most difficult to read.)
KNIGHT GABRIEL L.   2/17/1864 15y 6m 17d son of John J. & Clarissa Knight. (b. 7/31/1848
KNIFFIN HARRIET H.   12/18/1844 24y 1m 10d wife of Myron Kniffin (b. 11/8/1819)
LIVESAY CLARRINDA   3/28/1858 14y 9m 12d daughter of Joseph & Sally Livesay. (b. 6/16/1843) (The given name is spelled as it appears on the tombstone)
LIVESAY MORRIS B.   9/30/1849 3y 1m 8d son of Joseph & Sally Livesay (b. 8/22/1846) (A small, eroded morker stone.)
LIVESAY     4/15/1858 9d infant daughter of J. & Sally Livesay (b. 4/6/1858) (A small tombstone)
LIVESAY GEORGE W.   3/25/1841 1y & 8m son of Joseph & Sally Livesay (b. 6 or 7/1839) (A small tombstone laying on the ground)
LOWE CORNELIUS W.   9/16/1853 80y & 26d (He was born on August 21, 1773, in New Jersey and arrived in Big Flats as an early settler in 1794 after having kept a store at Newtown. He was an early manufacturer and merchant in earthenware, as well as a dealer in skins and furs, carrying them to Seneca Lake, thence by bateaux to the Seneca River and to Syracuse. He returned with salt which was stored at Watkins until winter when it was sledded to Big Flats and later reshipped out via the Chemung River. He purchased his farm for $1.25 and acre, which he paid for by his salt trade.)
LOWE PHOEBE ROBERTS   1771 1814 wife of C. W. Lowe (A record of the Old Marsh Church Cemetery on Wygant Road in the Town of Horseheads states she is buried there, but there is no tombstone. Her name and data in the Pioneer Cemetery is contained on a shaft-type monument with Joseph Lowe and Julia Ann Lowe.)
LOWE JOSEPH   4/9/1860 52y 2m 1d (b. 2/8/1808, in Big Flats, the son of C. W. Lowe, and cleared the farm where he died.)
LOWE JULIA ANN   4/6/1892 82y 11m 6d (b. 4/31/1809) (An error was made in computing her age as April has only 30 days)
LOWE JANE   8/8/1847 71y 10m 3d wife of C. W. Lowe. (b. 10/5/1775)
McCONNELL MARY   1/25/1841   daughter of John C. & Arleia M. McConnell (This is a shale tombstone which is broken off in such a manner that the entire surname nor the death year can be read. The correct surname and death year is from an old record of the cemetery.)
MILLER THOMAS   10/4/1861   (Tombstone has been reset so deep in the ground that any additiona data cannot be read)
MILLER ABIGAIL   4/5/1857 71y 1m 4d wife of Thomas Miller (b. 3/1/1786)
MINNIER ABRAHAM   6/26/1827 45y 1m 18d In Memory of, who died June 26, 1827 (b. 5/8/1782) (He was killed by a falling tree. Note spelling of the surname. The marker is an excellent shale.)
MINIER HANNAH   12/14/1842 62y 4m 20d wife of Abraham Minier (b. 7/25/1780)
MINIER SABRINA   5/8/1848 8m & 14d daughter of Samuel & Talina Minier (b. 8/24/1847)
MINER ___&___       (Two small children of Samuel & Talina Minier. Marker read by Betty Anderson about 1940. Marker missing in 1974.)
PALMER WILLIAM H. 6/25/1801 4/6/1877    
PALMER ELIZA M. 12/12/1802 2/8/1880   wife of William H. Palmer
PALMER WILLIAM E.   6/5/1870 31y 4m 5d son of W.H. and E. N. Palmer (b. 1/31/1839)
PARK MARGARET E.   3/9/1870 20y 10m 24d wife of George Park, and daugter of J. R. and E. A. Rowley (b. 4/13/1849) (This tombstone is located on the plot of the shaft-type monument to Emelia A. Rowley. On the revers side is the name MAGGIE, obviously a nickname. The site is over-grown with bushes.)
QUACKENBUSH POLLY D   3/28/1856 32y & 3m wife of WM. Quackenbush (b. 11 or 12/1823) (Tombstone sunk into the ground)
REASER ARVILLA   10/11/1836 15d daughter of Phillip & Deborah Reaser (b. 9/26/1836) (A nice shale marker stone.)
ROBLYER JOHN   5/14/1870 88y 4m 12d (b. 1/2/1782)
ROBLYER MARY HOWARD   8/24/1859 67y 2m 2d wife of John Roblyer. (b. 6/22/1792)
ROBLYER CHARLES H.   8/16/1849 1y 1m 16d son of John & Rebecca Roblyer (b. 6/31/1848) (A small marker)
ROBLYER MARTHA   3/1/1846 3y 3m 16d daughter of John, jr & Rebeca Robyler (b. 11/13/1842) (The name "Rebeca" is spelled as it appears on the marker.)
ROSS JOSEPH   8/21/1842 25y & 8m (b. 11 or 12/1816)
ROWLEY WILLIAM   9/26/1877 45y  (b. 8 or 9/1832)
ROWLEY HORACE   2/13/1871 9m & 10d son of William & Elizabeth Rowley (b. 5/3/1870)
ROWLEY JOSEPH   3/20/1863 70y 11m 3d (b. 4/17/1792)
ROWLEY ELIZABETH   2/13/1873 80y 10m 17d wife of Joseph Rowley (b. 3/27/1792)
ROWLEY EMILY   4/12/1842 21y daughter of Joseph & Betsey Rowley. (b. 1820 or 1821) (remainder of age cannot be read)
ROWLEY SABRAH   7/7/1823 18y 9m 29d daughter of Joseph & Betsey Rowley. (b. 7/7/1823)
ROWLEY JUDAH   5/8/1863 7y & 15d son of Erastus & Huldah Rowley (b. 4/23/1856)
ROWLEY JUDAH R.   11/14/1867 61y (b. 1805 or 1806) (He was a farmer int eh Town of Big Flats in 1867)
ROWLEY MARGARET   3/21/1847 44y 2m 21d wife of Judah Rowley (b. 12/28/1802)
ROWLEY DAVID   5/26/1846 1day son of Judah & Margaret Rowley
ROWLEY EMELIA A   10/7/1883 62y  wife of Judah R. Rowley (b. 1820 or 1821) (She owned a 69 acre farm in the Town of Big Flat in 1868. This is a shaft-type monument on a small plot which is surrounded by an iron pipe fence with concrete corner posts. The grave of Margaret E. Park is also located on this lot)
SCHOFIELD ABRAHAM   11/26/1841 43y & 2m (b. 8 or 9/1798) (A very nice shale tombstone.)
SCHOFIELD THOMAS   4/2/1843 23y 3m 18d son of Abraham & Elizabeth Schofield (b. 12/15/1819) (This is a nice shale tombstone)
SCHOFIELD THOMAS   8/16/1831 66y 3m (b. 4 or 5/1765)
SCHOFIELD LEWIS   2/5/1841 4y 5m 29d son of Daniel & July Ann Scofield (b. 8/7/1836) (The given name may be a misspelling of "Julie". This is a shale tombstone which is beginning to erode.)
SCHOFIELD LOUISA   5/29/1847 22y 1m 25d wife of Joseph Scofield (b. 4/4/1825) (An excellent thick shale tombstone)
SCHOFIELD LUKE   3/11/1840 6y & 6m son of John & Emiline Scofield (b. 8 or 9/1833) (A nice, thick shale tombstone)
SCHOFIELD S. P.       (This is a natural slab stone about 10 feet in length, between 6 and 8 inches thick, and stands 18 to 20 inches above the ground. It has been set on edge. The name appears on the west side of the stone. On the opposite side are the initials "E. E. S." and the numberals "84". Also the initials "C. B. S. and the numberals "52". The marker lays in the extreme north west corner of the cemetery grounds.)
SHRIVER GEORGE    10/10/1861 85y 5m 26d (b. 4/4/1776)
SHRIVER RACHEL   2/9/1872 76y 1m 24d wife of Geroge Shriver (b. 12/16/1795)
SHRIVER MINERVA   1/17/1842 24y 5m 24d daughter of George & Rachel Shriver (b. 7/24/1817)
SHRIVER SUSAN   12/17/1852 30y wife of Henry Shriver (b. 1822) (in pen on sheet is 9m 19d after the 30y)
SHRIVER MALVINA   3/1 or 4/1853 daughter of Henry & Susan Shriver (A small infant's marker which was badly eroded and most difficult to read.)
SHULTS SARAH MAY   1/16/1876 6y 5m 22d daughter of Irving & Libbie Shults (b. 7/25/1869) (A small tombstone)
SILSBEE JOHN 1794 1869 (He was an early settler in the Town of Big Flats.)
SILSBEE MARY GOBLE 1800 1887 wife of J. Silsbee
SILSBEE SUSAN 1822 1837 (Three above on a modern style tombstone)
SMITH FRANK   9/20/1850 1y & 2m son of B. D. & Nancy Smith (b. 6 or 7/1849) (A small tombstone.)
SMITH, SR BENJAMIN   9/1853 80y (b. 1772 or 1773) (This tombsotne has been set so deep into the ground that the data cannot be read. Death date and age are from an earlier cemetery record.)
SMITH GEORGE   7/11/1850 56y 3m 26d (b. 3/16/1794)
SMITH  ELIZABETH   3/17/1868 72y 11m 16d wife of George Smith (b. 4/1/1795)
SMITH AMOS   1/27/1856 19y 9m 27d son of George & Elizabeth Smith. (b. 3/31/1836)
SMITH SILVEIA   9/18/1840 2y & 11d daughter of George & Elizabeth Smith (b. 9/7/1838) (Undoubtedly this is a misspelling of "Sylvia".)
SMITH LYDIA   7/14/1847 15y 9m 29d daughter of George & Elizabeth Smith (b. 9/16/1831)
SMITH JUDAH P.       son of ____Smith (Tombstone read about 1940 by Betty Anderson. No data. Tombstone missing in 1974.)
(SMITH) MAGGIE       (Tombstone stood next to above in 1940 when seen by Betty Anderson. NO surname nor data. It was missing in 1974.
SNOW EBENEZER   9/18/1850 69y 9m 23d (b. 11/26/1780) (He was an early setter in the Town of Big Flats.)
SNOW MARTHA   10/20/1864 80y & 15d wife of Ebenezer Snow (b. 10/5/1784) (This marker stone broken by windstorm in April, 1974, and lay in four pieces. It has since been repaired and rest. )
STONEMETS ELIZABETH   5/31/1844 44y 9m 24d wife of Jacob Stonemets (b. 8/7/1799)
TETER POLLY D   8/6/1841 46y 5m 27d wife of Andrew Teter (b. 2/10/1795)
TIBBETS PHILA A.   9/4/1851 51y wife of Isaac Tibbets. "I would not live always" (b. 1799 or 1800) (This is a modern brown tombstone.)
TOMPKINS ELIZABETH   1/29/1866 55y 7m 12 or 22 days wife of Nathaniel Tompkins (b. 6/7 or 17/1810) (Marker is broken across its center and top portion leans against the bottom section.)
TOMPKINS WALTER C.   8/6/1841 3y 4m 4d son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Tompkins (b. 4/2/1838)
TOMPKINS HERMAN W.   9/25/1850 5y 10m 15d son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Tompkins (11/10/1844)
TOMPKINS WILLIAM E.   12/20/1867 35y 3m 16d (b. 9/4/1832) (Tombstone slightly eroded.)
UNDERWOOD HARRIET   5/29/1852 28y 8m 25d wife of Robert R. Underwood (b. 9/4/1823) (Tombstone read about 1940 by Betty Anderson, but is missing in 1974.)
VANTASSEL NIRUM   9/19/1828 23y 2m (b. 6 or 7/1805) (Given name spelled as it appears on the tombstone.)
VANTASSEL SARAH J.   8/24/1861 4m daughter of John & Lorinda Vantassel (b. 3 or 4/1861) (A very small marker laying on the ground)
VANTASSEL LORINDA   2/27/1862 33y & 3m wife of John Vantassel (b. 10 or 11/1828) 
WISE SARAH   7/23/1834 38y 3m 9d wife of Stephen Wise (b. 4/14/1796) (An excellent shale. )
WOOLCOTT PANTHA   10/15/1873 34y & 29d wife of Frederic Woolcott, and daughter of Abraham & Peggy Bennett (b. 9/16/1809)
WOOLCOTT WASHINGTON   9/28/1843 2m 3d son of Frederic & Pantha Woolcott. (b. 7/22/1843) (This is a very small tombstone.)
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