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Reniff Cemetery, Town of Baldwin, Chemung County, NY

Read by Doris & Joseph C. Boyd on August 21, 1974
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This burial ground is in the Town of Barton, Tioga County, New York, about 200 feet from the Chemung County boundary line. Visible from the New York State Highway #34, it is not situated on a public road, but must be reached via a grass filled farm lane. It is situated on a rise of ground, is well cared for, and all the tombstones stand upright. The are where the memorials are located measures about 102’ in width and 140’ in depth, but the whole of the plot is much larger. No high grass, weeds, or unsightly brush grows on the ground.

To reach the cemetery it is necessary to cross Shepherd’s Creek and the single track of the ex-Lehigh Valley Railroad (now Conrail) via the Reniff Road, a town highway which begins at Route #34. This dirt road is about six miles south of the village of Van Etten. Immediately after crossing the railroad, turn right, or north, onto a grass filled road known as West Road, which is merely a farm lane. Proceed about 100’ and turn left, or west, immediately after crossing over a very small creek bridge and continue to the cemetery entrance via another weed-filled lane.  From Route #34 to the burial ground the distance is about 3/10’s of a mile.

Because the cemetery is so close to Chemung County, there is no doubt but that former Chemung County residents are interred there. Doris and Joseph C. Boyd made the following record on August 21, 1974. All the tombstones were copied except for three small brown fieldstone stubs, which were void of any data. Information in brackets does not appear on the tombstones but has been added for interest. In some cases the surname has been added in the case of a wife, son/daughter for clarity and identification.
Surname Birthdate Deathdate Age   Inscription or Note
BARDEN Cassie 4or5/1867 3/30/1872 4y 10m  
BARDEN George W. 1839 1919    
BARDEN Frankie Barnes 1843 1/26/1875 31y Wife of G.W. Barden
BARDEN Hellen L.  7/6/1865 5/28/1867 1y 10m 22d Daughter of George & Frankie H. Barden
BARDEN Willie 1868 12/8/1879 11y  
          NOTE: In the following list of BARNS and BARNES the surname has been used interchangeably for the same individuals who are listed on a large shaft type monument and on individual tombstones; therefore all BARNS and BARNES are lumped together regardless of the spelling on the headstones. The bulk of the data was taken from the shaft type monument.
BARNES Isaac H. 5/4/1813 5/16/1887 74y 12d  
BARNES Naomy W. 1or2/1817 8/17/1890 73y 6m Wife of Isaac H. Barnes
BARNES Hellen A. 1839/40 4/11/1848 8y Daughter of Isaac H. & Naomy W. Barnes 
BARNS Morris N. 11/4/1848 3/7/1849 4m 3d Son of Isaac H. & Naomy Barnes
BARNS Ward O. 1855 12/2/1879 24y Son of Isaac H. & Naomy Barnes
BARNES Naomy M.  7or8/1879 12/13/1879 4m  Daughter of Ward O. & Edith Barnes
BARNES Frankie        See entry for Frankie Barnes Barden
BARNS Mary     86y 3m 6d Wife of Jonathan Barns, died M_______. (Tombstone broken across the death line and the data cannot be read. Top section of the tombstone stands on the ground, leaning against bottom portion.)
BARNS Jonathan 4/2/1787 8/3/1868 81y 4m 1d Next stands a tombstone of the same design as the headstone above, but the top is broken off and missing. It could be for Jonathan Barnes. 
BARNS Mary T.C. 8or9/1818 1/22/1850 31y 4m Wife of Christopher Barns
BATES John J. 1859 1941    
BATES Edith V. 1855 1947    
BENSLEY R. P. 1857 1920    
BENSLEY Emma L. 1868 1916   His wife.
BENSLEY Harvey & Stanley       (No dates). Infant sons of R.P. & Emma L. Bensley
BENSLEY Robert P. 1894 1962    
BIXBY Vincent 1871 1928    
BROWN James 1833 1903   (A shaft type monument)
BROWN John 1787/88 2/27/1872 84y  
BROWN Polly 1797 10/1/1882 86y Wife of John Brown
BROWN Roswell 1789/90 4/26/1849 59y (An excellent shale tombstone)
DAVIS Samuel H. 12/5/1810 7/8/1874 63y 7m 3d  
DAVIS Minerva 1/17/1811 11/15/1851 40y 9m 29d Wife of S.H. Davis. (A shaft type monument.)
ELWELL Mary A. 1/24/1848 10/1/1864 16y 8m 7d Wife of Orlando Elwell. (Epitaph is on the LOTT shaft type monument.)
EVERETT James Merton 1900 1973    
EVERETT Lydia West 1899     (No death date given)
FRANTZ Ronald L.  10/22/1957 1/26/1974   Joyce; Don;t mean to be a pain, but a major mistake in typing or reading of Reniff.

Ronald Frantz  Oct. 22, 1957 ( not 1857) - Jan. 26, 1974(not 1874 )    I know, he is my nephew and now his brother Harold lies beside him  Feb. 8, 1956 - Mar. 29, 1976   Sons of Mahlon Leroy and Nancy Walker Frantz.   I am surprised a mistake was made in this one, because they have matching metal flat markers, similar to military. Thanks Eloise Wilson

GAMESTER Ellsworth G.  7/4/1898 11/15/69   New York, CMI, US NAVY. (A flat tombstone of government issue.)
GAMESTER Thelma Walker 10/16/1899     (No death date. A flat tombstone of government issue.)
GILLETT C.L. 1852 1930    
GILLETT Flora M. Thompson 12/17/1858 6/23/1889   Wife of C.L. Gillett
GILLETT Maggie 1873 1925    
GILLETT Ladore     9weeks Infant son of C.L. & F.M. Gillett. (No death date; a shaft type monument.)
GILLETT Mary W.  1/30/1817 9/3/1880 63y 7m 4d Wife of Nathan Gillett
GILLETT Morris H. 1833 1901   Co. K, 3rd Regt, Pa Heavy Artillery
HEDGES Allen F.   10/29/1846   Son of Charles G. & Sarah A. Hedges. (A shale tombstone sunk into the ground. Additional data, if any, could not be read.)
HEDGES Christopher 1753 8/29/1839 87y Died in the 87th year of his age. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
HEDGES Hannah 1757 2/3/1845 89y Wife of Christopher Hedges. Died in the 89th year of her age. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
HEDGES Marcy H. 11/29/1848 9/7/1849 9m 9d Daughter of Christopher E. & Mary Hedges. (A nice shale tombstone.)
HEDGES Mary 1837 10/21/1838 1y  Daughter of Christopher E. & Mary Hedges. (A nice shale tombstone.)
HEDGES Forrest, Captain 10/7/1796 8/4/1839 42y 9m 28d (A nice shale tombstone.)
HEDGES Lydia N.       See Lydia N. Woodard
LOTT Abraham 1776/77 9/20/1866 89y  
LOTT Mary 1775/76 11/6/1866 90y His wife.
LOTT Allen F. 9/20/1841 3/15/1843 1y 5m 23d Son of Allen & Nancy Lott. (A shale tombstone.)
LOTT Ellen Jane 9/16/1856 10/11/1856 25d Daughter of Abel T. & Sarah M. Lott
LOTT Isaac F. 5/1873 11/30/1874 17m Son of T.S. & N.M. Lott. (A small eroded tombstone.)
LOTT Laton 12/26/1846 11/16/1847 10m 21d Son of George W. & Anna Lott. (This data also appears on the LOTT shaft type monument.)
LOTT Live Oak 1856 1945    
          The following epitaphs all appear on a large shaft type monument.
LOTT George W. 1814 1901    
LOTT Anna 1819/20 1/31/1857 37y Wife of George W. Lott
LOTT Harriet E. 6/17/1860 9/23/1864 4y 3m 6d Daughter of G.W. & Mary A. Lott
LOTT Mary A. 1821 1901    
LOTT Marilla M. 3/2/1849 9/23/1864 15y 6m 21d  
LOTT Miammi M. 7/6/1850 9/25/1864 14y 2m 19d  
LOTT Laton 12/26/1846 11/16/1847 10m 21d  
LOTT Isaiah W. 12/1851or1/1852 9/15/1864 12y 8m  
LOTT Sarah E. 4/18/1853 9/30/1864 11y 5m 12d  
MOSHER  Bessie R. 1919 1953    
NEWELL Laton 8/28/1774 10/5/1862 88y 1m 7d  
NEWELL Marcy H. 11/26/1775 10/31/1829 53y 11m 5d Wife of Laton Newell. (Excellent shale tombstone.)
NEWELL Lydia  11/2/1802 9/12/1827 24y 10m 10d Daughter of Laton & Marcy Newell. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
NEWELL Marcy  5or6/1812 9/19/1849 37y 3m Daughter of Laton & Marcy Newell. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
NEWELL Rebecca H. 6/3/1808 1/18/1861 52y 7m 15d Daughter of Latone & Marcy Newell. (Top of the tombstone is broken off and leans against the bottom section.)
NEWELL Benoni 5/20/1840 4/15/1841 10m 26d Son of George W. & Louisa Newell. (A small shale tombstone.)
NEWELL George W. 6/24/1835 7/1/1835 7d Son of George W. & Louisa Newell. (A small shale tombstone.)
NEWELL Laton 3/27/1852 9/18/1853 1y 5m 22d Son of G.W. & Louisa Newell
NEWELL Marcy W. 7/14/1836 3/15/1853 16y 7m 29d Daughter of G.W & Louisa Newell
PORTER Fred       No dates. 
PORTER Avis E. 3/14/1882 3/16/06   His wife.
SMITH Jane 9/15/1808 3/20/1886 77y 6m 5d Wife of Jessie Smith
THOMPSON Flora M.        See entry for Flora M. Thompson Gillett
WALKER Edward H. 1854 1938    
WALKER Myrtie A. 1865 1949    
WALKER Alton L. 4/26/1886 8/16/1886    
WALKER Mailon A. 11/16/1893 11/24/1895   Children of Edward & Myrtie Walker. (A shaft type monument.)
WALKER E. Leon 1882 1957    
WALKER Erma M. 1884 1951    
WALKER Thelma        See entry for Thelma Walker Gamester
WARNER Ebenezer 6/29/1840 4/28/1891    
WARNER Lucena A.   6/25/1893   Wife of E. Warner. (A shaft type momument.)
WEST Benjamin B. 1867 1940    
WEST H. Augusta 1867 1929    
WEST Leon Lerue 8/30/06 11/22/08    
WEST Lydia       See entry for Lydia West Everett
WEST Malden Lerue 10/10/04 4/30/05    
WEST Nellie B. 1860/61 4/22/1888 27y This epitaph is on the BARNES shaft type monument.
WEST Wilson W. 1845 1919   This epitaph is on the BARNES shaft type monument.
WOODARD Lydia N. 1/2/1830 5/19/1856 26y 4m 17d Wife of Samuel Woodward and daughter of Christopher & Mary Hedges.

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