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Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1973

Typed by Janet Loftus

Photos by Joyce M. Tice December 12, 1997 

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Name of Cemetery:   Scudder Cemetery
Read By: Joseph C. and Doris Boyd
Date Read:  July 18, 1973
Typed By:  Janet Loftus
Location: Ashland, Chemung County, New York
Other comments:

 The Scudder Cemetery is a small burial ground located on Lower Maple Avenue (New York State Highway #427) in the town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York.  It must not be confused with the small Miller Cemetery which is also located on the same highway.  Situated almost on the shoulder of the road, it is cared for by the Town of Ashland and measures about 42’ x 45’ in size.  There are no weeds or brush, the grass is mowed regularly, and the tombstones are erect and intact.  The plot is surrounded by a white rail wooden fence. There undoubtedly are more graves than the number of tombstones indicate.
 The following record was made on July 18, by Joseph C. and Doris Boyd.  Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for interest.  In some cases such as a wife, son and/or daughter, the surname has been added for clarity

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
MEDDAUGH SAMUEL 11/6/1826 93y & 8mo In Memory of (b. 2 or 3/1733) (He settled in the town of Ashland (then Town of Chemung, Tioga County) in 1790 or shortley thereafter or, being among the early settlers.
MEDDAUGH MARGARET 9/27/1816 70y his wife (b. 1745 or 1745) (A shale tombstone with excellent lettering)
MIDDAUGH AMERIAH 12/10/1816 6y son of SAMUEL & PHYLA MIDDAUGH (B. 1809 or 1810) (Note the difference in the spelling of the surname on this shale tombstone with excellent lettering.)
MOHNY CORNELUS   3/20/1848   (A small tombstone)
NELSON         an infant sleeping, daughter of D.B. & J.C. NELSON (Tombstone contains no given name or data)
SCUDDER T. O. 2/24/1848 47y 5m 21d (b. 9/3/1800) (His given name was TREADWELL and he was born on Long Island, the son of JOEL SCUDDER. He came to the Town of Ashland in 1839; served as supervisor in 1846; spent two years in Congress; and was in the New York Legislature for 17 years.)
SCUDDER TREDWELL 8/3/1847 11y 3m 3m son of T.O. & DEBORAH SCUDDER (b. 4/31/1836) (His mother's maiden name was OAKLEY. A mistake was mad in computing his age as April has only 30 days. Also, note the spelling of his given name.)
SMITH ABBY Y. 5/19/1855 3y 7m 3d daughter of C.L. & MARY J. SMITH (b. 10/16/1851
SPAULDING PHEBE ANN 4/12/1842 15y 4m 10d daughter of PHINEAS & JANE SPAULDING (b. 12/2/1826)
STRONG JAMES 6/11/1810 3/11/1848    
STRONG SUSAN 11/11/1811 9/15/1878   wife of JAMES STRONG
STRONG PHINEAS S. 5/15/1810 5m 18d son of JAMES & SUSAN STRONG (b. 11/27/1809) (This baby is not the son of the two above) - Note from JMT - This differs from the Kelsey Jpnes 1979 reading on the date and may be an error. 
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/28/99
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  07/28/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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