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Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 1999
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Wells Cemetery (alternate name used by S.A.R. Hilltop Cemetery)
Read by Doris Boyd & Isabel Ridall
Date Read: May 22, 1975
Retyped for Tri-Counties by: Debora M. Vanhook Park
Location: Southwestern Part of the Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY
Last name First name Birthdate Deathdate Age Comments/Relationship/Inscription
BURNHAM Asahel (8or9/1736) 8/13/1820 83y 11m (Another source states he was born in Connecticut on 10/1/1736.)
BURNHAM Johanna (1735/36) 6/9/1812 76y His wife. (Born in Connecticut. Both epitaphs are carved into one marker stone which has been set into the front of the concrete pyramid. Her data was apparently cut into the stone years after her death as it was inscribed through the design which encircles the tombstone.) -Ridall- 5/1975.
BURT James, Mr. (8/13/1786) 3/12/1828 39y 6m 27d (A nicely carved marker with fine designs andlettering. It stands near the concrete pyramid.)
GREEN Hannah -1738 12/3/1795 59y Died in the 59th year of her lyfe. (A fieldstone measuring about 9" in width and 21" in height. It has crude, fine lettering, and leans against the concrete pyramid.)
P. ?S.          
EA?   5/4/A.D.1814     Died May 4 A,D, 1814. (This is an eroded marker with only the date and a few letters readable. It leans against the concrete pyramid. Nearby are three stubs of stones with no data. One may be for Betsey HILLMAN, who died before 1820, aged 5 years. She was the granddaughter of Samuel HILLMAN.)
Asahel Burnham, Joanna Tombstone Photos submitted by Mary Ellen Patterson 2005

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cooley Cemetery, Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY
Big Pine Cemetery on Wyncoop Creek Road - This is actually the Cooley Cemetery

Uncovered and read by Mike Tuccinardi and Lawrence ( Jack ) Whitney, July 30th, 2005.

This cemetery is located exactly 2.8 miles from the racetrack where Wyncoop Creek Road meets County Road 60 (old 17). It is on the right side of the road, fifty yards across a hayfield, just after a tiny, old, crumbling bridge. It is one hundred feet long by fifty feet wide,  and has the remains of a stone wall down part of the left side. Dead center is a gigantic pine tree, at least seventy feet tall and twelve feet in cicumference.

 This cemetery is on private property, owned by Jack Whitney, 82, whose white farmhouse with a big porch is on the opposite side of the road. The 1869 map of the Town of Chemung shows this property as being owned by C. N. Quick.

PERMISSION MUST BE ASKED BEFORE VIEWING. Jack Whitney is approachable, friendly guy. I do not want to hear about anyone taking advantage of him.

Graves oriented  north-south except for Cyrus Hulett. Robble and Quick graves closest to the road. At this time, it is heavily overgrown, not photographable. Cleaned up, it would be quite picturesque. I intend to go back with a brush cutter and steel rake, later on this summer. A day's work should get it done. There is room for at least a dozen more graves. There is quite a space between the Freeman stone and the Grace's and the Sharp children,  which are the next ones back.

Alphabetical Listing

Benjamin Cooley  Died Sept. 23, 1872 Age 56 Years

                                Dear husband, you have made me so happy.

David Freeman     Died  June 10, 1881 Age 27 Yr 11 Mo ??D
                                Age is total guesswork. Standing, left front, very badly worn.

Alice A. Grace      Wife of L.B. Grace Feb. 15, 1896 48 Yr 9 Mo 23 D

                                GONE HOME

                                Footstone engraved ALICE.
                                (Evidently, Lorin Grace's second wife.)

Mary L. Grace       Wife of Lorin Grace Oct 24, 1880 43 Yr 7 Mo  9 D
                                 Footstone engraved MLG

Minnie E. Grace    Daugh. of Loving Mary L Grace Oct ?? 1881 11Y ??Mo ??D
                                Footstone plain.

Cyrus Hulett          Apr 24, 1833   Jan. 24, 1875
                                Expensive marble headstone, fresh as the day it was cut.
                                Grave is oriented south-north. All others north-south

Julia Ann Robble  D. Oct. 5, 1838 Age 29 Yr 9 Mo

                                 By death removed from earthly scenes, I slumber in the dust.
                                 I leave my family and friends, in God alone to trust.

                                 Double-checked surname spelling.

 Alberta       <broken off>
 B. 1877        <unreadable>
 D.  June 9, 1879
 Children of F & A. D. Sharp

Catharine Thompson daugh. of Susan and Henry Thompson Oct. 3, 1856     3 Yr   6 Mo 15 Da

Zara Thompson          daugh. of Henry and Susan Thompson Apr. 23, 186? 18 Yr  3 Mo  ? Da

Mary J. Quick               daugh. of Cornelius and Margret Quick   May 18, 1837  18 Yr  3 Mo 15 Da

                                        How short the race our friend has run, cut down in all her bloom.
Bradford County PA
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