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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1978

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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Westbrook Cemetery
Located in the Town of Van Etten, on the south side of County Route 34 at the south edge of the hamlet of Van Etten.  Data in brackets has been added for interest and clarification and does not appear on the markers.
Read by Joseph and Doris Boyd.
Read on September 21, 1978.
Typed by Ruth BRYAN Coffelt of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
ADAMS LYDIA   11/21/1866 71y (Epitaph appears on the F.A. SNIFFEN monument).
ALLINGTON JACOB, REV. 05/04/1799 09/17/1848    
ALLINGTON CATHARINE WESTBROOK 07/18/1804 02/01/1843   His Wife.
ARMSTRONG CORNELIUS Y.   10/08/1852 2y 6m 5d Son of THOMAS & ___?___ ARMSTRONG. (Stone badly eroded and the mother's name cannot be read. His father was a farmer, with 46 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
BACHELOR ARTIMESIA (05/12/1801) 01/18/1869 67y 8m 6d Wife of JEREMIAH BACHELOR.
BACHELOR NELSON (09/1827) 04/13/1903 75y 7m  
BACHELOR ROXENA (06/1829) 02/14/1888 58y 8m His Wife. (A shaft type monument.)
BANDFIELD JOHN 1780 1868   (He has a second headstone.)
BANDFIELD PEGGY QUICK 1780 1846   His Wife. (She has a second headstone. Both names on a large modern marker.)
BANDFIELD JOHN (12/15/1779) 06/24/1868 88y 6m 9d (Stone face up in weeds. Has a second marker.)
BANDFIELD PEGGY  (03/31/1780) 02/17/1846 65y 10m 17d Wife of JOHN BANDFIELD. (She appears on a second marker.)
BANDFIELD LIBBIE   10/18/1865 2y 7m Daughter of JOHN & SARAH BANDFIELD.
BANDFIELD BELINDA (09/24/1798) 03/27/1874 75y 6m 3d Wife of JOHN BANFIELD. (As spelled on the stone.)
BENJAMIN ANDERSON L. (08/26/1841) 04/11/1868    
BENJAMIN EINATHAN 10/07/1815 03/16/1909    
BENJAMIN MARY 12/18/1818 06/07/1895   His Wife.
BENJAMIN MARGARET A.   12/23 or 12/25 ? 14y 28d Daughter of E. & M. BENJAMIN. (Stone face up, on the ground, in 2 pieces with the break through the death date. It is badly eroded, and had to be cleaned of moss to be read.)
BENJAMIN JOHN   12/18/1861   Son of E. & M. BENJAMIN. (Tombstone sunk too deep in ground to read the age.)
BENJAMIN ISAAC U.   12/24/1861 8y 27d Son of E. & M. BENJAMIN. 
BENJAMIN SUSAN   12/30/1861 2y 1m 15d Daughter of E. & M. BENJAMIN. 
BENTLEY IDA MAY 1856 1930    
BENTLEY HOWARD   10/03/1881 3y 6m Son of DAMOND ? & CYNTHIA ? BESLEY. (Tombstone stands in weeds and parent's names are badly eroded. The names may be incorrect.)
BOOTH CHANCEY S. 02/22/1869 49y (He repaired wagons in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
BOOTH CAROLINE C. (03/08/1825) 09/29/1896 71y 6m 21d Wife of CHAUNCY S. BOOTH. (Stone has been repaired and cement covers the death year and a part of the age. The year "1896" and the age "71y" is from the Staver record of 1932.)
BRIDGEN ELIZA A. (11/1843) 01/10/1846 2y 2m Daughter of WM. & ELIZA M. BRIDGEN.
BRIDGEN HARRIET A. 03/9/1838) 08/17/1852 14y 5m 8d Daughter of WM. J. & ELIZA M. BRIDGEN.
BRIDGEN ELECTA A. (02/18/1858) 05/04/1861 3y 2m 17d Daughter of WM. J. & ELIZA M. BRIDGEN.
BRIGGS INFANT  1872 1872   Son of S. & H. BRIGGS. (This stone stands in the DRESSER plot.)
CARD ESTHER       See entry for JACOB A. COOK.
CARD ALBERT   09/24/1854 26d Son of LEVI B. & MARGARET CARD.
CARD MARGARETT (09/18/1832) 08/13/1856 23y 10m 29d Wife of LEVI B. CARD. (First name as on stone.)
CLARK ASA B. 03/06/1824 09/13/1880   (He was a general merchant in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.) 
CLARK CELINDA 01/06/1826 01/30/1868   Wife of A.B. CLARK.
CLARK MARY L. 01/17/1832 03/11/1895    
CLARK WM. D. (01/24/1787) 11/01/1872 85y 9m 8d (He was a carpenter in the Town of Van Etten in 1869. The stone is face up, on the ground in two pieces with the break through the age line.)
CLARK BETSEY   03/05/1858 70y Wife of W. D. CLARK. (Stone is sunk into the ground.)
CLARK WILLIAM W. 07/24/1819 06/21/1889   (He was a grocer in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
CLARK ANELIZA 06/24/1827 11/25/1904   His Wife. (Both names on a shaft monument.)
COOK FLOYVIEVE   04/18/1880 2y 1m  Daughter of HENRY & LOUISA COOK. (Data from Rumsey Record 1970. Not found by Boyd, 1978.)
DENMARK GUY (02/17/1841) 02/04/1871 29y 11m 18d (Data from Rumsey Record, 1970. Not found by Boyd in 1978.)
DENMARK JOHN 1836 1897    
DENMARK LORREN 1846 1871   His Wife.
DENMARK FLORA   10/02/1881 17y Daughter of JOHN & LORREN DENMARK. 
(DENMARK) ___?___   02/04/1874 28y 11m 17d (Stone broken into four pieces, but repaired and reset. Cement totally covers the stone. It stands next to tombstone for FLORA DENMARK, so the surname is assumed to be "DENMARK".)
DENMARK THOMAS M. (08/28/1814) 11/20/1872 68y 2m 23d  
DENMARK MARY (01/09/1809) 03/11/1871 62y 2m 2d Wife of THOMAS M. DENMARK. (Shaft type monument.)
DIMON CAROLINE  (10/18/1847) 08/07/1849 1y 9m 20d Daughter of JAMES & CYNTHIA DIMON
DIMON EDDIE E.   09/21/1863 2m Son of PRENTICE O. & EMILY L. DIMON. (His father was a farmer in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
DIMON FRANK E.   07/10/1880 6y 3m 10d Son of O.P. & E.L. DIMON. (On the back of the small tombstone is: "Our Little Frankie". The father's initials are reversed on the marker.)
DIMON ELIJAH (07/24/1797) 01/18/1875 71y 2m 17d (A shaft type monument.)
DIMON ELIZABETH 1763 01/08/1839 76y Wife of JOHN DIMON. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
(DIMON)? PHEBE       (A small tombstone broken into two pieces and so badly eroded, that only the first name could be read. It stands next to ELIZABETH DIMON, so surname is assumed.)
DOBELL JOHN W.   06/27/1882 50y  
DOBELL ___?___ (05/01/1842) 04/22/1871 28y 11m 21d Wife of JOHN W. DOBELL. (Tombstone dug out of the ground where it laid, face up and eroded. The entire name cannot be read.)
DOBELL WM., REV. (06/24/1799) 02/06/1873 73y 7m 13d (Tombstone face up, on the ground.)
DOBELL SARAH   ?/17/1881 80y Wife of REV. WM. DOBELL. (Tombstone repaired, cement covers the death month. Marker now in two piees, with the top portion on the ground.)
DRESSER DANIEL A. 1850 1867    
DRESSER MARY B. 1819 1889    
ELWELL DAN   04/19/1868 94y  
ELWELL NANCY   01/22/1857 81y Wife of DAN ELWELL. 
ELWELL EVERET 09/02/1848 37y Son of DAN & NANCY ELWELL. 
          (Three above on one stone whose top is broken off, and is on the ground.)
(FAY) ___?___ 1825 1896   "Father"
(FAY) ___?___ 1826 1892   "Mother"
(FAY) DELPHINE 1853 1873    
(FAY) TYRUS 1861 1908    
(FAY) SARAH 1863 1888    
(FAY) MARY 1866 1900    
          (All above are individual, small headstones with no surnames and standing on a plot with a large family marker bearing only the name "FAY". The stones for "Father" and "Mother" bear no names. It is assumed that the surname for all is "FAY".)
FINNIGAN HORATIO S.   11/25/1864 1y 5m 25d Son of THO. & MARGARET FINNIGAN.
FINNIGAN THOMAS   06/01/1868 44y 7m  
FOOT DORR G.   05/29/1852 4m 16d Son of GEO. & MARIA FOOT. (A long, narrow tombstone, face up, on the ground.)
FOOT MARY P. (03/15/1800) 08/28/1852   Wife of JOSEPH FOOT. (Stone on the ground, face up.)
GETMAN SARAH 01/05/1822 05/18/1866    
GILLETT ALFRED W.   03/22/1854 10m 2d Son of ALFRED M. & MARY A. GILLETT
HALL GEORGE K.   09/18/1864 81y  
HALL ELIZABETH   09/07/1876   (A shaft type monument.)
HALL MARYETTE   09/12/1841 4m 5d Daughter of EDWARD & SUSAN HALL.
HALL OLIVE   07/18/1863 30y  
HANDY EPHRAIM (09/20/1821) 12/25/1880 59y 3m 5d (A shaft monument.)
(HANDY)? MATTIE       (A small tombstone with no surname and no dates, located on the EPHRAIM HANDY plot. It is assumed that the surname was "HANDY".)
HARRIS BETSEY L. (11/30/1850) 09/19/1870 19y 9m 22d Wife of JOHN S. HARRIS. (Tombstone has been repaired and stands behind its base. The age cannot be read. This data was obtained from the Rumsey Record, 1970.)
HILL ANDREW 04/14/1827 04/14/1906   "Father" (He was a farmer with 50 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
HILL MARY A. (01/13/1833) 09/30/1875 42y 7m 17d Wife of ANDREW HILL. (Tombstone is in three pieces and piled against its base.)
HILL GEORGE  (09/30/1802) 10/31/1870 44y 1m 1d (He was a farmer with 50 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
HILL HUGHEY   1864 70y ?m 27d  
HILL CELESTIA (02/26/1802) 09/10/1860 68y 6m 15d Wife of HUGHEY HILL. (Tombstone is face up, on the ground, in two pieces. A crack runs through his age. Epitaphs are side by side.)
HILL JOHN S. 1862 1946    
HILL SACKETT 06/08/1871 71y 6m  (He was a farmer with 25 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869. The top of his stone is broken off and is on the ground.)
HILL ELIZABETH   01/10/1873 69y 6m Wife of SACKET HILL. (Stone face up, on the ground. The husband's name is spelled as it appeared on the stone.)
HOLLENBECK GEO. (05/30/1814) 06/27/1887 73y 28d  
HOLLENBECK ALICE W. (03/20/1817) 11/17/1878 61y 7m 27d His Wife. (A shaft monument.) 
HOLLENBECK PERMELIA E. (06/08/1849) 09/23/1862 13y 3m 15d Daughter of GEORGE & ALICE W. HOLENBECK. (The surname is spelled as it appears on the stone.)
(KIES  NATHANIEL) 05/21/1797  12/21/1866 69y 7m Death date missing. (The top of the stone with name and death date is broken off and missing. Marker stands next to one for ABAGAIL KIES. According to GAIL MCINTYRE of Beaver Dams, NY, this is the grave of NATHANIEL KIES.)
KIES ABAGAIL   04/21/1871 69y Wife of NATHANIEL KIES.
KIRKENDALL JOHN   06/11/1877 67y  (He was a farmer with 16 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
KIRKENDALL MARGARET   09/29/1888 69y His Wife. (A shaft type monument.)
KRONKRIGHT HENRY (10/18/1822) 10/28/1878 56y 11d  
KRONKRIGHT MARTHA JANE (02/06/1827) 07/03/1878 51y 4m 27d Wife of HENRY KRONKRIGHT.
MCMILLEN LIBBIE   04/24/1863 20m Daughter of AARON & SARAH MCMILLEN. (Tombstone is face up, on the ground.)
MOREY SMITH H. 1835 1897   (He was a farmer with 55 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
MOREY ADELINE C. 1836 1909   (A modern tombstone.)
NICHOLS FANNIE M.   03/07/1872 1y 4m Daughter of WM. A. & MARTHA M. NICHOLS. (Tombstone is face up, on the ground.)
ORSBON JONAH   12/21/1871 86y 2m (The surname is spelled as it appears on the stone. Probably should be "OSBORN".)
OSBORN SYLVIA (02/07/1791) 01/29/1861 69y 11m 22d Wife of JONAH OSBORN.
PATCHIN  C 04/01/1812 10/01/1897    
PATCHEN CHARLOTTE   12/21/1865 52y Wife of CHARLES PATCHEN. (Her surname is spelled as it appears on the shaft marker.)
PATCHIN  MARTIN L.   12/07/1839 3m 23d Son of CHARLES & CHARLOTTE PATCHIN. (Tombstone face up, on the ground.)
PATCHIN  EUGENE (12/08/1854) 11/30/1866 11y 11m 22d Son of D. & A.H. PATCHIN.
PERRIN HEZEKIAH 1808 1874   (He was a farmer with 33 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1969.)
PERRIN RHODA M. 1813 1887    
PERRY WILLIAM O.   08/25/1852 10m 23d Son of E.D. & N.L. PERRY.
PHILLIPS SUSAN 1823     No death date
POLLOCK MINNIE A. 1878 1929    
QUICK PEGGY        See entry for JOHN BANDFIELD.
REYNOLDS ANTOINETTE M.   10/271877 21y 4m Wife of JOEL S. REYNOLDS. (Tombstone is face up, in the ground, in two pieces.)
RICHAR NICHOLS   01/14/1842 1y 5m 21d Son of NICHOLS & ARMENIA RICHAR.
RUMSEY JOSIAH V. (08/21/1846) 09/24/1864 18y 1m 3d Son of REV. E.W. & R.A. RUMSEY. (Tombstone is in two pieces with the top on the ground and the lower part leaning against a large tree.)
SHAW JANE ALLINGTON 07/18/1831 06/30/1907   Daughter of JACOB & CATHARINE WESTBROOK ALLINGTON. (Epitaph on tombstone with JACOB & CATHARINE W. ALLINGTON.)
SHEPARD C.H., MRS. (02/04/1811) 02/14/1861 50y 10d In Memory Of. Wife of DR. R. SHEPARD
SHEPARD MERUL-NISSA (08/09/1838) 05/05/1859 20y 8m 26d In Memory Of. Daughter of DR. R. & C.H. SHEPARD. 
SMITH J.R.   02/24/1871 5y 5m 13d Son of F.D. & KATE SMITH. (Death year is slightly eroded.)
SMITH OLIN J.   02/22/1871 12y 6m 1d Son of F.D. & KATE SMITH. (Both epitaphs appear side by side on a small tombstone.)
SNIFFEN F.A. 1821 07/03/1877 56y  (He was a blacksmith in the Town of Van Etten in 1869.)
SNIFFEN LUCY A. (c 1823) 07/14/1886   His Wife. (A shaft marker.)
STEWART HAMILTON L. 06/11/1830 04/16/1893    
STEWART ABIGAIL 10/06/1830     His Wife. No death date.
STOCKWELL HERMAN D.   09/15/1852 5y 8m 24d Son of JAMES & LYDIA STOCKWELL.
SWARTWOOD DANIEL  (c 1761) 02/28/1841 80y Revolutionary War Soldier
SWARTWOOD CATHARINE  (c 1764) 05/25/1854   Wife of DANIEL SWARTWOOD.
SWARTWOOD DAVID (c 1792) 11/13/1841   "Died Nov. 13, 1841 in the 50th year of his age." (An excellent shale tombstone.)
VANAUKEN HANNAH (01/12/1789) 03/24/1852 63y 2m 12d Wife of J.J. VANAUKEN
VANAUKEN SOL 02/24/1809 06/22/1857   (Stone face up, on the ground.)
VANETTEN ALBERT       (A very small tombstone, showing only the name.)
VANETTEN CORA   03/14/1871 1y 6m 1d Daughter of H. & SARAH VANETTEN. (A long, narrow tombstone, face up, on the ground.)
VANETTEN MARIA (04/20/1820) 12/31/1862 42y 8m 11d Wife of D.C. VANETTEN.
VAN GORDER REBECCA (02/01/1821) 04/12/1847 26y 2m Daughter of JONATHAN & ELIZABETH VAN GORDER.
          (Both epitaphs appear side by side on a single tombstone, which is sunk deep into the ground. Some erosion.)
VANSTEENBERGH JOSIAH (c 1779) 02/17/1860 81y  
VREDENBURG JOHN W. 1858 1928    
VREDENBURG MARY A. 1862 1921    
VREDENBURG WILLIAM (10/31/1829) 04/09/1882 53y 5m 9d  
VREDENBURG ELIZA (c 1832) 11/26/1907 75y His Wife. (A shaft type monument.)
          See entry for JANE ALLINGTON SHAW.
WESTBROOK DANIEL (08/1780) 11/11/1829 49y 3m Here Lies. (An excellent shale stone.)
WESTBROOK MARY (10/31/1782) 01/04/1837 54y 2m 4d Wife of DANIEL WESTBROOK. (A shale tombstone laying in pieces on the ground. The face has come off, but enough of the marker remains that the data could be read without difficulty.)
WESTBROOK DANIEL   08/22/1845 2y 6m 22d Son of SAMUEL D. & MARGARET WESTBROOK. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
WESTBROOK FLORA D. (08/03/1855) 09/29/1866   Daughter of J. & P. WESTBROOK.
WESTBROOK HARRISON F. (12/22/1840) 12/25/1865 25y 3d Son of JACOB & MARY WESTBROOK.
WESTBROOK JACOB A. 05/05/1840 06/11/1895   (He served in Battery M., 3rd N.Y. Light Artillery for 3 years and was discharged in 1864.)
WESTBROOK ESTHER M. 04/26/1848 09/09/1888   Wife of J.A. WESTBROOK. (She was the daughter of SAMUEL & ESTHER COOK CARD of Potter County, PA, married 1865.)
WESTBROOK BILLY M. 01/12/1871 02/17/1873   (He has a second marker.)
WESTBROOK FANNIE M. 02/07/1878 09/08/1885    
          (Last two are the children of J.A. & E.M. WESTBROOK. Four above on a shaft type monument.)
WESTBROOK BILLEY M.   02/17/1873 2y 1m 5d Son of J.A. & H.E. WESTBROOK. (A small stone with a different spelling for the first name and different initials for the mother. See entry for JACOB A. WESTBROOK.)
WESTBROOK JOSHUA (02/22/1775) 10/15/1819 44y 7m 23d (An excellent shale tombstone.)
          Next to the above is a broken shale stone with part on the ground. No data.
WESTBROOK ELIZABETH (05/08/1778) 02/25/1854   Wife of JOSHUA WESTBROOK.
WESTBROOK KATHORINE (06/10/1745) 01/24/1817 71y 7m 14d Here Lies, wife of SAMUEL W'BROOK. (An excellent shale stone with the surname appearing as "W'BROOK". The first name is spelled as it appears on the stone.)
WESTBROOK LAURA HANAH   08/20/1840 3y 9m 22d Daughter of JAMES & CLARISSA WESTBROOK. (A nice shale stone with a fungus starting to cover the face. The middle name may not be entirely correct.)
WESTBROOK MARY ANN (11/10/1813) 05/11/1841 27y 6m 1d Wife of SAMUEL WESTBROOK. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
WESTBROOK MARY ELIZABETH   04/07/1839 1y 6m  Daughter of SAMUEL & MARY ANN WESTBROOK. (An excellent shale tombstone.)
WESTBROOK MILLROY (07/13/1843) 05/06/1881 37y 9m 23d (He served in the 141st N.Y. Inf. and died in Van Etten from the effects of an old would combined with pneumonia.)
WESTBROOK PETER (08/05/1797) 12/29/1860 63y 4m 24d (He was born in New Jersey, son of COBUS & CATHERINE WESTBROOK and came to Van Etten with his father in 1804.)
WESTBROOK FANNEY (04/02/1802) 09/18/1871 69y 5m 16d Wife of PETER WESTBROOK. (She was the daughter of JONATHAN HILL of Van Etten. Both names appear on a shaft type monument with four of their children. See following entries. 
WESTBROOK LUTHER (01/16/1832) 07/12/1832 2y 5m 26d  
WESTBROOK LYMAN (10/10/1829) 01/07/1832 2y 2m 28d  
WESTBROOK REBECCA (08/21/1825) 10/31/1848 24y 2m 10d  
WESTBROOK DANIEL (10/05/1826) 07/17/1836 9y 9m 12d  
          Children of PET'R & FANNEY WESTBROOK. (They all appear on a monument with parents.)

Subj:  Addition & correction
Date:  03/22/2002 5:41:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (DRumsey)

Hi Joyce,
I have just visited some of your sites.  You are doing an excellent job.

I thought that I had observed a link to make additions or corrections but can not find it now.  I am a descendant of Rev. Earl Rumsey of the Simon line.  An entry for Josiah V. Rumsey, buried in the Westbrook Cemetery, Van Etten, Chemung, is in error.  He is the son of George W. & Rachel Ann Steenburgh.  Dates for Emma Rumsey Swartout in the Hicks Cemetery, Baldwin, Chemung are 16 May 1862-Nov 1884, two years after her marriage.

I correspond with Jean Rumsey quite often.  I called her earlier this week and she is fairing quite well.  Her 90th birthday is 24 May 2002.

Thanks for all th good work.

Douglas Rumsey

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  12/06/1999
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