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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1975 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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    The White Cemetery is located in the Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York, on the north side of the village of Van Etten.  County Road #62 joins the state highway at the western limit of the village and the cemetery is 3/10th’s of a mile west of this junction.  It is in poor condition, about 150 feet from the highway in an open field, which is under cultivation each year.  There is no brush or trees, but the grass is permitted to grow and the small oval shaped site is plainly seen from the highway.  Measuring about 35 feet in length and 15 feet at its widest point, it has been totally neglected for many, many years.  In the past it may have been slightly larger, but its size reduced by encroaching plows.  It is impossible that there may be three or four additional graves which have become lost over the years.  It is a private burial site.
    The following record was made in October 1975, by Doris and Joseph Boyd.  All markers were copied.  Data in brackets does not appear on the stones, but has been added for interest.  Likewise, for the sake of clarity, the surnames have been added in the case of a wife, son and/or daughter.  An asterisk (*) indicates a reading made for a record in the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Library in Vestal, New York.

White Cemetery
Read by Doris and Joseph Boyd
Read in October 1975.
Typed by Ruth BRYAN Coffelt of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
HIGGINS DEBORAH M. 11/24/1804 10/29/1840 35y 11m 5d Wife of M. HIGGINS. (Stone leans against marker for the wife of SOLOMON WHITE. There is also a foot stone.)
WHITE SOLOMON 1782 04/11/1850 62y (Stone in two pieces, on ground.)
WHITE PERMELIA B. 04/23/1794 10/08/1857 62y 5m 15d Wife of SOLOMON WHITE. (Stone standing, but leaning sharply.)
WHITE JACOB 02/29/1817 03/30/1834 17y 1m 1d Son of SOLOMON & PERMELIA WHITE. (Stone is on the gorund, face up, in two pieces. Using the death date and the actual age, a mathematical formula shows that an error was made in computing his age as February 1817 does not have 29 days.)
          *The L.D.S. record shows the death date as May 30, 1834, so the birth date would be April 29, 1817.
WHITE BELINDA 01/25/1815 04/15/1832 17y 2m 21d *17y 21m 27d
WHITE MARY 08/08/1820 02/25/1831 10y 6m 17d Children of SOLOMON & PERMELIA WHITE. 
          Data for the two above appears side by side on the front of the stone which lies on the ground in two pieces, with the break through the death date.)
WHITE JOHN 03/26/1833 10/23/1858 25y 6m 27d (Stone on ground.)
WHITE GEORGE 05/20/1831 02/17/1859 27y 8m 28d *27y 10m 28d (Stone on ground.)
          (There is a stub of a marker protruding from the rough ground. The top portion is missing. The bottom portion contains a short verse, but it is impossible to read anything.)
*WHITE ELIZA J.   10/30/1852 29y Wife of PHILO WHITE.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/19/99
Bradford County PA
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  09/19/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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