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New sign, June 2004, made by Jack Turner of Catlin.

Erected by Girl Scout Troop 598, Horseheads.

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Wildey Cemetery , Town of Catlin, Chemung County NY
Read by: Doris & Joseph Boyd
Read October 30, 1977
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park

Formatted and published by Joyce M. Tice 1999
Location: The Wildey Cemetery is located in the extreme northeast corner of the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, NY
  The Wildey Cemetery is located in the extreme northeast corner of the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York, and is situated about 300 feet north of the junction of the New and Vanderhoff Roads and approximately the same distance south of the Schuyler County line. It cannot be seen from the dirt highway, as it is about 50 feet from the road, on an embankment. Its boundaries are vague, but it is estimated to be about 100’ in width and 150’ in length, and blanketed with fallen leaves and tree limbs. There are 11 readable tombstones with 3 laying on the ground, and one leaning against a tree trunk. A dozen or more stubs or marker stone dot the area and many sunken, unmarked graves are noticeable.  It is possible that there may be as many as 25 or 30 graves in this lonely and abandoned burial ground.

The data on the tombstones was copied by Doris and Joseph Boyd on October 30,1977. In the case of the wives and the sons/daughters, the surname has been added for the sake of clarity. Information in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for interest.
Last name First name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
APGAR James   7/10/1844 1d Son of James & Mary V. APGAR. (Surname is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.)
APGAR Mary V. 6/4/1807 4/23/1846 38y 10m 19d Wife of James APGAR. (Spelling of the surname is as it appears on the tombstone.)
APGEAR Charity 3/20/1831 9/29/1839 8y 6m 9d Daughter of James & Mary APGEAR. (A small shale tombstone leaning against a tree trunk.)
GANO Inez       A small marker with only the name.
McCARTY Joseph 1/9/1778 7/25/1845 67y 6m 16d A large shale tombstone laying face-up on the ground and broken through the name.
WILCOX Dorcas 1776 3/24/1837 62y Wife of William D. WILCOX, who died in the 62 year of her age. (An excellent large shale tombstone laying face-up on the ground in four pieces.)
WILDEY Emme 5/31/1819 8/19/1835 16y 2m 19d Daughter of Richard & Polly WILDEY. (First name is as it appears on the tombstone.)
WILDEY Mary Ann 12/31/1815 8/22/1839 23y 7m 22d In memory of, daughter of Richard & Polly WILDEY. A shale tombstone.
WILDEY Mary Delphene 4or5/1841 6/26/1842 1y 1m Daughter of Richard & Polly WILDEY. 
WILDEY William 2/4/1821 8/12/1839 18y 6m 8d Son of Richard & Polly WILDEY.
WILDLEY Polly 9/1/1794 8/20/1877 82y 11m 19d Wife of Richard WILDLEY. (Surname spelled as it appears on the tombstone which lays on the ground in two pieces with the break through the center.)
June 2004 - My daughter is in a girl scout troop that raked up Wildey Cemetery and put up a small wooden marker for it.    I took photos of most of the markers, the information listed on your website has more information than is now visible on the stones 

 Stephanie Karfelt, whose daughter was part of the Girl Scout Troop that cleaned the cemetery, sent in the pictures. 

Joyce --- My daughter is a member of the girlscout troop that did some cleaning up of Wildey Cemetery.  We finally got back over there to take a good look at the stones.  Some of the stones that are listed on-line are illegible, crumbling, damaged - fortunately they were copied down back in the 1970's.  We did see this writing, not listed on the website, on the stone of "Joseph McCarty died July 25, 1845 Aged 67 Years 6m 16d" at the very bottom of the stone (which is broken off as seen the in picture) it says this "My children assembled here A __fathers grave to see,  Not long ago I dwell with you  And soon you will dwell with me".  There was also writing at the bottom of the stone to the left of this one, belonging to Dorcas Wilcox, but the face of the stone is crumbled off and only the words "you pass by so once was I" are left.  Stephanie Karfelt
Left to Right: Jacyln Escudero, Hillary Strong, Bailey Karfelt, Megan Collins, Devinne Voigt

Girl Scout Troop 598 of Horseheads cleaned up this cemetery 19 JUNE 2004 

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 30 JUNE 1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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