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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Bur. Date Spouse
Root Lula M. 3/20/1962  
Root Nellie G. 7/30/1946  
Root Paula Ann 3/31/1959  
Root Richard C. 4/8/1988 Jean Murphy
Root Rollin M. 10/14/1971 Mildred Ford
Root Ruth A. 8/11/1927  
Root William 1/31/1948  
Rorick Bertha 12/4/1934 Levi
Rorick Charles E. 7/1/1933  
Rorick Edith Rose Hoy 2/16/1993 Frank E.
Rorick Edward 3/19/1952  
Rorick Elizabeth 8/8/1958  
Rorick Evelyn Judson 5/18/1983  
Rorick Frank E. 10/18/1972 Edith Rose Hoy
Rorick Fred L. 9/26/1968  
Rorick Geraldine M. 5/9/1935  
Rorick Gilbert E. 3/31/1948  
Rorick Henry 4/25/1958 Evelyn
Rorick Lilly M. 1/14/1936  
Rorick Susie M. 1/31/1931  
Rorrick Martha 4/11/1936 H.
Rosa Clyde 2/7/1964  
Rosa Edward D. 3/31/1931  
Rosa Lillie B. 12/23/1942  
Rosa Ruth L. 8/30/1972 Clifford T.
Rosario Angel M. 9/25/1989  
Rose Charles A. 12/15/1931  
Rose Clara Mabel 4/4/1956  
Rose Clifford 9/7/1965  
Rose Elinor U. 1/13/1948  
Rose George W. 1/22/1931  
Rose Harriet Bishop 6/5/1973 S. Edward
Rose Helen 11/1/1969 Burt
Rose Helena A. 2/19/1973  
Rose Jessie S. 7/9/1943  
Rose Joseph A. 2/12/1962  
Rose Nellie W. 3/29/1948  
Rose Paul D. 8/7/1976  
Rose Roland 4/3/1943  
Rose Sharon 1/25/1950  
Rose Sheila A. 12/1/1944  
Rose Stephen Edward 2/13/1964 Harriet Bishop
Rose Susan A. 6/10/1948  
Rose Willis J. 4/19/1943  
Rose, Jr. Joseph L. 4/22/1986 Georgia Lingle
Roseberry Mary E. 3/25/1930  
Roseberry Nathan G. 1/23/1933  
Rosebrook Elizabeth 12/24/1953  
Rosebrook Loren J. 10/6/1977 Mary Weeks
Rosebury Edward 2/10/1940  
Rosecrans Dorothy A. Hunter 7/17/1973  
Rosekrans Helen White 11/30/1960 Lynn
Rosekrans James Harvey 9/25/1976 Ruth Miller
Rosekrans Lynn 5/15/1972  
Rosell Anna E. 1/9/1962  
Rosenbaum Hannah L. 8/14/1928  
Rosencrans Vivian M. 4/9/1934  
Rosenfield Bertha B. 1/29/1952  
Rosenfield Esther Radin 5/9/1958 Moses
Rosenfield Mortimer 10/2/1975  
Rosenfield Moses 7/21/1941  
Rosenkrans Helen Louise 10/8/1951  
Rosenkrans Christine R. 3/16/1946  
Rosicki Melanie (Mary) 1/18/1958  
Rosier Walter B. 2/16/1931  
Rosiski Stephen 2/4/1956  
Ross Alberta E. 6/26/1967  
Ross Amelia 2/2/1938  
Ross Anna M. 9/11/1943  
Ross Catherine 10/21/1938  
Ross Floyd S. 12/15/1958  
Ross Francis W. 6/3/1928  
Ross Frank W. 4/30/1973  
Ross Ida M. 1/26/1937 J.W.
Ross Infant 5/5/1962  
Ross Infant 9/9/1968  
Ross Johnny William 9/24/1985  
Ross Joseph Lee 5/5/1962  
Ross Katherine C. 4/7/1958 Wilson C.
Ross Lena B. 1/15/1946  
Ross Margaret E. 12/24/1990  
Ross Milton L. 6/15/1927  
Ross Raymond E. 11/1/1985 Marie Olney
Ross Robert Wilson 8/11/1976 Edna
Ross Wallace B. 3/23/1979  
Ross William 3/5/1927  
Ross William James 4/5/1927  
Ross Wilson C. 3/10/1950  
Rossi Leah Malia 9/12/1950  
Roth Dr. Lee A. 12/3/1959 Itol
Roth Itol 12/2/1976  
Roth Marquerite Westlake 4/7/1945  
Rothchild Abraham 4/13/1932  
Rothermel Randall R. 7/31/1974  
Rothschild Bertha U. 1/12/1938 A.
Rothschild Max 4/25/1928  
Rothschild Pauline 5/15/1929  
Rothschild Sidney 8/29/1966  
Rothwell Bernice M. 1/5/1978  
Rothwell Hazel 9/14/1960  
Rothwell James A. 9/4/1935  
Rothwell Sarah J. 2/11/1929  
Rothwell Stephen L. 6/8/1963 Bernice M.
Rothwell William H. 4/13/1940  
Rothwell William S. 7/24/1943  
Rotondo Infant 9/29/1949  
Rotter Frank 6/19/1950  
Rought Infant A. 10/4/1954  
Rought Infant B. 10/4/1954  
Rought Rebecca 3/3/1958  
Rounds Edward J. 2/17/1933  
Rounds Frances H. 12/3/1928 R. J.
Rounds Minnie 9/22/1941  
Roundsville Levi 1/31/1940  
Rounsville Margaret E. 10/7/1927  
Rounsville Walter E. 7/20/1966  
Roupp DeLancy (Lance) 9/13/1974 Genevieve Wright
Rouse Edwin H. 10/17/1942  
Rouse Lalar 2/15/1937  
Rouse Laura Marie 12/27/1984  
Rouse Lula Burdwin 5/15/1*959 E. Harley
Rouse Stella 11/20/1946  
Rouse Thomas C. 1/31/1984  
Rousell Alberta J. Bennett 2/22/1991 John
Rousell Lucy 5/5/1954  
Roush Joseph 5/29/1959  
Roush Lawrence C. 1/29/1991  
Roushey Sheldon J. 1/14/1972  
Roussel Robert F. 4/24/1953  
Roussell Jerome A. 9/21/1964  
Row Iva 10/19/1957 John R.
Row John R. 4/29/1964  
Row Sarah J. 5/30/1939  
Rowan Ella D. 4/8/1954  
Rowan James M. 10/5/1959 Mary Reitman
Rowan John 12/21/1964  
Rowan Mary Rietmann 1/8/1976 James M.
Rowe Charles 12/11/1933  
Rowe Edgar W. 2/26/1946  
Rowe Linda 1/18/1949  
Rowe Lloyd C. 2/8/1971 Marie Sherman
Rowe Phyllis D. 11/2/1950  
Rowe Richard C. 6/15/1959 Lillian
Roweda Frank 9/16/1944  
Rowland Galye S. McKean 8/26/1983  
Rowland Richard F. 4/8/1970 Margaret Wynne
Rowlands Elizabeth D. 4/14/1942  
Rowlands John A. 7/16/1949  
Rowlee Agnes R. 9/19/1938  
Rowley Barbara B. 10/6/1984  

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By Joyce M. Tice