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Office Records 1927 to 1993
Note from Joyce - The UPDIKE and UPDYKE names are often intermingled and some of these may be correct. Look under both spellings. Both are used, often interchangeably, for the same people.
Last Name First Name Bur. Date Spouse
Updyke Walter G. 10/7/1950  
Updyke William 4/17/1948  
Urchak Clara 5/25/1953  
Urchak Michael P. 12/7/1973  
Urchak Stephen P. 11/8/1982 Lucille
Urquhart Nina L. 10/19/1987 James Willis
Urquhart, Jr. James W. 12/27/1968  
Urquhart, Sr. James W. 10/1/1982 Nina Willis
Ushkow Etta 8/14/1958  
Ustar John 5/16/1945  
Utley Archie R. 10/16/1969  
Utley Eliza J. 2/5/1944  
Utley Elizabeth M. 1/11/1958 Archie R.
Utley Melissa J. 6/15/1949  
Utley Merritt O. 8/1/1927  
Utley Vera M. 4/17/1961  
Utter Bruce I. 10/28/1944  
Utter Clair Daniel 9/27/1976 Dorothea Sandburg
Utter Hattie 9/25/1933  
Utter Hester 5/14/1949  
Utter Robert 10/16/1930  
Uyeda Koichi 3/3/1951  
Vaioli Basilio P. 8/20/1979 Teresa Colitto
Valania Susan E. 4/6/1990  
Valego  M. Joan 12/21/1978  
Valego  Stephen J. 12/24/1979 Louise R.
Valentine George E. 3/6/1928  
Valentine Talbert W. 7/24/1958  
Vallee Jean M. 10/9/1942  
Vallely Edna M.  11/29/1969 Leo B.
Vallely Leo B. 6/2/1956  
Valois Ann G. 7/14/1933  
Valois Augusta 11/11/1935  
Valois Catherine 9/10/1941  
Valois Edwin B. 11/14/1969 Marion Roby
Valois Ellen J. 11/21/1955  
Valois Frank M. 12/18/1950  
Valois Martha I. 5/31/1946  
Valois William A. 8/29/1947  
VanAken Alice Mary 2/13/1951  
VanAken Charles 3/5/1952  
VanAllen Almira S. 11/15/1938 T.T.
VanAllen Donna D. 4/12/1976  
VanAllen Theron 12/21/1928  
VanAllen William H. 10/19/1931  
VanAlstine  Arthur B. 2/24/1989 Edith
VanAlstine  Jack  10/6/1944  
VanAmberg Charles S. 10/23/1929  
VanAmburgh Isabelle R. Howell 12/15/1980  
VanAmburgh J. Murray 1/15/1968 Isabelle
VanArman Charles W. 9/6/1927  
VanArman Ella 10/31/1966  
VanArman Jennie E. 2/7/1946  
VanAtta Albert H. 3/11/1957 Fannie M.
VanAtta Clara M. 4/16/1945  
VanAtta Fanny Mae Bennett 2/6/1963 Albert H.
VanAtta Jacob W. 8/20/1929  
VanAtta Ray F. 9/24/1945  
VanAuken B. Grace Whipple 8/26/1971 James I.
VanAuken Edgar L. 12/5/1928  
VanAuken Ethel Mallison 3/25/1969 Tilden
VanAuken Harold 1/24/1986 Nancy Horton
VanAuken James I. 7/14/1966 B. Grace
VanAuken Nancy Horton 4/15/1974 Harold 
VanBencoten Thomas 4/3/1940  
VanBrunt Alice  5/31/1985  
VanBrunt Edna C. 1/25/1969  
VanBrunt H. Theodore 10/10/1987 Ruth S.
VanBrunt Lina E. Day 6/24/1961 Maurice A.
VanBrunt Maurice A. 6/30/1956  
VanBrunt Sarah 4/17/1961  
VanBrunt, Jr. Harry D. 6/6/1988 Alice Beard
VanBuren Belle C. 5/1/1942  
VanBuren Cora Bell 6/10/1963  
VanBuren Florence M. Soper 5/27/1970 J. Warren
VanBuren John W. (Pop) 10/6/1978  
VanBuren Myron 2/22/1943  
VanBuren William H. 1/30/1929  
VanBuren Zelma M. 4/23/1932  
VanBuskirck Charles W. 2/9/1968 Lena Radley
VanBuskirk Andrew 9/18/1928  
VanBuskirk Harry 2/17/1943  
VanBuskirk Lena B. 2/2/1988 Charles W.
VanCampen Harry W. 11/9/1976 Tot Patterson
VanCampen Jessie Rogers 9/21/1971 John Rathbun
VanCampen John R. 12/17/1952  
VanCampen Katrina 12/17/1943  
VanCampen Samuel R. 2/19/1944  
VanCampen Tot V. 3/8/1982  
VanCampen Zelma B. 4/16/1969  
VanCise Frank Stewart 7/16/1973  
VanCleft Emma C. 3/18/1936  
VanCleft William 4/7/1934  
VanDemark Hurley J. 4/14/1936  
VanDenburgh Caroline 5/10/1932  
VanDerlip Eleanor 3/15/1941  
VanDerlip Willis C. 4/15/1972 Gertrude Ford
VanDooser Eugene R. 6/18/1977 Beverly J.
VanDoren Helen D. 3/8/1956  
VanDoren Nathaniel G. 3/6/1933  
VanDoren VanNess 2/27/1946  
VanDressen Fred  11/23/1974  
VanDressen Jack F. 12/1/1931  
VanDusen Evelyn K. Vandusen 5/25/1989 Robert E.
VanDusen Righard (Todd) 3/26/1992 Victoria
VanDuser Harry Cleveland 7/30/1991  
VanDuzer Anna Belle 7/31/1963 Edward C.
VanDuzer Anna Belle 7/31/1963 Edward C.
VanDuzer Anna Hillerman 9/22/1951  
VanDuzer Clara 5/27/1963  
VanDuzer Douglas 12/1/1954  
VanDuzer Edward C. 8/28/1970 Helene Hayes
VanDuzer Inez B. 9/8/1955  
VanDuzer James 4/10/1933  
VanDuzer Lewis S. 3/31/1936  
VanDuzer, Sr. Jonas Sayre 3/20/1962  
VanDyke Alice M. 9/2/1954  
VanDyke Cameron S. 6/3/1947  
VanDyke Charles William 3/22/1958 Mary Eno
VanDyke Grace O. 1/26/1944  
VanDyke Harry M. 1/13/1945  
VanDyke LeElla M. 3/31/1947  
VanDyke Murray F. 7/23/1953  
VanDyke Myron D. 10/28/1960  
VanDyke Nellie M. 8/31/1961 Murray
VanDyke Sarah A. 7/16/1934  
VanDyke Scott 12/23/1967  
VanDyne Caroline S. 7/20/1956  
VanDyne William M. 2/7/1946  
VanEtten Charles 5/13/1947  
VanEtten Grace 7/27/1940  
VanGelder Betty J.  9/9/1933  
VanGelder Beverly J. 2/3/1934  
VanGelder Cora  1/4/1930  
VanGelder Infant 4/17/1953  
VanGelder Melissa C. 6/26/1944  
VanGelder Michel D. 9/13/1951  
VanGorder Angela May 1/17/1950  
VanGorder Georgianna 8/28/1954  
VanGorder Harry 11/9/1938  
VanGorder Jennie T. 10/24/1966  
VanGorder John Burgess 7/23/1963 Margaret
VanGorder Judd 11/3/1936  
VanGorder Margaret 11/6/1974  
VanGorder Sarah 12/19/1940  
VanGorder Warren H. 12/28/1942  
VanGroom Genevieve Jean 8/22/1970  
VanHake Carrie 5/16/1945  
VanHorn Elsie E. 3/15/1965  
VanHorn Harry E. 8/27/1971  

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By Joyce M. Tice