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Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Middle Bur. Date Spouse
Clark Rachael M. 2/3/1939  
Clark Raymond D. 3/22/1958  
Clark Raymond V. 8/20/1943  
Clark Rev. Robert J. 3/28/1983 Doris Van Atta
Clark Robert V. 2/5/1982 Dorothy
Clark Rose M. 1/25/1951  
Clark Roselyn D. 11/3/1989 Stanley (Mike)
Clark Ruth   6/7/1949  
Clark Shepard B. 5/20/1927  
Clark Stanley B. (Mike) 2/16/1988 Roselyn
Clark Stephen A. 3/2/1939  
Clark Sylvester Julius 3/1/1930  
Clark Thelma C. 3/21/1966  
Clark Vera   10/29/1928  
Clark Vivian L. 7/10/1929  
Clark William C. 6/13/1956  
Clark William E. 10/18/1939  
Clark William M. 10/1/1930  
Clark William  M. 12/6/1929  
Clark William O. 7/19/1951 Esther F. Bruielly
Clark Wilson V. 12/31/1966 Jennie
Clark Wyland G. 3/15/1943  
Clark Jr. John G. 9/14/1970  
Clark, Jr. Theodore R.  4/26/1993 Jane
Clark, Sr. Ardelle   12/22/1983 Ruth Rogers
Clark, Sr. Gerald A. 10/31/1991 Mary
Clark, Sr. Reedie A. 4/12/1962 Mary E.
Clark, Sr. Theodore R.  7/23/1979 Lucie
Clarke Burt L. 11/13/1961  
Clarke Charles J. (Whitey) 1/12/1983 Addie Leavenworth
Clarke Edgar Romaine 11/28/1955  
Clarke Edmond Mason 5/23/1961 Nellie B. Belcher
Clarke Ella L. 10/20/1945  
Clarke Florence J. 10/26/1966  
Clarke Hazele Putnam 11/7/1958 Burt
Clarke James A. 7/24/1935  
Clarke James E. 12/5/1961  
Clarke Jane   4/30/1968  
Clarke Lena K. 8/31/1927  
Clarke Lottie Lee 1/15/1963  
Clarke Nella   12/9/1955  
Clarke Nellie Belcher 3/29/1971 Edmond M.
Clarkson Effie M. 1/14/1950  
Clarkson Fanny   12/6/1937  
Clarkson James H. 2/7/1949  
Claset Charles E. 11/30/1953  
Claset Rose G. 12/14/1956 Charles E.
Claus Clarence H. 11/16/1981 Freeda
Clause Charles D. 9/22/1950  
Clawson Dinah Peach 11/9/1976 Naylor & Clawson
Clawson Joel Frank 3/3/1972  
Clawson Thomas   6/1/1972 Dianna
Clay Thomas   11/21/1927  
Claypool Joan R. Corwin 1/8/1988 Donald E.
Clayton Myrtle Argyle 7/13/1967  
Clearwater Alice I. 12/14/1929 W. F.
Clearwater Fred   3/18/1960 Gertrude Montayne
Clearwater Gertrude Montanye 10/4/1979 Hillman & Clearwater
Clearwater Wilbur Norman 1/10/1927  
Clearwater William F. 12/11/1950  
Cleary Daniel Christopher 1/16/1964  
Clemens Bertha P. Huseman 12/29/1986  
Clemens Curtis U. 2/10/1960 Marian
Clemens Donald Lynn 10/31/1963  
Clemens Harry M. 10/2/1971 Bertha Huseman
Clemens Marie   2/14/1953  
Clemens Winnie   4/30/1930  
Clements Colleen 11/4/1952
Clements Mabel S. 5/14/1934 William
Clements William H. 4/22/1946  
Clemons Alpha R. 11/10/1947  
Clemons Anna Buck 10/15/1979  
Clemons Decatur M. 1/4/1937  
Clemons Frederick   8/6/1934  
Clendemin Helen M. 5/30/1933  
Clendemin Clarence G. (Husky) 2/16/1976 Lois Stage
Clendenin Harry   12/4/1937  
Clendenin Lois Stage 6/24/1987  
Clendenin Tillie G. 4/10/1954  
Clendennin Robert H. 12/21/1940  
Clendennin Samuel B. 11/25/1949  
Cleveland Agnes   2/14/1948  
Cleveland Cora D. 6/10/1935  
Cleveland Eleanor   11/12/1948  
Cleveland Elizabeth   10/12/1931  
Cleveland Emily L. 7/21/1931  
Cleveland Ethel I. Hobbs 8/5/1980 Merrill
Cleveland Harry B. 12/10/1945  
Cleveland Jessie E. 11/20/1930  
Cleveland John   3/7/1933  
Cleveland Lepha   12/3/1946  
Cleveland Lillian V. 7/4/1936 S. C.
Cleveland Margaret B. 11/18/1975  
Cleveland Margaret S. 7/7/1930  
Cleveland Martin A. 9/6/1937  
Cleveland Melvin D. 12/24/1970  
Cleveland Merrill H. 9/23/1972 Ethel
Cleveland Philo P. Huseman 5/17/1932  
Cleveland Robert Edward 2/10/1958  
Cleveland Stafford C. 12/30/1964  
Cleveland Stanley H. 3/26/1958  
Cleveland Tessie May 12/31/1964 Melvin
Cleveland Virginia S. 1/25/1975  
Cleveland William L. 5/14/1943  
Clifford James M. (Cliff) 1/7/1985 Janet Mustico
Cline Gertrude E. 4/5/1979  
Cline Grace P. Huseman 12/7/1946  
Cline Jeremiah D. 7/18/1928  
Cline Mary L. 12/19/1930 C. A.
Cline Samuel   10/27/1964 Gertrude 
Cline Virginia Ann 12/31/1942  
Clinton Adelaide R. 4/2/1927 A.
Clinton Arthur   1/18/1927  
Clinton Faye Whiteman 9/18/1972 Oron W.
Clinton Francis M. 1/5/1952  
Clinton Louvina   10/2/1944  
Close Clara B. 11/2/1982 Julion
Close Ethel McCracken 6/20/1969 Gordon
Close F. Gordon 1/3/1979  
Close George A. 7/3/1928  
Close Harold N. 4/16/1955  
Close Harry S. 4/22/1940  
Close Helen G. Cramer 4/2/1964 Howard A.
Close J. Raymond 7/20/1973 Myrtie Cummings
Close Julion   10/18/1958 Clara B.
Close Margaret M. Spruck 2/16/1977  
Close Mary K. 2/8/1943  
Clunk Frank G. 8/10/1953  
Clunk Mabel E. Lewis 4/18/1962 Frank G.
Clute Frank L. 1/7/1933  
Clute Gladys Gridley 4/29/1987 Leslie D.
Clute Howard H. 2/24/1960 Margaret Winner
Clute Leslie Douglass 5/6/1978 Gladys Gridley
Clute Louise S. 6/23/1934 F. L.
Clymer Bessie   9/27/1957 Edward
Clymer Edward L. 12/13/1956 Bessie
Coates Infant   5/22/1950  
Coates Linda M. Weathers 7/24/1972 Frederick J.
Coates Mary K. 10/11/1955  
Coates William F. 2/25/1935  
Coates Essie H. 10/21/1991 George Dent & James
Coates Frances J. Quick 3/15/1988 Wayne H.
Coates James   1/29/1976 Essie H.
Cobb Harold A. 2/15/1971 Mildred J.
Cobb Madge J.  7/2/1951  
Cobb Mildred M. 8/23/1991 Harold A.
Cobb Sherman   9/18/1979  
Coble Alice M. 1/19/1938  
Coburn Charles   7/14/1947  
Cochran Infant   8/6/1968  
Cochrane Infant   9/6/1967  
Cochrane Jean Stevens 12/3/1984  

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