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Youman's Cemetery
Read By: Hugh Staver & wife (name not listed), 1933; Doris & Joseph Boyd, 1975.
Read: 1933 & 1975.
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park
Location: Southern part of the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, NY

The Youmans Cemetery is located in the southern part of the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York.

In 1933, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Staver (name of Mrs. Staver not given in the text) visited this burial site and referred to it in their records as the “Mathews” cemetery. In 1975, the Boyds copied the data from all the tombstones and at that time, Mr. Mike Gursky, behind whose house it is located, stated that he had never heard the cemetery called by any name except “Youmans”.  Other residents of the area confirmed Mr. Gursky’s statement, yet individuals buried there with the surname of Mathews outnumber the Youmans 9 to 4.

The burial ground is situated on the north side of the Stits Hill Road, 1/10th of a mile from its junction with the Murphy Hill Road, and about 400 feet from the dirt highway.  Located on a slight knoll surrounded by open fields, the site has some small trees, brambles, and the usual dry grass and weeds. No care has been given the old cemetery in many years.  The surface is rough and pitted with woodchuck holes and several sunken graves minus markers.  Six to eight small evergreen trees have been planted around the grounds, which measure approximately 150’ by 75’, and the whole of the grounds is fenced, although in recent years horses have been permitted to roam among the tombstones.  There are two shale markers with no data upon them.

Doris and Joseph Boyd made the following record in October 1975.  All tombstones were copied. Data in brackets does not appear upon the markers, but has been added for interest.  In some cases, such as a wife, son/daughter, the surname has been added for the sake of clarity.
Last name First Name Birthdate  Deathdate Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
ATWOOD John 1779/80 3/4/1868 88y Tombstone leans against a tree, its bottom embedded firmly in the dirt and it had to be partially dug out to be read; the remainer of the age (88y..) is sunk deep into the ground.
          Next is an unmarked sunken grave, which could be the wife of John Atwood.
FARR Anna 11/5/1799 5/16/1868 68y 6m 11d Wife of Richard A. FARR. (Tombstone is broken into two pieces through its age line and lays face-up on the ground.
GARDNER EVA E. 1867 1903   (Tombstone lies face-up on the ground behind its base.)
GARDNER George Stephen 8/6/1899 1/15/01   A small, grey monument in excellent condition.
KEEN Armina 3/30/1824 9/25/1899   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MATHEWS Edgar 1843/44 4/6/1894 50y Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
MATHEWS John N. 2/9/1819 3/24/1890    
MATHEWS Eveline 2/16/1822 3/29/1866   A shaft-type monument with the shaft on the ground.
MATHEWS Charles L. 8/29/1861 12/25/1861 3m 26d Son of John N. & Eveline MATHEWS. A small tombstone leaning backwards. 
MATHEWS Rosela E. 7/8/1859 2/22/1861 1y 7m 14d Daughter of John N. & Eveline MATHEWS. Tombstone lies face-up on the ground.
MATHEWS Herbert 1or2/1884 9/14/1884 7m Son of L.A. & Etta MATHEWS. A small headstone dug out of the ground.
MATHEWS Lena C. 3/17/1885 2/17/1889   Daughter of F.A. & Mary MATHEWS.
MATHEWS Seeley 7/31/1867 8/27/1867 27d Son of F.A. & M.A. MATHEWS.
          Next are two short and blank fieldstone markers. One is a headstone; the other is a footstone.
MATHEWS Sarah E. 10/1/1871 9/11/1882   Daughter of F.A. & M.A. MATHEWS. "Our Darling".
YOUMANS Frederick 6/25/1865 12/1/1888 23y 5m 6d  
YOUMANS Winona J.  4/15/1872 7/28/1890 18y 3m 13d A shaft type monument with the shaft on the ground.
YOUMANS George C. 8/25/1842     No death date on marker.
YOUMANS Lydia A. 1/18/1842 3/19/08   His wife. (A shaft-type monument).

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/30/99
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  07/30/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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