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Carpenter Cemetery,  Deerfield Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Jan 01, 2000
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From Tioga County History 1897, one of the oldest burial places, excepting, of course, the Indian burials., is the oldest cemetery on the Loren CARPENTER Farm about half mile east of Academy Corners. Called Carpenter Cemetery or Academy Corners Cemetery.

The first interment was said to be a member of the surveying party, marked C. C. J. 1800.

William KNOX, the township Pioneer lies in an unmarked grave. Here, also are buried members of CLOOS, BULKLEY, SHORT, WRIGHT, FAULKNER, HOWLAND, INGHAM and other early families.

This is a copy of paragraph from History of Tioga County by R. C. Brown and Co. 1897.

Copied by Lola W. Franke, August 1970, who adds - There are many stones piled and thrown over against the back fence, near a slough of water, with green scum, which I could not read. Also, two large thin upright stones, fallen over, face down. Retyped by Linda ZAPF Cracraft

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Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Epitaph/Notes
CLARK Clarence E. 1889 1952 a low, flat topped granite marker
Edith A. 1888 19-- uncut
CLARK G. Ellsworth Aug. 25, 1861 Nov. 29, 1893
CARPENTER Loren July 24, 1892 Oct. 27, 1908 son of G. E. and Belle (CLARK)
SEELY David Aug. 10, 1825 Mar. 27, 1892 Pvt. Co.H. 19 Wis. Vol. G.A.R. flag and holder Old round top gray marble stone
SEELY Ebenezer Dec. 24, 1816 Aug. 9, 1895 Father
SEELY Williard H. Oct. 24, 1815 in Inda, Clay County Aug. 20, 1840 son of Elanson & Mercy SEELY Old large gray marble square marker.
INGHAM Alice 1845 1907 dau of J. and J. INGHAM Old round top gray marble stone
BLAKELY Joanna Aug. 19, 1802 Aug. 28, 1888 wife of Joseph INGHAMb. Thorn-Hill, Yorkshire, England Eternal rest with God in peace, Our Mother, who is gone, Beyond the reach of earthly needs, In Heaven, has a home.
INGHAM Joseph Feb. 20, 1797 in Co. of York, England, Departed this life Dec. 25, 1869 But say, ye kindred, tell us why We heave that melancholy sign. He is not dead but lives above, In words of light and endless love. He only leaves his flesh and blood, His soul is gone to dwell with God. With him to be forever blest. with life eternal, 
Two large block style shaft markers with CARPENTER on second base. Between these, two old type square head stones.
CARPENTER Mercy S. Aug. 13, 1876 ae. 29 yr, 6 mo. dau of L. and L. CARPENTER Jesus can make a dying bed, feel soft as downey are, While on his breast, I lean my head And breathe my life out sweetly there.
E. Frances Oct. 30, 1866 Jan. 1, 1887 dau of L. and L. CARPENTER Sweet rest in Heaven.
Lois Oct. 11, 1823 Feb. 11, 1911 wife of L. CARPENTER Farewell, dear Mother, sweet thy rest, Weary with years and worn with pain, Farewell 'til in some happy place, We shall behold thy face again.
L. Apr. 4, 1822 Oct. 7, 1893 G.A.R. flag Dear Father we miss thy kind and willing hand, Thy fond and earnest care, Our home is dark without you, We miss you everywhere.
Hattie 1857 1921 dau of L. and L. CARPENTER
NORTHRUP M. Loren Sept. 13, 1887 Mar. 11, 1889 son of J. M. and C. E. NORTHRUP
Clara E. July 3, 1865 May 28, 1889 wife of J. M. NORTHRUP
CARPENTER June 29, 1888 Feb. 18, 1889 Three stones in a row, with children of W. S. and Emma Carpenter - with Loren, Clara, Walter
CARPENTER Williard S. 1848 1916
Emma 1852 1924 his wife
CAMP James C. Nov. 24, 1890 Feb. 21, 1891 son of R. J. and Z. M. CAMP
HOWLAND Eddy Mar. 12, 1808 Oct. 30, 1891
Charlotte July 1, 1808 Oct. 2, 1891 his wife
HOWLAND Low block gray granite headstone with Mother.
SMITH Elizabeth D. 1840 1908 wife of C. R. HOWLAND
HOWLAND Robert B. 1831 1918 Co. L. 2nd Reg. Pa. Cav.
CHAPPELL Henretta 1842 1918 his wife
HOWLAND Henretta CHAPPELL 1842 1918 his wife G.A.R. flag and stones for Mother and Father.
HOWLAND John Dec. 13, 1869 age 66 yr. 6 mo. 10 da.
Eliza  1821 1899 his wife
Four matching upright markers, one with Mother-
CAMPBELL Eunice HOWLAND 1885 1948
Myra Louise 1883 19--
DOLE Louise HOWLAND 1859 1923
RAY Harriett F. Jan. 29, 1879 aged 41 years. wife of Nelson C. RAY He leadeth me.
WAGNER William H. 1842 1921
Maria M. 1849 1909 wife of Wm.
Charlie H. 1870 1874
Wagner 1910 1913
Large beautiful gray granite stone, most ornate, a family style, with Wagner on second base. Next to this a row of long low markers.
WAGNER Edward H. 1880 1959
Ivah F. 1886 1951
SEELY Marion 1852 1920 (Old marker).
YARNALL John 1833 1907
Sarah 1843 ---- uncut his wife Odd Fellows., F.L.T., Flag holder
SEELY Hannah 1813 1894 wife of E. S. SEELY
Mary E. 1854 1905 dau. of E. S. and H. 
PAYNE Cynthia A. Mar. 4, 1871 age 33 years
HOTCHKISS Sarah F. May 23, 1859 ae. 27, 1mo. 23 d. wife of Ira D. HOTCHKISS, and dau of Geo. and Laura P. BULKLEY "Peace in her slumber, and calm let her lie, as she looked when she said, "I'm going to die".
BULKLEY Julia Jan. 6, 1855 age 15 years dau of George and Laura P. BULKLEY
BULKLEY George Oct. 2, 1801 Jan. 25, 1867
Laura P. Aug. 26, 1808 Mar. 10, 1895 ae. 26yr. 8mo. his wife
Della Feb. 19, 1861 wife of E. B. BULKLEY
Ira E. 1858 1899 son of E. B. & Della BULKLEY
BULKLEY Hiram June 6, 1860 age 53 years
Luther son of Hiram and Mind all dates buriedG.A.R. flag and holder here
FAULKNER Wilson Sept. 17, 1868 age 9 mo. 4 da. son of Levi and Sarah A. FAULKNER
FAULKNER Levi Jan. 22, 1889 aged 74 years
Five granite headstones in a row with following
FAULKNER William Edward 1854 1938
Frances G. 1855 1943
Nervilla M. 1881 1932
Eugene E. 1907
Hazel 1896 1907
Polly Sept. 1, 1863 age 49 yr. 4 mo. 28 da. wife of Levi FAULKNER "No power on earth could hold you here, Though to our hearts, you were so dear."
CARPENTER Lyman May 5, 1796 Feb. 19, 1873 soldier of War of 1812
Almira Apr. 15, 1846 aged 44 years, 2mo. 30 da. wife of Lyman CARPENTER
Velorous B. Jan. 30, 1865 aged 27 yr. 7 mo. 19 da. son of L. and Elmira CARPENTER G.A.R. Civil War flag here
ROBINSON Parnell Jan. 3, 1853 aged 66 yr. 6 mo.  A U.S. Soldier in War 1812.
Sylvia July 4, 1856 age 66 yr, 5 mo. 13 da. wife of P. ROBINSON
TUBBS Harriett  1835 1875
Mary  1870 1875 her daughter
COOK Elizabeth  Aug. 28, 1817 age 47 yr. wife of Levi COOK
Sylvia Sept. 22, 1837 age 65 yr. 10 da. wife of Levi COOK
WRIGHT Cyprian Nov. 8, 1835 aged 69 yr, 5 mo. 28 da.
Esther May 17, 1835 age 64 yr. 3 mo. 7 da. wife of Cyprian WRIGHT
SALSBURY Phebe Oct. 11, 1859 aged 51 years
BULKLEY Ralph June 22, 1815 age 20 yr. 6 mo. 3 da. Old old round top gray slate marker for Ralph BULKLEY who was drowned at Post Town 
BULKLEY Israel Jan. 18, 1828 aged 66 years. Very ornate, thin white marble marker for Israel BULKLEY - Revolution Soldier.
Lucy Apr. 3, 1844 aged 76 yr. 3 mo. 11 da wife of Israel "Jesus can make a dying bed, Feel soft as downey pillows are."
BULKLEY Harriett B. May 2, 1832 aged 27 yr, 7 mo. 22da. wife of Ira BULKLEY Thin, old gray marble stone, tree of life on top.
Esther M. Feb. 6, 1833 ae 3y, 7m. dau of Ira and Harriett
Harriett Dec. 2, 1838 aged 6 yr. 11 mo. 20 da. dau of Ira and Harriett
BULKLEY Perry Dec. 19, 1852 age 3 mo. 22 da. son of Charles and Mariette BULKLEY
CLOSE R. Feb. 14, 1826 aged 83 years
D.  Aug. 13, 1826 aged 84 years
Three old thin, tall white marble stones for:
CLOOS Newberry May 7, 1853 age 80 yr. 10 mo. 20 da.
Esther  Oct. 2, 1829 ae 53 yr. 3 mo, 8d. wife of Newbury
Patty P. Aug. 7, 1853 aged 82 yr. 3 mo. 23 da. 2nd wife of Newbury and widow of S. REYNOLDS
DANIELS Matilda Jan. 11, 1851 in her 63yrd years wife of Barna DANIELS "I will be satisfied when I awake in his likeness."
WASS  George Aug. 7, 1819 July 23, 1898
Jane Apr. 19, 1889 age 65 yr. 3 mo. wife of George "Sleep sweetly, dear Mother, Beneath the green sod. Sleep silently, Mother, Thy spirit's with God." Gray marble shaft type with Mother, Father. 
KNOX Menzo W. 1838 1917 (Father) Large block, shaft type, KNOX on base and three identical headstones with
TEAL Ruth Ellen 1843 1925 wife of Menzo, (Mother)
SHORT Mary  Mar. 18, 1880 Oct. 20, 1882 dau. of M.D.L. and A.N. SHORT
KNOX James  Sept. 20, 1881 aged 81 yr. 5 mo. 24 da.
Ann Jan. 13, 1876 aged 77 yr. 3 mo. 17 da. wife of James on two old, old round top upright marble.
SHORT James A. Sept. 3, 1865 aged 1 yr. 16 da. son of Caleb & Dolly SHORT
Sally A. May 16, 1862 aged 1 mo, 29 da. dau of Caleb & Dolly 
SHORT Sally Dec. 21, 1852 aged 74 yr. 6 mo. 28 da. wife of David SHORT Old, thin gray marble marker
KNOX Janette July 12, 1852 ae. 25 years wife of F. W. KNOX
John J. Dec. 18, 1863 age 3 yr. 9 mo.
KNOX William J. Mar. 17, 1821 Aug. 16, 1898 On dark gray shaft type marker.
SEELY John  1818 1864 G.A.R. (Civil War) flag and holder
KNOX George W. Mar. 10, 1829 Aug. 21, 1901
BOYER John Feb. 14, 1833 aged 45 yr, 10 mo.
Catherine Sept. 28, 1847 ae. 53 yr. 3 mo. wife of John 
PURPLE Ansel stone broken and face down
Maria  June 12, 1881 age 78 yr. 1 mo. 7 da. wife of Ansel
INGHAM Joseph S. 1836 1911 Capt. Co. B. 50 Pa. Vol.
Isabella M. 1836 1926 his wife Large upright marble marker with Masonic emblem, Footsone-Father & Mother
INGHAM C. Lawrence July 4, 1893 Oct. 25, 1911 son of D. P. and N. R. INGHAM
DICKINSON Lula Mar. 17, 1877 4-2-1887 dau of U.A. & H.L. 
PRICE Samuel B. Aug. 5, 1819 Dec. 30, 1868 On three identical gray granite markers
Sophia L. Dec. 9, 1823 Aug. 3, 1889
Eddie  Nov. 10, 1852 Mar. 8, 1857
PRICE Charles R. Feb. 25, 1856 July 26, 1918
Emma Jan. 6, 1856 Mar. 29, 1907 wife of Charles
Jerald G. Dec. 19, 1898 Aug. 24, 1923 On three identical gray granite markers
PATRICK Edith  Oct. 31, 1886 Aug. 22, 1905 wife of S. Patrick
FAULKNER Wm. A. Jan. 3, 1900 aged 80 y Co. L.2 Pa. Cav.
Juliette Sept. 8, 1902 aged 68 years. his wife These on shaft type gray marble with white base. FAULKNER on 2nd base.
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