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Antrim Cemetery, Duncan Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 

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This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions 1970s -  reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.
Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscriptions/notes
Bergman Lars 1841 1920
Bergman Britta 1846 1921   Wife of Lars
Bergman Anna Dec. 6, 1912 1913 Daughter of Eric and Alma
Campbell James 1850 1931
Campbell Rachel 1855 1919
Campbell Fred 1899 1918   Son of James and Rachel
Carlson Erik 1834 1899    
Carlson Catherine 1832 1916   Wife of Erik
Carlson Jacob 1856 1899    
Carlson Rebecca 1861 1895   Wife of Jacob
Carlson Cajsa 1859 1900   Wife of Andrew
Carlson Andrew Mar. 31, 1854 1883    
Coupe Thomas May 30, 1827 1886    
Crooks Thomas 1869 1899    
Davis Mary Feb. 11, 1840 1891   Wife of William
Dransfield Titus 1834 1906    
Dransfield Martha 1833 1916    
Erikson Lars Apr. 15, 1859 1939   Born in Sweden
Erikson Thilda Nov. 22, 1853 1907   Born in Sweden
Erikson Anna L. Dec. 2, 1846 1895   Born in Sweden. Daughter of Charles.
Estep James 1857 1895    
Evans Robert no date given 1881    
Frisk Martin Otto Mar. 10, 1869 1909   Born in Sweden.
Frisk Anna M. Dec. 26, 1850 1909   Wife of August. Born in Sweden.
Gaffney Thomas May 15, 1829 1884    
Gilbert Philip May 14, 1825 1906    
Gilbert Elizabeth Nov. 29, 1832 1904   Wife of Philip.
Griffins Daniel no date given 1905 73yr.  
Griffins Mary no date given 5907 60yr. Wife of Daniel.
Haggstrom C. Edward June 10, 1844 1894   Born in Sweden.
Hamond Margaret July 4, 1803 1885   Wife of William.
Hammond Wesley 1859 1912    
Howell James B. 1849 1923    
Howell David Jan. 2, 1861 1889    
Isaacson Herlog F. Mar. 23, 1858 1895   Born in Sweden.
Johnson John 1845 1917    
Johnson Anna 1851 no date given   Wife of John
Jones Bertha Dec. 17, 1893 no date given   Daughter of Eleazer & Sarah
Larson John L. 1847 1922    
Larson Matilda 1860 1936   Wife of John L.
Larson Anna C. 1851 1883   Wife of John L.
Landovist Andrew June 26, 1844 1907    
Landovist Anna June 20, 1836 1917   Wife of Andrew.
Moore Lydia Oct. 9, 1830 1893   Wife of C.S.
Nelson Andrew Jan. 6, 1850 1913    
Nelson Sophia Feb. 23, 1861 1912   Wife of Andrew.
Noyd Lars 1851 1929    
Noyd Mary 1854 no date given   Wife of Lars.
Noyd Gustaf 1848 1900    
Noyd Maria 1842 1919   Wife of Gustaf.
Moore C.S. Nov. 19, 1831 1901   Husband of Lydia Moore. Martin Co.B, 101 Pa. Inf.
Peterson Lars Mar. 11, 1834 1913    
Peterson Sophia June. 25, 1837 1923   Wife of Lars.
Peterson Justa Kaisa May 27, 1827 1833    
Reeder Andrew Oct. 15, 1842 1904    
Rumberg Swan 1860 1922    
Rumberg Ida 1856 1921   Wife of Swan.
Rydell John Apr. 23, 1841 1914    
Rydell Christina 1847 1896   Wife of John.
Skierzenske Josef 1855 1897    
Skierzenske Sofia Jego Zona 1858 1913   Wife of Josef.
Stafford Hannah 1844 1926    
Svenson Anders 1828 1894    
Svenson Augusta 1866 1905   Daughter of Anders, wife of ---- Norland.
Slemberg John 1847 1928    
Slemberg Stina Maria 1845 1919   Wife of John.
Skagsberg Kaysal Dec. 3, 1837 1896    
Walker William Dec. 4, 1854 1884   Born in Scotland.
Whiting Leroy no date given 1881 2yr.  
Williams Thomas T. no date given 1881 51yr.  
Williams Perry 1889 1889   Son of Arthur and Elizabeth..
Williams no name Mar. 1, 1874 1893   Son of George and Rachel Watson.
Subj:  Antrim Cemetery Additions
Date:  02/08/2001 11:48:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Len & Geri Montanino) To:

The following two people are buried in the Antrim, Pennsylvania Cemetery.
Jennie Charlotte Danielson, born June 22, 1866, died September 7,, 1891 of tuberculosis. Wife of Lars August Danielson.
Carl Oscar Conrad Danielson, son of Lars August and Jennie Charlotte Danielson died September 7, 1890. He was born December 1888.
Submitted by Geri Noyd Montanino 

Subj:  Antrim cemetery
Date:  3/11/2003 6:19:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Jupiter LZ
To:  JoyceTice

Joyce, I was searching the Tioga county site for the Dalkin family. Although I found some records, I noticed there is no listing for any of the Dalkin family in the cemetery.  Thomas And Agnes Dalkin are buried there. Their headstones say that Thomas was b. 1844 and died 1921. Agnes was b. 1845 and died 1930. Also a son, Thomas H. Dalkin is also buried there. He was born in 1880 and died 1955. a daughter Rachel was born 1877 and died 1930.
Is there any way to contact this cemetery? I live in FL so I cannot physically go there myself although another ancestor that I have been in touch with was there in 1999 and saw the headstones.
Valerie Johnson
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