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Charleston or Austin Farm Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005

Photo by Joyce M. Tice 1999
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Name of Cemetery: Austin Farm Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese, Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: Nov. 2005.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Tioga Co., Charleston Twp., St. Rt. 3011 (Shumway Hill Road)
Other Comments: Now cared for by Twp. Supervisors--Stones are flat, buried and deteriorated.  Over all, it is in bad shape.  Stones are being further deteriorated by lawn mowers hitting them.
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Brooks Hiram 1806 1889    
Brooks Alta 1816 1891   w/o Hiram
Wetmore Julius 1832 1905    
Cole Freddie   Nov.16.1880 1y10m28d s/o H.E. & Catherine J.
Maynard Harry   Aug.13.1878 5y1m?d s/o George & Weltha
Ludlam Martha   Feb.4.1882 69 yr w/o Samuel
Ludlam Samuel   Jan.27.1885 75y8m3d  
Wingate George 1854 1950    
Wingate Lucy 1853 1926   w/o George (On same marker)
Wingate Bert 1882 1896   s/o George & Lucy
Wetmore Percy May.1807 Uncut   w/o Lester
Wetmore Lester Dec.16.1804 Jan.25.1886   On marker w/Percy
Wetmore Vernie   Jan.29.1881 3da s/o J.C. & C.A. Wetmore
Wetmore Clara Dec.19.1849 Feb.27.1893   w/o J.C. Wetmore
Brewster Arthur M. 1855 1909    
Brewster Hattie 1854 Uncut   w/o Arthur M. (On same marker)
Weller Arthur  Jun.30.1885 Feb.27.1887   c/o Frank & Alice
Weller Bertha 1890 1895   On marker w/Arthur
Weller Earl Aug.21.1886 Oct.9.1886   On marker w/Arthur
Weller Harry Jun.7.1890 Feb.24.1894   s/o W.H. & Ida Weller
Weller Ralph Sep.7.1885 Jun.24.1890   s/o W.H. & Ida Weller
Sprague Alonzo 1829 1890    
Sprague Julia Ann Oct.18.1834 Mar.12.1883   w/o A. Sprague
Bellinger John   May.10.1877 55y5m10d  
Bellinger Abigail   Feb.19.1905 77y5m28d w/o John (On same marker)
Bellinger David 1815 1893    
Bellinger Eliza 1802 1871   w/o David
Bellinger Howard Feb.21.1854 Jan.29.1885    
Wingate Moses 1831 1907   Co. I 187 Pa. Inf.
Scott John   Aug.11.1877 59y9m7d  
Scott Nancy   Jul.25.1877 51y5m On marker w/John
Scott John P. Feb.5.1835 Uncut    
Scott Ann Jul.30.1835 Aug.27.1891   w/o John P. (On same marker)
Scott Almira   Feb.20.1851 22y1m  
Hart David   Dec.18.1871 65y2m29d  
Hart Susan   Dec.30.1866 55y7m13d w/o David
Hart Albert Jul.28.1850 Apr.1.1892    
Dibler Seth Jun.4.1832 Dec.24.1903    
Hart David 1847 1924    
Hart Lorinda 1852 1932   w/o David (On same marker)
Hart Flora M. 1873 1880   On marker w/ David & Lorinda
Hart Flora M.   Jun.19.1880 7y6m7d d/o David & Lorinda
Thompson Alanson Aug.21.1824 Aug.12.1896    
Thompson Amy Nov.6.1827 Uncut   w/o Alanson (On same marker)
Bellinger Clyde Sep.6.1898 Sep.24.1898   s/o Maurice & Elizabeth
Bellinger Max 1904 1915    
Bellinger Fanny 1839 1876   w/o Norman
Billinger Lyman   May.26.1863 2y11d s/o Norman & Fanny
Rice John H.   Dec.10.1869 29y8m12d  
Brooks Eddie H.   Aug.28.1872 2y5m7d s/o George & Elizabeth
Baldwin Freddie 1875 1879    
Baldwin Lewis 1871 1879   On marker w/Freddie
Smith James 1815 1889    
Smith Mary 1814 1895   w/o James (On same marker)
Smith William 1842 1927    
Herrington Gracie   Sep.23.1881 17 da d/o Stephen & Libbie
Herrington Edna   Sep.11.1883 1y5m3d d/o C.L. & Hannah
Herrington Fred C. Aug.16.1886 Apr.2.1905   s/o C.L. & Hannah
Beauge Hippolyte Apr.20.1837 Aug.14.1889   s/o Francis & Marie
Beauge Marie   May.31.1893 74 yr Born in France (On marker w/Hippolyte)
Beauge Francis   Aug.6.1862 75 yr Born in France (On marker w/Hippolyte)
Culver Joel   Oct.6.1876 79 yr  
Culver Sarah   Jun.21.1872 60y9m17d w/o Joel
Culver Leander   Apr.23.1858 11y11m12d s/o Joel & Sarah
Smith William M.   ?/11/1863   s/o David H. & Permielia
Dewey Dan P.   Jun.26.1870 33y9m10d  
Willard Oliver H.   Feb.11.1863 79y3m3d  
Willard Alpheus 1812 1897    
Willard Esther 1814 1898   w/o Alpheus (On same marker)
Willard Jane A.   May.25.1868 19y7m15d d/o Alpheus & Esther
Henry Josie   Oct.27.1861 3y7m20d d/o J.E. & Hannah Henry
Laconte Annie 1883 1953    
Camp George T. Jun.17.1857 Uncut    
Camp Louise Aug.21.1858 May.6.1932   On marker w/George T.
Cole Ophelia L.   Feb.15.1863 12y18d d/o Isaiah & Rebecca
Cole Isaiah Jul.6.1813 May.5.1900    
Cole Rebecca Feb.29.1812 Aug.16.1895   w/o Isaiah (On marker w/Isaiah)
Cole Agatha L.   Feb.3.1863 12y5d d/o Isaiah & Rebecca
Young John 1788 1852    
Young Catherine 1766 1855   w/o George Young
Young Mary 1791 1879   w/o John Young
Jennings Charles       Co. G 3rd Pa Cav.
Jennings Catherine   Apr.5.1852 40th year w/o E.H. Jennings
Bellinger Peter   Aug.21.1864 82 yr  
Bellinger Catherine   May.31.1877 83 yr On marker w/Peter
Johnson Clara A.   Aug.6.1863 13th year d/o Jacob & Lydia
Demaux Anna A.   Apr.27.1876 25y8m3d d/o John & Ruth
Doumaux John B.   Feb.13.1859 42 yr  
Doumaux Ruth   Mar.26.1902 80 yr w/o John B.
Culver Riley M. 1839 1912    
Culver Catherine 1840 1912   w/o Riley M. (On same marker)
Culver Lyman 1865 1868   Children of R.M. & Catherine (On same marker)
Culver Ellen 1867 1869   Children of R.M. & Catherine (On same marker)
Culver Lewis 1875 1876   Children of R.M. & Catherine (On same marker)
Hart John 1810 1866    
Hart Eliza 1814 1901   w/o John (On same marker)
Hart Hiram J. 1839 1915   On marker w/John & Eliza
Hart Mellville A. 1855 1922   On marker w/John & Eliza
Nickerson Abel   Feb.26.1881 85y3m4d  
Nickerson Anna    Mar.20.1864 17y6m14d d/o Abel & Catherine
Nickerson Charles L.   Jul.5.1851 28th year  
Culver Clarie S.   Jan.17.1861 6m1d d/o ?? & ??
Fenton Luman Nov.11.1811 Feb.8.1886    
Fenton Emily Nov.30.1813 Aug.5.1901   w/o Luman
Austin Benjamin   Nov.4.1873 50y4d  
Austin Zena   Mar.16.1860 35y4m16d w/o Benjamin (On same marker)
Austin Samuel Wilson   Mar.24.1850 8m8d s/o Nelson & Lydia
Austin Caleb 1777 1853    
Austin Clarissa 1785 1853   w/o Caleb (On same marker)
Austin Nathan Feb.6.1820 Jun.19.1890    
Austin Maria   Mar.7.1868 44y1m21d w/o Nathan (On same marker)
Austin Nelson Mar.19.1865 Unreadable   Stone unreadable after this info
Austin Lydia       Stone unreadable after this info-On marker w/Nelson
Willard Adelbert   May.10.1846 10m5d s/o ?? & Mary Ann
Johnson Luther   Oct.13.1849 59y9m19d  
Johnson Darwin   Mar.13.1849 9 mo s/o Jacob H. & Lydia L.
Johnson Jacob H.   Oct.2.1859 38y3m2d  
Johnson Helen   Aug.1.1863 16y d/o Jacob & Lydia
Bacon Arthur A.   Feb.3.1853 1y1m13d s/o Harry & Beulah A.
Brooks Clark P.   Oct.19.1819 11y11m10d s/o Hiram & Lucinda
Brooks Sarah Ann   Mar.7.1851 3y1m10d d/o Hiram & Alla
Brooks Willard Joseph   Sep.13.1891 77 yr  
Brooks Mary   Feb.27.1851 23y3m3d w/o Joseph - d/o Robert & Sarah Francis
Culver Timothy   Oct.11.1854 81y10m25d  
Culver Fanny   May.27.1887 91y6m27d w/o Timothy
May Harvey   Mar.24.1849 19y11m24d s/o Waldo & Orinda (NOT found in 2005 reading)
Seely Malissa   Aug.26.1849 11y5m11d d/o Watrous & Philetta
Seely Philetta   Oct.13.1847 36y10m6d w/o Watrous
Brooks Lucinda   Jun.27.1846 39y5m17d w/o Hiram
Culver Welthy   Jan.2.1840 35y7m14d w/o Joel
Witmore Lucy   Nov.26.1835 65 y w/o Andrew Wetmore
Johnson Lydia J. 1826 1905    
Kimball Della Jul.26.1856 Mar.18.1859    
Kimball Wesley   Mar.15.1844 1y2m15d s/o Lasell & Leonora
Kimball Eliza T.   Mar.27.1844 4y2m15d d/o Lasell & Leonora
Borden Roswell   Feb.16.1856 61y6m13d  
Borden Susan   Jun.29.1869 65y2m29d w/o Roswell
Wetmore Elon   Dec.18.1833 4 yr Children of Lyman & Deborah
Wetmore Rosetta   Aug.17.1832 11m17d Children of Lyman & Deborah-On same marker
Wetmore Deborah   Mar.26.1854 56y11m22d w/o Lyman
Nickerson Weltha   Jan.30.1863 26y7m9d w/o Abel Nickerson
Nickerson Washington   Dec.3.1863? 10m29d s/o Abel & Weltha (On stone w/Weltha)
Nickerson Catherine   Aug.10.1851 Unreadable w/o Abel Nickerson
Nickerson Darwin       Totally unreadable (On stone w/Catherine)
Nickerson Ruth   Nov.15.1857 86y10m19d w/o Darius
Nickerson Darius   May.21.1836 63rd year "In Memory Of"
Hart Ruth E.   Jul.21.1846 1y8m d/o David & Susan
Hart Susan   Dec.7.1843 1y9m d/o David & Susan
Hart Nancy Ann   Jan.12.1844 4y10m21d d/o David & Susan (Susan & Nancy Ann on same marker)
Niles Nathan Jr.   Mar.3.1830 49th year  
Duryea Sarah   Feb.15.1830 56y9m16d  
Duryea Jacob   Aug.17.1859 67 yr  
Duryea Thankful   Jan.18.1861   w/o Jacob (Rest of stone unreadable)
Conner Willie B.   Mar.24.1865 1y4m24d s/o Noah & Desdemona
Jennings Helen   Mar.28.18?3 5y d/o E.H. & Catherine (Not Found in 2005)
Venton Katie   Jul.13.1865 1y6m4d d/o Charles & Mary
Venton Jane    Jul.11.1865 13y3m3d d/o Charles & Mary
Venton Ellen A.   Jul.15.1862 14y6m17d d/o Charles & Mary
Venton Charles       Co H 207 Pa Inf.
Fenton Luke   May.11.1832 18y11m7d s/o Elijah & Lois
Brewster Ira A.   Aug.11.1880 4 mo s/o Arthur & Hattie
Brewster George A.   Sep.7.1883 3y8d s/o Arthur & Hattie
Venton Albert J.   Jul.21.1865 15y5m21d s/o Charles & Mary
Morsman Rodney   Apr.8.1850 8m13d s/o Silas & Hariet
Morsman Mary A.   Feb.22.1836 1y8m4d d/o Darius & Sarah
Crowl Joel Jr.   May.27.1832 6m11d s/o Joel & Roxeylany
Jennings John   Mar.28.1843 5y?m6d s/o E.H. & Catherine
Burns Louise S.   Oct.7.1864   d/o G.H. & N.S.
Smith David H.     61y4m23d Stone broken at dates
Lovell George   Jan.9.1852 2y5m11d s/o Levi & Mary A.
Johnson Zilpha Jul.11.1790 Feb.17.1877   w/o Luther
Johnson Clara A.   Aug.6.1863 13th year d/o Jacob & Lydia J.
Weller George W. 1828 1918    
Weller Matilda 1835 1903   w/o George (On same marker)
Culver Clara      18y9m26d w/o Timothy B. - Marker broken at death date
          Row of Newer Burials Across the Back
Converse Fred 1909 1988    
Converse Lula Mae 1925 1988    
Watson Mildred 1905 1984    
Cofield Drucilla 1890 1981    
Smith Charles 1907 1982    
Chaffee DeForrest 1896 1983    
Larcom Alva 1913 1982    
Davis Robert 1904 1985    
Losey Howard 1899 1978    
Divido Erma G. 1920 1976    
Mattison Jennie 1898 1986    
Heburt Almos R. Nov.30.1921 Mar.8.1991   U.S. Army WW 2
Ogden Robert H. 1923 1991    
Gdovin George 1919 1991    
Gardner Luie J. 1906 1991    
Stark Pauline 1912 1992    
Young William M. 1918 1997    
Philippe Joseph S. 1921 1992    
Wood Colie R. 1918 1997    
Wellman Marion 1905 1998    
Unknown       F5589302-Buried 1998-Note: Body found along Tioga River around 1996 
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