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1820 Smithfield Township Census
Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Comparison with same
year Tax Records

Prepared by Pat SMITH Raymond

Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008 -
Do You Know that you can search just the Census Records on the site by using the three county level Census  buttons in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page

You can further limit your search by choosing the find all words option and entering a year or township name along with your surname. Remember that alternate spellings of surnames WILL affect your search results.

Pat has compared the Census and Tax listings for Smithfield 1820. I think we can say that the person who did the tax listing back then wins the prize as the better speller and better handwriter over the census taker.  Census is at left and Tax List at right. This is not complete, just includes the listings where spelling is an issue.
Number Last Name First Name Last Name First Name
Pg.105A #9 Fletcher T.G. Fletcher Jabez
Pg.105A #10 Kingley S*oan Kingsley Sloan
Pg.106 #1 Kingsley Isiah Kingsley Isaiah
Pg.106 #4 Beach **all Beach Nehemiah
Pg.106 #17 Currey John Currie John
Pg.105 #23 Thomas *ilson Thomas Nelson
Pg.105 #25 Bulock Derias Bullock Darius
Pg.105 #30 Ger**** George Gerould George
Pg.105 #32 Phelps **rrard Phelps Jared
Pg.105 #34 Phelps **ard jr. Phelps Jared, Jr.
Pg.106A #3 Forrest Afsa Forrest Asa
Pg.106A #4 Rise Dan'l Rice Daniel
Pg.106A #6 Tuttle Piece Tuttle Rice
Pg.106A #7 Kellgg Luman Kellogg Luman
Pg.106A #8 Fansworth Wm Farnsworth William
Pg.106A #9 Kellogg Chaney Kellogg Chaucey
Pg.106A #10 Hill Hosa Hill  Hosea
Pg.106A #11 Mitchel Reuben Mitchell Reuben
Pg.106A #12 Mitchel Anson Mitchell Anson
Pg.106A #13 Ferman Cyrel Fairman Cyrel
Pg.106A #14 Wilkeson Wm Wilkinson William
Pg.106A #16 Duffey David Durfey David
Pg.106A #17 Campion Wm. Compton William
Pg.106A #18 Camton John Compton John
Pg.106A #25 Sweet Pet's Sweet Pentecost
Pg.106A #28 Hill Silvester Hill  Sylvester
Pg.106A #28 Chiles Craswell Child Cromwell
Pg.107 #1 Chiles Edward Child Edward
Pg.107 #2 Scott Asel Scott Ansel
Pg.107 #11 Allen Joal Allen Joel
Pg.107 #14 Bats* John Bascum John
Pg.107 #15 Hopkins *U?R* Hopkins Judah B.
Pg.107 #17 Walkins Wm Watkins William
Pg.107 #18 Walkins Oliver Watkins Oliver
Pg.107 #21 Gerrald *B Gerrald Ephraim B. (?)
Pg.107 #26 Gerrald *ba Gerrald Ziba
Pg.107 #29 Adams **ther Adams Luther
Pg.107A #4 Nippen Benj'm Kniffen Benjamin
Pg.107A #7 Horstley Rufus Hosley Rufus
Pg.107A #9 Fansworth Asa Farnsworth Asa
Pg.107A #12 Fansworth Asa Farnsworth Asa, Jr.
Pg.107A #15 Pierce Byram Pierce Abiram
Pg.107A #16 Walkins Wm. B. Watkins Wm. B., Jr.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/26/2001
By Joyce M. Tice