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 Transcription by Fay TILLER Morgan & Anita MORGAN Osgood With Introductory material from news articles added
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Armenia Township Churches (1995 Article)

Typed for the Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Ruth Bryan

The Armenia Regular Baptist Church was founded Jan. 4, 1876. The first meetings were held at the Pierce Schoolhouse at Becker’s Corners.  The Church was built in 1896.  It is located at Cleveland’s Corners on the Dewey Hollow, Armenia Road in Armenia Township on land from Lee Cleveland Sr.’s farm.  Being very close to Tioga County, many members attending were from Sullivan Township.  Some of the pastors were the Rev. J.P. Watrous, T.R. Jones, C.H. Crowe, E.J. Jones, L.L. Grover, William Phelps, W.H. Porter, Clarence Moss, E.O. Seabalt, Sam Wilson, and Glen Dewey.

The last regular church service was in 1930.  The next year the “Armenia Mountian Old Homes Day” was started.  Among the presidents of that organization were Roy Nash and Lee Cleveland Sr. It takes many hours of volunteer work to keep the church in repair.  Some of the faithful workers were: Boyd and Alice (Morgan) Brace, Roy Nash, Warren Nash, and the Nelson Morgan Family.

The officers for 1995 are:  Wilbur Lee Morgan—Pres; Lee Russell Cleveland—V. Pres; Beverly Wilcox—Entertainment; Ruby (Morgan) Blow—Secy-Treas.  This is Ruby’s first year, having taken over for long-time Secy-Treas. Alice Brace.

The day starts with a picnic lunch.  Services then begun with a program followed by the sermon and hymns.  Much of the day is taken with catching up on the news of friends and relatives.

Old Armenia Church (1976 Article)
Yearly Service July 7

Typed for the Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Ruth Bryan

TROY—The Rev. Orey Crippen of Roseville will preach the annual service at the Armenia Baptist Church in a program starting at 2 p.m., July 7, according to Lee Cleveland Sr., Troy, president of the Armenia Church Assn.

A noon picnic will start the event which is usually attended by about 20 members and many guests.  Two coats of paint, applied mostly by volunteers headed by Roy Nash, Troy, and Mrs. Boyd Brace, Mainesburg RD 1 have brightened the church for the occasion.

The Armenia Regular Baptist Church is located at Cleveland’s Corners on the Dewey Hollow Armenia Road in Armenia Township.  It was founded Jan. 4, 1876.  First meetings were held in the Pierce schoolhouse.  The church was built in 1896.

At the start, there were about 5 members.  Some of the pastors were the Rev. J.P. Watrous, T.R. Jones, C.H. Crowe, E.J. Jones, L.L. Grover, William Phelps, W.H. Porter, Clarence Moss, E.O. Seabalt, Sam Wilson and Glen Dewey.

Most farms in that part of Armenia Township have been abandoned, and there are now only about seven member families left in the vicinity.  Other association members live in area communities.  There are members in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and in the state of Virginia.

The church has not been open for regular services since 1930.  The annual meetings began the following year.  Expenses of the church are met by individuals donations.  The present repair program was started last year and will be continued, the president says.

From Secy Books of Old Home Day Armenia Twp Bradford Co Pa

With my notes [Fay TILLER Morgan]

Deaths 1946 --- 1985

1946 Will Bullard

1949 Sam Wilson

1951 Mrs Walter Kent, Mrs Wm Kent ,Herman Sweeney, Leon Nash,

John Pierce, Lynn Bixby

1952 Maude Nash, Zella Bixby

1953 Jesse Baity, Sam Wood, Burr Haynes

1954 Iva (Archie & Myrtle Bahr’s dau)Chamberlain, Elmer (s/p Elmer s/o Jason) Clark, James Simpson

1955 Henry Morgan (s/o Simeon)

1956 George Wilkins, Ettie Purvis, Celia Robson, Orson Purvis,

Myrtle (Bahr)Clark, Charles Weaver

1957 Mrs Pelps

1958 Diantha Purvis, Ada Nash, Lafy Wilkins

1959 Ira Burguess (s/o John), Herbert Jacobus (relation to Burguess)

1960 Lee Cleveland (s/o Ray), Cora Carnwright, Hattie Bullard, Irene Donald, Sam Purvis, George Carnwright, Harry Lyon, Lydia (Sands) Sumner (w/o Philo)

1961 Alice Gardner, Ed Morgan (s/o Thomas Frank Morgan), Ethel (Bywater Mckeel) Morgan (w/o Henry), Myrtle Harvey, Frank Sherman (bro to Milton, married Ada Morgan), Merle Bristol, Anna Kennedy

1962 Helena (Morgan) Nash (dau/o Heman Sylvester {Vet} Morgan)

1963 Hugh Simpson, Fannie Simpson, Zella Wilkins, Clara (dau/o Sate Morgan Austin)Austin,Walter Kent, Lynn Sweeney

1964 Jennie (Rumsey) Smith (w/o Charlie), Nellie Morgan (dau/o Ray & Evina)

1965 Tom Kelce, Raymond Morgan (s/o Geo & Anna), Marion Griffes

1966 Charles Smith, Allie (Rumsey)Kitner, Milton Bullaard

1967 No Meeting, Reba Elwood, Mary Lyon, George (s/o Thomas Frank) Morgan

1968 Anna (Clark) Morgan (dau/o Elmer & Sarah Clark), Addie Westcott, Lloyd Carnwight, Howaard Sutton,

Mrs (Viola)Overrein Married VamnCamp then Olaf Overien

1969 Harry Bohart, Desser Burguess (married Clarence Burguess,she had Pendegrass children), Clyde Smith

1970 Donald & Charles Bristol (Grandchildren of Merle & Susan, drowned in Tamarack Swamp on Armenia.

1971 Chaarles Nash, Burke Carey, Clarence Burguess, Annie Purvis, Tom Simpson

1972 Grace (Wood) Campbell, George Bolt, Nellie (Allen) Rogers, Ruth Bixby James (dau/o Lynn & Pearl Bixby)

1973 John Wm Kent, Gladys Scott, Lynn Conrad (Married for second Pearl Bixby).

1974 Daisy (and Walter) Wood, Ruby (mother to Lucille Morgan) Wilkins, Edna (ran Troy Pennysaver) Nash, Claude Purvis,

Susan Bristol (w/o Merle), Libbie (Ross) Sherman (w/o Milton), Ada (dau/o Thomas Frank Morgan) Sherman ,

Elizabeth Kyle (Elizabeth Bixby’s daughter)(Eizzabeth dau/o Lynn & Pearl Bixby), Stanley Hite ({Lloyd &}Christine Caarnwright’s grandson)(drowned in Dunbar’s pond).

1974 Genevive VanCamp, Maude Lyon Guage, John Scott,

Flossie Purvis Seeley, Fred Gritsmaker (married to Grace Binford), Angie Purvis Marnor,

Barbara Morgan (one of Francis O Morgan’s wives)

1976 Ray Morgan (s/o Thomas Frank Mrried to Evina Jackson) , Stella Burguess, Ernest Bolt, Nathaniel (Julia’s son)

1977 Purley (bro to Grace Wood Campbell) Wood, Lloyd (Lucille Morgan’s father) Wilkins, Genevieve Carnright

1978 Wilmot Purvis, Hazel Bolt, Helen Ranor, Huldah (I think Bristol) Parmenter,

Jay Burguess ?, Wm Carnwright (s/o Ed & Minnie), Zeta (maybe Zeda, dau/o Ed & Minnie Carnright) Utter, Gladys Bristol,

Elaine Serfoss (Floy Arnold’s daughter)

1979 Evina (Jackson) Morgan, Hazel (Rogers) (Rockwell/Page/Crandal) Page, Floyd Blaney, Br. Ore Crippen,

Incel Tears Dec 8 1979

1980 Thelma Morgan Kobbe (dau/o Henry & Ethel Morgan) Mar 3, Malcolm Wilkins Mar 29,

Floy Arnold April 4, Oswald Benson Jan 27 2980

1981 Homer Woodard, Ruth (Mrs Foster) Garrison, Ed Bolt

1982 Lizzire Dunbar, Ruth Cleveland (w/o Lee Sr), Christine Carnright (w/o Lloyd), Raymond Rogers, Lawrence Dunbar (Brother to Claude) , Helen Scott

1883 Gladys Scott, Sarah (Morgan) Zimmer (dau/o Ed Moran , Hamilton Brown, Melvin Binford (s/o Grace Gritsmaker) ,

Viola Blaney, Robert Morgan (Henry & Ethel’s son),

Chrlotte Bristol Deasy

1984 Mazzie (Purvis) Bohart, Velma Baity, Clayton Bolt, Helen (Lanninger) Raub (mother to Irma Morgan),

Harry Green (brother to Lucy Foster), Marie Marple, Perry Klinger, Ralph Sweeney,

Fred Johnston

1985 John Walcheski (married to Hila (DePew) Stickler/Wwlacheski), John Burguess, Howard Swain, Pearl Bixby Conrad (w/o Lynn Conrad)

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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