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Victor Charles Detty, Pastor Federated Church

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During the year 1824 the form of church government was changed from congregational to presbyterian.A meeting was held “at the Orwell school house, the usual place for public worship, “April 3, “when after prayer and much deliberation the following votes were passed relative to an alteration in church government, considering the large number and dispersed situation of the church of Warren and Orwell and considering that the scripture speaks of Elders that rule well, in distinction from those Elders who labor in word and in doctrine.As the scriptures mention helps and government and him that ruleth with diligence;As Presbyterian is the scripture name for church government, as Timothy was ordained by the laying on the hands of the presbytery –

“As the Congregational Church is connected with the presbytery of Susquehanna, the Synod of New York and New Jersey, and the General Assembly of all which bodies are presbyterial.In view of these considerations we think it best to change our mode of Church government from the congregational to the Presbyterian form:--

“Therefore Resolved –

lst.That we appoint eight ruling elders, four of whom to transact any business and their meeting shall be called a session.

2nd.That the members of the Church are not to be deprived of any of their rights or privileges, but may meet with the session and have equal voice in all their deliberations, and an equal vote in their decisions.

3rd.As it is difficult to convene all the male members of the church to transact business, it shall be the duty of the ruling elders to attend, and such other members as please whenever there is public notice given by the pastor, or clerk of the Session who shall be appointed by the same, and shall faithfully record all their proceedings.The elders shall attend punctually at time and place specified in the notification, and always begin and end the session with prayer.

4th.All the members of the church shall assist the ruling elders in governing the church and shall be subject to them.Whenever it shall be required they shall appear before the session-- give information or testimony as the case may require.Each member of the church shall do his utmost to preserve peace and good order that the church may flourish under their superintendance.

5th.In the admission of members and in all cases of discipline, the decision of the session with such members as please to attend shall be decisive, subject only to an appeal to the Presbytery.

6th.This alteration of the government shall not affect any process that may have been commenced, or any faults that may have been committed


previously, if Gospel Satisfaction is not obtained the delinquents shall be brought before the session for trial and shall submit to their decision.

“The above votes were passed unanimously by the members of the church in Orwell when the following persons were chosen ruling elders:Dr. Dudley Humphrey, Anson Collins, Chauncey Frisbie, Uri Cook, Milton Humphrey, Parley Coburn, Amos Coburn, and Nathan Young.Deacon Levi Frisbie resigned his office as deacon and Dudley Humphrey, was appointed in his room.

Adjourned to meet at Warren on Monday next.

“April 5.Met according to adjournment in the school house in Warren.After prayer, this branch of the Church took into consideration the above considerations and votes, and cordially acquiesced with the whole by expressing their particular votes.It is much to the praise of the head of the Church that the whole was accomplished without opposition, and without a dissenting voice.After prayer the church adjourned to meet the 15th of the same month.

“April 15.Met according to adjournment.After prayer and preaching, Parley Coburn, who had been chosen and who had served as Deacon under the Congregational

form and Dudley Humphrey were solemnly ordained to their office.And likewise all the above persons who were chosen as ruling elders were ordained, excepting Milton Humphrey who was absent.They were informed of their duty, and charged to perform it, and all the members were directed to assist them.The ruling elders then met by themselves with Mr. King and appointed Parley Coburn Clerk of the Session and D.

Humphrey assistant clerk.

Approved by Presbytery

AttestEben’r Kingsbury, Mod’r.

Two church brothers who had neglected church attendance (one for nearly a year and the other for nearly two years), “to the wounding of religion the grief of the Brethren, and the dishonor of God”, were charged with “these faults and called upon to repent and make gospel satisfaction.”Having failed to appear at two session meetings to answer these charges, they were suspended from church privileges until they should repent and return to their duty.One of them later obtained reinstatement and afterward joined another church.

In June, 1824 Aaron Corbin was elected and ordained elder at a meeting held in the school in Warren.The minutes of the session were approved by presbytery ofSusquehanna,

Ebenezer Kingsbury, Moderator.Dudley Humphrey was clerk of session.

On January 8, 1826, BETSY, the wife of Parley Coburn, and Betsy, the wife of S. WADE, were received by letter.

On July 2, 1826, there were received into the church:POLLY AND PHILLIP GOULD, LOISA FRANCES and MARY COBURN, DAUGHTERS OF Moses and Maria

Coburn, on examination.


SYLVANUS WADE was received by examination, August 7, 1825.

On May 6, 1827, MAMRI MATTHEWS was admitted into the church by letter.On July 7th, SUSAN COBURN was examined for admission into the church and was baptized and received into the church the 8th.

At a meeting at Orwell of the sessions and members of the congregation held November 17th, a complaint was entered against Josiah W. Grant for Sabbath breaking.After some conversation on experimental religion, and confessions of stupidity and indifference, asked each other’s forgiveness.A proposition was made by Chauncey Frisbie for

consideration relating to a division of the church.Concluded by prayer.

Parley Coburn, Clk of Session.”

As a result of the suggestion made by Chauncey Frisbie the Church ofWarren and

Orwell was authorized by the presbytery at a meeting held at Kingston in April of 1828 to be divided into two churches, one at Orwell, and the other at Warren.Rev. Isaac W. Platt

was commissioned to visit the members and preside at their meeting to carry out the divison.This he did at the meeting-house at Orwell, June 3, 1828.Mr. Uri Cook was elected deacon of the Orwell church.

The following thirty-three members were formed into the Warren Presbyterian Church:

Parley CoburnBetsey CoburnEbenezer Coburn Caroline CoburnMoses CoburnEunice King

Daniel H. CoburnMary KingRoswell L. Coburn

Catherine KingAaron CorbinSophia Burbank

Jacob D. BurbankMartha DewingJohn Eddy

Harriet DewingHenry L. MerrillDorothy Steinburgh

Robert SuttonCharlotte Manning George Manning

Dotia ChaffeeComfort B. ChaffeeLois Merrill

Phillip Gould Rhoda CorbinLucy Young

Susan CoburnMaria CoburnMary Coburn

Polly Gould Eben W. WhippleMary Corbin

To these should be added the following, dismissed in 1829:-Asahel and Hannah

Graves, Molly Coburn, Polly Case, Mary Buffington and Mercy Bowen.

BAPTISMS,August 11, 1815 – May 29, 1825.(Warren-Orwell Church Record)

August 11, (1816), Child of Mrs. Payson, Noah, John Ricks.

January 26, (1816), Children of Mrs. Grant, Lycena Ann, Ellen.

January 26, (1816)Children of Mrs. Ranney, Katherine, Chauncey D (?)., Polly Ursala, Abigail Lycene.

February 21, (1817) Rachel, child of Salome Humphrey.


June 1, (1917), Children of Mrs. Green, Edmund Franklin, Flavel

Jacob, Amos Thomas, and William Noles.

Feb. 15, (1818), Zenas Nathan, Child of R. and M. Humphry.

January 24, (1819), Children of Mrs. Russell-Mary, Roswell, Candice, Harriet, John, Burton, Dan, Nathaniel, Lydia Russell (No. 43).

Mar. 14, (1819), Lavina Frances, Child of Mrs. Payson.

August 1, (1819), Child of Salome Humphrey, B. Hicks.

Jan. 9, (1820), Child of Rilla Humphrey, Emma Minerva.

August 7, 1820, Child of Mrs. Green – Zimri Barber; children of Mary Cook – Darwin, Mary;Child of Mrs. Ranney- William.

October 8, (1820), Child of Cicero Dimick – Daniel.

December 9, (1820), Child of Lydia Alger – Sophia Patience.

March 25, (1821), Almira Olds children of Do,Edwin, Mira. (The Do. is for “ditto” which would mean that Almira Olds was baptized, and her children, Edwin and Mira.)

April 15, (1821), Children of Uri Cook and Wife, Sally, Elizabeth.

April 15 (1821), Child of Comfort B. Chaffee and wife – Sally Jane.

June 14, (1821), Child of Nathan Payson and wife,-- John Hicks.

July 10, (1821), Nathan Payson, Samuel Wells, Sally Darling, Chloe Frisbie, Polly Browning and Laura Ellis.

July 22, (1821), Children of Dr. Humphrey and wife – James Dudley, Ann Eliza, Emily Almira.

July 29, (1821), Children of Anson Collins – Anson Russell, Edwin Kingsbury, and Sanford Allen.

August 19, (1821), Children of Theron Darling and wife – Abel, William Nelson, Dennison Russell, Polly Ann, Adaline, Major Backus, Elizabeth, And Lyman Merril;Children of Alvin Humphrey and wife, Diana Evertt, Lucius Tullelr, Norris Cornish, Hector James, Jeremiah Theophilus.

August 19, (1821), Children of Polly Browning, Marry Wikeson, Sally Adams, Herman Wilkes.

September 8, (1821), Children of Catherine Eastabrooks – Charles, Laura, Aaron Gaylord; and Eliza Ann Tripp.

October 21, (1821), Child of Uri Cook and wife, Dinah Serinda. Children adopted J. W. Grant and wife, - John Martin and Jacob Bell.


February 3, (1823), Children of Chauncey Frisbie and wife – Matilda, Zebulon Hanson, and Phebe Maria.

Oct. 6, (1823), Zenas Dunbar, son of M. Humphrey.

December 1, (1823), Elias, son of Cicero Dimick; Cullen Randolph, son ofTheron Darling.

March 16, (1824), Zera – son of Uri Cook and wife; Seth, son of Joel Cook’s wife.(Zeri was the father of five including Reed, father of late Robert Reed Cook of Rome, Pa., and of Leora, (Mrs. Percy Arnold) and

of Paul Cook).

May 18, (1824), Theophilus, son of Dudley Humphrey.

June 29, (1824), Frederick Stiles – son of A. Humphrey and wife.

June 29, (1823), Baptised a child of Abel Eastabrooks’ who was a member deceased – the Church is now mother of the child, on whose account baptism was administered, the child’s name is Levi Frisbie.(The record omits the word wife after Eastabrooks).

May 29, (1825), William Pitt – son of N. B. Payson.

Following a period as a gymnasium, the old church building became a storage shed.
Photo by Joyce M. Tice August 1999

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