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1828 - 1850

The new Orwell Presbyterian Church began in 1828 with forty-one members on the roll, carried over from the old Warren & Orwell Presbyterian Church. The names on the roll are as follows in the order of their admission:
Salome Humphrey Catharine Eastabrooks Mamri Mathews
Joel Cook Theron Darling  
Mercy Green. Sally Darling  
Phoebe Frisbie Dudley Humphrey  
Jemima Wells Eliza Humphrey  
Betsy Payson Milton Humphrey  
Peggy Grant Alvin Humphrey  
Levi Frisbie Elizabeth Humphrey  
Lydia Russell Chauncey Frisbie  
William Sexton Chloe Frisbie  
Tamsen Sexton Josiah Grant  
Susanna Matteson Polly Browning  
Mary Cook Huldah Johnson  
Liberty Sharpe Laura Alice (Allis)  
Uri Cook Cicero Dimick  
Anson Collins Mary Dimick  
Joseph Ellsbree Wyllys Brownson  
Mary Ellsbree Martha Alger  
Nathan Payson  Sylvanus Wade  
Samuel Wells Betsy Wade


Several subscription papers wore circulated in 1826 for the erection of a meeting house in Orwell Township. It was understood by the subscribers that "the site of said house shall be on East Street a few rods north of the Old School House on the West side of the highway on land belonging to Liberty Sharp." This was north of the farm of James E. Eastman. Subscriptions were made by shares of five dollars each.

The list of subscribers, with the number of shares each, was as follows:
Avin Humphrey 5 Rhoda Gredley 2 Elisha Keeler 1
Lucy Cowles 2 Abel Eastabrooks 3 Charles Stevens 1
Charles Cowles 2 Joel Barns 1 Jarvis Lloyd 1
Addison Cowles 1 Marcus Eastabrooks 2 Benajah Martin 1
William Cowles 1 Czar Roberts 1 William Warfield 3
Asa Fuller 1 Jason Chaffee 2 Samuel Matthews 4
Merrels Humphrey 2 Correll Wells 2 John W. Browning 2
Lucuius Fuller 3 Theron Wells 2 Dudley Humphrey 6*
James D. Newell 3 Luther Chaffee 5 Nathan Payson 6
J. W. Grant 8 Shubuel Wells 5  Joseph S. Browning 1
Silas Allis 3 Samuel Wells 6  Lyman Terrell 1

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Johnson Cowles 2 2 2 George W. Pitcher 1* Thrall Blair 1 1
Chauncey Grant 3 3 Liberty Sharp 1 1 Eleazar Allis, Junr, 1
Levi Frisbie, Jr. 3 3 Ithael Allis 2 2 John D. Wage 1 1
Chauncey Frisbie 6 Jesse Barnes 2 2 Levi Frisbie 2 2
Theron Darling 5 5 William B. Robinson 1 Zebulon Frisbie 2
Roswell 0. Pitcher 1 James Smith 1 1 Uri Cook 3 3
Abel Darling 2 2 Jesse Eastabrooks 1 Joel Cook, Jr. 1 1
    Curtis Robinson 1


Total value of 132 shares at 5 dollars each was $660.00

John D. Wage came from Springfield, Mass., to Wysox in 1813. After a short time he moved to the wilderness at South Hill, Orwell Township, and cleared up a farm. In 1856 he sold his property and removed to Wisconsin where he died at an advanced age. Before coming to Wysox he had married a Miss Ferry by whom he had children: John, Chester, Chapel, Henry, Abigail, Caroline, Elsie and Emily P. His wife having died he married again and had children Fernando, Thomas, Susann, and Biansa. John died at sea, Henry died at Greeley, Colo., Chester C. born 1813, married 1840 Ellen, daughter of James Lent of Rome, settled in Tuscarora, died 1907. Abigail married Philander Barnes; Elsie married Wesley Robinson of Orwell. (Pioneer & Patriot Families, page 231, Vol. II).

Curtis Robinson, son of Dave and Betsy (Cowdry) Robinson, was born November 21,. 1783 at Granville, Mass. He came to Orwell in or before 1804, locating in the wilderness at Allis Hollow. His grandson, E. M. Robinson, occupied (1915) the farm which he cleared and improved. Mr. Robinson was a noted hunter and performed his part courageously in the new country. He married Rhoda, sister of Joel Barnes, Sr., died September 23, 1854; she, born October 15, 178l at Blanford, Mass., died August 21, 1871, both are interred in Orwell Cemetery. Their children and marriages follows: Louisa, to Somon Kinney; Sally to Morris Woodruff; Polly to Rev. Francis S. Chubbuck; Betsy to John Johnson; Dan to Lucy Howe; Curtis to Rhoda Smith; Wesley to Elsie Wage; Whitman, when a young man, killed in assisting moving a building; Linus to Clarissa Norton.

Jarvis Lloyd married Sophronia Robinson, sister of Curtis, daughter of Dan and Betsey (Cowdy) Robinson. Jarvis and Sophronia had 12 children, lived on South Hill.

Corintha Robinson, a sister of Sophronia, married Thrall Blair, had children: William, Linus and Addison; lived on South Hill.

Joel Barnes, son of Jeremiah Barnes and a native of Granville, Mass., came to Orwell in 1800. He married Ruth, daughter of Capt. John Grant; died in Orwell 1847, aged 68 years. His wife died at the age of 60. There children were Horace W., Joel, Jr., William G., Cyprian, Harriet (Mrs. Ithiel Allis), Emily (Mrs. Hezekiah N. West) and Sally Eliza (Mrs. Enos H, Woodruff), Cyprian

Barnes married Susan Amanda Beckwith, and their daughter Perthena E. Barnes married Chester G. Cowles. Rev, Hezekiah N. West was a Baptist preacher.

One Elisha Keeler, Jr. was born December 15, 1796, son of Elisha and Lucina (Warner) Keeley of New Milford Center, who settled on a farm at Stevensville, Pa. Elisha, Jr., married Mary Lovett, (Heverly, P.234, Vol I). E. P. Keeler was located on map of Orwell Township south of a pond on South Hill. (Atlas, 1866).

One Lvman Turrell, son of Daniel Turrell (3rd), and wife Mary Baldwin, was born June 4, 1780, married Katy Knapp, died January 28, 1855. Pioneer & Patriot Families, page 243, Vol. I).

Jesse Barnes a native of Blanford, Mass., and son of Jerre Barnes, a patriot of the Revolution, settled in Orwell, 1805. He purchased a 150 acre tract of land which he improved until his death, He was accidentally killed in a saw mill, 1828, being in his 44th year. Hiw wife was Roxanna Warfel. Their children were Lucretia (Mrs. Alvin Goodnough ), Jeremiah, Dr. Jesse, Ollie (Mrs. Louis Martin), Nelson, Philander, Alonzo, and Francis Sylvester.

Philander married, September 8, 1841, Miss Abigail Wage.

Nelson died July 18, 1881 in Orwell, survived by his wife and daughter Rozilla Adelaide (Mrs. Alphonso Robinson).

Jeremiah married Sally Aurelia, daughter of Cyprian Grant, located at Herrick where he died November 26, 1880, aged 69 years. Children: Polly (Mrs. Geo. Cole), Melissa, Ulyses, Roxanna, Philetus, and Loren. Pioneer & Patriot Families, page 125, Vol. II).

Lucy Cowles was the second wife of John Cowles, Charles, William, and Johnson Cowles were sons of John Cowles. Charles Cowles married Lois-Ann Browning and they were the parents of James Perry Cowles, who married Ella Darling and was the father of John M., Darley W., Hubert and Genevieve Cowles (Mrs. E. V. Smith). Addison Cowles was a son of Johnson Cowles. William Cowles had a daughter, Amanda (1838-1883) who married Josiah J. Newell, and they were the parents of James and Henry Newell who lived (1946) on the Orwell "Ridge" road. Henry, unmarried, died in 1927. James married June 26, 1895, Mary Adell Darling, born April 14, 1873, daughter of Abel Leroy and Laura (Allis) Darling. Mary died April 18, 1947, survived by a brother, Leland of Potterville; and a daughter Mrs. John H. Ford; and a son John Newell of Cold Springs, N. Y.

John Cowles, born in 1772 in Connecticut came to Bradford. County in 1805, his ancester John having come from England and founded Farmington, Massachusetts about 1634. He was also one of the founders of Hatfield, where he died. From him descended in successive generations Timothy, Joseph, and John, father of the Orwell pioneer, who was also a descendant of Captain Joseph Ellsworth who put out the lights and hid the Connecticut Charter in the oak at Hartford when Governor Andros by the king's order was trying to revoke it. (Heverly, Patriot & Pioneer Families of Bradford Co., Vol.II, page 98).


When he arrived in Orwell, his money, all in silver dollars, filled a half-bushe1 measure. He purchased land and worked in improving it until his death July 11, 1825. Among other things Mr.Cowles was remembered for was his characteristic word, "totteration", used when a little vexed. He married first Miss Mary Abigail Johnson, (born 1771 in Connecticut, died September 13, 1810 in Orwell) daughter of Artemus Johnson of Burlington, Connecticut; second, Lucy Coburn. His children were: Johnson, Charles, Addison and William.

Johnson married first Lucy who died July 5, 1825 in her 22nd year; second, Pluma Merrill of Warren Township.

Charles married Lois-Ann Browning of Orwell, daughter of John Wilkes and Lucy Wells (Weaver) Browning. The Brownings lived in the hollow between Orwell and the Orwell Ridge road. Charles and Lois-Ann Browning were the parents of James Perry Cowles and grandparents of Darley Cowles of Orwell.

Addison died February 16, 1829, aged 21 years.

William married Polly Russell of Windham, had children: Amanda (Mrs. Josiah J. Newell, mother of James and Henry Newell of Orwell Ridge), John H., Chester G., and Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles Beers).

The following is from page 44, Vol.11, Pioneer & Patriot Familes of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, by Clement F. Heverly, ('Towanda, Pa., 1915).

Theron Darlin came from Litchfield, Connecticut to Orwell, 1801. His father, Abel Darling, accompanied him. The former was prominent in the affairs of the pioneer settlement. He filled various positions in the state militia, and popularly known as "Co1one1" Darling. In speaking of the "Great Hunt of 1818", one who remembers it well says, "Among Co1onel Stevens’ hunters was Maj. Theron Darling. He was a man over six feet tall. In the chase of one of the deer on the knoll, a big doe Major Darling stood still, waiting for the deer to be driven his way. He stood with his long legs wide apart. Suddenly the doe started toward him, ducked her head, and rushed between the major's legs, that being the most available opening she saw for escape. The contact threw the major forward on the doe’s body. He mechanically cast his arms about her. Away the perplexed deer flew through the forest, bearing Major Darling, feet first, along with her. He held on and after the deer had run with him half a mile or more, he managed to catch her by one hind leg and trip her up. She fell heavily to the ground and before she could regain her feet, the major cut her throat." Major or Colonel Darling married July 25, 1801, Sarah ("Sally"), daughter of John and Mary (Woodruff) Russell. He was born May 26, 1779 at Litchfield, Connecticut, and died February 25, 1849. (The Russell Genea1ogy erroneously gives the date as July 24, l850). The correction was furnished by Mr. Carlos Parsons Darling of Lawrenceville, Pa. His wife died February 16, 1870 aged 87 years. Their children who married as follows, were:- Abel Leroy to Laura Allis (parents of Mary A., and Leland H.); William R. to Elizabeth Lovett; Dennis R. to Ruby Godwin; Polly Ann, never married; Adaline H. to John Beardslee; Major B. first to Mary Jane Beckwith, second to Susan Wheaton; Lyman H. died unmarried; Elizabeth to William N. Morgan; Cullen R., to Juliette Beebe;

Nancy E. never married. Major B. Darling had a daughter, Thirza Augusta, who married Christopher Avery Cook, son of Cyrus and Caroline Ellsworth Cook. Their daughter Gertrude Caroline Cook, born February 4, 1871, died April 27, 1950, in East Orange, N.J. She married March 16, 1899, Henry F. Myer of New York City (who died May 26, 1947), later moved to East Orange, where she developed interests in real estate, and was active in the Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church. She was survived by a son, Philip A. Meyer, Short Hills, N.J.; two daughters, Miss Dorothea Meyer of East Orange, N.J., and Mrs. George S. Nichols of Highland Falls, N.Y.; two sister, Mrs. Ernest Manchester, Potterville, Pa., and Mrs. Bert Terpinning of Owego, N.Y. A cousin, Rev. Welling Thomas Cook, officiated at the interment services at Darling Cemetery, Sunday, April 30, 1950.

Roswell O. Pitcher, whose wife's name was Mary S., and George W. Pitcher, were two of three brothers, the other being John, sons of William Pitcher, son of Elijah and Hannah (Barker) Pitcher. George Washington Pitcher (1805-1868) was the father of Sidney D. (1847-1877) and the grand-father of Charles Sidney Pitcher of Orwell Township and 863 North Woodstock Street, Philadelphia (30), Pa.

Charles Sidney Pitcher was born in Orwell, Pennsylvania, October l3, 1874, son of Sidney Dunham and Kate Jane (Allen) Pitcher; was a student at Orwel1 Academy 1887-1888; Rome Academy 1889-1890; received the degree of batchelor of Science at Eastern College, Virginia, 1921; and made an Honorary Fellow, American College of Hospital Administrators, 1933. He is a hospital and institutional consultant, formerly superintendent of Presbyterian Hospital, Hollywood, Calif.; formerly superintendent of Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.; formerly was with New York State Department of Mental Hygiene. He is the author of many published articles on hospital and institutional subjects and has in preparation a book, Hospital Administration, to be published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, N.Y.

Charles Sidney Pitcher married first Mamie Birs (1871-1931), had children: Charles W., born in 1896; and Mamie Elizabeth (R.N.). Charles W. Pitcher married first Helen Martin (deceased June 2, 1944), and second, Beaatrice W. Jahn, (R.N.) April 22, 1945, had three children by first marriage; Charles W. Jr., born in 1920; Bradford Leonard, born in 1924, was in the U.S. Air Force; and Priscilla Jean, born in 1926. The birth August 4, 1942, of a daughter Nancy Eileen, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winfield Pitcher, Jr., then of 244 E. Janover Street, Trenton, N.J., made Charles S. Pitcher a great-grandfather. Another daughter, Kathleen Inez, was born March 25, 1944.

Mamie Elizabeth, daughter of Charles S. and Mamie (Birs) Pitcher, married February 9, 1933, Charles Edward Gordon (deceased March, 1941.) has children; Oswald, Edward, and Elizabeth Gordon. Mrs. C. E. Gordon married second, February 22, 1946, Stanley Urban, a retired Nazarene minister, now in the insurance business.

Charles Sidney Pitcher married, second, Harriet Elliott Ferguson, a Registered Druggist, whose first husband, Eugene Chauncey Mitchell, was the father of her daughter, Miss Ruth Lesla Mitchell. Harriet Ferguson was the daughter og George Elliott Ferguson,. Ph.G., and Sarah (Gray) Hodges, the latter’s father being a colonel in the Union Army in the Civil War.


John W. Browning, was John Wilkes Browning who married Lucy Wells Weaver. Their homestead was in the hollow between Orwell village and the Orwell Ridge. They were Quakers, John W. Browning was a professional weaver. His great-granddaughter, Mrs. Genevieve Cowles Smith, has many pieces of homespun from his loom, both of linen and from wool which they raised there. Aunt Aurilla Brown, who lived a century, remembered the immaculateness of their kitchen, with the fragrance of sweet-briar roses drifting in at the open window. The grandmother died during the Civil War.

Their daughter, Lois-Ann, born June 15, 1807, married April 20, 1825, Charles Cowles, son of John, and died about1890. Their son James Perry Cowles born in 1830 served through the Civil War and wrote a number of letters to his mother, Lois-Ann Cowles, over twenty of which are preserved in possession of his granddaughter, Genevieve Smith. The letters ceased after October 1863, and he was reported dead, but they stopped coming only because of his internment for 19 months in southern prisons. His mother maintained her faith that he would return and for two long years always set his place at her lonely table during that trying time. She was a widow then, her husband having been lost in the woods between Orwell and Wysox in 1837. So the widow and mother kept saying, "Perry will come home." One day, many years later, Dr. Henry W. Champlin told at a Memorial Day service that he remembered coming back as a young man one day to Orwell, He saw the flag out and flying to the breeze, and asked why it was out. He did not know of any holiday for that date. They told him, "Perry Cowles came home today!"

Samuel Wells and three sons subscribed for 15 shares of the meeting house. He came from Burlington, Vermont about 1800. Where he farmed is known as Wells Hollow. He died March 26, 1827, leaving a widow Jemima and eight children; Theron, Shubael, Correl, George Washington, Relzeman, Hiram, Pantha (Mrs. Stephen M. Warner), and Cynthia D. (Mrs. Wm. T. Brown). The homestead was divided in 1830, most of it afterwards being acquired by Theron. Jemima Wells died in October, 1843, according to a letter of Joel Cook to his daughter Mary, then teaching at Stewartsvil1e, Warren County, N. J. He wrote, "Widow Wells died at one o'clock the night that you staid at Dewings. Her funeral was attended at the meeting house on Friday at one o’clock."

According to Mrs. John Smith, Ulster, Pa.., George Washington Wells married (once only) Cordelia Brown and had these children: George Thurston, known as Thurston Wells, was superintendent of a coal mine near Rockport, (near Hazelton) Pa. Ella who married Joe Wheaton of Warren Township, Pa.; Lucy who married Chauncey Arnold; Gettie, who married Rev. Newton W. Barnes. She was Rev. Mr. Barnes’ second wife.

Luther Chaffee, another of the shareholders, was the son of Samuel and Azubah Sanger Chaffee, was born October 26, 1787, in Woodstock, Conn., and died in Orwell Township, in October, 1856, with burial at Woodruff's Corners, the old Presbyterian Church cemetery. He was a Universalist in belief, and a school director for years. By trade a carpenter and joiner, he was noted for honesty and hospitality, His brother Jason came with him to Orwell about 1812. They lived at Wells Hollow. Luther married 1st Amy Browning who died in Orwell at the age of 42, leaving six children: Albert born in 1810; Samuel, born in 1812; Lois, born in 1817, married Nelson Van Ness; Daniel Dwight, born in 1819, married Eliza D. Camp, resided at Camptown, locals of Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races"; Ezra, born in 1827,

married first, Mary Ann Smith; second, in 1857, Susan A. Whitney, removed to Madison, Ohio, where he died about 1900, a wealthy farmer; Henry L., born in 1829, died in 1889; Leander Alma, born in 1833, removed to Lanark, Ill, (Four other children died in infancy).

Luther Chaffee married second, Julia Waterman, and had three children: Edward Barzilla, born May 31, 1837, married Annette Beecher, had no chi1dren, died August 27, 1909; Alice Emi1y, born July 2, 1839, died May 20, l923, married December 31, 1861 at Orwell George N. Johnson, son of Joel and Sophronia Benham Johnson, who died November 29,1907, in a New York City hospital, burial of both being at LeRaysville; Isabella Lucy born January 17, 1842, died in Sayre, Pa., December 6, 1924, married Edwin Henry Johnson, who was born January 17, 1853, in Illinois (son of Asahel), died July 3, 1926 at Sayre, with burial at Tioga Point Cemetery, leaving a daughter, Mabel, born February 26, 1879, who married an architect, C. W. Smith, and resides at Uniondale, Pa., having a daughter and two sons, all married.

Alice Emily (Chaffee) Johnson and her husband George N. Johnson had eight children; Scott Walter, born November 15, 1862, married first, Sadie Averill Corbin; second, Phebe Tyler, who died May 30, 1951, with burial at Nichols, N.Y.; Anna Emily, born December 16, l864, married John Vaughn Keeler, lives at Media, Pa,; Cora Bertie, born September 7, 1866, married Fay Hollis Pierce, was mother of Mrs, Frank L. Dimock: died May 8, 1942; William, born October 22, 1868, died of whooping cough, one month old, in the arms of Cora Bertie; Nellie Alice, born July 18, 1872, married George H, Saxton, lives at Wichita, Kansas; Julia Chaffee, born June 24, l875, married Horace White Gage, died March 29, 1929, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pa; Arthur Frank, born July 11, 1878, married first, Mattie Mohr; second, Maude Coolbaugh; Matie Beatrice, born May 15, 1880, married Charles DeVed Passage, died in 1913 in Towanda, Pa., with three surviving children; Cornelia Passage, married and living in Wichita, Kansas; Wilhelmina who became the adopted daughter of John V. and Anna (Johnson) Keeler, and married William Patterson, having a son and a daughter; and Charles DeVed Passage, Jr., who married and has one daughter,

At a regular meeting of the subscribers held April 11, 1826, at the school house near Czar Roberts’ it was voted that these subscriptions might be paid in produce at the common barter price, that they were payable on or before the first day of January, A. D., 1828. Samuel Wells, Nathan Payson, and C. Frisbie were appointed building committee with full power to proceed with letting a contract and obtaining a lot.

Silas Allis made a contract for the erection of the meeting house. The contract was stated thus: "Now, I, Silas Allis of the township of Orwell in the County of Bradford, Pa, of the one part do agree with the above named committee of the other part for the sum and consideration hereinafter named, to build the said house in manner and form following, to wit - The said house is to be forty feet in length and thirty feet in width with fourteen feet posts to be planked and framed in to be sided the Jut round the upper part of the house to be similar to that round the South school House - the roof to be shingled with good 18 inch shingles, 6 inches to the weather; two front doors, eleven 24 lighted windows 8 by 10 glass - the Pulpit window to be 24 lighted with round top, two half windows each side of each door.


The inside to be ceiled, lathed, arched, and plaistered; a Pulpit to be made in a plain decent manner - Two alleys three feet wide to run through the house, the remainer to be divided into slips and seats agreeable to a draft submitted and agreed upon; The under floor to be of white pine one inch and quarter thick; The said house to be well underpinned with stone one foot of the top of said wall to be laid in mortar pointed with lime, and sills also to be laid in mortar. The materials to be all of suitable quality and the work to be done in a plain decent and workmanlike manner to be completed by the first day of January, A.D. l828. The above named subscription being now assigned to me amounting to six hundred and forty dollars and furthermore whatever Samuel Mathews may subscribe the subscription paper being left open for him to sign. I do bind myself by these presents to perform the conditions of the above Bond or Contract faithfully and fully as herein stipulated. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of April A. D. 1826. In presence of:

Liberty Sharp Silas Allis (Seal) Marchus Eastabrooks Ithael Allis Mr. F. I. Champlin said this church on the ridge was built in sight of the homes of three Frisbie brothers: Levi, Zebulon, and Chauncey, the last being the grandfather of Rev. F. V. Frisbie.

Silas Allis, and his brother Ithael (spelled also Ithiel) were sons of Eleazar Allis, born 1765 at Hatfield, Mass., and his first wife, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Boltwood.) Ingraham of Amhurst, Mass. Eleasar married Mary Ingraham December 16, l784, had six children: Lucinda, born 1787, Lucretia (Mrs. Wm. Warfield,), Eleazar, Jr., married Diana Easta-brook; Silas, born March 14, 1794 married Margaret, daughter of Henry Lent, had six children; Ithiel, born 1795, married Harriet, daughter of Joel Barnes, died 1865, had four children; and Mary who died at 17 years unmarried. Altogether, Eleazar Allis had twenty-one children. (Heverly, Patriot & Pioneer Families, page 340).

Gladys Allis Abell, wife of Walter Buttles Abell of Rome, Pa., is a descendant in the fifth generation of Eleazar Allis, Jr., the line of descent being through Edwin I. Allis, born in 1821 who married Lavina Hill in 1859; father of George Grant Allis, 4th of 6 children, and brother of the late Frank R. Allis of Wysox; Claire C. Allis, born August 1, 1901, who married Retha Fox, daughter of Thomas, they being the parents of Gladys, born February 7, 1923, and of Raymond Rexford, born September 27, 1928; Doris Maxine, born June 18, 1932; and Donald Dean Allis, born October 24, 1941. Gladys Allis married June 28, 1944 Walter Buttles Abell, who was born November 18, 1916, son of Guy and Grace (Forbes) Abell of Rome, Pa. Walter and Gladys ALLIS have a son, born May 12, 1946, named Jason Allyn Abell, and a daughter, Claire Alice Abell, born April 24, 1949. Walter is a technician in artificial catt1e breeding. They live at Rome, Pa.

A lease of land was obtained from Liberty Sharp:

This indenture made this twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six between Liberty Sharp of the township of Orwell in the County of Bradford, and the State of Pennsylvania of the first part and Samuel Wells, Nathan Payson and Chauncey Frisbie as committee for building a Presbyterian Meeting House in said Orwell Township of the second part -- Witnesseth -- That the party of the said first part for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged to my full satisfaction doth by these presents release convey and quit claim unto the said party of the second part for the use of the said Presbyterian Society the use rents profits & C of a certain piece of land lying and being on the West side of the road north from my dwelling house adjoining said road being twelve rods on said road and seven rods back from the road containing eighty four rods of ground to have and to hold for the use of said Society whereon to build a house for public worship and any other buildings for the use of said Society as long as it shall be occupied improved or wanted for the use of said Society -- And to a faithful fullfilment of this agreement and its conditions I hereunto bind myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns. In testimony to the foregoing I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and Year first written above.

In. presence of Marcus Easbrooks) ( )

Abel Eastabrooks) Liberty Sharp (Seal)

( )

At a meeting of the proprietors of the Presbyterian Meeting House in Orwell Township convened on Monday the seventh day of January, l828. The following votes were taken: Theron Darling, Esqr. chosen moderator of the meeting and a standing rule adopted that this and all subsequent society meetings be opened by prayer.

Johnson Cowles chosen Society Clerk for the ensuing year. Voted that the Building Committee make their report. Voted that a committee of five be chosen, three from the Presbyterian, one from the Baptist, and one from the Methodist denomination to seat the Proprietors of said House for one year.

Voted that Chauncey Frisbie, Theron Darling, Joel Barne, Lucius Fuller and Alvin Humphrey be a committee for that purpose.

Voted that a Committee of three be chosen to take charge of said House for the ensuing year. Uri Cook, Theron Darling, Chauncey Frisbie chosen for that purpose.

Voted that the Episcopalians, Methodists and Baptists have the privilege of occupying said House for religious purposes when not occupied by the Presbyterian denomination.

Voted the above House be dedicated to the Worship of God.

Voted that a Committee of five be chosen to make arrangements for the dedication of said House. Said committee to appoint the time and give ten days public notice. Shubuel Wells, Uri Cook, Abel Eastabrooks, J. W. Grant, Sylvanus Wade chosen for that purpose.


Voted that said House be opened for public worship the ensuing Sabbath.

Voted that this meeting be adjourned to the first Monday in January next.

The committee to seat the proprietors met and made the arrangement of seats for the year 1828. The pews were divided into four tiers, with two aisles lengthwise through the middle of the floor, with twelve seats or pews along the north side, next to the windows, twelve on the south side, next to the windows, and a central block of double pews, making two central tiers of seats, one the north central and the other designated the south central. Sometimes a proprietor would hold more than one pew, especially if he had more than three shares in the house. The committee was called the "S1ip Committee", from which it seems that they drew slips by lot for the pew numbers. The first drawing of slips resulted in the listing of the proprietors and their shares and pew numbers as follows:
Alvin Humphrey 5 4 S.C. 7S Joseph S. Browning 1 1 S
Lucy Cowles 2 2 N.C. Lyman Terrell 1 9 S.C.
Charles Cowles 2 11 S. Johnson Cowles 2 12 N
Addison Cowles 1 12 N. Chauncey Grant 3 7 N.
Wm. Cowles 1 2 N.C. Samuel Matthews 5 10 N.
Asa Fuller 1 2 N. Theron Darling 5 2 N.C. 3 N.
Silas Allis 6 5 N. 9 N.C. William Darling 1 " " " " "
Lucius Fuller 3 4 N Roswell D. Pitcher 1 11 N.
James D. Newell 3 3 N Abel Darling 2 " "
J. W. Grant 8 5 N.C, 8 N. 7 N.C. Liberty Sharp 1 Corner Slip
Rhoda Gredley 2 4 S. Ithael Allis 2 9 S.
Abel Eastabrooks 3 6 S.C. Czar Roberts 1 8 S.C.
Joel Barns 1 9 S. Jason Chaffee 2 12 S.
Marcus Eastabrooks 2 7 S.C. Correl Wells 2 10 S
John W. Browning Theron Wells 2 2 S
Chauncey Frisbie 6 N.C. 9 N. 7 N.C. Luther Chaffee 2 ½ 5 S.C. 8 S.
Nathan Payson 6 3 S.C. 6 S Sylvanus Wade 2 ½ 5 S.C. 8 S.
Shubuel Wells 5 3 S. 3 S. Thrall Blair 1 7 S.C.
Samuel Wells 6 2 S.C. 5 S.  Eleazer Allis 1 12 S.
Horace Barnes 1 11 S. J. D. Wage 1 7 S.
Charles Stevens 1 1 S. Levi Frisbie 2 1 N.C.
Jarvis Lloyd 1 8 S.C. Zebulon Frisbie 2 2 N.
Benajah Martin 1 4 N.C. Levi Frisbie Jr. 3 8.N.C.
William Warfield 3 6 S.C. Uri Cook 3 1 S.C.
Jesse Barnes 2 4 N.C. Joel Cook Jr. 1 8 S.
Wm. B. Robinson 1 8 S.C. Curtis Robinson 1 4 S.
Jesse Eastabrooks 1 1 S.  

From the above numbers and letters a diagram of the pews may be constructed showing the seating arrangements for the first year. Each year a new drawing for pew locations was made by a committee, usually appointed anew for that purpose.

Page 49

Addison Cowles 12     Jason Chaffee 12
Johnson Cowles
North Center
South Center
Eleazer Allis
Roswell D. Pitcher 11     Charles Cowles 11

Horace Barnes

Samuel Mathews 10   J. W. Browning 10 Correll Wells
Chauncey Frisbie 9 Silas Allis 9 L. Terrell 9. Joel Barns 9

Ithael Allis 9

Josiah W. Grant 8 Levi Frisbie 8 W. B. Robinson 8

Jarvis Lloyd

Sylvanus Wade 8

Joel Cook, Jr

Chauncey Grant 7 C. Frisbie 7

J.W Grant

M. Eastabrooks 7

Thrall Blair

Alvin Humphrey 7

J. D. Wage

Josiah W. Grant 6 C. Frisbie 6 Wm. Warfield 6

A. Eastabrooks

Nathan Payson 6
Silas Allis 5 J.W. Grant 5 Sylvanus Wade 5

Luther Chaffee

Samuel Wells 5
Lucius Fuller 4 Benajah Martin 4

Jesse Barnes

A. Humphrey 4 Rhoda Gredley 4

Curtis Robinson

James D. Newell 3 Theron Darling 3 Nathan Payson 3 Shubuel Wells 3
Theron Darling      
Asa Fuller, Abel 2 Lucy Cowles 2

Wm. Cowles

Samuel Wells 2 Theron Wells 2
Darling, Z.Frisabie      
  Levi Frisbie 1 Uri Cook 1 Jos. S. Browning 1

Charles Stevens

Jesse Eastabrook





The Reverend Christopher Corey served this church as stated supply in connection with the church of Pike from January 13 to April 13, 1828. The Reverend Burr Baldwin met with the session of elders on February 8, 1829 and arranged for a communion service and public renewal of covenant on the Lord's Day, February 15th, with the preparatory lecture to be on Saturday, the 14th. Mr. Jason Potter, a native of Plymouth, Conn., and his wife, Clarissa Tyler of Montrose, were admitted as members on certificate on the 14th. They had a large family, and Potterville gets its name from this family. On Sunday baptism was administered to Lucy Christiana, child of Liberty Sharp, and to Elizabeth, child of W. and Salome Humphrey.

Page 50

Jason Potter and Theron Darling were ordained elders August 28, 1829.

The Reverend Amos Bingham was stated supply from July 5, 1829 to February 1831. He administered baptism to Chloe and Rachel, children of Chauncey and Elizabeth Frisbie on August 16, 1829. On August 28th, "Elder Parley Coburn appeared in session on behalf of Asahel Graves, Hannah Graves, Molly Coburn, Polly Case, Mary Buffington, and Mercy Bowen, living in Warren, requesting a letter of dismission from this church with a view to their union with the church in Warren." It was voted that their request be granted.

Mr. C~cero Dimmick acknowledged his neglect of attending church in a communication to the church dated August 15, 1829, and asked the forgiveness of the church. In 1834 he became a member of the Methodist Church.

On September 12, 1829, Anson Collins and Nathan Payson and Betsy his wife requested the session to dismiss them from the Orwell church for the purpose of uniting the church at Warren. This was deferred for consideration.

In November, Mr. Joel Cook, Jr. was examined and received into church membership.

The same officers elected for 1828 were continued for 1829. For 1830 Uri Cook was chosen moderator of the proprietors of the meeting house. It was voted to have a committee of five chosen, "three from the Presbyterian, one from the Baptist, and one from the Societies to seat the proprietors." They were: Samuel Matthews, Levi Frisbie, Jr., Chauncey Frisbie, Joel Barnes, and Lucius Fuller. A transfer of a share in the meeting house was made by Sylvanus Wade.

"This may certify that I, Sylvanus Wade of Orwell Township for the sum of five dollars do hereby assign and set over to Zebulon Frisbie one share in the Orwell Presbyterian Meeting House which did belong to me.

Orwell August 25th, 1829 Sylvanus Wade." Joseph S. Browning sold his share to Luther Chaffee March 2, 1829. Samuel Matthews acquired two shares from James Smith and Roswell D. Pitcher and transferred them to Milton Humphrey. He also acquired one share from Thrall Blair, January 27, 1831. Silas Allis sold three shares to Jason Potter.

Other transfers recorded by Milton Humphrey were:

Jan. 4, 1832 - Abel Eastabrooks, 2 shares to Minor Taylor.

Jan. 4, 1830 - Abel Eastabrooks, 1 share to Comfort B. Chaffee.

June 6, 1831- Marcus Eastabrooks, 1 share to Joel Cook, Jr.

Jan. 4, 1832 - Alvin Humphrey, 1 share to Wyllis Brownson

Feb.29, 1832 - " " " " to Milton Humphrey

May 5, 1832 - " " " " to John W. Browning

Jan. 28, 1833 - S. Wade, 1 1/2 shares to John W. Browning

Jan. 16, 1833 - Roxeny Barnes, widow of Jesse, 1 share to John N. Barnes

May 4, 1833 - Milton Humphrey, 3 shares to Elijah Alger.

Page 51

Transfers recorded by Willys Brownson, clerk, were:

Aug. 24, 1834 - Asa Fuller, 1 share to Samuel Mathews

Dec. 18, 1833 - Samuel Mathews, I share to Hampton Champ lin

Jan. 6, 1834 - Luther Chaffee, cne-half share to J. W. Browning.

Jan. 3, 1835 - Estate of Samuel Wells, deceased to his heirs:

2 shares to Jemima Wells, 1 share to Theron Wells;

1/2 share to Shubael Wells, 1 share to Pantha Warner,

1 share to George Wells, 1/2 share to W. T. Brown.

Jan, 15, 1835 - Pantha Warner, 1 share to Morrjs Woodruff

Jan, 26, 1836 - John W. Barns, 2 shares to Benjamin Lyons

April 14, 1836 - J. D. Wage, 1 share to John W. Browning

In l832 the name of a new proprietor appears for pew number 12 on the tier of seats near the south side: Jason Chalfee. Also, B. Martin with the heirs of Jesse Barnes in pew number 8, in the center tier, north side.

At the annual meeting of the proprietors held January 7, 1833, with Theron Darling as moderator, and Johnson Cowles, temporary clerk; a committee of Chauncey Frisbie, Uri Cook and Wyllis Brownson was appointed to draft a constitution for the regulation of the Presbyterian meeting house in Orwell. The constitution was presented and signed Friday, February 8, 1833; with a request that it be sent to the Attorney General and the Supreme Court of this Commonwealth in June for their sanction.

At the annual meeting held at the Presbyterian meeting house Monday, January 6, 1834 Samuel Mathews was chosen Chairman; Wyllys Brownson, clerk. For the House Committee, Chancey Grant, Levi Frisbie and Czar Roberts were chosen. For the seating committee, Joel Barnes, Lucius Fuller, Comfort B. Chaffee, Theron Wells, and Samuel Matthews were to seat the proprietors by lot in the forty-two different pews.

At the annual meeting January 4, 1835, Wyllys Brownson was chosen moderator and also clerk. The trustees were requested to report their by-laws to an adjourned meeting one week later, which they did. William Warfield and Zebulon Frisbie were chosen trustees. The trustees reported the following by-laws:

No.1 There shall be five members of the congregation chosen annually for a seating committee in office for one year whose duty shall be to meet at the first Presbyterian meeting house in Orwell within ten days and make such alterations and changes as they shall deem necessary,

No. 2 The seating committee shall be chosen at each annual meeting of the corporation.

No.3 At each annual meeting of the society there shall be a moderator chosen from the members present.

No. 4 The by-laws of the corporation shall be subject to any alteration or amendment that may be thought necessary by and with the consent majority of the members present at any annual meeting of the corporation.

No. 5 The inspectors of the elections shall be chosen by nomination -

Page 52

whereupon Wi1liam Warfield, Levi Frisbie and Elijah Alger were chosen.

The seating committee for 1835 were William Warfield, Nathan Payson, J.W. Grant, Shubuel Wells, John N. Barnes. New names assigned to pews were - M. Taylor, 9, north wall; Morris Woodruff 12, North wall; H. Champlin, 8, north center; H. and C. Gredley, B. Martin, 10, south wall.

Nathan Payson was moderator of the meeting held.January 20, 1836. Comfort B. Chaffee, and James D. Newell were chosen trustees; Nathan Payson, treasurer. For the seating committee, Nathan Payson, William Warfield, Levi Frisbie Jr., Uri Cook and James D. Newell were chosen. Wyllys Brownson was clerk.

In 1837 Uri Cook was moderator, Zebulon Frisbie, secretary, and Johnson Cowles and Jason Potter were elected trustees. Liberty Sharp sold his share to Czar Roberts. John W. Browning sold his share to Wm. W. Browning, January 5, 1838.

Zebulon Frisbie was treasurer in 1839, and 1840. C. Frisbie and H. Champlin were trustees elected in 1840. William was a member of the I.O.O.F. and was father of Eustis Browning. He later worked in the Frost Furniture factory in Towanda, Pa., according to Darley W. Cowles.

Under date of July 12, 1839, Shubuel Wells sold three shares to A. G. Matthews.

The first volume of minutes of the annual meetings of the proprietors of the Presbyterian meeting house of Orwell, near Roberts Corners, came to a close with the year 1840. A second volume brings the records down to 1918. The second volume includes a copy of the minutes of volume one, and was found in the fall of 1949, after thirty years being mislaid, it being thought to have burned with the house of Mr. Ford. It was found in the garret of the Rodger Platt home on Orwell Hill.

Record of the shares transferred 1839 to 1845.
Date Name of Buyer Name of Seller No. of shares
Jan. 1, 1839 George Avery Chester Grant for Chauncy Grant 3.0
Jan.14, 1839 Morris Woodruff Jesse Eastabrooks 1.0
“ ” “ ”   Jarvis Lloyd 1.0
Jan. 3, 1835 Jemima Wells Samuel Wells Est. 2.0
  Theron Wells “ ” “ 1.0
  Shubael Wells “ ” “ 0.5
  Pantha Warner “ ” “ 1.0
  George Wells “ ” “ 1.0
  W. T. Brown “ ” “ 0.5
June 16, 1839 Dennis Darling Theron Darling 1.0
    Wm. Darling 1.0
    Major Darling 1.0
Jan.13, 1840 Samuel Lyons J. N. Grant 3.0
Feb.16, 1842 Jase D. Humphrey Milton Humphrey 1.0
May 2, 1843 Ira Bronson Wyllys Brownson 2.0


Page 53

Name of Buyer
Name of Seller 
Number of Shares
January 1844 
J. M. Cross
L. Fuller 
Jan.11, 1843 
William Matthews
Rhoda Gredly 
Jan.12, 1846
Major Be Darling
J. M. Cross 
Feb. 3, 1846 
H. Z. Frisbie
Silas Allis
May 7, 1845 
Cyrus Cook
Wm. Matthews
Jan. 11, 1847
Cyrus Cook
Charles Stevens 
March 4, 1851
Czar Roberts
Wyllys Brownson
Mar. 14, 1845 
J. D. Humphrey 
J. M. Cross

At the annual meeting of the shareholders of the Orwell Presbyterian Meeting House held January 4, 1841 Deacon Joel Cook was elected moderator, Joel Cook, Jas. D. Newell and Johnson Cowles were appointed election inspectors, Minor Taylor and Johnson Cowles were elected trustees, and Zebulon Frisbie elected treasurer.

"Slips" for rental of pews were sold to the highest bidders, excepting a few which were drawn by lot, according to the "rule of l840". The amount realized from the sale of slips was $11.38 in 1841. This was used for the care of the church building. The annual contracts for the care of the church were as follows:

"No. 1. The contract for making fires, washing and sweeping House and cleaning Stove pipe in the Meeting House for the year 1841 Struck off by publick outcry to _. W. Warfield for the sum of two dollars and. twenty-five cents - $2.25."

"No. 2. "The contract for getting wood for meeting house for the year 1841 Struck off to C. Frisbie for the sum of One dollar and fifty cents.

"No. 3 "The contract for making new Platform in front of Meeting house in form and fashion like the old one and to be finished in one month, Struck off to Wm. Cowles for five dollars - $5.00."

The treasurer’s report showed $11.27 received from sale of slips of previous year.

On January 10, 1842, it was "Resolved that Trustees furnish candle-sticks and Candles for the use of the house." In 1844 a contract to furnish ten pounds of candles for One Dollar and five cents was taken by George Avery. One pair of brass candlesticks and snuffers for the pulpit, one dozen long tin candlesticks and ten short tin candlesticks, and a trunk in which to keep them all, were purchased for $3.58.

The officers elected at the annual meetings of the Society from January 3, 1842 to January 1, 1849 were as follows:

Date Moderator Inspectors Trustees Treasurer

Jan. 3, 1842 Ira Bronson James D. Humphrey Nathan Payson Zebulon Frisbie

John W. Payson Edward C. Bull

William Cowles

Page 54

Date Moderator Inspectors Trustees Treasurer
Jan. 2, 1843  Ira Bronson Czar Roberts

H.W. Barnes 

William Cowles

A. G. Matthews 

Jas. D. Humphrey

Zebulon Frisbie
Jan. 1, 1844 Nathan Payson  Czar Roberts

Minor Taylor 

J. Cowles

Benjamin Lyons George Avery  Zebulon Frisbie
Jan. 6, 1845 Nathan Payson J. W. Browning 

Horace W. Barnes

J. W. Payson

William Cowles 

C. B. Chaffee 

J. W. Payson
Jan. 5, 1846 C. B. Chaffee Zebulon Frisbie 

Hany Gridley

John W. Payson

Zebulon Frisbie 

H. L. Frisbie 

J. W. Payson
Jan.13, 1847 Chauncey Frisbie Zebulon Frisbie 

A. G. Matthews 

Czar Roberts

Chauncey Frisbie

Ira Bronson

J. W. Payson
Jan. 3, 1848 C. Frisbie
  1. Woodruff 
J. W. Browning

Zebulon Frisbie

Morris Woodruff

Hampton Champlin

J. W. Payson
Jan. 1, 1849 C. Frisbie Joel Cook

Hampton Champlin

Zebulon Frisbie 

Johnson Cowles
  1. G. Matthews
Zebulon Frisbie 
Wm. Cowles


The contract for building the fires, sweeping the house and lighting the house for 1849 was awarded Pitt Payson at $2.00

In 1846 a deed was made by Dennis and Ruby Darling to Benjamin Lyons and the other trustees for a lot or parcel of land on the Ridge Road between Dennis Darling and William Cowles with ten rods fronting the road and extending east 20 rods, containing one acre and forty perches (200 square rods), for use as a public burying ground. This has come to be known as the East or Darling Cemetery. (Page 131, Minutes of Trustees). The property was located on the "Wysox to Warren" road, had ten rods frontage, 20 rods deep, running easterly on the line between Dennis Darling and William Cowles.

Page 55



(Orwell Ridge Road, West Side, midway between Potterville

Road and Road from Ridge to Orwell Village)

AZUBAH, Relict of Samuel Chaffee

Died Sept. 28, l834, ae. 74 years.

Samuel Wells, died Mar. 20, 1827

Aged 55 years 7 mo. & 20 d.

Theodore F. Wells,

Died Sept.29, 1850, aged 22 yrs, 2 ms, & 2 d.

LORANE, Wife of Orvil Hoyt,

Died June 28, 1846, aged 37 years 10 months & 10 d.

Jane, Dau. of Orville & Lorane Hoyt

Died Oct.30, 1847, ae. 19 yrs 9 mos & 22 Da.

Alanson, Son of Orvil & Lorane Hoyt,

Died June 21, 1851, aged 12 yrs 1 mo & 5 d.

Sabra D., Daughter of Wm. T. & Cynthia D. (Wells) Brown,

Died March 3, 1849, Ae. 15 y's & 22 D.

"She’s gone _______ _________ daughter

Why should we mourn or shed a tear

She’s freed from trouble

Why should we wish her back again?"

Infant son of Wm. & Cynthia D. Brown

Died Mar. 1, 1832

Pantha, Wife of Stephen M. Warner

Died Dec. 5, 1858, Aged 53 yrs. & 6 mos.

In Memory of Maranda, Wife of Theron Wells,

Died Feb. 1, 1869, Aged 78 yrs. 7 mos. & 28 D. M. W.

Separate foot stones with initials: J. W., R.E.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Azubah Chaffee was the great-great-grandmothor of Mrs. Frank Dimock of Wyalusing, Pa. Azubah was born Sept. 3, 1760, the daughter of John and Dorothy Sanger of a family of 18 chi1dren. Azubah Sanger married at Woodstock, Ct., May 25, 1783 Samuel Chaffee, who was born at Woodstock June 9, 1760, and died there Oct. 20, 18l3. She lived with her son Luther in a square, frame house at the four corners of Wells

Page 56


Hollow in Orwell township. The "all" part of the house was built for her use. She was a pensioner of the Revolutionary War.

Miranda (or Maranda), wife of Theron Wells, who died February 1, 1869 at the age of 78 years, 7 months and 28 days, was a daughter of Samuel and Azubah (Sanger.) Chaffee. She was a sister of Luther Chaffee who was born October 26, 1787, and married, first Amy Browning; second, Julia Waterman, born March 4, 1810, at North Haven, Ct., daughter of William and Miriam (Thorpe) Waterman; Julia died at Sayre, Pa., in 1895 with burial at Tioga Point cemetery. Her daughter, Alice Emily Chaffee, married George N. Johnson of LeRaysville, (son of Joel), and was the maternal grandmother of Mrs. Frank Dimock (nee Alice E. Pierce.), who remembers her grandmother taking care of the Chaffee lot in the old cemetery where the inscriptions were found. (See page 55).

According to Mrs. Frank L. Dimock, SAMUEL CHAFFEE was born in Woodstock, Ct., June 9, 1760, died there October 20, 1813, married May 25, 1783 at Woodstock AZUBAH, born September 3, 1760, daughter of John and Dorothy Sanger, one of a family of 18 children. She died at Orwell at her son Luther’s home. SAMUEL CHAFFEE was a teacher and farmer. He entered the Revolutionary Army July 5, 1780, when quite young, as a drummer boy, and was present at the execution near Tappantown, N. Y. October 2, 1780, of Major John Andre, British officer captured as a spy, after meeting with General Benedict Arnold to arrange for the betrayal of West Point. SAMUEL CHAFFEE was discharged from the Revolutionary Army December 4, 1780 (Connecticut Men in the Revolution, Page 155). He was the son of Ebenezer, one of ten children who was baptised October 3, 1731, a Congregationalist.

SAMUEL CHAFFEE and his wife AZUBAH SANGER had thirteen children:

1. Sarah Adams, born July 3, 1784) married Wilkes Sharpe.

2. Lucy, born October 1, 1875, married Joseph Dean.

3. Luther, born October 26, 1787, married 1st Amy Browning, 2nd Julia Waterman, was great- grandfather of Mrs. F. L. Dimock.

4. Polly, born May 3, 1789, married 1st Daniel Browning, 2nd Artemus Johnson. (Buried in Stevensville Cemetery, with white stone marker giving complete record).

5, Miranda, born June 3, 1790, married Theron Wells.

6. Danforth, born March 3, 1793, married Edna Luther.

7. Jason, born June 9, 1794, married Fanny Gridley.

8. Lucinda, born May 18, 1796, married Walter Tucker, Jr.

9. Ebenezer, born September 18, 1797, married Phil Farnum.

10. Alice, born July 18, 1799, Married lst Josiah Conant,

11.  Abiel, born, 1800, Woodstock, Ct., died November 30, 1803.

12.  E1iza, born April 2, 1803, married Asa Robinson.

13.  Ezra, born April 12, 1806, married Sylvia Bennett.

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