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Orwell Churches History by V. C. Detty
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Victor Charles Detty, Pastor Federated Church

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This photo from the Detty book is of the Congregation of
the Orwell Federated Church in 1938

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1897 – 1926

When Volume III of the records of the session was opened a revised list of members was entered on the first page and is here given-

(dates of death added later)

Samuel N. Bronson, died July 7, 1899

Hampton Champlin, died November 18, 1914

Harriet K. Champlin died September 4, 1926

George C. Frisbie, died July 1, 1908

Lydia T. Eastman, diedOctober 18, 1900

Amanda Newell, died September 1905

Charles Nash Beers, died June 6, 1908

Calvin J. Eastman, died February 5, 1920

Mary Frisbie, died March 7, 1924

Henry Howe, died March 11, 1915

Addison C. Frisbie, died March 1910

Ann M. Frisbie, died January 1914

J. P. Coburn, died October 2, 1911

Helen Mary Howe, died May 27, 1936

Alice Rose Howe, died December 1926

Ordelia Frisbie, died

Gertrude H. Coburn, died January 12, 1911

Martha R. Payson, died September 11, 1926 (Mrs. I. W. Ford)

Ella Cowles, died December 2, 1933

Frank I. Champlin

Charlotte Farrar died

Frederick V. Frisbie, died 1926

Ira Warren Ford, died November 20, 1929

Arthur Boyd Howe

John Major Cowles, died February 19, 1938

Flora Asenath Bronson, Married Charles Willis Eastman

Carrie Aurelia Beers, dismissed July 1, 1906

Lelia Jane Howe, dismissed August 14, 1898

Kate Salmon Eastman, dismissed February 11, 1906 to Orwell M. E.

Church, died June 12, 1952

Mary Lucretia Champlin (married Frank Shoemaker) died January 30, 1950

Lois Dell Coburn (married Irvin L. Howe) died November 1934

Carrie Elizabeth Coburn (married James Eastman) died August 28, 1948

Mrs. L. DeWitt Griswold, died 1924

Jennie Manley Chubbuck, dismissed December 3, 1922, Monroeton.

Nellie Norton, dismissed March, 1916, Arlington, Wash.

Henry Grant Newell, dismissed May 8, 1898, died 1947

Alice Evelyn Case, dismissed February 1909, Black, PA.

Cora Loretta Case, dismissed February 22, 1905, Nichols M. E.

Winnie Dennison Howe, dismissed August 19, 1906, Orwell M, E.


Irvin Lincoln Howe, (married Lois Dell Coburn), died 1947

Mrs. Lucy Aurelia Eastman, died October 28, 1900

Miss Florena Belle Eastman, dismissed March 26, 1899, died January 13, 1918

Lillie May Eastman (married December 26, 1909, Charles P. Chubbuck)

Grace May Matteson, dismissed January 13, 1900

Sarah Robeina Matteson, (married November 29, 1898, Earl H. Farrar)

Mrs. Lois Beers, died February 26, 1931

W. Eaton Frisbie, (lived with his son Russell E. till his death at the age of

94,March 20, 1947)

Mrs. Clarice J. Wilber, died 1901.

Alice A. (Kennedy) Champlin, died February 1, 1934

Miss Ann Julia Platt (married Fred Tyrrell) was dismissed to Gibson

Corners M. E.

Gertrude Sarah Coburn, dismissed August 22, 1909

Lottie Matteson, dismissed August 20, 1905

Mrs. B. G. Howe, dismissed June 3, 1907, Waverly Presbyterian.

James Eugene Eastman (married June 28, 1899 Carrie E. Coburn).

Mrs. Eliza Barnes, died September 15, 1900 at Owego, NY.

Miss Susan Lyon (sister of Ezra) died November 13, 1900.

Kate Lenoir Frisbie, died

The Church Session met September 19, 1897 after church service with the following present:Rev. David Davies, Elders H. Champlin, C. N. Beers and S. N. Bronson, clerk.This was the first meeting recorded in Volume III of the session minutes and church records.Mrs. Matilda Owen Howell was given a letter of dismission to the Presbyterian Church in Nichols, N. Y.An application for aid from the Board of Home Missions was made out, giving number of communicants, 43; average attendance at worship, 50; amount of aid asked, $150.00; salary promised by church, $250.00; average per member, $5.85; total salary proposed, $700.00 (including salary by Rome); House rent cost, $50.00.

Mr. Henry G. Newell was dismissed to the Gaston Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, Pa., May 8, 1897.Mrs. Cynthia Howe (wife of William, mother of Bernie) died at Orwell May 19, 1987.

Mrs. Leila Jane (Howe) Bronson, wife of Ira L., dismissed to the Methodist Church of Winnsboro, La.

On July 9, Helen Decatur, previously baptized and Ora Struble met with the session before church service and were examined for membership.They were voted in, and Ora Struble was baptized at the service following.They were already members of the Sunday School.

At the meeting of the session on July 23, note was taken of the death of the clerk, Elder Samuel N. Bronson July 7th.A minute was made of his efficiency and untired faithfulness after nearly 30 years of service as ruling elder.The minutes were signed by the newly-elected clerk, V. Champlin.


SAMUEL NEWTON BRONSONwas born July 2, 1825, son of Samuel Squire Bronson and his wife Ursala Humphrey, daughter of Giles Humphrey and Elizabeth Case, his wife, both of West Simsbury, Conn.Samuel N. Bronson’s father, a physician, died at the age of 39 years, and Samuel then made his home with his uncle Ira Bronson (born 1784) who brought him to Orwell in 1839.His brother Lyman H. came also to Orwell, and two sisters:Laura and Perintha.

Ira Bronson married Laura Frisbie born January 1, 1790, daughter of Levi and Phoebe Gaylord Frisbie.He bought of Asa Carpenter a home in Orwell.He returned to Connecticut, bringing with him the four children of his brother who had recently died.They were:Lyman, Samuel, Cynthia and Perinthia.They lived in the “red barn” while the old house purchased from Asa Carpenter was taken down.The new home was “raised” July 4th, 1840.A big dinner was prepared for the men for there were heavy timbers used in building.Ira Bronson died twelve years later in 1852 after a brief illness with pneumonia.James D. Humphrey took possession of the place, inheriting nearly all of Mr. Bronson’s property.His wife, Laura Eastabrooks Bronson, was the adopted daughter of Ira Bronson.She was the daughter of Abel and Catherine (Frisbie) Eastabrooks, her mother dying at an early age, and her father and brothers going to live at Milledgeville, Ill.Later the home was owned by Hampton Champlin, Senior,Mr. Humphrey moving to Towanda, Pa.He was father of Charles D., grandfather of Walter Humphrey of Towanda.The house became the home of Mr. And Mrs. Frank C. Shoemaker, and a picture may be seen elsewhere in this book.

In 1856 S. N. Bronson purchased a tin and cooperage shop at Orwell, and put one or two peddlers on the road selling tinware and notions.He did business at the store building now bearing the name ofJ. P. Cowles & Son.He invested extensively in real estate business, was town treasurer seven years, and town clerk five years.He married July 21, 1853, Margaret Garretson of Wilkes- Barre, Pa., daughter of Stephen and by this marriage a daughter, Edith May, was born who married L. Dewitt Griswold.His wife dying in 1861, Mr. S. N. Bronson married second, nine months later, Mrs. Caroline C. Ellsbree of Warren, Pa., widow of James T. Ellsbree and daughter of Samuel Lyon, by which marriage there were two children”Ira Lincoln, born May 20, 1865 and Flora A., born September 19, 1867 who was married August 4, 1890 to Charles Willis Eastman.Ira L. Bronson became a Methodist minister, has three sons:Ira L., Paul Newton and George Raymond.(Page 664, H. C. Bradsby, History of Bradford County, Pa., 1891).Caroline C. Bronson died June 24, 1920, at the home of her son, Nelson, Nichols. N. Y.

Rev. Ira L. Bronson, retired and living in Orange City, Florida in 1946, married first

Miss Leila Howe, sister of Irvin L.He visited during last summer with his sons at Mansfield, Ohio.The eldest son, Ira Lee Bronson, was born March 31, 1898, baptized in August, married January 4, 1923, Frances Beatrice Reisch, has a son Ira Calvin Bronson, born October 4, 1924.They live at 72 S. Linden Road, Mansfield, Ohio, where Ira Lee Bronson is private secretary to the president of the Ohio Public Service Co, which serves around 60,000 people with electricity and gas.

PAUL NEWTON, second son of Rev. Ira L. Bronson, was born September 29, 1903, married December 1, 1928 Dorothy Ear Carlson, and they live in Portland, Connecticut, where he is agent for the Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada.He graduated from the Wesleyan University at Middletown Conn., just across the Connecticut River from Portland.He has served twice as state representative at Hartford, Conn.Mr. And Mrs. Paul N. Bronson have three sons:Charles Ira, born November 6, 1929; William Raymond, born June 24, 1931; John David, born June 26, 1935.


GEORGE RAYMOND BRONSON,third son of Rev. Ira L. Bronson, was born October 16, 1909, married February 14, 1924, Margaret Meister.A graduate of Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., he is assistant manager of the large apparatus sales division of the Ideal Electric and Manufacturing Co.,

Mansfield, Ohio.

The Rev. Mr. Bronson, although retired, preached five times in Orange City last year, and leads the singing in the Sunday School he attends.His mother, Mrs. Caroline C. Bronson, died June 24, 1920.His sister Flora, (Mrs. Charles Willis Eastman) lives at 40 East Miner St., West Chester, Pa.Her husband died March 16, 1940.The Rev. Mr. Bronson married, second, a widow with several grandchildren, her son having died, and he cheerfully helped to raise that family, finding time to write beautiful letters to former associates.

In February 1900, a session meeting was held in the afternoon, after the regular church service, and Mr. Adam Kier was received by letter from the M. E. Church at North Ghent.He married Alice E. Case (Strange) May 31, 1899.Miss Bessie Huston and Miss Lulu Matteson, sister of Sarah, were baptized and received into church membership February 11th.They were members of the Christian Endeavor Society and Sunday School.Miss Matteson, married March 9, 1902, George Manchester, lives at Orwell.Mr. D. W. Cowles and his wife (formerly Mertie Allen), were received by letter from Rome.The number of communicants reported at the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 1900) was 46; Sunday School membership 55.$200.00 was paid on the minister’s salary.The local women’s Missionary Society gave $6.00 to missions.

Miss Grace Matteson was dismissed to a Presbyterian Church in Syracuse, N. Y.,

January 13, 1901.

The following program is given because it shows the remarkable interest in the work

of the Sunday Schools in the 1900’s.


P. E. Lott, PresidentRev. N. W. Barnes, Vice-President

Mrs. E. A. Howe, SecretaryGertrude Cowen, Treasurer


…………………(believed to be 1904 or 1905)………………….

Afternoon –1:30

Song Service

InvocationRev. Hugh Jones

Paper“The Work of a Secretary”Mrs. I. W. Ford


SongHazel and Easel Chubbuck

RecitationRuth Cooley

DialogueElery and Edward Cass

Paper“Some Idols that hinder Sunday School Work”Mrs. E. A. Howe

RecitationViola Elsworth

SoloJosie Eastman

RecitationLee Wheaton

Paper“Music in the Sunday School”Genevieve Cowles

(She was given credit in English when school opened in the

fall by Mr. Reilly, first Orwell High School Principal)

RecitationMaud Chaffee

Paper“The preparation necessary for successful teaching”H. Champlin

SoloNellie Stevens

Paper“The Ideal Teacher”Hugh Alger

Quartette Mrs. Burt Wells, Mrs. E. A. Howe, A. W. Marshall, E. J. Barnes

Paper“The aim in Sunday School Work”Elizabeth Hamilton

DialogueFlorence and Lynn Manchester

“Temperance”Mrs. S. A. Chubbuck

Evening --- 8:00

Song ServicePotterville Choir

AnthemHelen Moore

RecitationHugh Alger

SoloPhilip Reilly

PaperLaura Jones

RecitationLulu Jillison

QuartettePotterville Sunday School

RecitationBeth Matteson

SoloMaud Brewer

DuetLinnie Cook and Genevieve Cowles

AnthemPotterville Choir

SoloNewton Cass

AddressRev. Cavanaugh, Rome, Pa.

BenedictionRev. Barnes

NOTES –Every paper will be thoroughly discussed.

Come prepared to take part.

The Potterville people will entertain for supper.

Mr. Fred E. Lott cared for the church building in 1900 for $22.00.Mr. E. H.

Farrar did it the year before for $17.46.

Four members died in 1900:Mrs. Eliza Barnes (nee Champlin) at Owego; Mrs. Lucy

Aurelia Eastman (formerly Brown) Mrs. Lydia T. Eastman (formerly Mann) and Miss Susan


Lyon, daughter of Benjamin and Betsy Lyon.Susan was baptized August 10, 1837 by Rev. Isaac Todd.Mrs. Clarrissa J. Wilber died during the next year at Towanda.She was the mother of Edna A.Wilbur who married Robert Reed Cook.(See picture of R. R. Cook family, Rome Church History).

The church reported that in the year ending March 31, 1902, expenditures had been made for repairs and redecoration $45.00, and new flag stones for the church grounds, $28.00.A legacy of $500.00 left by Elijah B. Gibbs furnished some of the funds for these improvements.Auditors appointed were:E. H. Farrar, D. W. Cowles, and Adam Keir.Seven men pledged a load of wood each, F. C. Brainard tookcare of the church for $21.00.

Mr. Frank Shoemaker joined the church by confession and baptism January 3, 1903.He had married December 27, 1902, Miss Mary Lucretia Champlin.

Extensive repairs to the church were made by Mr. Ben L. Frisbie in 1905, costing $359.00, in addition to $199.00 for new seats and pulpit, which were later transferred to the Federated Church, $84.00 for a new carpet, and $25.00 for new lamps.The Methodist Church was used for nearly five months while repairs were being made.Mr. D. W. Cowles was elected secretary of the trustees

Miss Lottie Matteson was given a letter of dismissal to the M. E. Church at Lestershire, N. Y., August 5, 1905, and Mrs. Frank Brown, formerly Kate Salmon Eastman, one to the Orwell M. E. Church, February 11, 1906.Lottie Matteson Whaler died February, 1918.Milton Shoemaker of the same church was admitted by letter February 18th.Six young people from the Sunday School and Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor were examined by the session for church membership this same day.Three of them had not been baptized and were admitted to that sacrament, and they were all received into the church.They were Arthur L. Ford, Elizabeth Ford, Edna A. Wilbur, Paul Manville Wilbur, Josephine I. Eastman and Beth Matteson.Arthur Ford died at Van Etten, N. Y., April 28, 1943, survived by his second wife Edna Huddel Ford, a daughter of Mavis, by his first wife Hazel Barnes who died March 13, 1923, Mrs. George White of Honeoye Falls, N. Y., and Shirley Mae Ford, his daughter by his 2nd wife, at home; a granddaughter LindaAnn White, a sister, Mrs. Clayton Morris and two brothers, John Howard (deceased March 6, 1949), and Claude, the last three of Orwell.Elizabeth married Clayton Morris and lives on the Wysox Creek road in Orwell township.Edna A. Wilbur married Robert Reed Cook, who died in 1943 and has eleven children, all baptized in the Presbyterian Church of Rome, Pa.She took a letter to Rome September 3, 1911.Manville Wilbur operates a farm in Rome Township and with his wife and two of his children are members of the Rome Presbyterian Church.Josephine Eastman married Reeve Gorham (deceased) and is living a

Springfield Mass., had two daughters, one being Mrs. Robert Moore.Her granddaughter, Edith Irene Moore, born October 28, 1939, was baptized June 9, 1940 at Orwell.Her other daughter, Georgianna, married at Springfield, Mass., August 9, 1947, Mr. Frederick H. Bletzer of Springfield.Beth Matteson, sister of Mrs. George Manchester married George of Endicott, N. Y.

Mrs. E. B. Arnold, formerly Carrie A. Beers, mother of Raymond B. of Sayre, was dismissed by letter to the Athens Presbyterian Church, July 1, 1906.Mrs. Winnie Howe Clubbuck, first wife of Charles P. Chubbuck, was granted a letter to the Orwell M. E. Church August 16th.


Mr. Edward Y. Boardman died at North Orwell in 1906; his wife, Ruby H. Frisbie, daughter of Zebulon and Polly (Goodwin) Frisbie, died in 1905.

On January 14, 1907 three elders were elected to the session; Ira W. Ford, F. I. Champlin, and D. W. Cowles, James E. Eastman and Frank Shoemaker were elected Trustees and F. I., Champlin, Treasurer, Mrs. B. G. Howe was voted a church letter to the Presbyterian Church of Waverly, N. Y., June 3rd.

Flora Beers and Frances Champlin appeared before the session July 7, 1907 for examination for membership and were admitted to baptism and the church.Flora was the daughter of Elder Charles N. Beers and his second wife Lois (Wilber) Owen Hill.Flora married Lester L. Ackley, son of Mr. And Mrs. Edward Ackley, and lives in Binghamton, N. Y., where she transferred her membership to the Bellevue Heights M. E. Church having had two children baptized at Orwell April 12, 1925:Dorothy Lois and Raymond Lester Ackley.Dorothy Lois, a registered nurse, born August 27, 1917, married December 25, 1949, Mr. Ernest Gilson of Syracuse, N. Y., born February 8, 1918, where they reside at 113 Judson St., and they have a daughter, Joyce Ann Gilson.August 5, 1942.Raymond Lester Ackley, born January 13, 1920, married June 27, 1940Miss Margaret E. Ames of Liverpool, N. Y., born February 19, 1921, and they have a son, Lawrence Wayne Ackley, born July 16, 1943, and live at 115 Judson St., Syracusae N. Y. and belong to Calvary Baptist Church.Raymond Lester Ackley served three years with the Marines, and Earnest Gilson served his country in Alaska in government work.

Frances Champlin was an adopted member of the home of Frank I. Champlin and his wife Alice Kennedy Champlin.She was a twin of Jack Allen Cowles, indentured son of Darley W. Cowles.She married Byron G. Jacobs, they live at Windham (R. 3, Nichols, N. Y.), and have these children:Norman Richard, Alice Ruth, Frances Yvonne, William Bryce, Jeane Shirley, Robert Ramon Jacobs.

(1)Norman Richard Jacobs was born at Orwell, Pa., December 4, 1918, enlisted and was in the service to his country four years, two overseas in 175th Signal Corps; now in the employ of Tyrrell Feed Co. of Nichols, N. Y.

(2)Alice Ruth Jacobs was born at R. D. 3, Nichols, N. Y., October 24, 1919, is employed in restaurant at Los Angeles, California.

(3)Frances Yvonne Jacobs, born at R. D. 3, Nichols, N. Y., February 3, 1921, has a home at Saco, Pa., and is employed by Sylvania Co. at Towanda, Pa.She married Donald Miller of Rome, Pa., July 3, 1942.Donald was employed in a garage at Towanda.They both joined the Presbyterian Church at Saco by letter; she from Windham Methodist; he from Rome Presbyterian.

(4)William Bryce Jacobs, born at R. D. 3, Nichols, N. Y., January 26, 1922 enlisted in standing Army before War No. II; was two years

(5)overseas in the first ship to Africa; then in V-Day attack; while on guard his left leg was shattered by a grenade shot from a rifle.The

Germans left him for dead.This occurred at St. Lo, France.For his four years in service in the U. S. Army he received the Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster and also wears the presidential Citation for bravery in action.On December 12, 1944, he married Miss Irene L. Ovelette of Leominster, Mass.They now reside at Fort Devens, Mass., where he went to work for the government as soon as fitted with an aluminum leg.He belonged to 16th Infantry, Ist Division.They have two daughters, Cheryl Ann, born May 18, 1946; and Linda Marie, born in June, 1947.

(5)Jeane Shirley Jacobs was born August 22, 1923.She married January

10, 1942, Elmo E. Mason of Owego, N. Y., who is employed by the Grange-League Federation at Owego, N. Y.Jeane is at home at Windham except when aiding with musical entertainments.

(6)Robert Ramon Jacobs, born April 10, 1932, is in U. S. Army in Korea.

All except Robert were baptized I Methodist Church at Windham, now dissolved.

Mr. George C. Frisbie, father of William K., died July 1, 1908 at his home adjacent to the Methodist Church.

Rev. Hugh Jones, a Congregational Minister, began supplying the pulpit in October 1908.Dr. Peter H. Brooks, representing Lackawanna Presbytery, came to Orwell in January for the Week of Prayer.He preached each evening and visited with an elder in homes each day.He again filled the pulpit on Temperance Sunday, urging use of local option elections.

Elder Charles Nash Beers who lived where Mr. And Mrs. D. W. Cowles reside, died June 6, 1908.The session clerk wrote, “Elder C. N. Beers, a strong Christian character, an untiring worker in the Lord’s Vineyard, a prudent business man, the friend of the needy, after something over seventeen years service as ruling elder in this church has on this date gone to his reward.We mourn, and yet rejoice, for with the eye of faith we behold the months of suffering have blossomed into joy unspeakable; where the wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”

The family line of Elder Beers is here given.He, born the son of John and Sally (Howe) Beers November 18, 1835, married first, December 10, 1862, Mary Elizabeth Cowles who was born September 28, 1840, died August 17, 1887, the daughter of William and Mary (Woodruff) Cowles.(Russell Genealogy, p. 63)Charles N. and Mary Elizabeth Beers had the following children:

(1)Frederick E. Beers, born August 11, 1864, died November 12, 1910.

(2)Carrie Aurelia Beers, born January 17, 1868, died June 29, 1940.She married October 8, 1890, Edward Bliss Arnold who was born January 8, 1867, died December 29, 1939.They had three children:(a) Raymond Beers Arnold, born July 8, 1891, married December 1, 1917, Dorothy Stephens (born September 15, 1891) was active in the celebration of the P. P. Bliss Centennial in 1938, and vice-president of the P. P. Bliss Memorial Association.They live at Athens, Pa.(b) Lt. Floyd


Elmer Arnold born October 20, 1892, died November 18, 1918 in France from wounds received in World War I.

Floyd Elmer Arnold enlisted in World War I in the spring of 1917.Received the

Commission of 2nd Lt., and left for France January 4, 1918.He was sent to several different training camps in France and early in the summer received the commission of First Lieutenant.He was sent ‘over the top’ seven times, being twice wounded in the July 18th to 24th engagement at Soissons, France.He was never able to return to the Front, having been severely gassed as well as receiving face and leg wounds.He died in a Paris Hospital in France November 18, 1918.He received 3 citations for Bravery from the U. S. Government and the French government gave him the “Four – or – gee’ for Exceptional Leadership and courage above the ordinary.”

(c)Marion Elizabeth Arnold, born March 31, 1897, married August 8, 1934, David Roy Mellon on November 23, 1938.They lived in 1943 in Youngstown, Ohio at 4019 Euclid Blvd.

(3)A third child of Charles and Mary E. Beers was Cora C. Beers, who was born July 27, 1870 and died February 22, 1881.

Charles N. Beers, married second, August 17, 1892, Mrs. Lois (Wilbur) Hill, who was born August 4, 1855 and died February 26, 1931.Two children survive:Wilburn Beers and Flora Beers Ackley.

(1)Wilbur Beers, born July 25, 1895, married Marion Rowe born October 27, 1904, and they have four sons:(a)Wilburn Wade, born October 10, 1927; (b) Charles, born January 10, 1927; (b) Charles, born January 5, 1930; and (c) Stanley E., born November 12, 1932, and (d) Ralph Edward, born April 9, 1945.

They live at Wysox.Wilbur Wade Beers married February 21, 1948, Miss Beverly Jean Ingerick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ingerick of Wysox.

(2)Flora Beers, born September 23, 1896, joined Orwell Presbyterian Church at age of 11 years, married Lester L. Ackley.

Rev. P. H. Brooks conducted communion Sunday morning October 4, 1908 and preached in the Methodist Church in a union service at night.The Rev. Milton Lewis Cook preached twice on October 11th.A scarlet fever quarantine in January, 1909, caused the session to postpone the first quarterly communion until April, after which the supply services of Rev. Hugh Jones were continued.Alice Evelyn Kier, formerly Case, was dismissed in February to the Methodist Church at Black, PA.She was the wife of Adam Kier.She died April 27, 1942 at the age of 72 at the home of her son Gilbert in Smithfield township.She had another son Clifford in Ulster, and a sister Mrs. Cora Shoemaker in Nichols, N. Y.


A balance of $367.00 in the treasury was reported January 28, 1909.John Major Cowles and William Frisbie were elected Trustees.

An individual communion set of trays and glasses was presented by Elder Hampton Champlin to the church and first used April 4, 1910, in a service conducted by Rev. Hugh Jones.On October 2, 1910, baptism was administered to John Howard and Claude Warren Ford, John A. Cowles, William Willis and Leland D. Howe (son of Irvin L.).

The Rev. Moses Roberts began supplying pulpit service in June.His wife, Mary Margaret was enrolled a member August 14th.She was dismissed April 2, 1911 to Linsmore, Minn.Elder Hampton Champlin attended the fortieth anniversary of the Lackawanna Presbytery in 1910 at Wyalusing, were 40 years before the Old School Presbyteries of Luzerne and Susquehanna joined with the New School Presbytery of Montrose to form a new Presbytery of Lackawanna.He and his father-in-law, Elder Hiram Stevens of Stevensville had attended the meeting in 1870.

In February 1911, the church united with Rome and Wysox in calling Rev. Fred V. Frisbie of Bloomsburg to supply the churches for a year or more at a salary of $800.00 and parsonage furnished as follows:

Wysox furnish manse, pay $325,Mission Board add $50.00-$375.00

Rome pay $100.00Board add $25.00$125.00

Orwell pay $250.00Board add $50.00$300.00

Total $800.00

The report to Presbytery March 31, 1911 showed 46 in Sunday School, 36 communicant members, contributions $323.00, including $12.00 contributed by Women’s Missionary Society,I. L. Howe

Elected Treasurer.

Mr. J. P. Coburn (son of Algernon Sidney Coburn and grandson of Parley Coburn) died October 2, 1911, having been a member of the Orwell Church 41 years, and secretary of the Board of Trustees for 27 years.He served one term in the Pennsylvania legislature, an enlistment of 3 years in military service in the Civil Warn, never being absent or off duty a day from his brigade.He was a loyal and liberal supporter of the church.He was librarian of the Orwell Library, incorporated in 1876.He married in September, 1871, Harriet Gertrude Barnes, a school teacher and they had four children”Sidney L., Lois Dell (Mrs. Irving L. Howe), and Carrie E. (Mrs. Jas. E. Eastman) and Gertrude (Mrs. George U. Eastman).He operated a general store at Orwell for forty years.The store was located on the northeast corner at Orwell village, and the home was next door, a part still standing and now the summer home of Mrs. S. J. Bellis of Waverly, N. Y.His wife, Mrs. Gertrude Coburn, died January 12, 1911 at Orwell.Mrs. James E. Eastman had a list of all pupils enrolled in the schools her mother taught from 1859 to 1868.

The Rev. Fred V. Frisbie was unanimously called as pastor of the church at a congregational meeting held April 14, 1912, and was duly installed by Presbytery.The pastor led the church in a prayer service on April 27, 1913 in response to an appeal made by the Chinese government to Christian Churches of China for prayers for guidance to a wise solution of the problems besetting that government since the revolution.The Women’s Board of Home Missions asked American Christians to join their prayers with those of the Chinese on this day of prayer for China.


Bruce Evans took care of the Church for one year for $24.00.

Donald Champlin Shoemaker, infant son of Mrs. And Mrs. Frank Shoemaker was baptized January 28, 1912.Mrs. Ann M. Frisbie (nee Newell), widow of Addison, died in January, 1914.

On January 29, 1914, after the Thursday evening meeting, including preparatory lecture previous to communion the following Sunday, the session met and examined John Clifton Cowles and Eustace Eastman Cowles, sons of John Major and Flora Belle (Eastman) Cowles.They were accepted for membership, to be baptized the next Sunday, February 1, at which time they were publicly received.Eustace, born in 1901, died August 13, 1933 at Philadelphia, Pa., leaving his wife, formerly Florence Stranberg, and a son, John Douglas Cowles, born April 30, 1930.His widow married W. J. Olson who lives at 466 Stratford Ave., Elmhurst, Ill.

J. Clifton Cowles, born May 17, 1899, married August 30, 1922, Ethel Chaffee who was born May 12, 1898, daughter of Lincoln and Sarah (Titus) Chaffee.They live at Orwell, operate the store there and have two children, Jean Marie, born June 2, 1926, graduated from Orwell High School in 1943; and from Mansfield State Teachers’ College class of 1948, and John Clifton, Jr., born December 18, 1937.Jean Marie married Renwick Lundy, son of George and Verna (Claggett) Lundy.

Arlene Naomi, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Morris, was baptized May 10, 1914.

Wesley Coburn Eastman and Gerould Eugene Eastman, members of the Sunday School, sons of James and Carrie Coburn Eastman, were received; into church membership May 14, 1914 on profession of faith and baptism.Wesley, born May 13, 1900, married June 27, 1925, Beulah Cary of Okmulgee, Okla.She was born May 9, 1899.They have three children:Anne Carryl, born September 17, 1926; John Wesley, born May 10, 1935; and James Coburn born December 30, 1938.He is now a member of the Religious Society of Friends and lives in Honesdale, Pa., where he teaches.Anna Carryl Coburn went in the fall of 1951 for a three- year period of missionary service in the Belgian Congo.

Gerould Eugene Eastman, born January 1, 1902, married June 16, 1928, Phyllis Manchester of Potterville, who was born February 20, 1906.They conduct a large poultry farm business on Orwell Ridge and have children:Gerald Eugene, Jr., born January 4, 1932, a member of the class of 1953, Pennsylvania State College; Lois Elpha, born February 23, 1937; James Edwin, born December 18, 1939; and Carl Justus born December 15, 1943.

On November 18, 1914, Hampton Champlin, Jr., passed to his eternal home having been a member of this church 62 years, or from April 3, 1952.He was faithful in attendance upon all services of the church.For 27 years he was the leader of the mid-week prayer meetings excepting times supplied by the ministers.For many


years he led union prayer-meetings.He could well remember having attended Sunday School 75 years, and his mother took him previous to those years.The pleasure of his life was found in giving time and money to maintain the church and all its regular services.For 59 years his home was open to ministers when the church was supplied temporarily by non-residents, this being the time he enjoyed the help of his life companion, Harriet King Stevens, granddaughter of Rev. Salmon King who supplied this church as minister for 12 years in its early connection with Warren.
Elder Frank I. Champlin, son of Hampton, was elected clerk of the session in the place of his father.He is still serving after 33 years.He was elected trustee February 25, 1915.
Henry Howe, father of Irvin L., died March 11, 1915.

The centennial of the organization of the church was celebrated Saturday and Sunday, September 4th and 5th, 1915.The original “Orwell and Warren Church” Congregational, was organized September15, 1815, became Presbyterian in 1824 from which organization the Orwell Church was separately formed I;n 1830, continuing as the Orwell Presbyterian Church ever since, although federated with the Orwell Methodist Episcopal Church in 1925.

The occasion was one of great interest, descendants of the early members being present from Towanda, Athens, Waverly and other places.Not in the least in interest was the male quartet furnished by the First Presbyterian Church of Elmira, N. Y., and led by Levi Frisbie who died at Binghamton, N. Y., October 30, 1944, grandson of Levi Frisbie, Jr., who was a member of the Orwell Church from 1830 to his death in 1889.Following is a copy of the program.


Saturday Afternoon, September 4.

1:30Singing, Congregation, led by Calvin J. Eastman

Invocation, Rev. Hugh Jones, Psalms 97-99, Red by Rev. W. T. Evans

Address – “Jesus’ Method of Evangelism” . . . . Rev. David R. Evans, Athens

2:00Address --- “Some Modern Church Problems” . . . . Rev. J. S. Wolff, Towanda

2:20Singing ---“I Love Thy Kingdom Lord’

Address--- “Our Sunday Schools” . . . rev. C. H. Snitcher, Wyalusing

2:40Intermission, Followed by Singing by the Choir.

3:00Address---“The Country Church as an Educational Factor”Rev. W. T. Davies, Ulster


3:00Greeting from Churches, Warren, LeRaysville, Potterville, and other Churches represented.

“Some Memories of Our Ministers” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. H. S. Champlin

“Anecdotes and Reminiscences” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Ella D. Cowles

“Our Elders” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank I. Champlin


Benediction, Rev. Mr. Savacool

Sunday, September 5

10:30Service, With Historical Sermon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rev. F. V. Frisbie

12:00Sunday School Meeting, led by Frank I. Champlin

Paper – “Our Sunday School” . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .Mrs. Martha P. Ford

Followed by Testimony and Conference

1:00 Lunch

2:00Words from Visitors, Especially from Former Members and Descendants of the

Fathers and Mothers of the Church.

3:00Sermon .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rev. Milton Cook

Service Closed by Doxology.


Arrangements - - F. V. Frisbie, John M. Cowles, James E. Eastman

Entertainment --Mrs. Milton Shoemaker, Mrs. Lois Beers, Mrs. Carrie Coburn Eastman.

Correspondence and Invitation --Frank I. Champlin, Mrs. Alice Kennedy Champlin, Flora Beers

Music--Calvin J. Eastman, Mrs. Flora Eastman Cowles, Frances Champlin.

Transportation – I. Warren Ford, Wesley Coburn Eastman, Frank Shoemaker

Mrs. Flora Cowles, wife of John M., was elected Treasurer in 1916.After her death, January 13, 1918, her son, J. Clifton Cowles, was chosen in her place.


A church letter was given Elinor Norton Alger to the Arlington Congregational Church, Washington, March 16, 1916.Mr. Leon M. Crandall, school teacher, and his wife, formerly Grace Wolfe, were received by letter from the Presbyterian Church at Monroeton, January 21, 1917.They were dismissed April 11, 1920 to Towanda.They now (1946) live at Huston St., Montgomery, Pa.In June the session and congregation adopted unanimously a resolution pledging loyalty to the United States Government for the prosecution of the war till the victory for freedom and peace among all nations.

In November 1918, union evangelistic services were held with the Methodist Episcopal Church, the pastor of that church having engaged the services of Burton Rines, evangelist, who held meetings for 11 days, fairly well attended but with no additions to either church.The Orwell Presbyterian Church gave part of the compensation ($70).

Since January 1, 1919, union services were held with the Methodist Church every Sabbath.Previously union services had been held every fourth Sabbath since 1911.

The church was asked to raise $75, in the New Era Movement for advance in missionary and benevolent giving.The amount was raised in the year closing March 31, 1920.During the year closed two members were lost by death:Calvin J. Eastman (February 5, 1920) chorister for 50 years; and Kate Frisbie Elsbree, wife of Nelson Elsbree, and second daughter of Addison Frisbie.The Sunday School reported 45 members in union with the Methodists.Total funds raised, $415.00.

In 1920, Jack Allen Cowles (indentured son of Darley W. Cowles) was granted a letter of dismissal.He was a twin brother of Frances Champlin Jacobs, R. 3, Nichols, N. Y.He now lives at Wellsboro, Pa.In April 1921, Florina Marie and Lucile Elenor Cowles were received members upon their confession of faith, daughters of John M. and Flora Belle Eastman Cowles.Their mother had died January 13, 1918.They were baptized April 10th.The session minutes read also; “Since the legacy which has been drawn upon to make up deficiency in amount pledged to minister’s salary is nearly exhausted and also that we have lost several contributing members, it was decided that the canvass of contributors will warrant us in pledging for the coming year only $200, instead of $ was also decided to make application to Presbytery for only $25.00”the legacy referred to was the $500 left by Elijah Gibbs about 20 years before.

Maurice Woodruff (grandfather of Arthur E. Woodruff of Wysox), who always enjoyed the “donation” parties, gave $25, to take the place of his donations gift after his death.

On July 13, 1921, Mrs. Leafe Ann Boardman Cowles, (daughter of Abel and Elinor (Smith) Boardman), second wife of John M. Cowles, was baptized and admitted a member of the church.Her first husband was Walter Brewer (son of Rodney Brewer) the father of her three children:Mildred E., Theresa E., and Truman W.

(1)Mildred E. Brewer, born April 14, 1901, married January 1, 1919, Walter E. Parkhurst, has children Patricia Ann, born October 15, 1935; Sandra Jean, born January 21, 1938.They live at 205 North Baldwin St., Johnson City, N. Y.

(2)Theresa E. Brewer, born April 24, 1904, a twin with her brother Truman, married December 6, 1924, L. D. Case (son of S. Case), now divorced.She lives at 201 North Baldwin St., Johnson City, N. Y.

(3)Truman W. Brewer was adopted by his mother’s brother, Jay Boardman, taking the Boardman name.

Truman W. Boardman married Nanette Valcon, lives at 1605 North Bronson St., Hollywood, 28, California.


Rev. Fred V. Frisbie resigned as pastor to accept a call to the Sparta First Presbyterian Church at Groveland, N. Y. in November.Rev. A. M. Brown, superintendent of suburban work in presbytery, preached November 20th, and declared the pulpit vacant.He also conducted a communion service March 26, 1922.The Rev. J. A. Blacklock conducted similar services in July and October.Mr. Brown met with the session on December 3rd, and a letter was given Mr. E. E. Chubbuck to Monroeton.On December 7, a report of the moderator’s council of Lackawanna Presbytery affirming action of Binghamton Presbytery forbidding Rev. J. A. Blacklock to preach in any Presbyterian Church in the bounds of Presbytery, was read.

Miss Mary E. Frisbie, who became a member in 1866, died at Potterville, Pa., March 7, 1924.She was the daughter of Zebulon and Polly (Goodwin)Frisbie, and was born October 6, 1849. a sister of Addison C. Frisbie.Mrs. D. W. Cowles, formerly Mertie E. Allen, died April 4, 1925.She was a faithful worker.

On April 12th, Martha Elnora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Morris was baptized.On April 19, 1925, Russell Eaton Frisbie, son of Eaton W. Frisbie, was accepted a member on confession of faith.

In November, Donald Champlin Shoemaker, (son of Frank and Mary C. Shoemaker) was enrolled a member upon examination and confession of faith at a meeting of the session in the home of Mrs. Harriet King Champlin.

Mrs. D. W. Cowles, formerly Bernice (Grenell) Mingos, was received a member by letter from the Athens Baptist Church November 28, 1926.During 1926, three members died:Mrs. Harriet K. Champlin, Mrs. I. W. Ford (nee Martha Payson), Mrs. Abbie Rosa (Howe) Platt, wife of Alonzo Arad (“Lon”), the last a member 56 years.She had a daughter, Mrs. Fred Tyrell, who lives at Owego, N. Y.Mrs. Harriet K. Champlin joined the church at Merryall January 2, 1853, was a member of both churches 73 years..