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Autobiography of Rev. Thomas S. Sheardown
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An Auto-Biography 
By Thomas S. Sheardown

Published 1865

Original Book Submitted to 
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by Roland Elliott, 
a Tri-County Guest from its beginning

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Barbara COMSTOCK Coy
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This Book in Included in its Entirety on this site
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by
Joyce M. Tice

This book is well worth reading for the glimpse it gives us of life and people in the very earliest days of white settlement in our Tri-County area. It is full of hellfire and brimstone in Rev. Sheardown's most dramatic style, but do not let yourself be put off by that so that you miss all the history it can tell us of our area. Just as we want to know the names and dates of our ancestors, we want to know their world and events and the social pressures and attitudes they dealt with. Rev. Sheardown's early presence in this area included contacts in all three of our counties. Take a trip back 200 years, and if nothing else,  it may help you appreciate some of our advantages a little better. We are very grateful for the glimpse Rev. Sheardown has preserved for us. JMT
    Title Page
    Publisher's Notice 3
    Prefatory Remarks 11
Chapter I 1791 - 1814 Early Life in England 21
Chapter II 1814 - 1821 Removals - Settle in America 47
Chapter III 1820 - 1826 Life in Seneca County 71
Chapter IV 1826 - 1830 Pioneer Joys and Sorrows 85
Chapter V 1829 - 1836 Labors in Pennsylvania 127
Chapter VI 1830 - 1860 Evangelizing - Revival Incidents 187
Chapter VII 1844 - 1852 Reading and Jefferson Fields 261
Chapter VII 1852 - 1865 Hornellsville - Southport - Troy 287
  Appendix Answers to Inquiries 317
  Appendix Dates in the Life 319
  Appendix Tribute to Mrs. Esther G. Sheardown 321
  Appendix From Rev. Benj. R. Swick 324
  Appendix Sketches of Sermons 326
  Appendix A Fugitive Epistle 329
  Appendix Mrs. Esther G. Sheardown 337
  Appendix From Eben B. Campbell, Esq. 339
  Appendix History of the Troy Church 347
  Appendix The Chemung Association 351
  Appendix Corrections 361

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/06/2000
By Joyce M. Tice