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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

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Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
1883 14-Mar D Aldrich, Leander buried at Mansfield "last Saturday"
1883 5-Dec D Allen, Charles  d. Union Twp. last week Wednesday, age 83, bowel aliment
1883 25-Jul D Allen, George F. drowned July 10 at Newport, R.I. In his 19th yr.., son of late Prof. F. A. & Mrs. Allen, Mansfield
1883 14-Mar D Amsden, James B. d. Grand Rapids, Mich. March 2. His wife is bu'd at Mansfield
1883 21-Mar D Andrews, Mrs. Charles d. "last week Monday" near Millerton
1883 21-Mar D Archer, Dr. Robert H. d. Darlington, MD "recently, bro. Of Henry S. Archer of Wellsboro
1883 16-May D Austin dau. Of Mr. Austin of Austinville d. Monday, age 2 yrs. 9 mos.
1883 14-Feb D Austin, Hobbie d. Morris Run "last Wednesday" in 90th yr. (or 70th?), burial in Mainesburg
1883 17-Oct D Babcock, Mrs. William d. Nelson last week, typhoid
1883 26-Dec D Bailey, Cephas d. Elmira, N.Y. Sunday in 78th yr. Pneumonia. Left 2 sons, Harrison C. of Mansfield, Capt. R. C. of Elmira, & 2 daus. Buried at Hollidaytown
1883 28-Nov D Bailey, Mrs. John W. d. Wellsboro last week Monday
1883 28-Mar D Bailey, Rockwell d. last Sunday in Wellsboro
1883 23-May D Baker, George F. of Rutland d. Elmira, N.Y. recently of measles, son of Emmett Baker
1883 11-Jul D Baker, Joseph d. Arnot Wednesday, struck by lightning
1883 16-May D Baker, Mrs. Herbert of Mardin d. last Thursday of measles. Husband d. 2 days before. She dau. Of William Clemons of Charleston
1883 10-Oct D Barlow, Lucius C. d. Eau Claire, WI Sept. 22, age abt. 23, bu'd Middlebury one day last week, heart dis., formerly of Charleston
1883 31-Jan D Barnes son of A. F. Barnes of Wellsboro d. "last Wed." of brain fever, age 2
1883 6-Jun D Barnes, Robert d. Wellsboro, age 5, run over, son of ed. Of Agitator
1883 17-Oct D Barto, Miss Carrie  d. Knoxville last Frday
1883 14-Mar D Berry, Mrs. Alvina d. State Line Sunday, age 74, widow of John, mother of Mrs. George Turk of State Line
1883 21-Nov D Bigler, John d. country home, Wellsboro, recently, age 80
1883 10-Jan D Bixby, Edward M. d. Tioga Thursday in 30th year, ed. Of "Express"
1883 4-Jul D Brace, Arthur d. Mill Creek last Friday, son of Horace
1883 30-May D Brewster, Lewis d. Blossburg of Cancer
1883 7-Mar D Brewster, Luther H. d. near Lindley, N.Y. March 6 in 69th yr. In accident. Father of L.AS. Of Lambs Creek & Mrs. C.B. Gaylor of Mansfield. Funeral at Mansfield. Born 16 June 1813 Cook Station, N.Y. Wife (wod d. 10 Sept. 1882) was Mrs. Olive Palmer, 6 chidlren. See also 3/14 & 3/28
1883 12-Dec D Brewster, Mrs. Orris d. Sullivan Twp. Nov. 30 age 57, dropsy, born 18 July 1826 in Conn. nee Davenport, m. June 1841, had 7 children (not named)
1883 12-Sep D Briggs, Jacob d. Southport, N.Y. last Saturday. Father of Will Briggs & son-in-law of H. L. Johnson of Mansfield
1883 15-Aug D Brown, Mrs. Henry d. Covington August 5
1883 28-Nov D Brownell, Mrs. J.T. d. Auburn, N.Y. Saturday, former res. Of Mansfield
1883 31-Oct D Brownlee, Mrs. Robert d. Freeman Run, Potter Co., Oct 11 age 86, mother of Hon. Hugh Young of Wellsbor
1883 25-Apr D Bulkley, Mrs. Charles d. Osceola "recently
1883 28-Feb D Bull, Col. W. H. of Bath, N.Y., d. "last Thursday" age 88, one of the oldest settlers, father of Mrs. A. F. Barnes of Wellsboro
1883 4-Jul D Bull, Richard d. Mansfield June 28 in 72d yr., a native ob Brighton, Sussex, Eng. - father of Albert of Mansfield
1883 11-Jul D Burcanshire, Laurence d. Arnot Wednesday, struck by lightning
1883 11-Apr D Burdick, Mrs. Lucinda d. Osceola recently
1883 14-Feb D Bush, Tunis d. Wellsboro "last week Monday", came originally from Cortland Co., N.Y.
1883 3-Jan D Carlisle, Janie Arnot Dec. 9, 1882, diphtheria, dau. Of George & Sarah, age 10.
1883 3-Jan D Carlisle, Sarah Arnot Dec. 22, 1882, diphtheria, dau. Of George & Sarah, age 7 yrs., 9 mons.
1883 12-Sep D Carr, Lowell d. Little Marsh last Saturday, heart dis.
1883 9-May D Caulkins, W. A. d. last Friday Rochester, N.Y., suicide, native of Tioga, wife dau. Of James McKernan of Mardin, left 3 children. Son of H. W. Calins of Elmira, N.Y. Bu'd in Tioga
1883 14-Feb D Chamber-lain, W. S. d. Rutland Twp. "last week Saturday"
1883 11-Apr D Clark, William P. of Broome Co., N.Y. d. recently at his son's in Osceola
1883 18-Apr D Clemons 2 child. of L.S. Clemons d. Blossburg "last week" of diphtheria
1883 3-Jan D Clemons, Eddy d. E. Charleston Thursday, age 12, son of Charles.
1883 28-Nov D Codney, Mrs. William d. Blossburg Thursday
1883 22-Aug D Cole, Miss Sally d. Lawrenceville recently, age 66
1883 4-Apr D Copp child of John Copp buried last week, Covington
1883 4-Apr D Corwin, Mrs. Samuel d. Chatham Twp. last Wednesday in her 21st yr.
1883 23-May D Crawford, Deborah Relick of late John Calkins, d. East Charleston May 17, 1883 age 78, born Saratoga, N.Y. 12 May 1805, came with father Archibald Crawford to Chemung Co., N.Y. 1822. Had 6 children: Mary d.y., Ephraim W., Elmira, N.Y., Mrs. Jerome Scott, Charleston; Sarah A. (Mrs. John) Richardson, Port Allegany; Henry D., Blossburg; Alma T. (Mrs. Albert Tipple), Charleston
1883 28-Mar D Crippen, George P. of Rutland d. Monday
1883 5-Sep D Cummings, Edwin J. d. Coldwater, Mich. Last Wednesday, age abt. 51, bro. Of L. Cummings of Mansfield, consumption
1883 31-Oct D Curran, Mrs. Horace d. Jackson Summit Oct. 21 of dropsy
1883 25-Apr D Curtis dau. Of William d. Mansfield "last Thursday", age 10 mos.
1883 26-Dec D Daley, Mrs. M. d. Covington Saturday, "aged"
1883 21-Mar D Dartt, Mrs. Arrabel O. d. Friday, sister of V.R. Pratt & dau. Of Robert Pratt. Left 4 children. Bu'd Dartt Settlement
1883 2-May D Davidson, Isaac d. Lawrenceville last week of cancer
1883 31-Jan D Davis, Mrs. of Cherry Flats found dead "last Thurs.", age about 80, widow
1883 12-Dec D Davis, Russell d. Mansfield today in 63d yr.
1883 7-Mar D Degroat, Mrs. of Knoxville d. "last Thursday week
1883 3-Jan D Dewey, J.E. Cherry Flats Dec. 2, 1882 in 23d yr., typhoid, left widow.
1883 17-Jan D Dilliatin, John d. Tioga Monday, left widow, no other relatives in this country
1883 17-Oct D Doane, James d. Knoxville last Frday
1883 15-Aug D Dorsett, John d. Lambs Creek last Sunday in 756h yr., was resident of Peekskill, N.Y., heart dis. Bro. Of M. H. Dorsett of Lambs Creek, bu'd there
1883 11-Jul D Doud, C.M. d. Mainesburg July 3, cancer, age 46 (see also July 25)
1883 21-Mar D Doyen, Herman d. Mitchell's Creek "last Sunday" March 18, age abt. 23, left mother & 4 sis. Bu'd Mainesburg (see 3/28)
1883 1-Aug D Dudley, Miss Orpha d. New York City July 8 in 26 yr. Came from Liberty where bur'd
1883 7-Feb D Edgerton, Mrs. David  d. Sullivan Twp. January 18 age 84, b. in Conn. came to Lawrenceville, PA, when young, had 9 children, 6 alive, husband d. 7 yrs. Ago
1883 10-Oct D Ellis, Irvin d. Mill creek last Friday, wagon accident, left 1 child
1883 6-Jun D Ernest, Mrs. d. Steuben Co., N.Y. last Tuesday, mother of W. S. Ernest of Mansfield. Left 5 sons & 1 dau.
1883 14-Feb D Farrer, William Sr. of Covington d. "last week Tuesday", age 94
1883 28-Nov D Fellows, Erastus d. Wellsboro last Wednesday, age 84, been there 63 yrs. Left 2 sons in Missouri, Mrs. A. M. Spencer, Canoe Camp & Mrs. E. J. Purple of Wellsboro
1883 17-Jan D Fern, Frederick d. Knoxville Jan. 6 age 23
1883 15-Aug D Fisk, Mrs. Betsy d. Farmington August 9 age 76
1883 25-Apr D Forsyth, James d. Wellsboro April 13. He came here from Maryland
1883 4-Jul D Foulkrod, Isaac d. Liberty recently, an old settler, b. Philadelphia, PA 21 Aug. 1796, came to Liberty 1831
1883 8-Aug D Fralic, Benjamin d. suddenly Monday in Richmond Twp. in 83d yr. Father of Mrs. William Hutchinson, the late Mrs. Henry Allen & a son of Medina, N.Y.
1883 13-Jun D Frazier, Robert d. Brookfield Sunday, logging accident, unmmaried
1883 28-Feb D Fulford, Charles shot dead in Niles Valley last Sunday, left wife & child
1883 1-Aug D Gardner, J.N. of Westfield d. last Sunday
1883 26-Dec D Garrtett, Cyrenus d. Westfield Dec. 20
1883 20-Jun D Gaylord, George  d. last Saturday in Elmira, N.Y., son of Kenyon Gaylord of Mansfield
1883 29-Aug D Gaylord, Mrs. Alvin d. Mansfield last Monday, age 79
1883 21-Feb D Gibson, Mrs. Habbard H. d. __, buried "last Tuesday" in Wellsboro, born Happy Mathers
1883 19-Sep D Granger, Dr. L. d. Lawrenceville Thursday, ben her 40 years, born New York State
1883 12-Sep D Graves dau. Of Fred L. of Blossburg d. last Wednesday of scarlet fever, age 2 yrs. 2 mos.
1883 22-Aug D Gray, Charles G. d. Covington Monday, August 13, age 30, son of Victor M. Gray, left wife, (sister) Nanch Smith of Benjamin Smith, no children. (See Aug. 29)
1883 11-Jul D Griffiths, Isaac d. Thursday in the woods, logging accident, resided in Blossburg, left wife.
1883 21-Mar D Hanville, Mrs. Caroline d. Wellsboro, bu'd last Thursday
1883 10-Jan D Henan, Mr. of Antrim and Babbs' d. in Antrim Thursday, bu'd Blossburg
1883 2-May D Hichcox, Ambrose d. Mansfield April 24 (?) at res. Of Rev. J. S. Palmer, burial at Mansfield
1883 27-Jun D Hillier, Mrs. Sarah T. d. Mansfield June 21, age 64 yrs., mother of 7 - John of Mercer Co., William & Mrs. A. B. Cummings, both of Harrisburg; Mrs. T. H. Bailey, Mrs. J. A. Elliott & Mrs. C. E. Claus & S. W. Hillier, all of Mansfield
1883 24-Jan D Hoag, Mrs. C. P. d. last week from railroad acc., former res. Of Wellsboro.
1883 17-Oct D Hogand, Mont.  d. Pontiac, N.J. Sunday, bu'd Covington where parents live
1883 11-Apr D Hollands child of William d. yesterday in Mansfield
1883 26-Dec D Howe, John  d. Armenia last Thursday, age 78, early settler of Bradford County
1883 7-Nov D Howell son of William H. & Mary Stothoff Howell of Antrim d. recently, diphtheria
1883 14-Mar D Humphrey, Mrs. W. T. d. Osceola "last Saturday"
1883 16-May D Husted, Miss Effie d. Blossburg last Tuesday, age 22 yrs. 5 mos.
1883 16-May D Ide, Mrs. Oliver d. last Thursday age 36, left 3 children, dau of Georg Holden
1883 7-Feb D Ives, Betsy of the "poor house" d. last week Wednesday, age almost 98, came from Tioga.
1883 8-Aug D Kelley, James d. Wellsboro last week Tuesday of apoplexy, been there 50 years, m. 50 years a few months ago, left 4 children
1883 10-Jan D King, Mrs. of Sullivan Twp. d. last Friday at home of her dau. Mrs. J. G. Argetsinger, Mansfield, age 83.
1883 7-Feb D Kinner, Marcus d. Millerton "last Thursday" at his brother Miles'
1883 10-Jan D Kinney, Miss Mary d. Tioga age 72 (no date)
1883 26-Sep D Kinney, Mrs. Hannah d. Blossburg last Friday, dropsy
1883 22-Aug D Kinsey (Kinney?), Niles V. d. Lawrenceville last week Tuesday, Civil War vet.
1883 28-Mar D Kinsey, James R. d. Lawrenceville last Tuesday, age 76
1883 1-Aug D Knisley, Mrs. Isaac formerly of Westfield, d. last week Tuesday at Corning, N.Y., heart dis.
1883 25-Jul D Knox, John C. d. Lawrenceville last Wednesday, consumption, left 2 bros. & a sis., bur. Wellsboro, son of late Hon. John Knox, grandson of Judge Kilbourn
1883 21-Feb D Kreager, Nancy d. Liberty last Saturday, b. Feb. 10, 1825 and died on that day.
1883 25-Apr D Lanigan, Aggie d. Lambs Creek "last Tuesday", age 6
1883 2-May D Lanigan, Bridget dau. Of John of Lambs Creek, d. there Saturday, funeral at Corning
1883 7-Nov D Leib, George K. of Wellsboro d. last Friday on Asaph Run, heart dis.
1883 15-Aug D Leiby, Mary d. Mainesburg Aug 5 in 10th yr., kidney dis.
1883 24-Oct D Lewis, John H. d. Morris Run Monday, mine accident
1883 12-Dec D Lorenz, Mr. B. d. Wellsbor last Wednesday, consumption
1883 3-Jan D Loveless, Mrs. Prudence buried Tioga last Thursday, age 76
1883 24-Jan D Lull, Hon. J. K. of Morris d. Tuesday, age 89, pioneer of the Butternut Valley.
1883 21-Nov D Luxemberger, Augustus d. near Ansonia __, been missing since Nov. 3, robbed & shot
1883 24-Jan D Marble son age 29 and dau. Age 11 of widow Marble of Arnot d. recently (prob. Diphtheria)
1883 18-Jul D Markham, William d. last Wednesday at Knoxville, a fall, left several children
1883 4-Apr D Marvi, Gus d. Blossburg last Sunday week, age abt. 40
1883 7-Mar D Maynard, Cyrus of Covington buried "last Tuesday", age 71
1883 21-Mar D Miller, Mrs. Lafayett (Sarah) d. Millerton "Last Saturday week", left 3 children, buried at Alder Run
1883 26-Dec D Moore, Thomas d. Morris Run last Friday, an old resident
1883 31-Jan D Morris, Ellis T. d. Mansfield "Last Wednesday" of diphtheria
1883 31-Jan D Morris, Reese W. d. Mansfield "Last Wednesday" of diphtheria, same, brothers.
1883 17-Jan D Murdaugh, N.D. of Daggett's Mills d. Wednesday in logging accident, bro. Of J. S. Murdaugh of Mansfield
1883 9-May D Nelson, Alexander of Arnot d. last week, age abt. 54, left a large family
1883 7-Nov D Owens, Charles d. Mansfield Monday, age abt. 58, left 1 child
1883 14-Feb D Packer, Dr. Nelson d. Wellsboro "last Thursday" age 68, pneumonia, father of Hon. Horace D. Packer
1883 22-Aug D Palmer, A. B.  d. Corning, N.Y. last Thursday, b. near Roseville, parents reside at Austinville, PA. where buried, age abt. 40
1883 5-Dec D Palmer, Miss Nellie L. d. Millerton Nov. 24, age abt. 14
1883 30-May D Patchin, C. M. d. Mardin Monday, in his 50th year, an early settler, pneumonia, no children, related to Andrew J. Patchin, Tioga Junction.
1883 17-Jan D Pearson, Will d. Stokesdale, age 32 (no date)
1883 12-Dec D Perry, Mrs. G. D. d. Tioga of consumption, age 56, (no date)
1883 25-Jul D Peters, Rev. Alpheus d. July 20, age 83, b. Benson, Vt. 1800, been here since 1809, wife was Nancy Landon of Canton. Been in Mainesburg since 1842. Left: D.S., Mainesburg; Mrs. Smith of Delmar; Mrs. Russell Davis, Mansfield; Miss Electa of Philadelphia; Harvey, Painted Post; George, Michigan
1883 17-Oct D Phelps, John M. d. Mansfield last Saturday in 53rd yr., left wife & son Charles A.
1883 28-Nov D Piper, David of Troy d. last week Monday of injuries in woods near Blossburg a few weeks ago
1883 9-May D Pitts, James d. Packwaukee, Wisc. April 9 age 82, bro. Of Apolos Pitts of Richmond Twp. Born at Ft. Ticonderoga, N.Y. 15 Nov. 1801, came to Tioga Co. with fater, m. Arvilla Mudge 55 yrs. Ago, 7 surviving children
1883 9-May D Plank, Isaac of Westfield d. in Addison, N.Y. Monday morning, burial at Westfield
1883 13-Jun D Potter, Mrs. Hiram buried in Wellsboro Friday, sister of Hon. J. B. Potter
1883 29-Aug D Reid, James d. Blossburg Tuesday, left 3 children
1883 9-May D Reynolds, William of Landrus married last week in Avon, N.Y.
1883 2-May D Robbins, Commodore d. Covington "last Friday' of pneumonia, "an old Resident"
1883 14-Nov D Robbins, Mrs. Kate d. Millerton last Saturday
1883 28-Mar D Rowland, James d. Buffalo, N.Y. Jan. 29 in his 73d yr. Father of W. A. Rowland of Mansfield
1883 20-Jun D Rumsey, Floyd d. June 16 in his 27th year (Where?)
1883 1-Aug D Rusling, Miss Bertie d. Lawrenceville last week Wednesday at home of uncle J. F. Rusling, consumption, age 18
1883 30-May D Seabury, Mrs. Samuel d. West Lawrence last Monday
1883 12-Sep D Searles, Mrs. Ellen d. Daggetts Mills last Friday, left a daughter (see also 9/19)
1883 7-Feb D Shields, Charlie d. Blossburg "last week Friday" of diphtheria, age abt. 8, son of W. A. Shields
1883 25-Apr D Skinner, Levi d. Cowanesque April 19
1883 6-Jun D Sly, Mr. A. d. Bear Creek (near Tioga) last Tuesday, father of Eugene and Charles Sly of Tioga
1883 12-Dec D Smith, Mrs. Cynthia d. Delmar last Friday of cancer, bu'd in Mainesburg, dau. Of late Alpheus Peters
1883 18-Jul D Snyder, Augustus B. d. last Thursday at (Gaines?)
1883 21-Mar D Sprague, Mrs. Alonzo d. Wellsboro "recently", left large family
1883 27-Jun D Steinman, Charles d. Blossburg last Sunday, left wife & 4 children
1883 21-Nov D Stiles, Mrs. of Sunderlandville d. last Saturday, suicide (2)
1883 7-Nov D Stoddard, Howard d. West Lawrence recently, age 72
1883 23-May D Strait son of M. B. Strait d. Mansfield Monday, typhoid
1883 20-Jun D Strait, Asa d. Bath, N.Y., bro. Of Abel Strait of Wellsboro
1883 8-Aug D Sullivan, William  d. __, formerly of Arnot, buried at Blossburg, apoplexy
1883 8-Aug D Tanner, Mrs. d. Sulvania last Friday, suicide, dau. Of Charles G. Smith of Sullivan Twp.
1883 25-Jul D Thomas, Mrs. E.D. Mrs. E. D. (Minerva L.) d. Union Twp. a few days since, age 48.
1883 22-Aug D Tilburg, John of Mansfield d. at county home, Wellsboro, last week Tuesday, age 56
1883 14-Feb D Vadam dau. Of Andrew of Blossburg d. Saturday in a railroad accident, age about 8
1883 31-Oct D Van Dyke, Mrs. John d. Landrus September 19, fever, dau. Of Sydney Fields of Sullivan Twp.
1883 28-Mar D Van Horn, Mrs. P. of Delmar d. __, bur'd Wellsboro last week
1883 14-Feb D Wakeman, Mrs. E. B.  d. "last week" in Virginia, mother of Mrs. M. M. Miller of Wellsboro. Buried in Wellsboro
1883 13-Jun D Walz, Augustus d. Lawrenceville last Tuesday, age 76
1883 21-Feb D Waters, Curtis M. d. Arnot Feb. 10 of diphtheria, son of Dr. D. C. & Susan Waters, age 5
1883 14-Feb D Waters, Stella d. Lambs Creek February 3, age 7 mos. Dau. Of Hiram
1883 31-Oct D Watkins, Louis E. d. Rutland Twp. Oct. 21 in 34th yr. Of consumption, left 1 child, wife dau. Of George Tanner of Rutland, m. 10 years
1883 26-Sep D Webster, Mrs. d. Sullivan Twp. a few days ago
1883 30-May D Welch, Harry d. Blossburg last Friday in railroad accident, son of Henry W. of Blossburg
1883 9-May D Welch, Jeff d. last Wednesday, burial at State Road Cem.
1883 19-Sep D Welch, Joshua (Josiah in 9/26 issue) d. near Mainesburg
1883 24-Oct D Wells, George of Ogdensburg d. Wednesday, October 10, age 76, pneumonia
1883 14-Feb D Wells, Rev. Edward D. d. Lawrenceville "Sunday", age 83
1883 21-Nov D Welton, Norman d. Unadilla, N.Y. age 76, only bro. Of Mrs. J. D. Smith of Mansfield
1883 17-Jan D West Isaac of Pike Mills d. last Monday in log accident, age 35, left widow, funeral in Delmar Twp.
1883 11-Apr D Westbrook child of James d. Saturday
1883 28-Mar D Westbrook, A. H. of Tioga d. today, left 3 children
1883 30-May D Wheeler Merrin J. d. Mansfield Friday in 30th yr., wife was Clara Holden, b. in Leona, PA, left 1 dau., consumption
1883 1-Aug D Wheeler, J.C. of Wellsboro d. last Friday, railroad acc., left 7 children, age 52, born in Chenango Co., N.Y.
1883 29-Aug D Whitcomb, Willis D. drowned in Tioga river last Sunday, age 19, son of J. A. Whitcomb
1883 23-May D Whitman, Miss Allie M. d. recently in Canton, Pa. Born at Covington 24 Jan. 1855
1883 25-Apr D Wickham, Joseph P. d. Flshing, N.Y. in 84th year, father of J. P. of Tioga, Bro. of B. C. & Anna 
1883 7-Feb D Wilcox, John of Alder Run d. "last Tuesday"
1883 30-May D Wilson, Mrs. Betsy d. Rutland Twp., widow of Samuel, left son Silas
1883 14-Feb D Wivell, Alfred Sr. d. "last Evening" in Mansfield, b. in London, Eng. 1835
1883 10-Jan D Wright, George d. Carrolton (near Salamanca, NY) last Wednesday, bu'd Covington (See also 1/17)
1883 31-Oct D Yanciski, Jacob d. Morris Run Monday, mine accident, age 15
1883 21-Nov D Young, Mrs. Northrop d. Farmington Twp. a few days since
1883 7-Feb D Young, Oscar F. d. Atlas (Alba?), PA Jan. 24 age 39, left widow & 2 dau. Civil War vet.

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